I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 25.2

Chapter 25 Part 2

After Lin Xiaoyue washed Yan Yang’s feet, she didn’t wipe his lower body again.

The clean clothes and pants were placed on the table, and she took the basin out to pour the water, while Yan Yang changed silently in the room and washed his clothes.

But the bedsheets have been soiled by him, and they need to be changed again later.

For dinner, the two of them ate together in the small side room. Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong ate in their own house.

Wang Xiuying fried a big plate of wild chicken and sent a small plate to the Old Yan’s family token of filial piety to his parents.

The rest, large pieces of good meat, were sent to Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang to eat. The two elders chewed chicken heads, chicken neck, and chicken claws.

Wang Xiuying also sent the steamed fish directly to Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang. The two elderly didn’t eat at all…

This meal, Lin Xiaoyue ate to her heart’s content.

It was the most comfortable meal she had eaten since she came to this age.

When she sent the dishes to Wang Xiuying to wash, she saw Wang Xiuying washing the dishes and Yan Dayong sitting next to Wang Xiuying weaving the chicken coop.

The couple worked together. The scene was warm and harmonious.

Wang Xiuying had already fed the five chicks.

After some calculations, raising these five chicks, they would have five eggs a day to eat. That was also very cost-effective.

After the separation, the days of the third family were quite prosperous.

However, in Wang Xiuying’s heart, Yan Yang’s illness was still a big problem.

In addition, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue’s nightly intercourse was also a big problem in the eyes of the elders.

Wang Xiuying looked at Lin Xiaoyue several times, and Lin Xiaoyue clearly felt that she had something to say and also asked her, “Mother-in-law, do you want to say something to me?”

Wang Xiuying opened her mouth but could not say, “No…… nothing, it’s okay.”

Lin Xiaoyue saw that she had difficulty saying it, so she also did not force her to tell her.

In the unlikely event that a difficult thing is forced out, she will be embarrassed!

At night, back to the small side room.

Lin Xiaoyue picked up medicinal wine and took the initiative to apply medicine to Yan Yang.

His body was covered with bruises. Lin Xiaoyue looked particularly uncomfortable…

Yan Yang was unbothered. Instead, he was comfortably enjoying her care.

“That group of punks… It must be revenge. Yan Dahe must know that last time it was you who threw the dung at him. He hit you so hard this time. ” Lin Xiaoyue blew on the bruises on his back with distress.

Now, she didn’t know whether to encourage him to retaliate back.

“It’s not revenge.”

As a result, Yan Yang overruled her, “Yan Dahe likes Bai Xiaochun. It’s just a man’s jealousy.”

“Is that so?”

Lin Xiaoyue smeared the medicinal wine on her palm and rubbed hard on the bruises on Yan Yang’s back, “So, you were impressed when they did it to the kid, right?”

“A little.”

Yan Yang’s light tone had a hint of ruthlessness in it, “Bai Xiaochun couldn’t look at Yan Dahe, and Yan Dahe was jealous of Bai Xiaochun’s care for the little brat. That stupid thing, I have to make them pay a more painful price this time. “


Sure enough, it is the halo of the evil heroine.

The trashy ones and the powerful ones all like female protagonists!

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t allow her Yan Yang to like the heroine. She had to take a precautionary shot, “What about you?”

“Hmm?” Yan Yang asked as he tilted his head slightly.

Lin Xiaoyue asked, “Do you also like Bai Xiaochun?”

Yan Yang snorted, turned around, and looked back at her, his bright black eyes locked on her…

This little girl is very jealous today.

He reached out to her. Yan Yang’s broad palm gently lifted up and slowly approached her.

Lin Xiaoyue instinctively shrank back. His hand also paused but still reached over and caressed her little face.


She then blushed.

The kerosene lamp flickered and flickered, and the not-so-bright light couldn’t block the blush that floated on her face, which was charming and lovely.

Leaning closer, Yan Yang came up to Lin Xiaoyue, his thin lips gently printed on her forehead.

The moment their lips were pressed together, Lin Xiaoyue’s expression stiffened, and her body did not dare to move.

After a while, Yan Yang’s lips reluctantly left her forehead. At a distance, he lowered his voice and opened his lips: “It seems that I didn’t say anything…Lin Xiaoyue, my heart is filled with you. “

Indeed, it’s almost as if he didn’t say it.

Because those two have already expressed it to her.

It was clearly the same person with the same face, but Lin Xiaoyue felt that she had received three people’s confessions one after another.

Especially the last one, the confession was so strong that her heartbeat went haywire!

He pulled away, Yan Yang’s smiling lips slanted upward, “I won’t touch you for now, and you shouldn’t let those two touch your body. Those two are too trash to be responsible for you till the end. Just wait. When this body becomes mine completely, I will make you my real woman. Before that, I have to do one more thing… “

Lin Xiaoyue froze and came back in a daze, “Huh?”

Yan Yang stared at her and asked, “Choose one of the three. Who do you choose?”

Lin Xiaoyue leisurely stretched out a finger and pointed at him. She expressed it with action instead of answering.

The smile on Yan Yang’s face became deeper, “Remember your choice, even if I do not come out much, do not forget that you chose me.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head.

She felt a little joy in her heart…

At night, when the kerosene lamp was blown out and covered under the same quilt, Lin Xiaoyue was suddenly embraced by Yan Yang.

It is not easy to come out once again. Yan Yang couldn’t bear to sleep, and he didn’t want to waste time seeking revenge on Yan Dahe.

He just hugged Lin Xiaoyue all night…

Lin Xiaoyue was in his arms and slept very peacefully.


When she woke up early the next morning, Lin Xiaoyue turned around comfortably and found that she was still nestled in Yan Yang’s arms.

Yan Yang had already gone to sleep.

Probably because he couldn’t hold out in the second half of the night, and his mental strength was lacking, so he fell asleep.

Lin Xiaoyue stared at his handsome sleeping face, and after her eyes were satiated, she turned around and got out of bed.

Yan Yang probably fell asleep late at night, and now he is still sleeping soundly.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t call him to get up. She went to wash up first.

It’s winter, and the climate was getting colder and colder.

When walking through the compound, the cold wind was blowing, and Lin Xiaoyue’s small body was freezing.

She needed new clothes.

Her own clothes are such a thin piece of torn clothing after being here for so long. When she wanted to take a bath, Wang Xiuying found some of her own clothes for Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue realized that she had to be kind to herself and could not treat herself badly.

In her pocket, she still carried the twenty or so yuan given to her by the Old Third Yan Yang. So, she can go make some new clothes before the end of the year!

This is how her idea was decided.

Last night, Yan Dayong knitted a large chicken cage for the five chicks. Lin Xiaoyue took some crushed grain feed and squatted beside the cage, sprinkling it on the five chicks.

“Grow up quickly and lay eggs early. Which one does not lay eggs will be the one who has to enter the belly. “

Lin Xiaoyue was teasing the chicks. There was no housework anyway, so she was very idle.

As she was teasing, Bai Xiaochun stepped in at the threshold of Lao Yan’s house, “Is anyone here?”

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head and met her eyes, and Bai Xiaochun came straight towards her, “Hey, little sister, you’re here.”

Lin Xiaoyue: “What?”

Bai Xiaochun pulled out a few books from her military bag, with a notebook and pen inside, “Didn’t you give Yan Yang a book yesterday? The result was that he was bullied last night, and the books were gone. I found a few more review books and sent him with school supplies. You are his wife. I’ll just give it to you. “

It is really worthy of the Mary Sue heroine, emitting the spirit of ‘I am kind, I am so kind and beautiful, everyone will come to love me’ everywhere.

When she got up, Lin Xiaoyue raised her lips to Bai Xiaochun and smiled, “You’re so good to our Xiao Yang, Comrade.”

If you really want to be nice to him, just stay away from him?

When you get close to him, and you’re bringing him an unwarranted disaster!

Hypocritical little Mary!

“Xiao Yang and I are quite close. I’m sorry, I have no other intention for him, don’t misunderstand. “

Bai Xiaochun is afraid of Lin Xiaoyue’s misunderstanding. She was busy explaining to her first, “I just coincidentally found out something about him. I know his special situation. You are his wife. You should also be aware of it. He likes to read books and wants to take the college entrance exam. I hope you can support him. Maybe it will help him. “


Lin Xiaoyue took the information handed to her by Bai Xiaochun reluctantly, and, with a smile, she accepted it.

Think about it. It’s a free gift. You don’t have to stop yourself!

In any case, she had gained a fountain pen.

“Yan Yang, is he awake?”

Bai Xiaochun said with concern, “How was his health yesterday? Did you go to see a doctor? “

Lin Xiaoyue pulled the corner of her mouth, “He’s sleeping well. Comrade is so worried. Do you want to go in and sit by the bedside to keep him company? “

“Ah, no need, no need.”

Bai Xiaochun smiled lightly, “Little sister, I live not far from the youth residence over there. Yan Yang’s situation is special, and I am friends with him, so if you need any help, you can go there and find me. “

Too kind~

Lin Xiaoyue was so moved that she was on fire, “Well, well, thank you, comrade. You are really a good comrade with a beautiful heart. “

Bai Xiaochun also did not say anything more. After chatting, she turned around and left.

It just so happens that a moment before Bai Xiaochun left, Yan Lianhua yawned and came out of her house.

Finding Bai Xiaochun’s figure, Yan Lianhua stared in shock!

After seeing Bai Xiaochun leave, Yan Lianhua hurriedly ran to speak with Lin Xiaoyue, “Hey cheapskate, that woman came over early in the morning for what!”

Lin Xiaoyue backhandedly picked up the review material, “to send something to our Xiaoyang ah. Care about our Xiaoyang! What a kind-hearted comrade~.”

“Bah, she’s kind!”

Yan Lianhua dismissed, “She has a lot of ghost ideas! I warn you, cheapskate, to be cautious! When she moves her fingers to snatch the fool away, you will have no husband! “

Lin Xiaoyue frowned as if being poked in the scales, “Go away!”

Lin Xiaoyue finished speaking and entered the house.

Although Yan Lianhua was scolded by Lin Xiaoyue, she felt quite comfortable today with this scolding.

Yan Lianhua seems to have caught some key news!

Hurrying back to the house, Yan Lianhua ran into Yang Chengyu, who was about to go out with the basket. “Mom, Mom, I will tell you something extraordinary!”

Yang Chengyu calmly listened to Yan Lianhua’s words, with more doubts in her expression. “You mean that educated youth named Bai Xiaochun is interested in the fool?”

Yan Lianhua nodded, “It must be! Otherwise, why would she come over early in the morning, give something to the fool, and feel bad for the fool! “

Yang Chengyu couldn’t believe it, “Can’t it? Isn’t Bai Xiaochun now a commune accountant? She is quite capable! Can she still look at the fool? “

Yan Lianhua is sure, “The fool is not only inflexible but also good-looking! Maybe she is just this type of person? “

Yang Chengyu didn’t believe “……”

Yan Lianhua recommended, “Mom, don’t you always say that we must buy another wife, better than Lin Xiaoyue. Let’s replace Lin Xiaoyue with Bai Xiaochun! This way, there will be fewer problems at home! “

She also has one less love rival!


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