I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 28.1

Chapter 28 Part 1

On the same morning, news came from the village that Yan Shuicheng, the son of Yan Guo’s military family, had fallen into the dung pit.

Although Yan Shuicheng avoided Yan Yang that night, he jumped into the river.

But the river water couldn’t wash away the smell of sh * t on his body…

So much so that the next day, when his mother washed his clothes, the smell of sh * t caught their attention, and it gradually spread from the mouths of several busybody women in the village…

The news passed quickly from mouth to mouth.

In the small village of Shang Yan, the villagers heard about Yan Shuicheng’s fall into the dung pit last night.

It can be said that what happened to Yan Shuicheng was a disgrace.

The day Yan Shuicheng walked into the village, everyone who saw him laughed at him a few times or advised him to be careful when pooping on the dung pit.

Yan Shuicheng was angry and annoyed, but because there were too many people involved in this matter, he couldn’t explain it, so he could only suffer from this sour loss.

He wanted to go to Lin Xiaoyue again tonight to do this. But it happened that Yan Yang saw him again yesterday, which meant that the matter had been revealed to a third person, and also he was Lin Xiaoyue’s husband.

Due to a guilty conscience, Yan Shuicheng not only had to suffer in silence, but he also had to avoid some old Yan family members.

In a short time, he didn’t dare to interact with anyone in Yan Yang’s family.

On the other hand, in Old Yan’s house, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were not at all affected by Yan Shuicheng’s bad incident.

The third Yan Yang rarely came out, and Lin Xiaoyue talked and became lovey-dovey for a day.


In fact, it’s just two people talking, feeding the chicks, cooking together, and walking on the ridge…

Lin Xiaoyue usually carried out these daily chores with the silly Yan Yang.

Today, it was just a change of personality, but it made Lin Xiaoyue feel completely different.

The oldest Yan Yang gave her a very reassuring feeling, no matter what.

The only difference was that for the three meals that day, both of them ate in their small side house and did not eat with the two elders.

The reason was that the third, Yan Yang, did not want to see Wang Xiuying and did not want to communicate with Wang Xiuying.

Wang Xiuying didn’t know that the third personality was out. She thought that the two of them were still eating in the small side room today because they were still taking care of Yan Yang’s injuries.

After dinner, Lin Xiaoyue took the rice bowls and plates to Wang Xiuying’s room.

At that time, Wang Xiuying had already started to wash the dishes, and Lin Xiaoyue also rolled up her sleeves to join Wang Xiuying.

The atmosphere between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was a bit delicate.

Lin Xiaoyue always felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange…

After quietly washing the dishes for a while, finally, Wang Xiuying couldn’t hold her tongue and asked her, “Xiaoyue, did you hear about Yan Shuicheng’s fall into the dung pit today?”

In the afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang walked around the outer ridge road, and, of course, they heard about it.

However, Lin Xiaoyue knew the real reason for this incident. So when she heard the exaggeration in the villagers’ mouths, she still found it quite interesting.

Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head and simply said, “I heard about it, mother-in-law.”

“From the village, this is all about Yan Shuicheng falling into the dung pit. However, this morning, the dung bucket was outside our house… and someone in the family said that Xiaoyang yelled outside last night… Do you have any explanation? “

Before throwing this question at Lin Xiaoyue, Wang Xiuying struggled with her heart for a long time.

Wang Xiuying herself had guessed something…

Because that day, when the two families had dinner, the discerning eye could see that Yan Shuicheng had thoughts about Lin Xiaoyue.

Although Wang Xiuying has always believed in this daughter-in-law, these several coincidences collide together, she still can not help but have doubts.

Not only was she suspicious, but several women in the family’s second house were also talking in the yard today…

The women in the family were also talking in the courtyard today about the possibility that Yan Shuicheng’s fall into the dung pit was related to the dung water in front of their house.

Lin Xiaoyue’s mother-in-law, Wang Xiuying, naturally wanted to know the truth.

When no one was around, Wang Xiuying asked.

After pretending to think deeply, Lin Xiaoyue looked at Wang Xiuying with a heavy face and let out a long breath, “Mother-in-law, I’ve been hesitating to tell you about this matter.”

Wang Xiuying then knew that her suspicion might be right.

Her face immediately changed drastically. She first headed out and took a look outside.

Feeling uneasy, she hurriedly went out again and closed the door before she returned and said to Lin Xiaoyue, “Say it. Keep your voice down…”

Afterward, Lin Xiaoyue told how Yan Shuicheng molested her, blocked her on the road, wanted to spend money to buy her, and came to her last night. Yan Shuicheng was calculated by her and Yan Yang and drove him away……

Wang Xiuying listened to all these things. Her face changed several times.

Finally, she let out a long sigh…

After several thoughts and deliberations, Wang Xiuying pulled Lin Xiaoyue, whispering instructions: “Xiaoyue, this matter, I can’t say that you did the right thing, since it has come to this point, in the future, it must not be mentioned in front of others. Your reputation is at stake. If others hear that you, a married woman, had a meeting with other men at night, even if there was a reason for the incident, you would not be able to wash your hands of it even if you jump down the Yellow River. “

“I know, mother-in-law. Since I didn’t tell you in the beginning, it means that I am not prepared to spread this matter out either, and I will definitely keep my mouth shut in the future. “

Lin Xiaoyue felt that Wang Xiuying would be in a state where major issues would be reduced to minor issues, so she was right to punish that guy in her own way yesterday.

At least, that guy won’t harass her again for a long time.

“That’s fine.”

Wang Xiuying nodded, “Especially don’t let the people from the other two houses know. The women in those two houses have more powerful mouths, and they will keep on shouting to replace you every day. After all, they are living under the same roof. If they talk badly about you outside the house all day long, it’s not a good influence. “

Lin Xiaoyue responded, “Don’t worry, mother-in-law. I won’t let the people of those two houses know. Look how bad my relationship is with them. “

The warning was almost over, and Wang Xiuying’s heart was half lower.

However, she still had something to worry about, and she took advantage of this time to have a good chat with Lin Xiaoyue.

“Xiaoyue, in fact, from this matter, it seems that there is a reason why Yan Shuicheng dared to propose such nasty things to you so blatantly.”

Wang Xiuying glanced at Lin Xiaoyue. Her eyes were puzzled.

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t understand what Wang Xiuying meant by saying this……

Can she still be blamed for this?

This was not like the future world. When a crime occurs, will people blame the girl for being too beautiful and wearing too short pants?

What’s wrong? Is it a crime to be good-looking? What about the three views?

At this time, Wang Xiuying said, “The reason why Yan Shuicheng kept thinking about you so much was because he thinks that you and Xiaoyang are not a real husband and wife. No one will think of you if you and Xiaoyang can become real husband and wife and add a grandson to our family.

Lin Xiaoyue: “…”

For a long time…

She is urging her to have a child with Yan Yang!

Wang Xiuying has already opened up the topic to say, she must seize this opportunity to say a few more words, “Xiao Yue, I am quite satisfied with you, being my daughter-in-law. To be honest, at that time, I wanted to give Xiao Yang a wife, but because our family’s money was too little, plus Xiao Yang’s situation was special, no girl was willing to marry our family. So, his father and I thought of spending money to buy a cheap…”

Lin Xiaoyue heard about her miserable trafficking career, and her heart sank slightly.

Wang Xiuying continued, “You’re also a poor person, I know that. Our family can pay a little money and supplies, in fact, in the sales market, but also simply can not buy a person. The agent dragged us along for a long time, only to tell us that we could only buy a cheap one and our family contained an impure element. Because of this condition of having impure elements, your price was particularly low, and I heard you’re so cheap no one wanted to buy it. Hey…… in short, it is under such conditions, Our family chose you, and then you entered our house. “

(TN: I feel bad for Lin Xiaoyue for being called cheap all the time. I was looking for other terms, but it seems I ran out of words. If you have suggestions, please comment. Thank you~)

After saying so many words, Wang Xiuying only wanted to ‘speak with emotion, move with reason’ to persuade Lin Xiaoyue to settle down as her family’s wife, to give her son children…

She had to let Lin Xiaoyue know, “So you see, although it is not a good thing, you are at least in our family. Our family takes you as part of our family. My son’s situation, I am clear, your situation…… you are aware of it as well. “

Wang Xiuying took a deep breath, “Let’s put it this way…… now his father and I are still able to do work, we can support him and my son. But after we both have to die, you two can only rely on your offspring to support you. It is also beneficial for you to give Xiaoyang a son earlier. “

Lin Xiaoyue has now completely heard it.

Wang Xiuying said so much to persuade her to have a baby with Yan Yang…

From Yan Shuicheng……

To Yan Yang’s conditions……

To Lin Xiaoyue’s background……

Then to Lin Xiaoyue’s future with Yan Yang.

It can be said that the current situation and lifetime arrangement of Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were clear.

In addition to that, she deliberately mentioned the background of Lin Xiaoyue, just to let Lin Xiaoyue know that this situation is the best situation for her, and she doesn’t need to think too much about other things.

Lin Xiaoyue has read many books that were set in the old eras, and she has a good understanding of the existence and attacks of impure elements in these years.

The capitalist and landlord families in the old society were all sealed as impure elements when they arrived in this era.

Seeing that reform and opening-up were about to begin, Lin Xiaoyue did not expect that the attack on bad elements would still be so severe.


Maybe the structure of this world was stricter.

No wonder she was sold so cheaply…

Maybe the family who sold her valued the supplies more than the money. Lin Xiaoyue remembered that that day, her family brought a bunch of supplies and left.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t care about this shabby background.

Wang Xiuying said this bunch of words to her, but Lin Xiaoyue also did not take it to heart.

However, the relationship between husband and wife with Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue, feels that there is indeed a possibility *.

(TN: I am not 100% sure about this part, I feel like there was a typo error here.)

Because she just had a lovey-dovey day with the oldest Yan Yang today.

He kissed her on the forehead again…


So, Lin Xiaoyue’s reply to Wang Xiuying was quite smooth, “Mother-in-law, I understand everything you said. I…… will try to! The main thing is, it depends on Xiaoyang’s situation. “

Wang Xiuying heard her say this. The stone in her heart was completely put down.

“Xiaoyue, it’s good that you understand things.” Wang Xiuying nodded with relief.

Wang Xiuying is more and more satisfied with Lin Xiaoyue as her daughter-in-law.


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    About cheap… there’s a thesaurus yk.
    inexpensive, economical, low-cost, fair, modest, bargain, budget, nominal, reduced, steal, thrifty, cost-effective, reasonable

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    Selfish MIL, won’t help her son heal, wants to take him to quacks and burden her DIL with a child. If I was LXY, I’d tell her the only way a grandchild can happen is if they take YY to the drs.


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