I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 22

She did not know which dimension this “study space” exists.

Lin Xiaoyue can only enter this space after falling asleep, and the time of this space was also fixed at the second of her death, equivalent to a real space that exists in her spiritual world.

This is a phenomenon that can not be explained by science.

On the bed, facing the three peacefully sleeping, Yan Yang. Each of them looked exactly the same, without the special mark she put on their bodies.

Even the markings Lin Xiaoyue made on the three of them last time were gone.

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t recognize which was which?

However, she could choose one of them to take out.

This meant that as long as she could tell which of the three people was which? She could then take whoever she wanted out!

And the only way she could tell them apart was probably to wake him up!

Lin Xiaoyue wasn’t sure if she could wake them up…

Anyway, it was in her dream, so she dared to try.

Lin Xiaoyue shook the person’s shoulder and called out to him, “Yan Yang, wake up, Yan Yang……”

She called for a while, but she did not see him wake up.

Lin Xiaoyue guessed. ‘Was he not able to wake up in her space?’

“Wake up! Yan Yang! “

Lin Xiaoyue tried to shout out to him and came up to his ear to shout…

Still, he couldn’t wake him up.

In the following time, she changed her methods, calling back and forth between the three Yan Yang.

Still, she didn’t manage to wake one of them up with her yell…

So, probably in her space, Yan Yang could only sleep peacefully and could not wake up.

Lin Xiaoyue also gave up on waking him up.

In the space, Lin Xiaoyue walked around and picked up a medical book on DID to take out.

She wanted to convince everyone from a scientific point of view that Yan Yang was not a demon but just sick.

And generally, the most common cause of this disease…… stems from childhood traumas.


After waking up from her nap, Lin Xiaoyue obtained a professional book related to DID and was given the 6-year-old child, Yan Yang.

For dinner, Wang Xiuying brought Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang a few buns and told them both to not go to the main house to eat.

Starting tomorrow, the three families will set up their own stoves, and from now on, they will go directly to Wang Xiuying’s house to eat their meals.

Lin Xiaoyue no longer had to feed Yan Yang, which was a good thing.

The young couple nibbled on buns in the small side room, and the 6-year-old Yan Yang, smiled at Lin Xiaoyue and coldly sprang up, “Wife, I think I like you more and more.”

The three personalities’ feelings and memories are connected, so the 6-year-old Yan Yang’s feelings for Lin Xiaoyue were also getting deeper.

The other two grew fond of her, and silly Yan Yang then did the same!

Lin Xiaoyue also likes the three Yan Yangs.

However, she did not expect that the first one to confess to her was the little Yan Yang.

Was it because children were more expressive?

“Good, since you like me so much, you have to take good care of me in the future.” Lin Xiaoyue nibbled on the bun, and as she said those words.

Yan Yang, a 6-year-old boy, became suddenly strong and nodded deeply, “I will take good care of my wife! If I can’t take care of you, the other two big brothers will take care of you too! “

“The other two big brothers?” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

So, does he also know about the other two, Yan Yang?


Silly Yan Yang nodded, “The other two big brothers are more capable and smart than me, but it’s the mom who doesn’t like them. So they both don’t like to appear when mom is around. Luckily, my wife is good. My wife likes all of them! “

Lin Xiaoyue felt that his mental world was a bit complicated…

She initially thought that his three personalities were both interoperable and shared memories, and even as if they had negotiated their way out.

Is it so harmonious?

Lin Xiaoyue took a bite of the bun and poked around, asking, “So why doesn’t your mother like those two brothers?”

Little Yan Yang took a big bite of the bun while responding. “Because mom thinks those two brothers are evil, she doesn’t want them to be her sons. Mom only thinks I am her son.”

Lin Xiaoyue let out a sigh, “That’s right…”

She kind of wanted to cure his DID.

If only she could do it.

Although she didn’t care about his three personalities, she didn’t want to see him being misunderstood. Especially his loved ones…


When the family of the third house was first separated because of the tightness of their hands, the family was having a pretty hard time.

In Wang Xiuying couple’s room, they had to tear out a door, make a small stove, and pots and pans and other things…

There were many chores.

The good thing was, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong usually work hard, and their popularity was pretty good.

After Yan Dayong talked to a few friends in the village about building the small stove, the next day, everyone went to their house to set up everything, and it only took one morning to set up the stove.

For this day’s lunch, Yan Dayong took the family of four to his son’s brother (the same clan in the village) Yan Guobing’s house to eat a meal.

Yan Yang was very upset after that meal.

Because Yan Guobing’s son, Yan Shuicheng, had those thieving eyes staring at Lin Xiaoyue.

After eating lunch at noon, Yan Shuicheng frequently looked for opportunities to talk to Lin Xiaoyue, boldly and blatantly, not to mention Yan Yang. Even Wang Xiuying could see it.

If it weren’t for eating at someone else’s house, Wang Xiuying would not just get angry. Otherwise, Wang Xiuying would definitely curse Yan Shuicheng!

In any case, the small stove was built. It was set up in the morning, they were just waiting for it to dry in the day, and at night, it could be used.

Wang Xiuying took out the family’s only remaining dozens of savings and tickets to buy some pots and pans, a pile of cornmeal, which could barely support them for a few days.

After that, until one year before, Yan Dayong and Wang Xiuying will continue to go out to take care of private work, and the money earned is used for the New Year.

After the two of them received the money from the brigade at the end of the month, they were still planning to take Yan Yang to see the master.

With regard to the master, Wang Xiuying has the heart to refuse to forgive or give up!

The days when they just split up were a bit bitter.

However, a family of four, who was sitting at the same table when they were eating, obviously had a better atmosphere than eating and sitting with the main family.

On the table, there was a pot of yellow bun, with a plate of fried wild vegetables. The food was a bit monotonous, but you don’t need to be careful about eating, it’s a bit better…

Lin Xiaoyue does not need to feed Yan Yang; he eats obediently, one bite of the bun and one bite of wild vegetables, fragrantly.

Wang Xiuying looked at the table she was sharing with her own family, and she became the head of the family. Even if she only ate wild vegetables, she was very moved in her heart.

“Xiao Yang’s father, you see how good it is to have a separated family. We don’t have to look at the second house anymore. ” Wang Xiuying gave Yan Dayong a chopstick of wild vegetables. Her eyes were full of happiness and emotion.

Yan Dayong’s mouth bit the food and vaguely answered. “The separation of the family was still refreshing, there are good and bad effects. In the future, if you have some free money in your hand, we have to pay some to your parents. 10 yuan a month is good. You can’t just let the two of them support your parents. “

Wang Xiuying understood Yan Dayong’s meaning, “Okay, then it depends on our situation.”

Although the family was separated, they can’t just support the elders, especially when the other two families are still raising the elders.

Even if it is just to avoid the gossip from the villagers, some still have to be handed over to the elders.

Wang Xiuying felt that as long as Yan Yang could behave, their days would definitely be better in the future.

“Xiaoyue, from now on, you don’t have to do everyone’s chores.”

Wang Qiuying said to Lin Xiaoyue, “You will take care of Xiaoyang at home, I’ll cook the rice before his father and I come back. That’s it.”

Lin Xiaoyue was relieved, “I understand, mother-in-law.”

Silly Yan Yang also said at this time, “I will also take care of my wife! I will also take care of mom and dad! “

Wang Xiuying laughed.

This is what a family looks like. This is her home…


Wang Xiuying had another idea in mind.

She has been holding it for a long time.

Later, when the two of them were washing dishes in the yard with Lin Xiaoyue after dinner, Wang Xiuying couldn’t help but ask.

“Xiaoyue…… you and Xiaoyang, have you done it with Yan Yang?”

As a woman, Wang Xiuying can not ask the silly Yan Yang such questions.

But this question she held in her heart for several days.

She had something in mind…

Her son was silly during the day and sometimes normal at night.

So, the day she bought Lin Xiaoyue as a wife, Wang Xiuying was looking forward to the day when the two of them could have a normal married life at night.

Wang Xiuying also wanted to know if something had happened between Lin Xiaoyue and her son.

Lin Xiaoyue was stunned at the question, but answered honestly, “Grandma, Xiaoyang and I…… haven’t yet…”

“Oh, not yet…”

Wang Xiuying, despite knowing this answer, was more or less disappointed, “What are your thoughts on this matter? I saw that yesterday at the Guobing’s family dinner, his son had been staring at you ah… “

Wang Xiuying was indeed a bit worried that Lin Xiaoyue would come out of the wall?

(TN: Come out of the wall means cheating someone or having an affair.)

After all, her own son was too stupid.

“Mother-in-law, these two things should not be mixed up.”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly denied, “Even if we haven’t done it yet, I am still Xiaoyang’s wife and will only recognize Xiaoyang as my husband for the rest of my life. Even if others are better and more intelligent, I will never look at them! “

Wang Xiuying’s heart sighed in relief, “It’s good ah…” so she was finally at ease.

Lin Xiaoyue: “Well…”

However, Lin Xiaoyue was also thinking about the matter of being a husband and wife…… If Yan Yang mentions it later, how is she going to face it?


Before going to bed and returning to the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue found that depressed Yan Yang had come out.

He was again nestled in the corner of the bed alone, quietly reading a book.

Little Yan Yang, that personality, appeared with high energy and also played erratically, so there will be a lack of mental energy every day after dinner.

So, every day at about the same point in time, the depressive personality will appear instead.

Every time the depressive personality sees Lin Xiaoyue, he does not avoid her. He would coldly and calmly watch her walk over, take off her shoes and get into bed, and he even spread the quilt for her.

He was influenced by the other two personalities. The depressive personality also likes her quite a lot.

“What book are you reading?” Lin Xiaoyue asked him.

Yan Yang lifted the book to show Lin Xiaoyue. She realized that he was reading the medical book about DID that she had brought out from the study space.


Lin Xiaoyue was embarrassed, “Can you read it?”

Yan Yang nodded his head.

Lin Xiaoyue sat next to Yan Yang and pulled up the quilt, “Let’s read it together. I haven’t understood this either.”

Yan Yang shared half of the book with her.

The two of them read the book quietly for a while. Lin Xiaoyue wanted to sleep, so she lay down to cover the quilt.

Yan Yang saw her lying down, he also blew the kerosene lamp, and they laid down together.

In the silent darkness, Lin Xiaoyue covered him with the quilt, and a warm breath wrapped around Yan Yang.

Yan Yang instantly stiffened!

“It’s winter, you can’t lie down without a quilt anymore. We are a couple… ” Lin Xiaoyue whispered leisurely.

Yan Yang sullenly responded, “Mmm…”

We’re a couple…

“Lin Xiaoyue…”

It was rare for the depressed Yan Yang to open his mouth, “Actually I can …… change some…”

Lin Xiaoyue looked up, “Ah?”

Yan Yang said, “I can change a little…… I think I can become the one that stays.”

Lin Xiaoyue:”……”

Was it the book that put a little pressure on him?

Yan Yang plucked up courage and continued, “I want to…… become your real husband, can I?”

Lin Xiaoyue’s face instantly became red……


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