I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 19

Chapter 19

That night, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang slept in the secret base located under the stone bridge.

She ran with him all day today, and she was tired and drowsy. She fell asleep as soon as she lay down on the little bed.

Yan Yang did not sleep.

He just sat at the head of the bed. He lowered his eyes and stared at Lin Xiaoyue’s lovely sleeping face. His lips curled up, a light smile was revealed on his face.

He reached out his hand and gently stroked her little face, caressing her smooth and soft skin. The smile at the corner of his mouth deepened.

She has only been here a few days…

He was even willing to tell her all these secrets that were not known to anyone.

She always gives him a sense of familiarity and intimacy, so he can’t help but treat her as a family and lover.

Yan Yang’s trust in her even surpassed his trust in his father and mother.

Without any psychological defenses, he could tell some of the things that he wouldn’t even want to communicate with his father and mother.

When he heard that his father and mother were looking for a woman to take care of him, Yan Yang was very disgusted. But he wouldn’t refuse either because those two useless Yan Yangs really needed to be taken care of.

But now it seems like what they found was really good.

With only 19.9 yuan, they can buy such a lovely wife…… it’s worth it!

However, she was wrong with such a low price.

Yan Yang thought: the days ahead are still long. I will certainly try to appreciate her if only he could come out often…

That night, Yan Yang could not sleep.

Because he knew that as soon as he closed his eyes, his body would not be his when he woke up again.

In order to stay in this body at this moment, he has to be awake.

He blew out the fire in the kerosene lamp. Yan Yang walked out of the shattered hut and stood by the river, allowing the wind to keep his mind awake.

With some effort, he built a campfire by the river, and he sat down by the campfire.

After a while, the night passed by.


The next morning, when Lin Xiaoyue woke up, she was shivering.

Sleeping in this place was still too cold, mainly because the stone hut had cracks everywhere.

Now it is also the winter season. A trace of cold wind has penetrated from the stone cracks. Lin Xiaoyue even felt goosebumps as she was blown by the cold wind.

When she woke up, she found that Yan Yang was not there.

Lin Xiaoyue got up, walked out of the hut, and saw the tall Yan Yang standing by the river, holding stones in his hand and throwing them one by one into the river.

“Why are you up so early?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked as she stretched her back.

The next moment after the question, she suddenly realized that something was wrong and rushed forward without stumbling, asking with wide eyes, “Which Yan Yang are you……? The third or the second? “


Yan Yang’s sword brow furrowed, his tone slightly irritated, “What’s the point of recognizing me as the third? Am I still no better than those two wimps? “

Lin Xiaoyue confirmed that he was the third Yan Yang, and her face showed relief.”Luckily it’s you. I had forgotten about this! “

She forgot all about it before she went to sleep last night.

Now that I think about it, she is still a little scared…

Yesterday, the person who brought her out of trouble and ran away from the house was the third Yan Yang, and today, if he wakes up as the second of the oldest, she will have to rack her brains to think about what she should do next…

Fortunately, it was still the third.

Lin Xiaoyue remembered something else and immediately asked him, “You didn’t sleep all night, did you?”

“Mm-hmm.” Yan Yang hummed casually.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly touched his arm and soothed him. “Aiya, you’re doing hard work…… really, it has been hard for you, ah!”

When he lowered his eyes, Yan Yang’s eyes fell on her small hand that was stroking his arm. Clearly, her action was like coaxing a child, but he was able to swallow it.

The mood instantly became comfortable.

“Are you hungry?” Yan Yang asked her.

Lin Xiaoyue undoubtedly nodded her head, “Mm!”

Yan Yang smiled lightly, “I’ll take you out to eat something.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded again, “Okay!”

Lin Xiaoyue followed behind Yan Yang and saw him pull out a few tens of dollars from the rubble somewhere in this secret base.

She instantly widened her eyes, “Not only are you hiding food, but you’re also hiding money here ah! You are too bold. It doesn’t matter even if the food was stolen and eaten by the homeless people, but what if the money was stolen? Ah!. “

Yan Yang raised the corner of his lips and said casually, “Then the money will be given to you in the future.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice: “Good, good, give it to me!”

Man…… you are too meticulous!

The thief wanted to kiss him! (hold back!)

Yan Yang casually handed the money to Lin Xiaoyue, “Let’s go. Go to the town for breakfast. “

“To the town?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked, “How long will it take for us to go to town from here? You haven’t slept all night, and can your body take it? “

She was a bit reluctant to walk…

Yan Yang saw through her thoughts and then changed his tone, “Or, I will buy it for you, and you will wait for me here.”

“Then I’d better go with you!”

Lin Xiaoyue also changed her tone, “How can I let you wander around outside alone! If you fall asleep because of low energy and wake up like a kid, you can’t just cry your nose off outside~.”

Yan Yang frowned…

What was she thinking?

He couldn’t understand.

The reason why he took her to town to find food was because Yan Yang did not want the people in the village or the neighboring villages to know the secret of his three personalities.

He needed a place to go to. Where no one knows him and can do everything he wants to do.

Yan Yang was about to take Lin Xiaoyue away, but as a result, as they were about to leave, they were spotted.

“Xiao Yang! Xiao Yue! “

In the distance came Wang Xiuying’s anxious voice.

At that time, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue were walking across the stone bridge, heading away from the direction of the village.

When they heard Wang Xiuying’s voice, both of them stopped and turned their heads together.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw Wang Xiuying, she tugged on Yan Yang’s clothes, “Mother-in-law’s coming.”

Yan Yang hummed lightly, with a complex look between his black eyes, “Hmm.”

“We’ve found you!”

Wang Xiuying came to the two of them in a hurry, and because she was in such a hurry, she stopped for a moment to catch her breath.

Wang Xiuying had not slept well all night yesterday, thinking about her two children!

Her husband, Yan Dayong, told her not to worry. After all, both of them knew that whenever Yan Yang came out at night, his brain had cleared up.

Sometimes he would run out and not come back for the whole night. The next day, he would still come back!

Yan Dayong felt that the most important thing right now was to make money quickly and take Yan Yang to see the master. Let the master come up with a way to seal the ‘devil’ in Yan Yang’s body.

Recently, Yan Yang had messed up too many things for their third family.

But Wang Xiuying was still worried!

Not only did she not sleep well last night, but this morning, she didn’t go and do some private work. She went out early to look for Yan Yang.

Luckily, she found him.

But, facing this strange ‘devil’ in front of her, Wang Xiuying was a little overwhelmed.

It’s her son’s face, and it’s her son’s body…

But in Wang Xiuying’s eyes, it seemed that the soul in the body at that moment was not her son’s, but from the devil!

Wang Xiuying couldn’t be kind to him, and there was more or less strangeness and defensiveness in her eyes.

“What is it?”

Yan Yang noticed she hadn’t spoken in a long time and inquired, his brow furrowed.

“You, where are you going?”

Wang Xiuying’s eyes lingered on Yan Yang’s face for a second and immediately looked at Lin Xiaoyue again, “Xiaoyue, were you all okay yesterday?”


Yan Yang answered for Lin Xiaoyue.

His mother didn’t even want to look at him for more than one second. This perception made Yan Yang very unhappy.


Wang Xiuying did not dare to communicate with the ‘demon’ Yan Yang and only talked to Lin Xiaoyue, “Xiaoyue, come here for a moment.”

Lin Xiaoyue then walked out from Yan Yang’s side, and Wang Xiuying immediately grabbed her hand and took her to one corner.

Yan Yang was ready to follow, but Wang Xiuying turned around. “Don’t come over. I have something to say to her!”

Yan Yang stopped and grunted in displeasure.

After Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying went to one corner, she glanced back at Yan Yang and saw a tall, lonely figure standing on the stone bridge…

He appeared strange and pitiful in that scene.

I really want to hug him. (Holdback)

“Xiao Yue, tell me honestly, what did you do with him yesterday? He didn’t do anything to you, did he? ” Wang Xiuying asked Lin Xiaoyue in a low voice.

s “No, he was very nice to me.”

Lin Xiaoyue replied, and by the way, she also complained about the other two people in the family, “Yesterday, sister Hongying tricked him out of the house, and the eldest aunt and second aunt united to bully me, and it was him who came out to help me out.”

“The family has now become a mess, first and second sister-in-law complained yesterday. The second sister-in-law went to the doctor today. She wanted us to pay for her medical expenses…. “

Wang Xiuying sighed out, “Xiao Yang now was like this… he was more and more evil. His father and I had to hurry up and save money to take him to see a master, to suppress the demon. You must take care of him and follow him closely! Don’t let that demon do something bad again! “

“Mother, he’s not a demon.”

Lin Xiaoyue had to stand up for Yan Yang, “I don’t think you should take him to see a master. If you really want to cure him, you have to take him to see a doctor, a psychiatrist.”

“When is it useful to see a doctor? All-day long, taking pills and injections. When the time comes, he will be more stupid! “

Wang Xiuying’s mind had the same set of prejudices in the countryside, so she wouldn’t listen to what Lin Xiaoyue said, “You listen to me, try to not go too far away with him. Persuade him, take him home! The two of you just stay in your room, don’t go anywhere, I’ll bring you food. “

“Mother… you can talk to him yourself…”

Lin Xiaoyue said, “He’s very clear-headed now…”

“I can’t communicate with that demon.”

Wang Xiuying said back, “I’m not going to lie when I saw his eyes, and I was afraid.”


Not to be outdone, Yan Yang, who was suddenly standing behind the two of them, heard these words.

Yan Yang had come to urge Lin Xiaoyue to come with him quickly, because he had a faint headache and worry that is mental strength would not last long.

As a result, he heard his biological mother say such a thing as soon as he arrived.

Anyhow, Lin Xiaoyue still admitted that he was Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying were shocked when they discovered that Yan Yang was standing behind them all this time.

Wang Xiuying was frightened because he said bad things about him behind his back!

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t want him to hear this words that made him sad….

“Lin Xiaoyue, let’s go”

Yan Yang ignored Wang Xiuying and directly called Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue was about to go with Yan Yang, but Wang Xiuying held her hand again.

Lin Xiaoyue had to tal with Yan Yang. ” Mother-in-law wanted us two, to go home.”

Yan Yang snorted. “Didn’t she said I’m a demon? Should I go home and make trouble?”

Wang Xiuying said helplessly. ” Although i don’t know why you suddenly appeared in Yan Yang’s body, can you leave him? You have messed up our house..”

Yan Yang frowned!


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