I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Wang Xiuying was hit by the bottom.

When a person who is quite stubborn in his bones holds back to the extreme and begins to rebel, both the mental strength and performance are difficult to redeem.

Wang Xiuying was kneeling in front of Grandma Yan today, in the most humble posture, asking the elders for 100 yuan.

The result was rejected by everyone in the family.

Chen Cuiyun called out with a mouthful of foolishness as if she lives just to pluck out Wang Xiuying’s heart.

After walking out of the main house, Wang Xiuying went directly to the village chief and asked for a split.

The village chief, Yan Jianhong, knows the affairs of the old Yan family relatively well, especially the third house of the old Yan family…

The third house family has only one son and was still stupid. This is the village of Shang Yan. The whole village knows the matter.

But the village chief did not expect that the third family was in such a situation, but still wanted to split the family?

After the division, won’t the third family be in a more difficult situation?

Yan Jianhong persuaded Wang Xiuying to not split the family on impulse, and think about herself and Yan Yang.

But Wang Xiuying was determined, the family must be divided!

Yan Jianhong could not persuade her, so he had to follow Wang Xiuying.

At noon, Yan Jianhong and Wang Xiuying came to the old Yan family, as witnesses to the division of the old Yan family.

Wang Xiuying’s husband, Yan Dayong, also learned about it at noon.

As sons, they should not do such a treacherous thing as splitting the family.

But as a husband, as a father, Yan Dayong also carries the responsibility that a man should shoulder.

Although Wang Xiuying did not agree with Yan Dayong, Wang Xiuying also said bluntly…

If the family is not separated, she would take Yan Yang to live outside, and divorce him!

In this era, divorce is a very humiliating thing.

Yan Dayong also knows that Wang Xiuying is stubborn, and she has directly sought out the village chief, indicating that she must do this.

Yan Dayong has also suffered a lot of frustration at home for so many years. Seeing that the situation is like this today, he will follow his wife’s will and go down the road with her.

Separation of the family.

With the village chief as a witness, the third family and the old Yan family officially completed the family separation this day at noon.

The room where Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong will live was still in the side room, and the space is pretty good.

A small door was opened on one side of their house, and a small stove was built, so it was considered to be self-sustaining.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue still live in their small side room, which does not need to be counted.

Other than that, there was nothing else in the third house.

After these two meals tonight, from tomorrow, the third house will not eat in the main house.

The four members of the third house will set up their own stoves and eat in their own house.

The existing property was no longer counted separately, but at the end of the month in the brigade, when the money and tickets are counted again, the third house can directly receive their share. Previously, it was Grandma Yan who took the entire family’s share and then distributed it one by one.

The division of the family was finally completed.

After the division, the two elders of the old Yan family were uncomfortable in their hearts.

Yang Chengyu, the eldest family member, was also unhappy.

In this big family, the only one who is happy is the second family.

Chen Cuiyun and Yan Lianhua saw that the third family, which has always eaten white rice, was divided out, which is a great thing!

The two of them were waiting to see if the third family would suffer and had a poor and desperate look!

I guess this day was not so far away…


That afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue took Yan Yang home.

The two of them had to go home because Yan Yang had a headache and was sleepy. He was afraid he’d pass out on the side of the road, and it was the other him who awoke.

This situation was not unheard of before.

Whenever Yan Yang’s mental energy is in poor condition, the other two personalities in his body will start to snatch the body from him.

There was a time before when silly Yan Yang played outside until he was exhausted, and as a result, he couldn’t even make it home and directly fainted.

And woke up as a depressed Yan Yang.

Depressed Yan Yang never left home, but ended up waking up outside, and even suffered threats and attacks from punks, which aggravated his depression!

And that time, a woman saved him.

The oldest, Yan Yang, had an impression of that woman in his head, and it’s still a good impression.

When he came out again later, he even went to inquire about that woman.

However, this matter has been turned over.

Because the third Yan Yang was now a man with a wife.

He has only Lin Xiaoyue in his heart, his three personalities only recognize Lin Xiaoyue.

The two returned to the Yan family’s home. Lin Xiaoyue immediately took Yan Yang back to the small side room and told him to hurry up and lie down on the bed.

“Go to sleep, look at the way you can’t hold it up anymore.”

Lin Xiaoyue covered Yan Yang with the quilt and worriedly looked at his weak appearance,

She knew this situation.

It was written in the original book.

During the first stage, the three personalities were evenly matched and a body-snatching situation would occur.

As soon as the spiritual power is weak, another personality will come out on top.

But in the latter part of the original book, the first and second personalities were deeply hurt by the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue. The two then directly closed themselves from the outside world, the body was completely dominated by the third personality.

At that time, the third personality became the master of the body, and it would not be easy to switch to other personalities.

This story’s scenario was when the original Lin Xiaoyue was here, which would only happen later…

Lin Xiaoyue would not hurt him, let alone let him faint.

She was distressed when she was outside before, seeing him dizzy and almost unable to hold on and was about to faint!

“Lin Xiaoyue…”

The oldest, Yan Yang, was already very sleepy, but he still forced himself to grab Lin Xiaoyue’s wrist.

Lin Xiaoyue, who had just covered him with the blanket, was startled and lowered her eyes.

Her black grape-like eyes gazed at Yan Yang, who was full of weakness.

“Lin Xiaoyue, take care of yourself…”

Yan Yang frowned. He was already so sleepy that even his voice was so weak.

“Okay, rest assured as you sleep, I am fine.” Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head.

The corner of Yan Yang’s mouth pulled upwards, pulling out a weak bad smile,

“Remember to miss me……”


Lin Xiaoyue felt her small face start to burn.

Seeing that Yan Yang had dropped his hands. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Lin Xiaoyue’s wide-opened eyes were tightly fixed on him. After a long time, she patted her hot face and told herself to calm down.

The third personality was already gone.

I don’t even know which one will wake up later?

Right now, she has to be fully mentally prepared to face her large family of in-laws!

After Yan Yang fell asleep, Lin Xiaoyue walked out of the small side room and looked at the silent courtyard.

She always felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere at home today.

As expected, in the house across the street, Wang Xiuying opened the door to her room and happened to meet eyes with her.

“Xiaoyue, come here.” Wang Xiuying called her.

Lin Xiaoyue quickly ran towards Wang Xiuying, and she was then pulled into the room and the door was closed.

Wang Xiuying asked Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang what they had done outside in the morning.

The two of them had just gone to town for breakfast and the road was too far.

On the way back, Yan Yang couldn’t hold up and got sleepy.

Originally, he did not want to go home. He wanted to rent a house and take Lin Xiaoyue to live outside.

But he was able to resist his mental exhaustion. Lin Xiaoyue had to hurry up and take him home.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t hide much from Wang Xiuying and dragged out Yan Yang’s whole situation. She told everything except for Yan Yang’s financial situation…

In order to convince Wang Xiuying that Yan Yang was sick and not evil, Lin Xiaoyue also explained Dissociative Identity Disorder to Wang Xiuying from a professional point of view.

Wang Xiuying listened half-heartedly but ultimately did not choose to fully believe Lin Xiaoyue.

Because the master she took Yan Yang to consult with was really powerful!

The people from several villages say that he has great magic power!

Wang Xiuying still admires these.

After confirming this, Wang Xiuying also told Lin Xiaoyue about the family separation.

Only then did Lin Xiaoyue know that something big had really happened at home while she and Yan Yang were away!

When Lin Xiaoyue said she wanted to split the family, Wang Xiuying strongly disagreed.

But today at noon, she was determined to split the family.

After the successful separation, Wang Xiuying felt that she had to tell Lin Xiaoyue about it!

This was because, in the future, the only one who she could discuss within this family was Lin Xiaoyue.

“I have discussed it with his father, now we both only have a few dozen dollars on hand. I originally signed a deposit of more than 100 yuan, and so I can take Xiao Yang to see the master. “

Wang Xiuying sighed, “but now, we are divided, our family has a little money. These dozens of dollars must be used to buy household items, so this time there was no way we could take Xiaoyang to see the master. Xiao Yang will be entrusted to you. You must keep an eye on him and take good care of him! “

Lin Xiaoyue nodded obediently, “Don’t worry, Mother! I will take good care of him. But I don’t think you really need to save up and take him to see a master. If you really want to cure him, take him to a regular hospital to see a psychiatrist. “

“I still think that masters were more reliable…”

Wang Xiuying believed that Lin Xiaoyue would take good care of Yan Yang, but she still trusted that master more when it came to Yan Yang’s health.

“This topic, let’s not discuss it right now. Anyway, I don’t have any money in my hands… “

Wang Xiuying said, “I have a few dozen dollars in my hand. I will go out later to buy some household items. Don’t worry, although the family was separated, our family’s situation will not be any worse. As long as you take good care of Xiaoyang, you will definitely have a bite to eat. “

“Mm-hmm, I will.” Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head.

This is my mother-in-law. Lin Xiaoyue had a pretty good feeling about her.

In this era, people don’t ask for much, as long as they can feed and warm themselves.

Lin Xiaoyue was also like this.

And after the family separation, it will only be good for her, and not bad.

In terms of housework, Lin Xiaoyue was freed from a large part of it!

She no longer has to do the chores for the whole family…

After chatting with Wang Xiuying, when Lin Xiaoyue walked out of her room again, she found herself idle.

The courtyard was full of chores that needed to be done, but they were none of her business!

Lin Xiaoyue returned to the small side room and laid down next to Yan Yang.

Looking at Yan Yang’s peacefully sleeping face, she also decided to take a nap and go into the study space to see if she could still choose Yan Yang?

Lin Xiaoyue was covered with the same quilt as him. She held Yan Yang’s hand, and in a short while she also fell asleep.

In her sleep, she entered the study space.

And in the small room of the study space, once again, she saw three Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue’s suspicions were confirmed…

As long as things were within her reach, they could be brought into her space.

Goods can be taken, and so can people.

However, Lin Xiaoyue was wondering if she could wake up Yan Yang in her space.


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