I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 26.1

Chapter 26 Part 1

Lin Xiaoyue knows that the other two women in the old Yan family do not like her, but she really didn’t know that the two women had been privately planning to replace her.

After all, she is just a cheap woman bought for 19.9 yuan, and not a wife who is currently married to the family.

In the eyes of the women in the two houses, this kind of cheap goods needed to be changed.

Yan Lianhua found that Bai Xiaochun and Yan Yang had a good relationship. She gradually set her eyes on Bai Xiaochun.

She intends to start with Bai Xiaochun and let Bai Xiaochun come forward and fight Lin Xiaoyue for Yan Yang.

Of course, this is a situation that Bai Xiaochun also does not know.

As an educated youth who went to the countryside, Bai Xiaochun was also a relatively good member of Shangyan Village.

She would not have mixed in the position of public accounting if she didn’t have the ability to do it.

You should know that, other than her, other youths in the village are still working with the production brigade as a labor force.

At this age, it is extremely difficult to get a clerical job!

You must have the ability to be ahead.

As the end of the month approached, Bai Xiaochun was working on the end-of-month settlement in the commune office.

While she was busy, someone called out to her, “Comrade Xiaochun, there’s a female comrade outside looking for you.”

“Who was it?” Bai Xiaochun asked.

“It seems to be the girl from the fool’s family. I don’t know her name.” The colleague said.

The so-called fool…… was Yan Yang.

In such a small place as Upper Yan Village, Yan Yang the fool was a unique existence.

It can be said that all villagers know that the third son of the old Yan family gave birth to a fool.

In addition, the old Yan family has no outstanding contributions to the village. So when the Yan family was mentioned, the villagers basically brought up the ‘foolish family of so-and-so’……

It means…… Yan Yang’s family was just so-and-so.

Bai Xiaochun was still quite concerned about Yan Yang because she has come in contact with several sides of Yan Yang and knows that Yan Yang is a patient with multiple personality disorders.

From the city to the countryside, her knowledge was a little deeper than the villagers, so she did not reject Yan Yang, but instead, she was also quite concerned about him.

When she heard that Yan Yang’s family had come to see her, Bai Xiaochun only thought it was Lin Xiaoyue.

She put down the work in her hand and hurriedly walked out of the office.

As a result, she only saw Yan Lianhua outside the office.

Bai Xiaochun also has an impression of this girl, Yan Lianhua.

When Lu Xiaming went to the countryside for more than two months, the girls in the village launched a strong pursuit against him, including Yan Lianhua, of course.

Although Bai Xiaochun stated that she had no unrequited feelings for Lu Xiaming, Lu Xiaming was currently pursuing her, so Bai Xiaochun was not surprised when Yan Lianhua came to her.

It’s nothing more than just saying something to dissuade her, right?

Bai Xiaochun guessed.

“Comrade Bai Xiaochun, can we talk for a moment?” Yan Lianhua took the initiative to speak.

“Let’s talk here.”

Bai Xiaochun looked around and stared at Yan Lianhua with an ‘I’m watching your act’ expression, “Excuse me, before coming to me for a private conversation, shouldn’t you declare your family name first?”

Yan Lianhua immediately obediently declared her family name, “My name is Yan Lianhua. I am related to the silly Yan Yang. You should know, when you sent Yan Yang to my house yesterday, we both met. “

Bai Xiaochun nodded her head.

“I heard that you made a special trip to my house early this morning to deliver something to the fool, so you and the fool should be on good terms, right?” Yan Lianhua took the initiative to ask.

Bai Xiaochun raised the corners of her lips, “It’s not bad, and then what?”

Yan Lianhua looked to her right and left, deliberately lowered her voice, and said to Bai Xiaochun, “I see that you are genuinely treating the fool well, so I came to tell you something.”

Bai Xiaochun nodded her head, “Well?”

“The silly man’s current wife was not actually his wife. His mother spent 19.9 buying a servant. That woman actually had nothing to do with the fool. She was just following behind the fool and watching the fool.” Yan Lianhua murmured.

Bai Xiaochun’s head was slightly tilted. She quietly stared at Yan Lianhua.

Yan Lianhua spoke more quietly afterward, “I see you are genuinely concerned about the fool, so I quietly came to tell you that woman is actually not good for the fool at all! That woman has been using the fool, bullying the fool! I’ve been under the same roof as her, and I see her all day long calling the fool to work. The fool is completely bullied by her now! “

“So what?” Bai Xiaochun asked.

Yan Lianhua saw that Bai Xiaochun’s expression did not meet her heart’s expectations. She now sounded a bit anxious, “So, ah, I’m under the same roof as her, I can’t talk about that woman. I saw that you were so concerned about that fool, so I came to talk to you about it. You’d better go to my house more often to see the fool and help him! “

“Isn’t that your family’s business? Why do you want me to help? ” Bai Xiaochun found it very funny.

Yan Lianhua said a bunch of things that she didn’t even know. What did the other party want to express?

Could it be that she wanted to set her up with Yan Yang?

Bai Xiaochun thought to herself, even if she and Yan Yang had a destiny and could understand Yan Yang’s situation, it would be impossible to look at Yan Yang.

There is a gap between Yan Yang and her, and there is a ditch that can not be crossed.

Did Yan Lianhua think of this idea because she wanted her to separate from Lu Xiaming?


“Hey, let me make it clear first, this is not my family’s business. This is a fool’s business! I don’t care about fools. I don’t care about fools’ business! “

Yan Lianhua first set aside her own position and then eloquently persuaded Bai Xiaochun: “I just saw that you have a good relationship with the fool, that’s why I told you about his situation. The woman next to the fool now has a bad heart! If you really care about the fool ah, go to see him more. That’s all I have to say. I’ll leave now. “

“Good to go.” Bai Xiaochun simply sent off the guest.

Yan Lianhua didn’t expect such a reaction from Bai Xiaochun, and as she turned to leave, her face had a puzzled expression in it.

“Does she like the fool or not?” Yan Lianhua murmured.

Yan Lianhua had thought that Bai Xiaochun had a crush on the fool.

Because she was at the village entrance not too long ago, she heard Yan Dahe talking to that group of punks about Yan Yang and Bai Xiaochun.

Yan Dahe was always jealous of Bai Xiaochun’s care for Yan Yang, and that guy thinks Bai Xiaochun likes Yan Yang!

So, when Yan Lianhua saw Bai Xiaochun last night and early in the morning and came to her house because of Yan Yang, she also thought that Bai Xiaochun liked Yan Yang.

She deliberately went to Bai Xiaochun to provoke her, wanting to tell Bai Xiaochun to squeeze Lin Xiaoyue down.

As a result, Bai Xiaochun’s reaction made Yan Lianhua feel puzzled.

This time, Yan Lianhua didn’t know what she had done?

On the other hand, Lin Xiaoyue went to town early in the morning with a basket to buy vegetables.

Yan Yang might have fallen asleep late at night. He was still sleeping soundly before Lin Xiaoyue went out. She didn’t call him but only left him a note.

The road from the village to the town was very far. It took more than an hour to walk.

Lin Xiaoyue regretted not buying more yesterday. If you buy a few days’ worths of supplies in a day, you can save a few days of foot travel.

That’ll be a lot more comfortable, ah.

In her pocket, she carried only 20 yuan of private money left and three yuan for vegetables. It was given to her by Wang Xiuying.

Lin Xiaoyue only bought some vegetarian dishes today and a small piece of meat.

Anyway, the money Wang Xiuying gave her was not too much, so Lin Xiaoyue used up the private money that the Old Third Yanyang gave her.

Every day, she’s in a state of consumption of her private money, so sooner or later, one day, she will have to sit and eat while depleting the mountain of wealth.

  • * (TN: just sitting and eating, one can deplete even a mountain of wealth-an idiom, which means spending one’s money without generating any income)

While Lin Xiaoyue spent the money, her mind was also rapidly wandering. Does she have to find a way to make some money?

It is also not easy to rely solely on Lao San Yan Yang to make money for her to spend… It is not easy for him to come out.

On the way back, Lin Xiaoyue was full of various career scriptures. After all, she had a God-vision or a reader who had read the book. It shouldn’t be difficult to mix with people here.

It’s just that she was used to being relaxed and wanted to live comfortably…

People can still not be lazy, and they still need to use their brains to make some money. After all, the premise of living comfortably also has a material basis.

When she kept on thinking about it, Lin Xiaoyue finally walked back to Shang Yan village.

Lin Xiaoyue wiped the sweat from her finely creased brow, quickened her pace, and endeavored to return home as soon as possible.

She was always worried that Yan Yang would wake up and would look for her.

For the second and third, she was not worried, but for the child, she was still worried.

He was full of bruises. What if he ran around?

Walking up the ridge road, Lin Xiaoyue buried her head in a hurry. Her footsteps were very fast.


Suddenly, a man stopped her.

Lin Xiaoyue was walking so seriously with her head down at the moment when she was suddenly stopped by someone. She shrank instinctively with a stunned look.

“Hey, unexpectedly… I ran into you here…”

The man in front of her eyes was staring at Lin Xiaoyue, his eyes filled with hunger and thirst.

Lin Xiaoyue stared at the man’s face for a few seconds before she recognized…… the man was Yan Shuicheng!

The day after the third house was just divided, Yan Dayong took the family to his brother, Yan Guobing’s house, to eat two meals.

Lin Xiaoyue, who had eaten those two meals, was very uncomfortable because Yan Guobing’s son Yan Shuicheng stared at her the whole time; his eyes were slick and full of lust.

Lin Xiaoyue could only say that she was unlucky to run into Yan Shuicheng, and he even recognized her?

“Excuse me. My husband is waiting for me at home. Please make way.”

The ridge road was very narrow, and basically, only one person could pass.

It had rained during the night, and the whole field was wet and muddy, so Lin Xiaoyue did not want to step on the field.

Yan Shuicheng was blocking her like a wall of meat.

In fact, when he saw Lin Xiaoyue coming his way, he deliberately stepped on the ridge road and met her face to face.

Since it was intentional, Yan Shuicheng naturally had no reason to let her go.

He ignored Lin Xiaoyue’s words and took a step closer to her, “Your name is Lin Xiaoyue, right?”

This road was really narrow. When Lin Xiaoyue saw him approaching, she naturally could only step backward.

Frowning, Lin Xiaoyue’s unhappy eyes looked at him, “I warn you, our two families still have more or less friendship. If you are going to treat me like this, my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and my husband will not let you off. “

“Haha, don’t be nervous. I’ve investigated your situation.”

“You see, you are such a beautiful girl, does marrying a fool make you suffocated? Can you be happy at night? The fool should not even understand that thing, right? ” Yan Shuicheng asked, his feet approaching Lin Xiaoyue step by step.

Lin Xiaoyue’s pair of eyebrows frowned more tightly. She looked around. There were few people nearby. It’s really not a good situation…

Yan Shuicheng was still approaching her step by step, “I heard that you could buy 19.9 yuan, I pay 20 yuan. I’m not asking you to work for me, feed me and clean me. Just let me enjoy a few days a week, okay? Anyway, that fool can not meet you. That fool only brought you home as his servant. I will pay more money than him, buy you as my real wife. “

After listening to these words, Lin Xiaoyue had goosebumps, she was shaking, and her three views were about to break.

Forget it…

In the old days, in remote villages, we couldn’t ask these unsophisticated people to have the three views of normality.

Lin Xiaoyue’s feet no longer walked backward. She used the bamboo basket against Yan Shuicheng’s forward body.

Considering that there are really no people nearby, she is a girl afraid of suffering!

So, Lin Xiaoyue was ready to grind a little.

“Twenty dollars is too little.”

Lin Xiaoyue said, “Do you have 50?”


Yan Shuicheng hummed and laughed, and this laugh carried some despise.

He thought that at least a few rounds of grinding would be required before she would listen to him. I thought she would be a bit chaste and martyr in her bones.

I didn’t expect her to agree so quickly! And she also raised the price, raised it to more than double!

Yan Shuicheng stared at Lin Xiaoyue’s pretty face for a long time, and he had to say that she still had a seductive power over him.

“Then let’s try it once first…”

Yan Shuicheng went up to her and tried to hug her.

Lin Xiaoyue continued to use the bamboo basket against him, hiding the panic inside, opened her lips, and said: “No trial! Just one word on whether it works or not! If you dare to try it for free, I will dare to risk everything to discredit you! Let my parents-in-law go to your house and make trouble! “

Yan Shuicheng saw her attitude was so resolute. He thought that since she had agreed, it was also just a matter of money.

Then discuss it…

“Is 40 okay?” Yan Shuicheng bargained with her.

She was very disgusted…

Lin Xiaoyue despised him in her heart a million times.

This kind of man was simply trash!

Lin Xiaoyue rolled her eyes and said in a sharp voice, “45, monthly payment, it’s not permanent.”

She doesn’t know why she wants to bargain with him. Maybe she just wants to see where his shamelessness could be?

As it turned out, Yan Shuicheng’s shamelessness surpassed Lin Xiaoyue’s imagination.

“What? Didn’t that fool buy you as a servant for $19.9? “

Yan Shuicheng acted extremely unconvinced, “How come I have to pay 45 yuan monthly? Is that all you are, only worthy of this price? “


Garbage man.

Lin Xiaoyue was not bothered to bother with him, waving her hand straight, “Whatever! But I have a few conditions to mention. “

Yan Shuicheng thought he had gotten a bargain and asked with a smile on his lips, “What conditions?”

Lin Xiaoyue casually listed a few, “Not during the day, but at night. The place is not good. You have to find a good place. Also, give me the money early! “

“Ha~ you have a lot of requirements?”

Yan Shuicheng was now fully convinced that she agreed to his conditions, and as a man, he also reflected his generosity, “Sure, I’ll satisfy you! Let’s do it tonight, then. When? “

Lin Xiaoyue casually said, “Anyway, my husband sleeps early, so you can wait near my house. I will come out to find you.”


Yan Shuicheng didn’t expect her to be so nice. He didn’t expect the thing he was longing for would come true so quickly.

A smile bloomed on his face.

Lin Xiaoyue saw that he was hooked and temporarily put down his intention. She said: “Then you first get out of the way. I want to go home. Also, since there is that relationship, usually when you see me on the road, don’t talk to me, as well as stay away from me. This relationship can not be exposed. You know that. “

Yan Shuicheng completely listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s words and immediately jumped down from the ridge of the field to make way for her, “Okay, you go! I’ll come back for you at night! “

Lin Xiaoyue hummed and swaggered away with her basket.

At night……

She will have to teach him a good lesson!


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