I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23 Part 2

Lin Xiaoyue gained a lot today.

She bought fish, shrimp, vegetables, and got a wild pheasant and a few chicks for free.

At noon, I must have a good meal to reward myself who was living a difficult life in this world!

Walking back home would take another hour or so.

Even though everything was carried by Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue felt exhausted.

She thought to herself, it would be good if she could get a bicycle to ride in the future.

In the town, she saw some people riding bicycles in front of her, and Lin Xiaoyue was envious of them.

However, in this era, bicycles were basically only for public officials and rich people, and ordinary people were not qualified for that.

Lin Xiaoyue felt that, as a person from the future who came in the book, she also had to have it in advance.

Otherwise, she would look like she was a very useless book wearer.

It was hard to get back home, and it was almost noon when she arrived home.

Lin Xiaoyue’s feet were almost broken from walking. She sat down on the table and let Yan Yang put all the ingredients on the stove.

She drank a glass of water and taking two deep breaths, Lin Xiaoyue happily instructed Yan Yang, “Xiaoyang, can you go fetch some water and wash the vegetables?”

“Okay wife, go right away!”

Yan Yang immediately rolled up his sleeves, obediently listened to her. He picked up the small basin and went out to fetch water.

Soon, the two of them got busy preparing lunch.

The wild chickens and chicks were put aside in the corner and left alone for the time being.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang worked together as a couple, working on the available ingredients.

There was no oil in the house, so Lin Xiaoyue used lard to refine the oil, adding some more meat flavor to each dish.

She cut up a little pork and stir-fried a plate of greens with oil and water.

She cut a bit more pork and stir-fried a plate of mushrooms with oil and water.

They were two simple vegetarian dishes that required no coloring; simply add a little pork, and the color and luster of the fried were shiny, and the taste was much more delicious!

Once the dishes were out of the pot, Lin Xiaoyue put them on the stovetop and hurriedly picked up chopsticks, added them up and blew them to cool them off, and went straight to Yan Yang’s mouth, “Here, you try.”

Yan Yang took her fed, and it was clear he wanted to eat it. You can tell the difference between a vegetable dish with oil and water and a vegetable dish without oil and water.

“It’s so delicious wife…”

He chewed. He was so happy he looked like he was about to ascend to heaven.

“You go and try this again.”

Lin Xiaoyue gave him another dish, Yan Yang opened his mouth happily and took it, jumping in place with excitement.

“Yummy yummy! It’s so delicious! “

Lin Xiaoyue was very satisfied with his reaction. She put down the chopsticks on the plate, “Eat a few more bites if it’s good, I’ll stir-fry another prawn with green onions.”

Lin Xiaoyue washed the prawns, and picked out the shrimp threads, cut the green onions into sections, and ginger into slices…

She put the oil in the pot and waited till it was well heated. She put the shrimp and ginger slices, and stir-fried it over high heat; she stir-fried it until the shrimp was slightly red and then sprinkled salt, poured in the old wine…


The old wine made a delicious sound as it came in contact with the hot pan.

The fresh smell of the prawns bursts in the pot and instantly floats away in the air.

In the courtyard, Yan Hongying was sweeping the floor with a broom, sweating profusely, when she suddenly smelled such an aromatic smell wafting from the third house!

Yan Hongying licked her lips and couldn’t help but stand outside the third house’s door, peering in to see what the third house was cooking.

The smell has been very fragrant for a while now. Yan Hongying finally couldn’t help herself.

Lin Xiaoyue covered the lid of the pot and was stewing prawns when she looked up and found Yan Hongying who was peeking.

She raised the corner of her lips, “What is the matter sister? It wasn’t because my family’s food smelled good that you wanted to come over to eat it, right? “

Yan Hongying retorted with wide eyes, “It’s just that your house smells too much! It smells unpleasant, so I came to warn you! “

“It’s unpleasant, but you want to eat it, right?” Lin Xiaoyue said to her nonchalantly.

“I don’t want to eat it!”

Yan Hongying retorted stiffly, and turned around, and walked away after she finished speaking.

As a result, once she walked away, even Yan Yang spoke up, “Wife, she just wants to eat. We do not give her food, she did not give me food before! “

I know, let’s eat fragrantly later, greedy her! ” Lin Xiaoyue said with a wicked smile.

After the prawns were fried, Lin Xiaoyue gave Yan Yang a separate small bowl with three prawns and the two vegetarian dishes from before.

She handed the bowl and chopsticks to Yan Yang and said with a wicked smile, “You carry this to the courtyard and eat it in front of your sister, remember to never give it to your sister!”

“Good, good!”

Yan Yang was happy and excited.

When he picked up the bowl, he stared at Lin Xiaoyue for a while.

Lin Xiaoyue was puzzled: “What are you standing there for? Why don’t you go? “

Yan Yang’s face flashed a simple smile, “Wife, you are the first person to teach me to do these things. With you, I am so happy ah ~ “

In the past, Wang Xiuying would only tell him to be good and obedient, not to cause trouble for the third family, and not to stir up trouble in the family.

Yan Yang had put up with it for years.

Lin Xiaoyue was the first person to tell him to do something bad.

In fact, it’s not a bad thing…

It’s just something Yan Yang really wants to do!

He had the feeling that his nature had been liberated.

He was very happy!

Lin Xiaoyue patted his shoulder and laughed at him, “Of course you’re happy when you are with me, I’ll treat you well. I will spoil you! “

Yan Yang was completely touched by her words.

He immediately put down the dishes he was carrying and went up and hugged Lin Xiaoyue.

The unsuspecting Lin Xiaoyue was taken aback.

When she reacted, Yan Yang had already released his embrace, then picked up the dishes and walked out of the house.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t even have time to appreciate the hug just now before she saw him leaving the house as if he was running away from something…

She puffed out her mouth and whispered, “What a little innocent…”

But what Lin Xiaoyue didn’t expect was that among those three personalities, this 6-year-old Yan Yang was the one who did first.

Children are really bold!
Lin Xiaoyue then fried a plate of pork and fried the rest of the pork.

She was actually not very good at cooking, she couldn’t do those kinds of colorful and fragrant dishes, she could only do a casual stir-fry.

Looking at such a large piece of pork, Lin Xiaoyue’s heart really wants to eat that soft and soft roasted pork!

Unfortunately, she can’t do it.

She will just stir-fry, and then add a bunch of seasonings, simply out of the pot on the line.

This kind of stir-frying method is not bad, but it lacks all kinds of flavors and only has a delicious taste.

When Lin Xiaoyue was about to enter the study space tonight, she brought out another cookbook.

She will be given the job of cooking in the future, and she will be responsible for the stomachs of the family of four, ah!

In the yard, Yan Yang was eating the prawns in his bowl in front of Yan Hongying…

“Ha, it’s delicious……”

The food was still hot because it had just come out of the pot. Yan Yang ate a mouthful of prawn meat into his mouth, and let out a smooth sound.

Over there, Yan Hongying watched him eating. She swallowed wildly!

“Wife’s fried shrimp is really delicious!”

Yan Yang was sitting on the bench in front of the third house, eating with a small bowl, and then deliberately said such things for Yan Hongying to hear.

Yan Hongying was pissed off! s

He still holds a grudge!

Yan Hongying had repeatedly said before that he… fool still wants to eat meat! He really wanted to look good!


Feng Shui takes turns. Now it is the situation where Yan Yang sits in front of Yan Hongying and eats meat.

Yan Yang picked up a piece of meat fried with vegetables, put it into his mouth, and chewed it. “meat is also delicious ah……”

Yan Hongying was staring at the meat on his chopsticks, staring straight at the meat. This meat was delivered to the mouth of the fool Yan Yang!

Her heart…… cracked.

Yan Hongying couldn’t look away.

She turned around, throwing away her broom, she hurriedly ran into her room and asked Yang Chengyu, who was frying vegetables, “Mom, what kind of dish is our family going to eat today? Is there any meat or shrimp? “

“What nonsense, where can we get such a good dish?”

Yang Chengyu had just stir-fried a pot of dried bamboo shoots with carrots and put it on the stovetop, “Are you hungry? Come over and eat a few chopsticks first. “


The delicacies of the mountains and the sea from Yan Yang, and seeing this on her own stove, Yan Hongying couldn’t help but make a dissatisfied voice, “Our family can’t even see a bit of minced meat…”

“Our family has long run out of meat stamps. If we went to the black market to buy them, the price was twice as expensive as the meat stamps! The money the old lady gave me to buy food was only so much, so you should stop thinking about eating meat before the end of the month! “

Yang Chengyu took a pair of chopsticks and handed them to Yan Hongying, “If you’re hungry, eat some food first.”

Yan Hongying unhappily added a chopstick of carrot. Although it tasted sweet, the heart was bitter and astringent.

“Mom, that fool is eating shrimp and meat in the yard. I’m really tempted when watching…… How come their family can eat such delicious foods, ah? “

Yan Hongying pouted with a defiant face, “Obviously their family should be poorer than us.”

“What? That fool is eating shrimp and meat? “

Yang Chengyu was also shocked to hear, “This shrimp is expensive! More expensive than pork! “

“Isn’t it!”

YanHongying’s emotions were strong, “In fact, the third house family was already poorer than our family. The reason for the split was because Grandma didn’t give them money! The result is that after the separation of the family, they are living so well…… and eating meat and shrimp… “

“No, I have to I have to go see…”

Yang Chengyu was also confused when she heard it.

She immediately put down the spatula in her hand, wiped her hands on her bib, and immediately walked out of the room.

By then, Yan Yang had already settled the small bowl of dishes.

He walked into his room satisfied. Yang Chengyu immediately followed from behind, and even overtook him with a quick step, rushing to the stove in a breeze.

At that time, Lin Xiaoyue was frying a big plate of sliced meat.

A fried catty of pork on a plate of meat; the color appears oily and shiny, and the aroma is also very fragrant ah!

Yang Chengyu took another look at the three dishes on the stove.

There was meat, shrimp, and vegetables, and each dish had a meat slice on it…

The food is so good it’s almost like a rich man’s house!

Yang Chengyu’s eyes widened and she asked in disbelief, “Where did your family get the money? How can you eat so well? “

Lin Xiaoyue handed the freshly fried meat to Yan Yang, “Xiaoyang, take the food to the table and put it there.”

Yan Yang hurriedly obeyed, one hand carrying a dish, and quickly moved it to the table in front of Yang Chengyu, then he stood at the table, guarding the table.

Fearing that Yang Chengyu would be shameless to take the dishes away…

“How are you, eldest aunt, what are you having for lunch over there?” Lin Xiaoyue asked her with a smile.

Yang Chengyu would not take this, she only asked what she wanted to ask, “No, where did your family get the money? Where did your family get the money to eat such good food? This meat and shrimp are not cheap! “

“Auntie, we’ve split up, so it’s not appropriate for you to be in charge of our family’s finances, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue scooped a ladle of water into the pot and cast a glance at Yang Chengyu while washing the pot, “Each family has its own financial situation, and the eldest aunt won’t tell me the financial situation of the eldest family, right? So how can I tell you about it? “

“Is it that after the separation of the family, the old lady has stuffed your family with money again?” Yang Chengyu asked reluctantly.

Because she really didn’t believe that the financial situation of the third house family could actually let them eat this kind of food!

In her heart, Yang Chengyu concluded that it must be because of the separation of the family. The old lady felt sorry for the third family, so she secretly gave them money!

Yan Hongying also felt that her mother’s vision was right!

Yan Hongying hurriedly added her voice to the side, “It must be because grandma secretly gave them money! How can they buy such expensive food if they can’t even get the money for medical care? Mom, Grandma is too biased! “

Lin Xiaoyue looked at the two of them, the mother and daughter pair, singing in unison and badmouthing people behind their backs.

She just curled her lips reluctantly, “Let’s tell you this, Auntie. The money for Xiaoyang’s medical treatment can’t be saved anyway, so the mother-in-law meant to eat better. I have used all the money to buy vegetables. So, if our family eats better, it is not a big problem, right? “

Even though Lin Xiaoyue said this, Yang Chengyu did not believe all of it, and she was half-hearted and half-questioning.

In her mind, Yang Chengyu still felt that the old lady must have secretly given money to the third family!

“Eldest Aunt, there’s no use staring at me here, is there~”

Lin Xiaoyue saw that this pair of mother and daughter were still standing around. She poured out the pot of water and came back to continue, “Anyway, our third family is already separated from the family, and whether our family will live a prosperous or miserable life in the future has nothing to do with your family. But for now, I think our third house family will get better and better, and I hope that the eldest aunt will not rush over to ask every time she sees a slightly better dish oh. “


Yang Chengyu was completely exasperated by Lin Xiaoyue!

The way this girl, Lin Xiaoyue, spoke was impudent, and not following the rules, a properly educated girl!

Yang Chengyu did not bother to quarrel with Lin Xiaoyue. Quarreling with this kind of girl would make her lose her own temper.

She turned around, Yang Chengyu left in anger!

Yan Hongying also followed behind Yang Chengyu and left with anger.

But before Yan Hongying left, she looked back at the sliced meat on Yan Yang’s table with fondness.

I want to eat it.

Yan Hongying resisted.

After watching the two of them leave, Yan Yang looked at Lin Xiaoyue with more surprise, “Wife, you’re great! You made them angry! “

Previously in this family, because of the third house family’s humble status, Wang Xiuying had always put up with those two families’ targeting of her.

In fact, Yan Yang could not stand by idly and watch his mother’s relatives, but he had to put up with those tyrannical people.

He knows the reason was himself.

In order not to add trouble to the family, he could only put up with it.

Now, seeing Lin Xiaoyue deal with those people, Yan Yang felt that she was amazing!

He truly likes his wife!

My wife is awesome!

He also has to learn from his wife!

Lin Xiaoyue had one fish left, the one wild pheasant had not been processed, and she had processed all the other good ingredients.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t dare to prepare the remaining two living creatures. She thought it would be better to stay still and wait for Wang Xiuying to deal with it.

At noon, when Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong returned, they saw this table of rich dishes.

Both were shocked!

Lin Xiaoyue served the meal to 4 people, closed the door and the family of 4 enjoyed the sumptuous lunch.

Responding to the couple’s surprising expressions, Lin Xiaoyue used a perfect set of words, “I went to the town’s vegetable market with Xiaoyang today to buy vegetables, only to find that many vendors there knew Xiaoyang. They gave Xiaoyang vegetables and meat, shrimp and chicken. I did not even pay a penny! So today’s meal, ah, we eat for nothing! “

In fact, the peddler was the only one who gave Yan Yang something.

But Lin Xiaoyue used this reason to cover up the source of all the food.

This way, she could hide the fact that she still had money in her hand, and could also account for the source of the food.

The money in Lin Xiaoyue’s hand was left to her by the third Yan Yang, and she could not accept anyone would know about it, including her parents-in-law.

If Wang Xiuying knew about the money, Lin Xiaoyue could guess that Wang Xiuying would have taken the money and saved it, then brought Yan Yang to see the master, and further hurt the old man’s fragile heart.

So, the money can’t be known by them, but things can be told to her!

Under the shocked gazes of Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong, Lin Xiaoyue explained again, “Those vendors, everyone calls him ‘Brother Yang’ and regards him as their big brother. They can’t wait to give all the good things in their hands. He. I guess it should be the mature Yan Yang who had made friends outside! Xiaoyang is really amazing~ “

Lin Xiaoyue explained on her side, so she reached out and touched Yan Yang’s head.

Although the 6-year-old personality of Yan Yang knows that he didn’t do it. But by receiving compliments from Lin Xiaoyue and by her touch on his head, he was in a good mood. The smile on his face can’t be removed.

“Hey, Wife, don’t praise me, this is not my credit…”

After Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong heard Lin Xiaoyue’s words, the two of them kind of reluctantly accepted her words.

However, the two of them still did not quite dare to believe that the demon hidden inside Yan Yang’s body was so capable.

He doesn’t seem to come out often…

Why is he so good at mixing with people outside?

“Mother-in-law, there were still alive fish and wild pheasant there. I really don’t know how to deal with these two. I can only leave it to you. “

Lin Xiaoyue picked up her rice bowl and put a prawn with chopsticks for Wang Xiuying. “There were also 5 little chickens. This afternoon, Xiao Yang and I are enclosing a small fence in the yard. Our family will also raise chickens in the future. We will have eggs when they grow up. “

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong froze for a long time. Digest these surprises brought by Lin Xiaoyue.

Not to mention it was the benefit that the demon Yan Yang brought to them.

Just after the separation, the situation in the family was on the rise, which is a very good phenomenon for a third family.

“All right… that’s fine.”

Wang Xiuying nodded, “Xiaoyue, you still have to watch Xiaoyang more and try not to let him go out to cause trouble.”

Although Wang Xiuying enjoyed the benefits of the demon Yan Yang, she did not dare to take it lightly. She was always worried that the devil would bring bad things.

In her heart, the idea of ​​getting rid of the demon was still there.

It will not disappear because of such food on the table… But she also wants to eat all of the food on the table!

“Don’t worry, mother-in-law, I will definitely take care of Xiao Yang.” Lin Xiaoyue replied obediently.

“Wife, have a shrimp, I’ll peel it…”

Yan Yang peeled a prawn by himself and placed it in Lin Xiaoyue’s bowl.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled, “Thank you Xiaoyang.”

Yan Yang sucked the shrimp peeling finger, “Hey, wife, you are welcome! I’ll peel it for you again! “

Lin Xiaoyue disliked the finger he licked and peeled the shrimp for herself. “No, no, no, you eat.”

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong smiled as they watched Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang getting along so well.

I think it will be better with the passing of days.

If only, this pair of children could give the third family a house and add another offspring.

Wang Xiuying just talked to Lin Xiaoyue about husband and wife.

After dinner today, Yan Yang was called by Yan Dayong.

For the spiritual work in this area, women have to do it here, and men have to do it too.

Despite Yan Yang’s low IQ, Yan Dayong believes that men in this area have an instinctive reaction.

Therefore, Yan Dayong decided to mobilize Yan Yang…

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair were washing the dishes, while Yan Dayong sat on the courtyard bench with Yan Yang.

Yan Dayong opened his mouth and asked, “Xiao Yang, what do you and your wife do at night?”

Yan Yang replied straightforwardly, “I’m not with my wife at night.”

Yan Dayong:”……”

Was the topic so dead?


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