I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 25.1

Chapter 25, part 1

Her fingers were touched by Yan Yang’s long fingers covered with wet mud, and when she looked down, Lin Xiaoyue grabbed his big hand and held it tightly in her small hands.

“Xiao Yang, how is it? Does your body hurt a lot? Can you get up? ” Lin Xiaoyue asked him nervously.

Yan Yang, whose face was covered in mud, saw Lin Xiaoyue’s worried look from the slit of his slightly opened eyes, and the corner of his lips curled up, “Help me…”


Lin Xiaoyue went up and hurriedly helped him.

Bai Xiaochun also said to Lu Xiaoming, who she called to help, “Xiaoming, come and help him.”

Lu Xiaming came up quickly. He helped lift Yan Yang and carried him directly on his back.

“I’ll carry him home.”

Lu Xiaming looked at the two women and seemed to be asking for advice, “or do I carry him to see the barefoot doctor *? What do you think? “

  • * (TN: in case you’re not familiar with the words “barefoot doctor,”: they are basically farmers with paramedical training (PRC))

Lu Xiaoming asked Lin Xiaoyue directly because Lin Xiaoyue was Yan Yang’s wife.

Lin Xiaoyue’s worried eyes hung on Yan Yang. Her small hand rubbed Yan Yang’s muddy face, “Go home first. I will wipe his body clean first.”

“Okay.” Lu Xiaming nodded his head.

The original hero and heroine of the book soon sent Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue back home.

Lin Xiaoyue led them to the small side room where she lived with Yan Yang.

Yan Yang was placed on the bed.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly brought over a wet cloth and came up to wipe his face, asking worriedly, “How are you feeling now? Is it necessary to go to the doctor? “

Yan Yang’s lips pulled up an indifferent smile. He voiced out lightly: “I’m okay…… it doesn’t hurt……”

To be honest, the third personality, Yan Yang, has long been accustomed to appearing in this body in this kind of situation.

Every time this body was hit or hurt……

Whether it’s spiritual or psychological, those two personalities will cower. And at that time, he who is both mentally and psychologically strong will come out to bear it all.

It’s ridiculous…

And it’s not that he’s willing to take all this damage, but because he was born under these circumstances.

How can he come out if not out of desperation?

“It’s good that it doesn’t hurt. I’ll wipe your body, change your clothes, clean up a bit, and then find medicine for you. “

Lin Xiaoyue said, while nimbly wiping his face, neck, and hands, “If it is very painful and difficult, you must tell me right away. I’ll ask my father-in-law to take you to the doctor. “

Yan Yang’s eyes blinked gently, the corners of his lips raised higher and higher, “It really doesn’t hurt…”

He really did not expect that he…… who has always licked his wounds alone, would have someone to care for him this time.

It feels very good.

Lin Xiaoyue wiped him, and suddenly her gaze shifted, her eyes fixed on his face for a few seconds.

She asked: “Are you… the second or third?”

He is not acting like a child anyway.

Lin Xiaoyue felt it.

Yan Yang’s sword eyebrows gently wrinkled up, “Can’t you recognize me?”

Lin Xiaoyue’s thoughts flowed for a few seconds, and she finally responded, “Lao San! You’re here! “

It wasn’t until she recognized him that Yan Yang hummed and laughed, “It’s not very nice to let you see me being trash…”

“No way.”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head; there was a smile at the corner of her mouth, “I am happy when I see you, no matter what you look like, as long as you come out, I am happy.”

As long as he comes out, she will have a husband she can really rely on.

He can give her a sense of security that the other two Yan Yang can not give.

Yan Yang rejoiced at her answer, and a smile spread across his face.

In the yard, Yan Lianhua saw Lu Xiaming suddenly appear at Yan’s house. She turned into a fangirl in a minute!

“Brother Xia Ming!”

Yan Lianhua hurriedly ran towards Lu Xia Ming, “Brother Xia Ming, why did you come to my house? Are you here to find me? Why didn’t you say anything to me? “

Lu Xiaoming and Bai Xiaochun were about to leave when they were suddenly called by Yan Lianhua.

As the original female lead, Bai Xiaochun was looking at the comical Yan Lianhua like a monkey, disdaining Yan Lianhua’s pursuit of Lu Xiaming.

Lu Xiaming also has little good feelings towards Yan Lanhua. His expression only maintained the polite expression on the surface, “I sent Yan Yang back. He was a little injured.”

“Hey, it’s okay!”

Yan Lianhua waved her hand casually, “He has thick skin and flesh. A small injury is not important! Brother Xia Ming, it’s rare for you to visit my house, come in and let’s have dinner together! Dinner just came out of the pot ~ it’s still hot. There are eggs! “

“No thanks.”

Lu Xiaoming said perfunctorily and then said to Bai Xiaochun, “Let’s go.”

“Hey, brother Xia Ming!”

Yan Lianhua was not willing to let go of Lu Xiaming. It was a rare opportunity for him to come to her house. She quickly ran to Lu Xiaming and stopped him with her hands wide open.

“Just stay and eat a meal, usually in the production team. You also take care of our family. Consider it as our family’s gratitude to you! ” Yan Lianhua was crazily sending flirtatious glances towards him. It can be clearly seen.

Lu Xiaoming remained oblivious to it, “No, please move aside.”

Bai Xiaochun, perhaps tired of waiting, deliberately dropped the sentence, “I’ll leave first.”

As soon as she stepped out of the threshold, Lu Xiaming also bypassed Yan Lianhua and caught up from behind her, “Comrade Xiaochun, let’s go together.”

“Didn’t the other comrade woman invite you to dinner? You are a remarkable young man; eating in the homes of the villagers will not cause people to gossip about you; simply stay and eat! ” Bai Xiaochun deliberately sours him.

Lu Xiaoming explained with a mouth full of justice, “I was helping the village, and it’s not the villagers who invited me to eat. If I ate in this house today, someone else would invite me tomorrow. If I don’t go, I will be talked about, so it’s for the best that I should not go. “

“Does Comrade Xia Ming think he has a flower on his face? The villagers invite you to dinner one after another? You think too much! ” Bai Xiaochun said.

Lu Xiaoming laughed: “Maybe I’m overthinking.”

The two of them left laughing and talking, and at the door of the old Yan’s house, Yan Lianhua looked at the backs of the two of them. She stomped her feet in anger!

Lu Xia Ming is the village’s outstanding youth. Maybe he’s capable!

How many girls in the village are staring at him like a piece of fat meat, hoping to take him?

Yan Lianhua thought she looked good and was a good match for Lu Xia Ming.

Who would have thought, after she followed behind Lu Xiaming for so long, he did not even look at her?

So the problem is Bai Xiaochun!

Yan Lianhua knows.

At home, Lin Xiaoyue hit a basin of water, took clean clothes, closed the door of the small side room, and intended to give Yan Yang a body rub.

Yan Yang was beaten more severely by the group of gangsters this time. I’m afraid he was beaten with a stick.

Once the wet and muddy clothes were taken off, Lin Xiaoyue checked that there were not only abrasions but also bruises everywhere on his body.

This dazzling wound made her ignore the male sex directly, and Lin Xiaoyue sighed in distress.

“Ugh, you still say it doesn’t hurt…… this has to hurt like hell.”

Lin Xiaoyue gently wiped his body with a cloth. While wiping, she was still muttering in her mouth, “The child was knocked out directly, I think and know how severe those people’s actions were! You still say it doesn’t hurt…I am worried that you have internal injuries. What if you vomit blood in the middle of the night? “

Sitting on the bed, Yan Yang snickered, his smiling lips raised a very nice arc.

“You are still laughing…”

Lin Xiaoyue heard his laughter and continued to spit, “Okay, why run to find that woman? Am I not giving you books? You should also know that I am someone who can get a lot of books. You ignored your good wife and ran off to find another woman to get a book… you deserve to be beaten!”

Lin Xiaoyue spoke at this time with jealousy again.

She did not like that Yan Yang had contact with the original heroine, Bai Xiaochun.

For someone who has read the original book with God’s vision, in the original book, Yan Yang’s morbid, paranoid, and life-long love for the original heroine… made her jealous!

She was hoping Yan Yang would love her like that!

What do you want to do with the original heroine?

“You said you could get a lot of books, and you can also take out some rare things.”

Yan Yang tilted his head slightly, raised his eyebrows, and asked her, “What secret do you have in you? Can’t you tell your husband? “

Lin Xiaoyue pouted and refused, “Why should I tell you? Besides, you’re still looking for other women! I think that you also do not want to take me as your wife~.”

Yan Yang could hear the jealousy in her words…

When Lin Xiaoyue was wiping his arm, Yan Yang’s dark and fiery eyes locked on her small face.

Perhaps his eyes were too blunt. Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t ignore them, so she had to stop them, “Don’t stare at me. My face was about to get a hole in it.”

Yan Yang did not hold back and laughed.

This is the first time that he is in such a happy mood after being injured.

In fact, he realized that his wife was hiding a big secret from him and that her true identity was someone he didn’t deserve.

However, he likes it. He wants to keep her.

“Lin Xiaoyue.” Yan Yang suddenly called her.


Lin Xiaoyue finished wiping his upper body and threw the cloth on the table, “Turn your body around, put your feet in the basin, I’ll wash your feet.”

Yan Yang obediently did as he was told and put his feet, which were covered in mud, into the basin.

Lin Xiaoyue’s pair of small snow-white hands cupped his feet. Those small hands washed his feet.

From this angle, he could see her small head and body.

The woman’s petite figure was reflected in Yan Yang’s black eyes, raising his palm, his long fingers gently touching her hair…

Yan Yang touched her head, the corners of his lips raised high, “Little girl…”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t come out often.

Otherwise, he would definitely make her his real woman.

If this body was his…

He had full assurance that he could make her happy, live a good life, give birth, and raise a fat boy.

But he can’t come out often. Those two fools will only find trouble and want him to take care of the aftermath.

Yan Yang dared not imagine. If she was pregnant with his child, in addition to their child, she would also take care of “him.”

He’d better cause less trouble for her.

“Knock knock.” A knock came at the door.

With that, Wang Xiuying’s call came, “Xiaoyue, how is Xiaoyang? Is he seriously injured? Should we go see a doctor? “

The door of the small side room was locked from the inside by Lin Xiaoyue, so Wang Xiuying could not enter.

Otherwise, Wang Xiuying would really want to come in and take a look.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head back to Wang Xiuying, “He is fine. I will help him rub some medicine bar later. Mother-in-law, can you send dinner with the medicinal wine? Don’t let him out of bed later. We’ll just eat it here. “

“Good, I’ll go and prepare it right away, then you can also eat it here with Xiao Yang.”

Wang Xiuying listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s words very well and turned around to leave after answering.


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