I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 28.2

Chapter 28 Part 2

Lin Xiaoyue washed the dishes and returned to the small side house.

Lin Xiaoyue wanted to have a good chat with Yan Yang about what Wang Xiuying said to her and asked him what he meant.

Unexpectedly, when she came back, Yan Yang had changed into low-profile black clothes and climbed up to the window of the small side house.

“Are you going out?”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly closed the door of the small side house and stepped forward.

Yan Yang stepped out of the window with one foot and looked back at Lin Xiaoyue, “Yes, you go to bed first, don’t wait for me.”

Lin Xiaoyue asked directly, “Are you going to make money? Will you bring food back?? “

Yan Yangjian frowned. Actually, that was not his purpose for going out…

But since she had proposed it.

Yan Yang raised his lips and promised: “I’ll bring it over to you if I have a harvest.”

When Lin Xiaoyue saw that he was going out to engage in business, she was very excited and rushed up, “Take me with you! Let me also follow and learn to see it; if you are not interested, I can take over your business ah!”

Yan Yang knew that she was a strange woman. She was much more capable than he thought.

However, he refused her, “No, I will earn enough for you. Go to bed early. I am learning. “

“Hey, you really don’t want to take me… I’m very smart, I can help you… “

Lin Xiaoyue hurried two steps up, but Yan Yang had already jumped out of the window.

Lin Xiaoyue climbed onto the table, poked her head in the window, and looked out. Seeing that he landed safely, she hurriedly called out to him: “Hey…”

Yan Yang turned around, looked up, smiled at her, waved his big palm, meaning telling her to go back.

Lin Xiaoyue understood what he meant. She just stopped following, “You have an injury to your own body, so be careful!”

The smile on the corner of Yan Yang’s mouth raised higher, and he returned to her, “You go to bed early, don’t worry about me.”

When the words fell, Yan Yang turned around and ran away.

Looking at his distant back, Lin Xiaoyue puffed up her mouth and turned her head back in desperation.

She thought, if he wouldn’t take her with him, she could just do it alone.

She can also find those things to do…

For example, the black market.

If you are careful with speculation, there is still plenty of room for hearing money.

But she had to think about what she was going to do with the business.

She’ll go to the study tonight to see if there are any good items…

At night, Lin Xiaoyue went to sleep alone.

Entering the study in the dream, she looked at the dazzling array of books on the shelves, which were not suitable for selling.

Other resources…

Lin Xiaoyue noticed the laptop, the noodles, and the box of unopened snacks express on the floor.

It seems that the box of snack express can also be used.

Lin Xiaoyue unpacked the courier box twice, and it contained the snacks she bought to stock up.

Dried fruit, braised food, milk candy, instant noodles, cookies, and a dozen glasses of milk were all available.

Lin Xiaoyue unwrapped a packet of dried fruits, sat at her desk, and ate two bites, which tasted good and did not expire.

She was thinking that maybe it was because the time in this study space was fixed. So, anything that enters here, the freshness value is frozen at this moment.

Lin Xiaoyue planned to take this box of snacks out and sell it on the black market tomorrow.

However, she felt that it was not suitable for the market in this era to sell these things.

Lin Xiaoyue was not very sure about this.

She ate the dried fruit and opened the web page on the laptop. Everything was available.

It’s been a long time since she played with her laptop, so Lin Xiaoyue felt a little rusty when she operated it.

She suddenly had a strange idea. She planned to go to Taobao to see if she could still buy things.

Lin Xiaoyue opened Taobao with not much hope and found that searching for items and browsing the web was smooth and fluid.

She then clicked the buy button…

This was one of the most nerve-wracking steps.

Lin Xiaoyue watched the link jump to the order page, confirming that the amount was correct with her address…

If she could pay next, would that mean the order was successful?

Lin Xiaoyue gulped, clicked on the payment button, and waited nervously…

The webpage jumped and went to the payment success page.


Lin Xiaoyue let out a surprised whimper.

She couldn’t believe it, but was the payment actually successful?

In her study space, is it possible to buy Taobao?

Then next, she faced the next problem…… can she receive the goods?

Taobao’s address was filled in her original home, but the only space she could reach was the study, and the door of the study was pushed out… it was a world full of darkness, no light.

Lin Xiaoyue only has the study room, so she doesn’t know whether this Taobao can be delivered smoothly.

However, seeing the successful payment, Lin Xiaoyue was a little happy.

She just purchased a box of apples, and if she can receive it, she will be able to eat the fruit.

In that barren time in the book, Lin Xiaoyue never saw any fruit in the house at all.

Even when the extended family ate together, no fruit was ever eaten.

It means that in this era, fruit is a rare commodity.

If this expression could be received, Lin Xiaoyue would be very happy.

But when she saw that she could pay, Lin Xiaoyue bought several more boxes of fruit in a row, which were deducted from her account before she was reborn.

Next is the long process of waiting for the delivery…

Anyway, it is impossible tonight.

Tonight, Lin Xiaoyue only brought out a box of snacks.


The next morning, Lin Xiaoyue woke up with her box of snacks by her bed.

The bed beside him was empty.

Lin Xiaoyue sat up, looked at the empty bed beside her, and then looked up at the window by the wall that was still left open for him.

But there was no Yan Yang around…

Lin Xiaoyue guessed that he didn’t return all night this time. Maybe he was in trouble?

After getting out of bed, Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly put the box of snacks into the closet and hid it.

She walked out of the small side room and into the courtyard. She ran into Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua.

Lin Xiaoyue ignored them and hurried into Wang Xiuying’s room.

At this point in time, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong had gone out to take care of private work. The breakfast for Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang was left on the table…

Lin Xiaoyue had no intention of eating breakfast, and when she came out of the room, she went back to the small house and closed the door of the small house.

Yan Yang hadn’t come back, and no one in the family should know about this.

Lin Xiaoyue was very worried about him but also had to keep his secret.

For a while, her mind was confused.

Yan Lianhua and Yan Hongying were washing up in the courtyard, looking at Lin Xiaoyue running in and out, and without saying hello to them.

In the background, unbeknownst to Lin Xiaoyue, these two sisters started to speak bad words again.

“Look at Lin Xiaoyue. After the separation of the family, she became more and more arrogant. A bargain that was bought does not put us both in sight at all! “

Yan Lianhua finished drinking water and rinsing her mouth and threw a blank stare at the small side room where Lin Xiaoyue was.

Yan Hongying, next to her, washed her face and answered, “Forget it, they have a higher family status than us now. You don’t need to do housework. You only need to accompany Yan Yang to eat, drink and play all day long, and eat meat every day. Better than us. They are much happier than the two of us. “

“What makes you think a newly purchased woman has a better life than us?”

Yan Lianhua was not convinced and said, “We still have to clean the yard and wash clothes later! She doesn’t have to do any work because her third aunt did everything for her, so why is she so happy? “

Yan Hongying gave Yan Lianhua a blank look and said in her heart, “Isn’t she doing all the housework now? How much did Yan Lianhua do? Every time she was trying to find a reason to be lazy…”

“How annoying! That kind of woman lives more comfortably than I do! “

Yan Lianhua hatefully put down her toothbrush cup, picked up the washcloth, and put it in the water, “I want to marry into a good family in the future, so I don’t have to do any housework! It’s better to let me do the housework than have to work. I don’t want to be a woman who does housework and work. Tsk! Brother Xia Ming’s attention is now completely attracted by Bai Xiaochun! Damn! “

Yan Hongying glanced at her lightly, but she was quietly laughing…

It would be strange if Lu Xia Ming could look at her! Even the blind would not look at her!

“Hey, you help me out by thinking about how to get rid of Bai Xiaochun.”

Yan Lianhua patted Yan Hongying, “I have a clue. Bai Xiaochun is very good to the fool, and it seems to have some possibility of liking the fool…”

Yan Hongying thought she had heard the biggest joke in the world, “Bai Xiaochun likes the fool? The fool in our family? “The only people who would think of this way are fools, right?

Yan Hongying dared not say the last sentence.

Yan Lianhua nodded with certainty, “Yes, I heard Yan Dahe say that Bai Xiaochun likes that fool, and he is very good to that fool. You think it’s possible to replace Bai Xiaochun with Lin Xiaoyue to marry our family, and then I’ll marry brother Xia Ming? “

Yan Hongying couldn’t help but smile now and shook her head while laughing, “I don’t know…”

I don’t know if I should just say that she’s stupid?

Can someone believe this?

Bai Xiaochun is an outstanding educated youth who came to the village the year before the previous year and was mixed up with the position of secretary of the commune, and I heard that she also has a background in the city. The kind of woman who can be transferred back in a few years… can a woman of this level be attracted to that fool, Yan Yang?

People with a little brain won’t want to go this way!

Yan Hongying disliked Yan Lianhua’s IQ more and more.

“I don’t think what I think is impossible.”

Yan Lianhua said this. Suddenly, she turned her head to see a magical visitor. Her elbow hit straight into Yan Hongying, “Have a watch, you look, I said it’s impossible!”


Yan Hongying turned her head, and instantly she was shocked by the sudden visit of Bai Xiaochun!

“Bai Xiaochun is here!” Yan Lianhua whispered.

Yes, she is.

Bai Xiaochun came.

And Bai Xiaochun went directly to the small side house where Yan Yang lived.

Perhaps because of the suddenness of her arrival, Bai Xiaochun did not trespass and only knocked on the door…

Lin Xiaoyue’s voice came from inside: “Who is it? What do you want to tell me first? It’s not convenient to open the door. “

“It’s me, Bai Xiaochun.”

When Lin Xiaoyue heard Bai Xiaochun’s voice, she felt strange in her heart.

She walked to the door and did not rush to open it, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Xiaochun lowered her voice and said, “Can I come in? It’s related to Yan Yang.”

Lin Xiaoyue immediately opened the door for her and told her to come in.

As soon as Bai Xiaochun came in, Lin Xiaoyue immediately locked the door of the small side house and looked at Bai Xiaochun nervously.

Bai Xiaochun also looked nervous when seeing the bed empty. “Did Yan Yang not come back all night?”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at her defensively, “What happened?”

Bai Xiaochun shook her head, “I don’t know anything. I only heard that Yan Dahe was crippled and thrown in the field… when I found it, only half of his life was left. I seemed to have seen Yan Yang going back and forth in the field last night… so I came and had a look. “

Lin Xiaoyue was suddenly nervous.

She was not nervous that Yan Dahe was crippled, but she was nervous that…… Yan Yang hadn’t even returned by now.

Is he okay?


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