I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 18

Chapter 18

After Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang came out of their house, they did many great things with him one after another.

The third Yanyang was the type of person who holds a grudge. In his mind, the group of gangsters who bullied Lin Xiaoyue and the silly Yan Yang left an impression.

It was rare for him to come outside, and it was even rarer for him to be out in the daytime…

Yan Yang naturally couldn’t let go of such a great opportunity!

He quickly found the idle Yan Dahe and the gangsters from the neighboring village.

Yan Yang remembered everyone’s faces and spent a lot of time investigating the identity of each person.

Lin Xiaoyue followed him and saw him turn around in the two villages, finding people she didn’t know and find out the identity of each of the gangsters.

Finally, at night…

Yan Yang was in dark alleyways. He was grabbing people and punching them! One by one, he came back with a vengeance!

Compared to the people who pushed and shoved and verbally intimidated the stupid Yan Yang, the old, third Yan Yang, his hands were much heavier!

He put a sack on those people, and he took a stick and went up and beat them up!

He avoided hitting them on their heads, but aside from the head, any part of the body could be hit!

Seeing that he was so happy, Lin Xiaoyue also walked to him and kicked them…

There was a feeling of having a blessing for following the villainous big brother!

It’s pretty cool!

Lin Xiaoyue followed him for a day, only to learn that he was investigating so many people for the purpose of revenge.

At the end of the vengeance, Yan Yang will also leave a harsh word for each person, warning them that they will lose their arms and legs the next time they do something wrong.

Yan Dahe was the last one that Yang Yang had to deal with.

The way he dealt with Yan Dahe was much more ruthless than the others.

Lin Xiaoyue followed him all the way and saw him carrying a bucket of dung water and came near Yan Dahe’s house.

It was already very late.

At this time of day, people in this era have basically gone back to sleep.

So, Yan Yang entered Yan Dahe’s house over the wall and looked around for Yan Dahe’s room.

After a simple terrain survey, it was confirmed that Yan Dahe slept in a single room, and after confirming the direction of his bed…

Yan Yang went over the wall and led Lin Xiaoyue to the location of Yan Dahe’s room and found the window of Yan Dahe’s room.

Yan Yang went over the wall and led Lin Xiaoyue to the location of Yan Dahe’s room and found the window of Yan Dahe’s room.

Lin Xiaoyue pinched her nose and carried the dung water. She saw him crawling through the window three times. He was as flexible as a monkey.

She knew that another cool thing was about to happen!

“Give me…”

Yan Yang climbed up the window and opened it carefully, confirming that Yan Dahe was asleep, and he stretched out his hand to Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly handed the dung water in her hand to him…

The corners of Yan Yang’s mouth raised an evil smile, and a small bucket of dung water poured straight down from the window!

“Wow–” It was dripping down…

The Sleeping Yan Dahe suddenly woke up!

Although it was poured on the quilt, the water was splashed in a high place and straight into Yan Dahe’s face.

When Yan Dahe woke up, the bed was full of the stench!

He squeezed the wet quilt, squeezed out a layer of sticky water in the palm of his hand, and then he smelled…


Ascended to heaven…

“Who is it? Bastard! “

Yan Dahe was angry!

When he looked up, the window above his head was wide open! Yan Dahe got out of bed furiously and rushed out of the room/

At that time, Yan Yang had already jumped out of the window. He took Lin Xiaoyue’s hand and led her to a corner to hide her.

Lin Xiaoyue, who had done a lot of sneaky and bad things with him, did not know why. Her heart became more refreshed and excited.

When hiding in the corner with him, Lin Xiaoyue grasped Yan Yang’s clothes tightly, nervous and irritating, and the smile on the corner of her mouth was also unbearable!

Yan Yang took out a burlap mask from his pocket and tied it to himself, covering half of his face.

Lin Xiaoyue also has such a mask, which Yan Yang gave her. She also tied herself up, ready to come out with him and do evil deeds later.

“Which bastard was plotting against me! Come out if you have the ability! Don’t f*cking hide! “

Yan Dahe rushed out angrily, carrying a big wooden stick in his hand, looking menacingly.

Lin Xiaoyue was a little worried and pulled out Yan Yang’s clothes. Yan Yang turned her head and met her black grape-like eyes, but she saw his eyebrows raised as if she was reassuring her.

Lin Xiaoyue only felt a little relieved.

When the moment was right, as Yan Dahe got closer to the two of them, Yan Yang, who was from the corner, rushed out!

The sack that was prepared for a long time suddenly covered Yan Dahe’s head!

“Ah! Who the hell are you? Dare to mess with me, your Uncle Dahe! “

The sticks in Yan Dahe’s hands were all covered by a sack, he shouted and was easily pushed down by Yan Yang.

In contrast, Yan Yang grabbed the stick and raised the stick to face him. He started to hit him!

Bang bang bang…


The screams rang together with the sound of the stick. Yan Dahe had no power to fight back, and he couldn’t even get up!

In order to save himself a little bit of injury, he had to hold his head with all his might, which made Yan Yang’s beating even more enjoyable.

Lin Xiaoyue rushed up and rubbed her feet…

Thinking of the day Yan Dahe slapped Yan Yang, she felt that two kicks were not enough and stomped her calves several times!

Yan Yang watched her bounce around like a bunny, but in reality, these two kicks did not do any damage to Yan Dahe.

Under the burlap mask, his thin lips were raised high. On his face was a trace of adoration and helplessness.

Little wife…… was strangely cute!

After the heavy beating, Yan Dahe was beaten so hard that he even gave up struggling. He was lying on the ground with his head curled up like a shrimp.

Yan Yang threatened in a deep voice, “I warn you, Yan Dahe, the entire Shangyan Village is my territory! In the future, if you bring your people to my territory again, I will let you experience what it is like to die! “

Yan Dahe, who was lying on the ground, was only panting, so he didn’t dare to ask any questions.

He was scared that if he asked the wrong question, he would get another beating.

After Yan Yang threatened and warned him, he took out a string of firecrackers, lit them with matches, and threw them beside Yan Dahe!

Afterward, he took Lin Xiaoyue’s hand and took her away for a while.

Behind him, the “crackling” sound of firecrackers rang out. In the silence of the dark night, the sound of firecrackers is unusually loud and piercing…

Yan Dahe was hiding in the sack and did not dare to move until the surrounding area was completely silent, then he dared to break free of the sack…

At that time, the person who attacked him was no longer there, not even his shadow.

Yan Dahe looked around with a bewildered face. He moved his aching body. The stench of fecal water on his body was nothing anymore.

Damn it…

I didn’t even see that person’s face. Even if he wanted to have his revenge, he couldn’t!

Yan Dahe was angry but could only admit that he was unlucky.

After retaliating against Yan Dahe, Lin Xiaoyue followed Yan Yang to a stone bridge outside the village.

There was a very tattered small nest under the bridge, which looked like the house of a homeless man.

Yan Yang said to her, “This is my secret base, come in.”

Lin Xiaoyue followed him into the tattered nest. There was a simple bed made of coarse linen clothes.

Yan Yang dug something in a corner, and found a kerosene lamp, and placed it on the side of the stone.

In an instant, the faint candlelight illuminated the whole nest.

The golden light made the atmosphere of the moment slightly warm, and Lin Xiaoyue looked at Yan Yang, the tall man in front of him.

She truly felt at home as long as he was present.

Yan Yang sat beside her, fumbled around on the tattered sheets, took out a packet of snacks, and sat down. “Here, eat this to cushion your stomach.”

Lin Xiaoyue took it with a smile…

She knew that if she followed him, she would have something good to eat!

The snacks were still food from the city, wrapped in butter paper, and they looked very good.

Lin Xiaoyue put one in her mouth and one in Yan Yang’s mouth. After she was done, she remembered, “Did I just lift the dung bucket and didn’t wash my hands?”

Suddenly, there was a wave of nausea…

Yan Yang laughed, giggling brightly, “Little wife, why are you so cute?”

Lin Xiaoyue: “……”

What’s up with suddenly teasing her?

And his smile was so handsome…

Lin Xiaoyue quickly put down the snacks in her hand, got up, and went out with a red face, “I’m going to wash my hands…”

Yan Yang didn’t care about these details. He comfortably ate the food she just fed him.

It’s over…

He kind of liked the feeling of being fed by her.

When Lin Xiaoyue washed her hands, she remembered…… that she seemed to be carrying the bucket of sh * t with her left hand, and she was eating with her right!

It’s okay… no problem!

Lin Xiaoyue then safely chewed the snacks stuffed into her mouth…

My god! It’s actually jerky!

The candlelight was too dim just now, and she didn’t even see what kind of snack it was!

It’s meat~

The third child is so capable!

At this age, he can easily get the meatloaf, hide the jerky, and even get firecrackers~

He is a treasure chest!

When she returned to the nest, Lin Xiaoyue sat back beside Yan Yang, quickly picked up the butter bag, and continued to eat the jerky.

While eating, she asked Yan Yang: “Such a good thing, you just put it in this place. What if someone else really eats it?”

Yan Yang opened his mouth and took the jerky she handed him, the corners of his lips lifted. “These were all given to me by others. I don’t come out very often anyway. So if someone eats it, they can eat it. If I bring it home and my family finds out, my secret will be exposed. “

“Then you eat it yourself.” “

Lin Xiaoyue said, “It’s really a pity to leave this for others to eat!”

Yan Yang’s lips raised, “I know, I won’t give it to others in the future, I’ll just leave it to you.”

Lin Xiaoyue repeatedly nodded, “Mm-hmm! From now on, if you have something good to eat, bring it back to me! I can’t eat enough at your house, it’s always buns! Only if you are good to me will you bring me food ~.”

Those two Yan Yang…… still have to rely on her to cover them!

Yan Yang looked at her thin face, and indeed, he felt that she had to get a little fatter!

She is too thin now…

It’s a pity that he can’t come out often. Otherwise, he must have raised her to make her round.

“You still haven’t told me. Why did you get a nest here? And how did you get the firecrackers? “Lin Xiaoyue asked him as she bit into her dried meat.

“Everything is given by others.”

Yan Yang said lightly, “As for this place…… it is just my temporary place to stay. I don’t have much time to come out, so I can only do my best to make a place for myself. “

A few people usually pass by this broken stone bridge. It can be regarded as the location of the treasure that Yan Yang discovered!

Moreover, it is also the way he must pass through every time he comes out to act.

Yan Yang needed this place.

But these things, he was not prepared to tell it to Lin Xiaoyue.

Because these things were illegal.

“So, are we staying here tonight? Not going home? “Lin Xiaoyue asked.

Yan Yang said, “Do you trust me?”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “That’s for sure! If not, why would I stay with them for the entire day? “

Yan Yang laughed, “Then we won’t return.”

He likes that she trusts him.

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