I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 20

When Lin Xiaoyue first heard Wang Xiuying say that Yan Yang of the third personality was a demon, she just thought the ignorance of rural people was funny.

However, Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t laugh when Wang Xiuying truly showed rejection towards the third personality, Yan Yang.

Although she stood beside Wang Xiuying, her concerned gaze was always on Yan Yang

Hearing that Wang Xiuying disliked the third personality, Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes were full of pity when she turned to Yan Yang.

Especially when she saw his gloomy expression, Lin Xiaoyue wanted to go up and hug him.

‘Poor kid, he must have been devastated, right?’

“I know you don’t show up often, but as soon as you show up, our family will be in a mess. My son was just silly, but he was well-behaved and obedient, and never wanted to be a burden to the family or cause us any trouble. Only you… “

Wang Xiuying looked at Yan Yang with a defensive look in her eyes at this time, never looking at her son.

Because the master told her that Yan Yang had been invaded by evil demons since he was a child, and his body was inhabited by the soul of an evil demon, which was extremely difficult to suppress.

Therefore, this Yan Yang in front of Wang Xiuying only sees it as an evil demon, not a son.

She spoke with him in an unfamiliar and restrained tone.

“You will only cause trouble for us when you come out. You’re using my son’s body, and inviting a bunch of trouble for us, and making the family even more tired of my son… alas… “

Wang Xiuying sighed deeply, “I’m begging you, please let my son go. Can’t you find someone else to possess? “

“Mother-in-law, you really misunderstood!”

Lin Xiaoyue, beside her, felt that Wang Xiuying’s slippery world was unbelievable. She had to come forward to speak to Yan Yang, “He is not some evil demon, he is also your son. Don’t listen to that master; he or she cheated you out of some money! This is a multiple disorder. Medically speaking, he had a split personality. If you really want to cure him, let’s take him to see a psychiatrist! “

“Where to see.”

On the opposite side, Yan Yang pulled his lips together, and the marked smirk concealed his injured heart, “Lin Xiaoyue, let’s go.”

Yan Yang also didn’t want to explain too much to Wang Xiuying, the woman who brought her childhood trauma, does not deserve his understanding, nor does she deserve to be his mother!

The kindness of Wang Xiuying and being a mother was only qualified for the other two, Yan Yang because those two are cowardly!

And I…

Do not need this kind of indifferent affection!

Yan Yang was not willing to say more words. He grabbed Lin Xiaoyue’s wrist, then took Lin Xiaoyue. They turned around and left.

Wang Xiuying did not dare to stop him nor did she dare to chase him. Facing that strange son, she was at a loss.

Nowadays, Wang Xiuying feels that even if she borrows money, she must take Yan Yang to see the master!

That evil demon is coming out more and more frequently. I must hurry to call the master and find a way to squash him.


Wang Xiuying hurried home while thinking about it and wondering.

She finally decided that now the elders in the family should be able to give advance money for the coming year…

Yan Yang’s situation can’t be delayed!

Wang Xiuying walked into the main house of old Yan’s house with anxiety. At that moment, Yang Chengyu was carrying a basket and preparing to go out to buy vegetables.

Turning his head and seeing Wang Xiuying entering the main house, Yang Chengyu raised his brows and suddenly realized that something was wrong!

After stopping, Yang Chengyu waited for the door of the main house to close. She quietly followed up, her ear pressed to the door, eavesdropping wantonly.

But a moment later, Chen Cuiyun also came back from seeing the barefoot doctor.

When she saw Yang Chengyu was doing petty theft, Chen Cuiyun wanted to laugh at her, but unexpectedly, Yang Chengyu turned around and waved at her…

Chen Cuiyun immediately turned from a spectator to a follower, and she also quietly went up and eavesdropped with her ear outside the main door.

The moment she put her ear to it, Chen Cuiyun happened to hear Wang Xiuying say: “Mom, our family really has no choice this year. Xiao Yang’s father and I only get so much money from our monthly work, and after most of it is given to the family, we have very little money in our own hands. And also we had some deductions here and some deductions there… The third family had a lot of things happening to us recently. Xiao Yang’s health was not very good. His father and I wanted to take him to find a master to see. Can you give…. some advance money to us? “

Wang Xiuying really had no choice but to advance his family’s income for the coming year.

Grandma Yan saw Wang Xiuying say so earnestly, more or less her heart could not bear it.

“On my hand, there is not much money left.”

Grandma Yan sighed, “Your third house has really had a lot of things going on lately, and Xiao Yang is the biggest problem. His mind is getting more and more confused, and now even the elderly can get on board. After all these years, money has been spent on him, but no effect can be seen at all. I think ah, you do not take him to see what the master, locked him up in the room. Our family feeds him, that’s enough! “

“Mom, there is still a cure for Xiao Yang. I know a master who was very good. Just go to see him once, and his condition will be better for years. Just give me an advance so I can take him to see the master. “

Wang Xiuying couldn’t just give up on her son. She only had this one son and couldn’t give birth again…

“Third sister-in-law, you are not in charge. You don’t know how expensive supporting a family is. “

In mind, Grandma Yan was also not willing to spend money on Yan Yang, “The money you handed over to me, the firewood, rice, oil, and salt are removed. There is really little left. Moreover, for these years, your third family, the money I received was the least. Every month, I charge 60 yuan for your third family. Look at the second room. They can add more than 100 yuan to the household each month. “

“Mom… Dayong and I work together, and we contribute more than 90 yuan per month. If we pay you 60 yuan, we still have to buy things for our family. In addition, to buy him a wife, another sum of money was spent… “

Wang Xiuying really had nowhere to go. She simply went out and confessed, “Mom, in private, let me tell you the truth. When Xiao Yang was a child, I took him to see the master. The master said that there was a demon in Xiao Yang’s body., As long as you can suppress it, Xiao Yang can live normally. He often loses control. At that time, it was actually not him, it was the evil demon in his body. Mom, I don’t know if you believe it or not, but Xiao Yang has started to lose control recently. I really do need money… “

“Ah, what about this?”

Grandma Yan was of an older generation and was even more superstitious about theology.

Hearing this from Wang Xiuying, the old face crawling with wrinkles stiffened.

“This is not a good thing. This is more of a reason to lock him up. So that he won’t cause trouble everywhere! ” Grandma Yan became a little nervous.

“Mom, you can just give me advance money…”

Wang Xiuying was anxious and simply, she knelt down to the old lady Yan, “It’s only 100 yuan. Can 100 yuan work? “

“Of course not!”

The reply came from Chen Cuiyun’s mouth.

The door of the main house was pushed open, Chen Cuiyun and Yang Chengyu, the two women, broke into Wang Xiuying’s field of vision.

Wang Xiuying was dumbfounded.

Someone was eavesdropping…

Doesn’t this mean that more people know about her son’s situation?

“Hey, what kind of son was your son? Still spending money to see the master! “

Chen Cuiyun hurriedly entered the door, “100 yuan, why don’t you go rob ah! The money at home is easy to ask for, isn’t it? That’s how I invested my money in your third family! “

Yang Chengyu did not dare to enter the door, did not want to get involved in this mess. She was slightly smart, she only hid in the doorway, quietly watching the good show at that moment.

In comparison, Chen Cuiyun is not-so-smart.

“Second sister-in-law, I’m not asking for money, I just want some advance, I’m just borrowing. My man and I are still working. We will pay it back! “

Wang Xiuying in front of the elders can be low, but in front of Chen Cuiyun, she can not put herself too low.

They are all Yan’s family’s wives, and they are all people who pay for food. Her son was just not as good as the second family’s son.

Other than that, Wang Xiuying doesn’t feel that she owes the second house family anything!

“Return what return! Who knows if you can pay it back! If you have the guts to pay back the money I spent on seeing the barefoot doctor this morning! Your son was already stupid, and now he’s evil! Mom is right, such monsters should be locked up! Giving a mouthful of food was already very good! It’s everyone’s money you are using to see a master! ” Chen Cuiyun, arms crossed and aggressively said.

Wang Xiuying took a deep breath, the palm at the side of his hand-formed into a fist, “Second sister-in-law, did you not bully my family in the first place yesterday? My daughter-in-law is doing well at home with my son. You have to find her trouble. What can two children do! “


Chen Cuiyun felt funny, “Your son slapped me on the ground. You know your son was sick in the head, but you still spoke to your son! You know your son is sick in the head, but you still speak for your son! Do you want me to go out to the entrance of the village and talk loudly about how crazy your son is! “

“All right, stop arguing!”

This argument, after Grandma Yan listened to them, her head was bursting in pain, “You all say less!”

“Mom, in any case, you can not give money to the third house family!”

Chen Cuiyun was very serious, “They pay 60 yuan a month, and they are in charge of three people, a fool who eats rice, and now there was a child-wife who contradicts the elders! And to give her son medical treatment? Why? I bah *! “

  • * (TN: Spit in contempt.)

Grandma Yan called out to Chen Cuiyun, “Don’t say a word.”


As a result, Wang Xiuying got more aggressive, “You’re losing money together with the three houses! Then don’t do it together! Let’s split the family! “

Chen Cuiyun refuted Wang Xiuying, “Just split it up! I’m afraid you won’t make it! “

The second time, she proposed to split the family.

Wang Xiuying’s heart was already firm.

This family must be divided.

It must be divided!

She can’t live under the same roof as Chen Cuiyun anymore, it’s too bullying!

“Third sister-in-law…”

Yang Chengyu had to come out and pull the plug. She hurried to Wang Xiuying’s side, grabbed Wang Xiuying’s hand, “Don’t be impulsive, third sister-in-law. The separation of the family is a big deal. For the sake of your Xiao Yang, you must not mention it again. “

Yang Chengyu naturally did not allow the third house to split up.

Because if the third house left, she would be left with the second house, and Chen Cuiyun would be too difficult to get along with.

Yang Chengyu needs Wang Xiuying as a shield…

“I already said so, I’ll split!”

Wang Xiuying shook off Yang Chengyu’s hand, “I’m not greedy about your two families’ money! I’ll take care of my son myself! You don’t care about my family’s mess either! When my man comes back, I…… we will split the family! “


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    God this mother is dumb, I don’t care how backwards the times are, she hasn’t even tried to speak to the 3rd Yang and is so damn willing to believe the worst of him. Taking him to these masters is abuse and whatever happened to cause his mind to split is also abuse. Then to top it off she says it to the damn grandma who would rather see YY die than help.

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    Yes please


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