I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27 Part 2

Yan Yang was lying in bed with her, covered with a quilt, but his back was facing her, his body curled into a ball.

Lin Xiaoyue wondered what kind of psychological experience he had gone through.

Just when they were outside, he was holding her…

After that, he didn’t say a word, and when he got home, he lay on the bed with his back facing her, as if he was shutting himself.

Lin Xiaoyue always felt uncomfortable in her heart, as if she had a feeling that she annoyed him.

What did I do? Was he angry with me?

This matter, was she not the victim?

Lin Xiaoyue turned around and lay down, her watery black eyes gazing at his back. She reached out and poked his back, “Are you angry?”

Yan Yang did not speak.

He was pretending to be dead…

Lin Xiaoyue then asked again, “Are you angry with me?”

Yan Yang still didn’t say anything.

He even closed his eyes and pretended that he was asleep.

Lin Xiaoyue’s little finger poked his back again, and her heart got even more upset, “If you want to be angry, just say it, just like how you just hit someone. If you’re angry, let it out, don’t hold it all in your stomach. It would be uncomfortable to hold it in…… You and I still have to cross paths regularly. “

Yan Yang’s thin lips slightly pursed, he opened his mouth and really wanted to say something.

But in the end, nothing came out, and so, he remained silent.

Lin Xiaoyue let out a sigh, “Forget it. If you don’t want to say it, then don’t say it.”

Yan Yang also heaved a sigh in his heart.

He was secretly blaming himself for his uselessness.

He was supposed to… comfort her.

Lin Xiaoyue suddenly stretched out her hand towards him and grabbed one of his hands to hold it…

Yan Yang followed her too. If she wanted to hold it, let her hold it.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t mean anything else, but she was thinking that she had to sleep holding his hand…

So she could see him later in the studies.

She wanted to study and research. Is there any feature in the study that is specific to him?

Afterward, both of them went to sleep.

As she wished, Lin Xiaoyue also met the three Yan Yang lying on the bed in her study room.

Like sleeping beauties, the three of them were always asleep in their dream space, well-behaved.

Lin Xiaoyue sat on the edge of the bed and looked at these three identical Yan Yang.

She tried again to wake him up, one after another…

But each one was unresponsive.

Lin Xiaoyue wondered in her mind, could it be that she woke him up with the wrong method?

Did she have to wake him up by kissing him like the way they woke up, Sleeping Beauty?

Lin Xiaoyue took a look at the three sleeping beauties and, without hesitation, she lowered her head and kissed one of them on their smiling lips…

When she got up, she looked at these three beautiful men with a small scarlet face.

She fell into a long wait…

For a long time, there was no response.

Lin Xiaoyue cheekily kissed the other two beautiful men, her face already red like a ripe apple…

She continued to fall into a long wait…

Still, no reaction.

It seems that the kiss was not the key to unlocking them.

In space, Lin Xiaoyue tried for a long time but still didn’t come up with anything.

In the end, she gave up anyway.

When Lin Xiaoyue’s mind was dizzy, and she felt like she was about to wake up in another world, she casually grabbed Yan Yang’s hand.

And spend the night in a hurry.


The next day, Lin Xiaoyue was surprised to get the third personality of Yan Yang!

As mentioned before, because the first personality occupies the day, the second personality occupies the night, and the third personality basically comes out when the two permit.

So as soon as the third personality came out, it was a surprise for her.

Lin Xiaoyue finally got this surprise again.

Originally, the second Yan Yang was sleeping with his back to Lin Xiaoyue last night.

This morning, when the third Yan Yang woke up, he directly hugged Lin Xiaoyue.

So, Lin Xiaoyue woke up in Yan Yang’s arms.

Moreover, she immediately recognized Yan Yang, who was smirking.

Lin Xiaoyue was in a very good mood today.

It might be because Lao San came, and it might also be because Lao San gave her a good morning kiss.

Even though it was just a kiss on her forehead…

When she got up early to wash up, she stood in the courtyard dazed and fell into a state of thinking.

Last night, she was in the study space with the three Yan Yang, and she remembered it all by herself.

Some attempts on them did not help at all.

Instead, she finally brought a third out.

Lin Xiaoyue did not label these three, instead of signing one at random.

It was the third who was brought out last time, and this time too.

So she dared to imagine……

If three identical Yan Yang appeared in the study, would it be for her to choose?

Which one does she want to choose in her heart, and which one can be brought out on the next day?

After the scenario was established, Lin Xiaoyue decided to test it again tonight.

If the one she brought out tomorrow was still the oldest Yan Yang, it would mean that her vision was right.

That…… would be great.

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but be a little happy when she thought about it, and she almost laughed out loud.

“What happened last night?”

The door of Old Yan’s family opened, Yang Chengyu and Yan Hongying picked up a floor of bricks and came in, mumbling under their breath.

“Outside the door of the house, there was a floor of feces, a floor of bricks, making it dirty.”

Yang Chengyu just saw Lin Xiaoyue. She stopped in front of Lin Xiaoyue and asked, “Did you and Yan Yang get into something last night? I vaguely heard Yan Yang shouting something yesterday. What did you do with Yan Yang in the middle of the night? “

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, “You misheard it.”

Yang Chengyu stared closely at Lin Xiaoyue, “You girl had a bad stomach. You must have taken Yan Yang to do something bad again. I’m telling you, our family can buy you over, so we can leave you alone at any time. You better stop! “

Lin Xiaoyue: “Oh~~.”

Who would listen to her?

The oldest Yan Yang came out from the small side room, saw the brick Yang Chengyu was carrying in his hand, and his sword brows furrowed deeply.

It’s not over…

That scumbag, he has to teach him a lesson personally!


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