I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 27.1

Chapter 27 Part 1

Yan Shuicheng’s self-designed signal kept coming, urging Lin Xiaoyue to go out and meet him.

Lin Xiaoyue waited for him all night, and finally, he appeared.

Hearing his call, Lin Xiaoyue got up and went to the window…

In the small side room, there was a window that leads to the outside. Lao San * usually leaves the door through this window.

  • * (TN: Lao San = Old Three/referring to the Third Personality of Yan Yang)

Lin Xiaoyue stepped on the table, headed out of the window, and soon found Yan Shuicheng, who was shrinking near her home.

Lin Xiaoyue also made a sound, attracting Yan Shuicheng’s attention.

When he looked up, Yan Shuicheng saw Lin Xiaoyue’s head coming out of the window. He hurriedly went to the window with an adulterous smile on his face, “Hey, what’s up?”

Lin Xiaoyue made a silent gesture, deliberately speaking in a tone of voice that creates a sense of tension, “Keep your voice down, Xiao Yang just fell asleep. I want to come out of here. You squat down below and pick me up. “

Yan Shuicheng obediently obeyed and hurriedly walked to the wall and stood up, stretching out a hand, ready to pick up Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue retracted her head, leaped towards the window, sat on the window with her buttocks, then stepped out of the window with one foot, and called back to him, “Come and catch me.”

Yan Shuicheng hurriedly reached up and grabbed Lin Xiaoyue’s foot, only to be kicked away by Lin Xiaoyue, “Don’t grab me, I’ll fall down later!”

Yan Shuicheng didn’t dare to grab her feet again and asked her, “What should I do?”

Lin Xiaoyue commanded him, “You can just stand by the wall. I’ll step on your shoulders to get down.”

Yan Shuicheng then drew back his hand and stood obediently by the wall, waiting for Lin Xiaoyue to step on his shoulder.

The process may be a bit messy, but he does not care. After all, it’s the first time. After all, he can always use his brain…

As long as he can get things done with her, this kind of process doesn’t matter.

Half of Lin Xiaoyue’s body was hanging in the window, but she didn’t plan to come down, but instead, she fluttered her feet, kicked Yan Shuicheng’s face several times…

Yan Shuicheng felt that his face was covered with wet mud from the soles of his shoes, and he spit out the mud when he was kicked by Lin Xiaoyue in his mouth, “What’s wrong with you? Did you do that on purpose? “


Lin Xiaoyue suddenly let out a cry, “Xiao Yang, why are you awake?”

Hearing her words, Yan Shuicheng immediately had a feeling of being caught in the act of cheating. Looking up, he paid close attention to the situation in the house.

However, inside the house, Yan Yang looked at Lin Xiaoyue, who was acting with a complicated face.

“Xiaoyang, you continue to sleep…… I, I will be right back…”

Lin Xiaoyue said and made a gesture to climb up, but then jumped down without grabbing the window opening!

Yan Shuicheng, who was completely unprepared, was directly suppressed by her. He fell heavily to the ground and let out a scream.

Before he could react, Lin Xiaoyue quickly removed the dung water hidden in the grass and splashed it on him!

“Oh, dear…..”

Yan Shuicheng ate a body full of dung water!

The foul smell of feces immediately lingered on the tip of his nose, and Yan Shuicheng wiped his face full of urine and finally opened his eyes…


Spitting out a mouthful of strange-tasting liquid, Yan Shuicheng did not dare to make a sound, afraid that if he made a sound, the people of the old Yan family would hear him.

If the old Yan family rushed out, his affair with Lin Xiaoyue would be exposed!

Lin Xiaoyue expected him to suffer and didn’t dare to speak. She was still acting and pretending and talked with a small voice, “Sorry, when I first got up, I grabbed a bucket with my hand. I didn’t hold it firmly, and the water poured on you… …I can’t talk to you anymore because I have to return.”

Lin Xiaoyue quickly said a few words with Yan Shuicheng, then lifted her trousers and ran away around Yan Shuicheng, but she didn’t want the dung water to get a little bit of it on her body.

Yan Shuicheng, at this moment, was still irritated by the urine on his eyes. He blinked several times and wiped his eyes with wet hands.

He put his hand on the tip of his nose and sniffed the smell…

Ascended to heaven…


Yan Shuicheng couldn’t help but curse because he could smell it. “This stuff isn’t water, ah?” he exclaimed. It is simply fecal water! The family used to fertilize!

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly ran to the door of Old Yan’s house and then hurried back and said to Yan Shuicheng, “No, the door is locked. I can’t get in.”


Yan Shuicheng was really occupied by the smell of his own right now that made his head burst out in pain.

Hearing that Lin Xiaoyue’s side was still in trouble, he could only say he had bad luck and asked her in a lowered voice, “Then what should we do?”

“You help me go over the wall to get in.”

Lin Xiaoyue went to Lao Yan’s house, and then she pointed, “Go over there and squat, let me step on you so I can climb up.”

“What the hell…”

Yan Shuicheng was already in an upset mood and couldn’t stop wanting to curse.

Unfortunately, now he was in a state that could not see the light, it is best to talk less, so he resisted the urge to breathe in the foul smell.

“Hurry up…”

Lin Xiaoyue urged him, “Xiao Yang has already woken up and is now lying in bed dazed. He will soon react, and if he hits him and tells his parents-in-law tomorrow, we’ll both be finished! “

Yan Shuicheng admitted his bad luck. His plan didn’t work out, he was thrown a bucket of sh * t, and he still had to find a way to get her back.

Tonight was not destined to be a successful night…

He just smelled of dung water from his body. He did not want to do that kind of thing.

Forget it…

Let’s just say it’s a bad night.

Yan Shuicheng stood up from the ground. Lin Xiaoyue pinched her nose, then took two steps back. You could see she was disgusted, “It stinks…”

“It’s all your fault. How dare you say that!” Yan Shuicheng complained to her in a very small voice.

Lin Xiaoyue stifled a bad smile and appeased him, “Fine, it’s my carelessness. Let’s not talk about it. Let’s go… “

Yan Shuicheng then went with Lin Xiaoyue to the front door of Old Yan’s house, intending to give her a hand and let her go over the wall to enter.

Yan Shuicheng squatted by the wall and gave Lin Xiaoyue a point of support.

Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward and stepped on his shoulder, being careful not to let any part of her body other than the soles of her shoes touch the feces on his body.

Even if only the soles of her shoes touched the dung water, Lin Xiaoyue still felt dirty…

Yan Shuicheng slowly got up and sent Lin Xiaoyue up to the wall. Lin Xiaoyue stepped up to the wall and plucked some yellow mud off the wall…

At once, the yellow clay spilled on Yan Shuicheng’s face!

Yan Shuicheng spit out again, his eyes narrowed because of the yellow mud, and he couldn’t open it for a while.

While she was there, Lin Xiaoyue picked up a bucket of bricks she had prepared to hang on the wall and poured them down with a clatter!

There was a cracking sound for a while…

The broken bricks fell straight down on Yan Shuicheng’s head. Yan Shuicheng did not react at all and did not expect this situation…

He tried desperately to protect his head and even crouched down to hug himself. Finally, he could protect himself a little.

But he really wanted to curse!

“Son of a b * tch…… what the hell is this……”

And he couldn’t hold back, he cursed, but he could only hear his voice. Not even Lin Xiaoyue on the wall could hear him.

Lin Xiaoyue jumped into the old Yan family’s yard, the whole plan succeeded.

She patted her palm and smiled in triumph.

At this time in the courtyard, Yan Yang had long been waiting by the wall, and when he saw her jumping down, he even extended his hands to catch her.


Outside, Yan Shuicheng, who had recovered a little bit, reluctantly yelled a secret signal.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang looked at each other. It seemed that even if he had suffered twice, he still had the next move?

Lin Xiaoyue casually picked up a stone on the ground and knocked twice on the wall, also considered a response to him.

Hearing her response, Yan Shuicheng, on the other side of the wall, said stubbornly said in a low voice, “I’ll come back tomorrow night!”

Lin Xiaoyue simply admired his tenacious spirit.

She was not going to reply to Yan Shuicheng and intended to go straight into the house.

But at that time, Yan Yang could not help himself. He picked up a pole in the courtyard and opened the door of the Old Yan’s house…

“Xiao Yang?”

Lin Xiaoyue, who was ready to go back to her room, was startled by him, and she quickly followed Yan Yang.

After Yan Yang rushed out of the house with the pole, his reddened eyes were already full of anger!

As a man, even if Yan Yang was a coward and unwilling to cause trouble, he could not stand by and watch others provoke him and let someone have thoughts towards his wife like this!

Maybe it’s a man’s dignity, or maybe it’s because of the courage to guard Lin Xiaoyue…

At this moment, even the depressed personality of Yan Yang can not hide the anger in his heart.

He endured the whole process, and finally, Yan Shuicheng’s’ come back tomorrow night ‘became the line of defense that overwhelmed him!

Yan Yang couldn’t bear it and didn’t want to bear it!

He rushed out of the house with his pole, holding it high and dropping it on Yan Shuicheng’s head with a face full of anger!

Yan Shuicheng reacted a second before and quickly shrank, and the shoulder pole fell on Yan Shuicheng’s back!


The force was so strong that Yan Shuicheng couldn’t help but let out a scream of pain.

“Beast! I’ll kill you, you beast! “

Yan Yang gritted his teeth and said the pole fell one after another, using all his strength.

He’s always a gentle personality…… basically, it’s impossible for him to do such a thing.

But at that moment, he just did it.

Yan Shuicheng even received several heavy blows, painful wailing.

But after he looked at Yan Yang’s crazed face, he didn’t even dare to fight back.

Because he knew that he was indeed caught in the act, he did not know if Yan Yang recognized him. Anyway, he could not let Yan Yang see his face! What’s more, he couldn’t let the matter get out of hand!

There were too many worries in his heart, causing Yan Shuicheng to be beaten and not ready to fight back.

Yan Shuicheng was beaten while hiding his head, while protecting his face, hoping that Yan Yang did not see him…

After receiving an unknown number of blows, Yan Shuicheng fled frantically!

Yan Yang chased him all the way, and after chasing him for more than 200 meters, he saw a small river in front of him, and Yan Shuicheng stuck his head down!

Yan Yang stood by the river with a pole, a pair of angry red eyes were staring straight at the river, Yan Shui became a figure wandering frantically.

“If you dare to come again, I will beat you again!” Yan Yang snapped viciously at the surface of the river.

He, who has never been a talker, said many words at this moment of anger and released his anger.

Yan Yang panted heavily, the palm at his side just clenched into a fist, his knuckles white, and in a bad mood.

Lin Xiaoyue hurried to catch up with him at this time, and she also trotted all the way, panting with exhaustion.

“Xiaoyang, you…… what’s wrong with you?”

Lin Xiaoyue did not expect him to suddenly go crazy, and she was caught off guard.

However, just now, watching him beating Yan Shuicheng so painfully, Lin Xiaoyue was still quite happy in her heart.

For a moment, Lin Xiaoyue was wondering if the oldest one had come out?

Because the second…… he wasn’t very good at this sort of thing, ah.

When he turned around, Yan Yang’s face turned pale, and his eyes were red, but those black pupils stared deeply at Lin Xiaoyue.

Meeting his focused eyes, Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward and gently patted his shoulder, “Are you angry? It’s okay. That kind of person is not worth making you angry. Take it easy… “

She saw his body was also slightly shaking, which was why she thought he might be angry.

In this matter, she, the person in question, was not even that angry, and as a result, he was so angry that Lin Xiaoyue felt it was not worth it.

Yan Yang took another heavy breath, which gradually stabilized his emotions…

Stepping forward, he suddenly hugged Lin Xiaoyue tightly.

Lin Xiaoyue, in his embrace, had her eyes wide open because she did not expect him to make such a move.

She had always felt that the second personality was shy and introverted and had always been good at keeping her at a distance.

I didn’t expect that now…… he would suddenly give her a strong hug.

Yan Yang hugged her tightly. Half of his face was hidden on her shoulder. He was taking a deep breath of her nice fragrance.

He also did not speak, just hugged.

Without Lin Xiaoyue’s knowledge, he had already said many times in his heart the word…… Sorry!

He was not a good husband. He couldn’t protect her.

The two leisurely returned home. Lin Xiaoyue carried the water containing the bucket of manure into the house and went to wash their hands.

This eventful night has finally come to an end.


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