I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 24

Chapter 24

On Yan Yang’s side, there is no chance to teach him.

Yan Dayong wanted to start by teaching him about men and women.

After all these things, if the man takes the initiative, the progress and situation will be clearer.

However, on Yan Yang’s side, there’s a slight problem.

At night he is not in the daytime…

This makes it impossible to communicate.

Yan Dayong put this problem in his stomach and planned to discuss it with Wang Xiuying at night.

In the afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang built a small chicken nest outside their small hut.

Five little chicks were chirping in the newly built fence, and the scene was full of life.

The fence was not very big, but it was enough for the five chicks to have a good time.

Of course, building the fence was not enough. They also had to build a cage to lock the chicks inside.

Because, in this day and age, chickens that wander outside can’t survive.

Lin Xiaoyue found a large bamboo basket at home to temporarily cover the chicks.

She still has to find a way to build a big cage. Otherwise, the chicks will not be able to be covered with the bamboo basket when they grow into old hens.

In the afternoon, only Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were busy in and out of the old Yan family yard, and no one else knew where they were going.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang spent the afternoon building the fence.

When the fence was built, Wang Xiuying also came back.

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t handle the wild chickens and fish in the house, so she left them to Wang Xiuying to handle them. As a result, Wang Xiuying finished his work early today and returned to pack the ingredients.

Lin Xiaoyue extended a hand to Wang Xiuying, and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo slaughtered the chicken, plucking feathers with hot water; the entire scene was bloody. But at the thought of eating chicken, Lin Xiaoyue will crave it again.

Yan Yang, at this time, was still the personality of a 6-year-old child. When he saw the scene of the two women killing chickens and their feathers being brutally plucked, he was scared that he turned around and ran.

When Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying saw him acting timid, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair laughed at him.

But it’s understandable…

After all, he is only a 6-year-old child.

If it was the other two Yan Yang, it would not be like this.

In the evening, the other two houses of the old Yan family returned home. They smelled the fragrance of the chicken in the yard and saw a pot of chicken blood placed in front of the third house.

At that moment, Chen Cuiyun’s first reaction was…… the third house family had killed the old hen that laid eggs at home!

Chen Cuiyun hurriedly ran to the chicken compound to check the only one old hen left in the family.

The only old hen left in the house… was still alive and well.

Chen Cuiyun felt strange in her heart and went back to the door of the third house and poked her head in.

“Old, third sister-in-law, what are you cooking?”

Chen Cuiyun was not at all polite, so she stepped into the threshold, a few steps to the small stove looked at the stove…

On the stovetop, there was a pot of cut wild chicken pieces. Although it was still raw, Chen Cuiyun still let out a greedy gulp.

“Your family this….. where did you get the chicken?” Chen Cuiyun asked.

“Wild mountain chicken. His father was lucky to pick them up in the mountains. “

Wang Xiuying used this set of rhetoric, naturally, can not tell the real reason to others.

“Then you’re too lucky!”

Chen Cuiyun let out an exclamation, then hooked her lips and smiled, “This is a good thing. It can’t be enjoyed by one family alone. Ah, in the evening, why not bring some rice and noodles. Our two families can eat it together?”

The fools would know that Chen Cuiyun wants to rub meat to eat.

Although Chen Cuiyun, a woman with a tough mouth like a knife that can hurt people, she can say anything when her mouth is soft.

Such as these shameless words.

Wang Xiuying, on the other hand, politely declined Chen Cuiyun, explaining, “Second sister-in-law, there is only one chicken, it is insufficient for our family of four to eat it, or we don’t eat it together. You do not know, last night we ate buns for four people. Today, his father was lucky and picked up a chicken, so we are going to eat it for two days. We are going to eat meat today and soup tomorrow.

“Hey, what’s that?”

Chen Cuiyun waved her hand, “Today we will eat together. Tomorrow if your family does not have food to eat, our family will send you some! We can’t say that after the separation of our families, our friendship is broken, right? We have to go back and forth. “

Wang Xiuying said bluntly, “Second sister-in-law, what kind of friendship can we have between our families? Don’t forget. I am angry with you for splitting the family. “

“You’re still angry with me!”

Chen Cuiyun said with a smile on her face, “How good is this divided family. You see, picking up a chicken can be eaten by the family. If we hadn’t divided the family, the chicken would have been eaten by all of us. Then it would all go into the belly of the big family! It’s not a bad thing to split up the family! “

Lin Xiaoyue had never seen such a brazen person as Chen Cuiyun, and today she really had seen it all.

To deal with such a brazen person, Lin Xiaoyue must also take some measures, “Second Auntie, mother-in-law is also embarrassed to say things, but I, as an outsider, was well suited to tell the truth.” Since the family has been separated, our third house is only responsible for supporting the elders and will never interact with the other two houses again. Therefore, we do not ask for money from the second uncle’s family. The second uncle’s mother also does not think about eating our family’s meat. Now it is okay to say good things. If the second aunt chatters a few more words, I will have to take a broom to drive people away. “

“You! How can you talk like this? I am at least an elderly person. Why are you talking to an elderly person like this! ” Chen Cuiyun’s eyes widened in anger and glared straight at Lin Xiaoyue.

After scolding, Chen Cuiyun directly complained to Wang Xiuying, “Third sister-in-law, I’m saying it, your daughter-in-law is really no good! Your family has become such a mess and finally split up, and your daughter-in-law has something to do with it! You should have listened to my advice. You should save some money to replace your daughter-in-law! “

Lin Xiaoyue, Wang Xiuying’s mother-in-law, and daughter-in-law both looked at each other.

They confirmed each other’s words by looking into each other’s eyes.

The mother-in-law told her to do it!

She turned around, and Lin Xiaoyue picked up the broom in the corner, raised it high, and rushed straight towards Chen Cuiyun!


Chen Cuiyun shouted out, frightened and scrambled, fleeing out of the third room’s house in a panic.

Lin Xiaoyue chased her to the door, dropped a broom, and stood with one arm crossed in awe.

Chen Cuiyun began to curse in the courtyard and swear, “You little bitch, you have no respect and no upbringing! I’m telling you, don’t let me catch you alone! I’m going to teach you a lesson! “

Chen Cuiyun’s voice was so sharp and loud that it resonated in the courtyard to the extent that everyone in the old Yan family could hear it.

Lin Xiaoyue was fearless, so she stood at the door with a broom, leaning towards Chen Cuiyun in a bullying manner.

For them, she is a daughter-in-law purchased for 19.9 yuan regardless of her background, and it makes no difference if she has no upbringing. The key is to be harsh and unreasonable!

If people were not violent, she would easily be bullied!

This is the truth.

“Xiao Yue.”

Behind her, Wang Xiuying’s voice came out, “You go out and look for Xiao Yang.”

“Okay.” Lin Xiaoyue answered.

Wang Xiuying did not want Lin Xiaoyue to listen to many insulting curses, so she sent her away.

The second house family, Chen Cuiyun’s mouth, Wang Xiuying had learned for many years!

She herself could suffer from such insults, but she did not want her child to be insulted too much. What’s more, Lin Xiaoyue is not a child who can tolerate it, and if she really fights afterward, things will be even more troublesome.

Lin Xiaoyue put down her broom and went out to find Yan Yang.

Before, because the scene of killing a chicken was too bloody, Yan Yang, a six-year-old child, was scared and ran out of the house.

After that, Lin Xiaoyue did not see him come back.

Near the house, Lin Xiaoyue called Yan Yang’s name, calling him home. But she couldn’t get a response from him.

After looking around the house, Lin Xiaoyue gradually looked for the ridge.

“Xiaoyang? Xiao Yang, where are you? “

With her feet on the muddy field, Lin Xiaoyue called out all the way.

When she found Yan Yang later, Lin Xiaoyue was instantly scared, and her heart lifted high!

She saw that Yan Yang was lying on the side of the mud. His body was covered with wet mud, unconscious.

“Xiao Yang!”

Lin Xiaoyue rushed up and fell to her knees, patting Yan Yang’s face urgently, “Xiao Yang, what’s wrong with you? Xiaoyang, wake up… “

Lin Xiaoyue checked his nose and confirmed that he was still breathing, and only then did her heart drop. She was relieved a little.

She touched Yan Yang’s forehead and thought to herself, could it be that he was not in good spirits and therefore fell asleep?

“Xiaoyang, Xiaoyang wake up.”

Lin Xiaoyue pinched his forehead again.

After a while, Yan Yang gradually pulled open his eyes and slowly woke up…

“Xiaoyang, Xiaoyang, you’re awake…”

Lin Xiaoyue was worried. She was busy using her small hands to hurriedly wipe the mud on Yan Yang’s face. She angrily said: “You scared me to death, you suddenly fainted here, this is too dangerous…”

“Lin Xiaoyue…”

Yan Yang called her in a low voice, taking in her face of worry.

“Over there! The people are there! “

Not far away, a clear female voice came.

Turning her head, Lin Xiaoyue saw a cleanly dressed woman leading a man towards this side in a hurry.

The two of them jogged all the way, with the obvious target, namely Yan Yang.

“Yan Yang, Yan Yang, you awake?”

After the woman rushed to Yan Yang’s side, she also hurriedly squatted down, “How do you feel? Are you okay? “

It could be seen that this woman was quite concerned about Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue cast a death stare at her…


Yan Yang “coughed,” his sword brows lightly frowned. His call immediately made Lin Xiaoyue withdraw her gaze at the woman and look down at him, “Xiaoyang, how are you? Can you get up? “

“You’re his wife, right?”

Across the room, the woman spoke with Lin Xiaoyue, “Sorry, I’m to blame for this. I took Yan Yang to the office and gave him some review materials for the college entrance exams. Who would have thought that on his way home, he ran into Yan Dahe’s group of thugs? They used a sack to cover Xiao Yang and dragged him to the field for a beating. I came to him later to drive the group away. But he also fainted. I could not carry him, so I had to find help. “

Listening to the woman’s elaboration, Lin Xiaoyue was clear about the woman’s identity.

In the book, she knows the secret of Yan Yang’s personality. In addition to Yan Yang’s relatives and the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, there is also the original female lead, Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun in the original book is the villain Yan Yang’s the white moonlight.

In the early stage, the three personalities only admired and adored Bai Xiaochun, so he silently guarded after her.

Later, after Yan Yang had completely transformed into a villain, he solved the original wife’s case before launching a fierce pursuit of Bai Xiaochun.

At this moment, looking at the original heroine in front of her, Lin Xiaoyue’s heart was vaguely sour.

She felt that she was a little jealous.

Why else would she feel uncomfortable with just looking at the original heroine?


At this time, Yan Yang trembled and stretched out his muddy hand to hold Lin Xiaoyue’s small hand.

Lin Xiaoyue still does not know, at this time, the awake Yan Yang…… was the third personality.


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