I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23 Part 1

In the silent night, Yan Yang, who was already depressed, was nervously waiting for Lin Xiaoyue’s reply.

Just now he asked if she could make him her real husband.

Although he didn’t ask now, it was really a question he cared about very much.

Depressed Yan Yang knew that there were three personalities living in his body.

The personality that called the shots was neither the Yan Yang who has no qualms about doing whatever he wants nor the simple and kind Yan Yang with a 6-year-old IQ.

In this body, the one who holds the power was him.

Just turning over that professional book, Yan Yang felt a lot of thoughts in his heart.

He thought that if he was willing to change, he might be able to become a normal person again.

And the other two should also disappear because he was cured.

At that time, the only one left in the body would be him.

If he can really be cured and become a normal person, Yan Yang would like to become her real husband.

‘Lin Xiaoyue…’

He was waiting for her answer.

Lin Xiaoyue’s face was half covered in the blanket, and she could clearly feel that her face was burning!

After a while, Yan Yang did not hear her answer.

He understood that he had been rejected.

He turned his back to her, and said in a low voice: “I know.”

“What do you know?”

Lin Xiaoyue’s slitty eyes slanted toward him, and the moonlight coming in from the window allowed her to barely see him in the darkness.

In the darkness, the back of his head was facing her……. What was he doing?

“I know what you mean… go to sleep.” Yan Yang’s voice was cold and indifferent.

Lin Xiaoyue heard his indifferent voice and hurriedly talked to him, “I think you have misunderstood what I mean. In fact, I have always regarded you as my husband. Otherwise, what do you think I am taking you for? “

Yan Yang’s heart brightened. The trance field was illuminated by an acre of sunlight, and the corners of his lips were raised slightly, “Go to sleep.”


“Hey, this topic were you just casually talking about it ah?” Lin Xiaoyue poked his back with her finger. Aren’t we going to go deeper?

Yan Yang did not say anything.

Lin Xiaoyue poked him in the back, “Hey…”

Yan Yang pretended to be dead.

Lin Xiaoyue poked him back again.

Once, twice, three times…

Seeing that he did not plan to respond, Lin Xiaoyue poked him desperately on his back, with both hands together!

This time, Yan Yang could not resist the itch, and he twisted his body uncontrollably.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw that he was so reactive, she was even more energetic!

Instead of poking him, she tickled him instead!

“Who told you not to talk, who told you not to talk!” Lin Xiaoyue laughed and played.

Yan Yang felt really itchy because of her bullying. His body twisted like an eel, but he did not want to be rude and make a sound, so he pursed his mouth tightly.

He turned around. Yan Yang couldn’t help but grab her little hand!

Lin Xiaoyue’s tickling came to an end.

She raised her head, and he lowered his head. The two pairs of shining bright eyes faced each other in the darkness.

Time seems to be frozen at this moment…

“You… don’t make trouble…”

Yan Yang gently opened his lips, it seemed that even he himself did not expect a hoarse voice to come out of his mouth.

There was a strange feeling in his body that was hard to describe.

Yan Yang held back.

As soon as he let go, Lin Xiaoyue withdrew her little hand and tossed the quilt to cover the two of them.

She did have a natural face, “Let me ask you a question.”

Yan Yang’s black eyes fixed on her. He was paying attention and did not say anything.

Lin Xiaoyue asked him, “They both always regarded me as a wife. Did you not think that I was your wife before? Then, what did you think of me? A servant bought to take care of you? “


Yan Yang quickly refused, and said in a deep voice, “I consider you as a wife…”

Before, she was just an unfamiliar wife, a strange wife.

Now, she is a familiar wife, the wife he liked.


Lin Xiaoyue nodded, then patted his shoulder contentedly, “Then go to sleep!”


Yan Yang silently turned around and continued to give her the view of his back

Lin Xiaoyue faced his back and nudged her mouth.

Yan Yang quietly raised the corners of his lips with his back facing her….. his mood was really good.

The next morning, without any surprise, Lin Xiaoyue harvested the 6-year-old Yan Yang.

She has figured out the pattern.

During the day, it was the child Yan Yang, at night, it was the depressed Yan Yang, and the third Yan Yang is solely dependent on luck.

So, whenever she met the third person, it would be a surprise.

Life can not be full of surprises everywhere, and she has to accept the Yan Yang of every personality.

After the separation of the family, Lin Xiaoyue put down the burden of doing the housework.

She had nothing to do and was lighthearted. After eating two steamed buns with Yan Yang in the morning, she had a comfortable leisure time afterward.

When they came out of Wang Xiuying’s room, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang saw Yan Hongying was washing the clothes. The scene was so cool!

“Good morning sister~”

Lin Xiaoyue walked leisurely in front of Yan Hongying and greeted her by the way.

Yan Hongying rolled her eyes at Lin Xiaoyue without even saying hello.

After the third family was divided, Lin Xiaoyue was freed from household chores, so naturally, someone had to take on the household chores.

Therefore, the first family, which has always been under the pressure of the second family, has to take up the housework.

Yan Hongying got up in the morning to wash the clothes of both families, although Chen Cuiyun asked Yan Lianhua to wash them with her.

But Yan Lianhua, the girl lazy, did not wash for a while and ran back to the room to dress up, saying that she needed to go to the educated youth’s place before noon to find brother Xia Ming.

Although Yan Hongying was very upset in her heart, she couldn’t say anything to Yan Lianhua, so she could only endure the displeasure in her heart and work silently.

Now, watching Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang walking leisurely in front of her, Yan Hongying was angry and annoyed!

“What are you proud of? I did not marry a fool! I don’t believe that you will live a good life in the future! ” Yan Hongying said angrily.

Yan Hongying waited for the day when Yan Yang dragged down the third house family.

She would laugh and watch them suffer and starve!

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang didn’t know Yan Hongying’s malicious mentality. They both picked up their bamboo baskets and prepared to go to the market to buy vegetables.

Wang Xiuying gave her the task of cooking, and Lin Xiaoyue still liked it.

After all, in these years, eating is the most important thing.

Although Wang Xiuying didn’t give her money, Lin Xiaoyue had more than 30 yuan she got from the third Yan Yang, so she could buy as much as she wanted!

There were very few vegetable markets in this era. There were none in Shangyan Village and the nearby small villages. There was only one large vegetable market in the town.

In order to buy vegetables, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang walked for more than an hour to arrive at the big vegetable market in the town.

With more than 30 yuan from the third Yanyang, Lin Xiaoyue bought two catties of pork, one catty of shrimp, a large fish, and some vegetables in the black alley of the vegetable market.

Before the reform and opening up to the outside, the entire society was a state-owned unit, recognizing votes more than money.

However, there were also some shady private operations, such as the black market. On the black market, everything can be exchanged, similar to chicken feathers for sugar.

It’s just that in this era, swapping things for things, money for things, tickets for things… and so on, can be accustomed to the crime of speculation.

Even if the entire community of public officials was to arrest people who speculate, speculation has always existed and is not unusual.

Lin Xiaoyue had a great harvest from this trip.

Because, in the black alley, a peddler knew Yan Yang.

To be precise, the peddler knew the third personality of Yan Yang and he even called him his eldest brother Yan Yang and gave Lin Xiaoyue a wild pheasant.

The peddler’s name is Wang Tieshan. He doesn’t look old, and when he recognized Yan Yang, the young man was surprised.

“Brother Yang, I haven’t seen you for many days! It’s so hard to run into you here! “

Wang Tieshan greeted Yan Yang as if he had seen his benefactor, and immediately thought of giving him something, “Brother, Yesterday, I shot a wild pheasant in the deep mountains. I just shot it. Now it’s still alive and warm, I’m sending it to you! “

Lin Xiaoyue was originally attracted by the small chicken boy in his stall, but she didn’t expect that Yan Yang would be approached by the stall owner while she was engrossed in the small chicken.

Looking up, Lin Xiaoyue saw that the stall owner was enthusiastic about sending wild pheasants to Yan Yang in every possible way. She hurriedly reached for a nylon bag containing wild pheasants, “Brother, are you really sending this to us?”

“This is my sister-in-law?”

Wang Tiesheng’s head turned around immediately, and he smiled and talked to Li Xiaoyue in the blink of an eye, “The last time I saw Brother Yang, he even mentioned you! I didn’t expect to see my sister-in-law today. My sister-in-law is so beautiful!

“No no, thank you…”

Lin Xiaoyue was indulging in the wild mountain chicken in the nylon bag, and her mouth was gushing out with greed at the thought of having chicken to eat.

Wang Tiesheng raised his eyebrows at Yan Yang and said: “Brother Yang, when will we next…”

But at this time, Yan Yang was just a 6-year-old child. He only has an impression of Wang Tiesheng, and he doesn’t know. How to get along with him.

Yan Yang timidly pulled Lin Xiaoyue’s clothes, “wife…”


Lin Xiaoyue retracted her gaze from the pheasant, and turned her head, and glanced at Yan Yang, only to realize that he might not be able to cope with the hawker in front of them.

She talked to Yan Yang and said, “Your brother gave you a wild pheasant. Say thank you. “

Yan Yang stared at Wang Tiesheng, and said crisply, “Thank you.”

Wang Tiesheng was taken aback, and his expression stiffened…

Don’t blame him. It was new to see Yan Yang like this.

Because the Yan Yang he knew never said thank you or sorry! The Yan Yang he knew… was very arrogant and domineering.

I always feel that this person in front of me was completely double…

Wang Tiesheng stared at the wild pheasant in Lin Xiaoyue’s hand.

He reasoned, “I won’t admit the wrong person, right? Can I still take the pheasant back?

If he had recognized the wrong person, it’s a pity that he gave away his chicken…

Lin Xiaoyue observed Wang Tiesheng’s expression, and she was afraid that he would regret it, so she explained with a smile: “When did you see Xiaoyang last time?”

“Ah, sister-in-law…”

Wang Tiesheng thought about it, “I forgot the exact time, just the night a few days ago!”

Lin Xiaoyue thought it should be when she first arrived in this world, the first time she saw the third personality who ran out in the middle of the night…

She was always thinking of what he did after he went out.

Now, come to think of it… Maybe it’s speculation.

“Brother Yang, what’s the matter with you? Can’t you recognize me? “

Wang Tiesheng stared at Yan Yang in front of him. How strange?

He doesn’t feel like the big brother he knew.

That brother… won’t have such a stupid look in his eyes!

With that brother’s eyes, Wang Tiesheng couldn’t look at him for more than three seconds, because he would be scared to death!

“He recognizes you, but he is in a special situation and can’t tell you clearly. When you two meet again next night, he will definitely explain it to you. “

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t explain too much, so she pulled away from the topic “How do you sell this little chicken? Can it grow into a mother chicken? Can you lay eggs? “

“Ah, sister-in-law…”

Wang Tiesheng hurriedly responded to Lin Xiaoyue, “These are all mother chickens. When they grow up, they can lay eggs. There is no mother hen who can’t lay eggs, don’t you think so? Sister-in-law, you can have a few if you want. “

“Thank you.”

Since she could take it for free, Lin Xiaoyue would not be polite. She immediately opened the nylon bag containing wild chickens.

Wang Tiesheng twitched the corners of his mouth. Although it hurts a bit, it was worth it when he thought that it was for his big brother!

He quickly packed 5 chicks into Lin Xiaoyue’s nylon bag, “Sister-in-law, this chicken is very easy to raise, and it will grow up soon. When it grows up, he will have eggs every day. “

“Yes, thank you.” Lin Xiaoyue looked at this big bag of free fresh goods and couldn’t help smiling.

It was indeed the ray of light that came from the third!

“You’re welcome, sister-in-law. Brother Yang was always good to me! This is nothing! My sister-in-law does not hesitate to say anything! ” Wang Tiesheng said with loyalty, and occasionally raised his eyes and glanced at Yan Yang.

He really wanted to see the gaze of Yang Ge, approving him, however, the gaze of Yang Ge looked silly.

Wang Tiesheng was embarrassed.

Lin Xiaoyue talked to Wang Tiesheng for a few more minutes and wanted to ask him what Yan Yang took him to do when he usually went out at night.

As a result, before she can ask a few questions, she suddenly heard the bell rang.

The peddlers in the whole alley immediately put away the things in their pockets, fleeing if they can, or hiding if they can.

Wang Tiesheng also ran away in an instant…

This is like hiding from the city police, so Lin Xiaoyue froze.

Life is not easy!


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