I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 26.2

Chapter 26 Part2

Lin Xiaoyue finally walked peacefully across the ridge road. When she turned around, she saw Yan Shuicheng, who was still standing in the field, looking at her.

Lin Xiaoyue made a gesture of wiping her neck, her nostrils humming with an unhappy expression.

Turning around, Lin Xiaoyue left with quick steps.

Yan Shuicheng saw that Lin Xiaoyue had gone so far and turned to look at him. He was very happy at that time!

He thought that Lin Xiaoyue took a glance at him and threw a wink in the air. She must also be interested in him.

Thinking of this, Yan Shuicheng looked forward to enjoying her earlier this evening.

As for 45 yuan…

Yan Shuicheng feels that he has to keep the price down, so let’s cut it to 30 yuan at that time!

After all, he didn’t let Lin Xiaoyue serve her. She just contributed so few things. The price was too high.

Lin Xiaoyue did not know about Yan Shuicheng’s shameless follow-up thoughts. She only carried the bamboo basket and hurried home.

When she arrived home, Yan Yang was still asleep.

This sleep was long enough……

Did he only fall asleep early in the morning?

Lin Xiaoyue thought of yesterday, she was clearly held by Yan Yang to sleep, but in the dream, she did not see three Yan Yang lying in bed.

Maybe it was because he didn’t sleep…

The function of this golden finger she still had to slowly explore. She felt that there were still a lot of places to develop.

At lunch, Lin Xiaoyue brought food to the small side room for them to eat with Yan Yang.

Because Yan Yang’s body was so badly injured, she let him rest in bed and did not allow him to get out of bed for the next few days.

The one who woke up was still the child, Yan Yang. Lin Xiaoyue ate with him and took medicinal wine to rub the bruises on his body.

The child, Yan Yang, was not as tolerant as the third Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue rubbed a little harder, and he screamed.

“It hurts wife… it hurts it hurts……”

“It hurts me to death…… I don’t want to be medicated, wife. “

“Wife, can you stop rubbing it……”


Lin Xiaoyue poured the medicinal wine on her palm again and aimed her ruthless hand at the bruises on Yan Yang’s feet.

“Ah……… pain pain pain wife!” Yan Yang’s mouth was not stopping. He screamed like a pig who was being killed.

Lin Xiaoyue noticed his distorted face due to pain and remembered yesterday, when the old, third Yan Yang pursed his lips and forborne, sweating and saying nothing.

The third, Yan Yang, worked so hard to manage his expression and maintain his image and poise, but as a result, he was ruined by this silly child.

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but laugh at the thought.

“Okay, I will give you a minute to rest.”

Lin Xiaoyue stopped her hands, put her small hands on his arched knees, and put her chin on the back of her palm.

Yan Yang gasped in pain, his dark eyes glowing with watery light as if he was about to cry.

“Kid…” Lin Xiaoyue called out to him.

“You can’t call me that.”

As a result, Yan Yang refuted her, “You are my wife, you are the same age as me, you can’t call me like that.”

Lin Xiaoyue hooked her lips and smiled, “Okay, Xiaoyang. Yesterday’s beating, do you still remember? “

Yan Yang’s mouth skimmed, his face had an aggrieved expression, “I do not know who beat me…… I do not know…… I just feel it hurts… I do not want to stay here… “

Because it hurts, he wants to escape.

So, the third personality came out.

Lin Xiaoyue actually did not know that the third personality would always be triggered when he was most traumatized.

Whether it was daytime, or nighttime, as long as this body was hit strongly, it was always the third personality that came out to bear the pain.

And when the third personality tries to retaliate after the pain, it will be suppressed by the other two personalities.

The third personality…… was seemingly powerful but actually had a humble personality.

Lin Xiaoyue asked Yan Yang again, “Have you ever thought that those bad people who bullied you, you can bully them back?”

Yan Yang shook his head, “I can’t.”

Lin Xiaoyue’s dark eyes stared at him, “Of course you can. Why do you think you can’t? Is it because you think you can’t beat those people? “


Yan Yang pouted and thought for half a day, “I just can’t beat them. Besides, I can’t beat them up either. I can’t cause trouble for the family. If they tell mom, mom will scold me, and she will be sad, and it will be even sadder if we lose money… “

Lin Xiaoyue now knew the reason he chose not to retaliate. It was because he took into account his family.

Lin Xiaoyue asked tentatively: “Then if, if you have the ability to beat them, your mother will not blame you or scold you if you beat them. Then do you want to bully them back? “

Lin Xiaoyue gave assumptions that Yan Yang had never thought about.

But she gave it, and Yan Yang, who has always listened to his wife’s words, also thought about it seriously.

Some time passed, and Yan Yang nodded, “Then I will want to bully them back. Wife, do you think I can bully her back? Can I? “

Perhaps out of uncertainty in his heart, Yan Yang even asked Lin Xiaoyue twice.

Lin Xiaoyue always has a policy of encouragement. She touched his knee and nodded, “Of course you can. I hope you are a strong Xiao Yang, can’t be knocked down, and can stand up strong. Instead, being knocked down and standing. Get up and fight back to be strong. Even if you can take the initiative to reach the bad guys so that the bad guys can’t stand up, that would be even better! “

Lin Xiaoyue was never someone who could suffer from holding back, so she encouraged the current Yan Yang to move closer to his third personality.

There will always be times when she is not by his side, as this time…

She hoped that he would be able to protect himself.

Even if he is a child, he is a child who knows how to fight back and is tough.


Yan Yang did not expect that his wife would encourage him like this.

He stared at Lin Xiaoyue with a face full of emotion, “I know what my wife means. I will definitely work hard and become the Xiao Yang that my wife likes! If that group of bad guys shows up again in the future, I will fight with them! I will use my fists and beat them to death! “

Yan Yang also raised his fist with a determined face.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and pressed down his fist, “I’m not telling you to beat them to death. I’m telling you to protect yourself, don’t be bullied by them, and be bullied by them for nothing. If you can’t beat them, then use your brains and find a way to beat them! Never do it the hard way. If you do it the hard way, you will only be bullied worse than them, understand? “

“I understand, I understand, wife!”

Yan Yang nodded obediently and suddenly deflated his mouth, “But wife…… if I bully them, what should I do if they find my mother, and we will lose money? Then mother will be very sad… “

“Then don’t let them know that you bullied them.”

Lin Xiaoyue instigated, “Use your brain, use smart ways to bully back. I believe Xiao Yang is a smart kid. Xiao Yang will be able to think of a way, right? “

The usual wishy-washy policy of coaxing a child…

Lin Xiaoyue felt that she was talking like a kindergarten teacher at that moment.

However, for the child, Yan Yang, it was very flattering.

Yan Yang nodded seriously, “Okay, wife! I’ll think of a way. I can definitely think of a way! “

Lin Xiaoyue saw that he was enlightened and patted his knee, “Okay, then let’s continue with the medicine.”

“Ah…… very painful wife…” Yan Yang let out another wailing sound.

“It hurts, but you also have to be medicated. A man has to endure the pain.”

Lin Xiaoyue stared at him, “I believe Xiao Yang is a strong man, right?”

Yan Yang was really very used to her kindergarten teacher’s tone, “Yes! I can bear it……… ah! Such a painful wife! “

In a second, it was broken…

Lin Xiaoyue advised the child Yan Yang to use his brain, think more about how to take revenge on the bad guys in a smart way.

With that, she herself had to face that disgusting guy, Yan Shuicheng.

She also had to think about how to deal with that guy.

Lin Xiaoyueda could tell Wang Xiuying about this and let the elders of the family come forward, grab Yan Shuicheng directly at night, and take it to Yan Guobing’s house.

However, this seems to be too cheap for Yan Shuicheng.

Moreover, Lin Xiaoyue was not sure whether Wang Xiuying would take the matter into consideration for the relationship between the two families after learning about it, so she could give Yan Shuichen a little verbal education in private.


She felt that if this matter was to be said to the elders, it was very likely that it would be resolved with two painless warnings.

Moreover, Yan Shuicheng will have a great possibility of committing a crime again!

If Lin Xiaoyue were to walk alone again one day and be bumped into by him, maybe he would not be as good as this time.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue also decided to use her own methods to punish him.

In the afternoon, she and Yan Yang lay on the bed in the small side room to rest and gave Yan Yang a book and a pen for him to draw.

She was lying quietly, thinking about how to deal with Yan Shuicheng appropriately?

After thinking about it all afternoon…

The evening finally came.

The silly Yan Yang, who was mentally weak, had been replaced by the depressed Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue told depressed Yan Yang about Yan Shuicheng, and she even had a bucket of dung ready to be poured on Yan Shuicheng later.

Yan Yang had not anticipated Lin Xiaoyue would be in this kind of situation.

When she noticed this, she set up the turd water outside the small side room and informed him of her entire plan…

At that time, the expression on his face was very bad.

He saw that she was strong and independent.

When it comes to such things, she is all alone and full of plans and arrangements. All afternoon, she did not say a word to silly Yan Yang…

Only when he came out did she go and talk to him.

Yan Yang realized for the first time his own cowardice and uselessness.

If he had to go to bed early today, wouldn’t she be facing all this alone?

Lin Xiaoyue did not know the self-condemnation in Yan Yang’s heart; her one-stop plan was very well arranged.

Later on, she will definitely rectify that Yan Shuicheng!

The night is getting darker…

Lin Xiaoyue waited with Yan Yang in the small side room. She rubbed her hands with excitement…

Yan Yang, however, looked at her with a complicated gaze, thinking that he was not a man.

After waiting for some time…

Finally, Yan Shuicheng seemed to have come.

Lin Xiaoyue heard the sound of cooing from outside the small side room…

Although she didn’t lay out a code word with Yan Shuicheng, she could conclude that it was him through this obscene sound!

“Wait here. I’ll call you if I can’t manage it.”

Lin Xiaoyue patted Yan Yang’s shoulder, “You can peek through this window later and see how I fix him!”

Yan Yang:”……”

She even thought of beating Yan Shuicheng…


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