I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Bai Xiaochun came to Lin Xiaoyue purely out of her concern for Yan Yang.

Last night, she found Yan Yang dressed in black on the ridge road.

She called Yan Yang, and Yan Yang ignored her.

After that, Bai Xiaochun didn’t take it seriously either.

As a result, when she woke up early this morning, Bai Xiaochun heard that Yan Dahe had been beaten and crippled and thrown into the field.

The news is now spreading in the village. It is estimated that it will not be long before everyone knows.

If Yan Dahe hadn’t been found early, he might have really died in the field, and at that time, it was a matter of human life.

Bai Xiaochun suspected that this was done by Yan Yang, and she also knew about Yan Yang’s multiple personalities.

However, Bai Xiaochun did not intend to expose Yan Yang.

Instead, she wanted to protect Yan Yang. After all, Yan Dahe had done similar things to Yan Yang, and Yan Dahe deserved it.

Bai Xiaochun came here early in the morning and found that Yan Yang hadn’t returned, so she told Lin Xiaoyue of the situation.

Bai Xiaochun also expressed very positively that since Yan Yang hasn’t returned yet, she would go out to look for him again and let Lin Xiaoyue wait at home for her news.

Lin Xiaoyue is grateful to her…… excessive flood of saintly mother’s heart ah!

I just want to beg her to stop being so caring about Yan Yang. Don’t raise a spare tire, ah!

Bai Xiaochun is a heroine in the original novel who exudes righteous, kind, and beautiful qualities everywhere she goes.

This has aroused various male characters’ desire to protect her.

When Lin Xiaoyue was reading, she was disgusted with the heroine, Bai Xiaochun, who kept raising a spare tire.

Now that I came to this world, she was equally disgusting…

Although Bai Xiaochun had brought this news, Lin Xiaoyue would not thank her.

Because this news will spread throughout the village soon, even if she does not bring this news to Lin Xiaoyue, Lin Xiaoyue will soon know the news from others.

Lin Xiaoyue could also guess that Yan Dahe must have been retaliated against by Yan Yang.

Therefore, Bai Xiaochun’s visit can only make Lin Xiaoyue sicker.

Lin Xiaoyue pretended to smile and sent her away. Before she left, she also gave a warning, “Comrade Bai Xiaochun, Yan Yang is my husband. It is my duty to take care of him and care for him. I know you care about my husband out of sympathy, but I think your heart is superfluous. I hope you can take it back in the future. “

Bai Xiaochun and Lin Xiaoyue have always had good things to say to each other, so she didn’t expect Lin Xiaoyue to give her such words before she left.

Bai Xiaochun immediately felt that her good intentions were fed to a dog.

When she left Yan Yang’s house, Bai Xiaochun no longer had any good feelings towards Lin Xiaoyue.

However, she still cares about Yan Yang.

So Bai Xiaochun still ran out to find Yan Yang.

She only told herself in her heart that the relationship between her and Yan Yang was pure, and she absolutely didn’t have that kind of thought about Yan Yang. Lin Xiaoyue thought she had feelings for Yan Yang. Anyway, she had a clear conscience.

After Bai Xiaochun left, Lin Xiaoyue also planned to go out to find Yan Yang.

He didn’t return overnight, and Lin Xiaoyue was also worried.

In order to prevent the people in the other two rooms from seeing the mess, Lin Xiaoyue went out carrying the basket, pretending to go out to buy vegetables.

The two women, Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua watched Bai Xiaochun leave as if watching a play. After a while, even Lin Xiaoyue went out carrying a basket.

The two of them felt a little weird when they saw the picture, but they couldn’t tell what was strange.

Lin Xiaoyue spent the morning looking for Yan Yang in the village, but she didn’t even see the person.

She found it all around and heard some unbelievable things from the villagers…

Yan Dahe was crippled and was left in the field. This is something everyone in the village knows.

In addition, there was another person who was as miserable as Yan Dahe last night.

Near noon, Yan Shuicheng was found by the villagers near the river, and he was seriously injured.

However, the exact location of the injury hasn’t been revealed yet.

Lin Xiaoyue can completely conclude that these two people were injured, and it was definitely Yan Yang’s hand.

She only thought that the Third Yan Yang could protect her and give her a sense of security, but ignored the fact that the Third Yan Yang was actually a violent personality.

Because of this, the youngest was treated as a demon by his family.

However, Lin Xiaoyue didn’t think there was anything wrong with Yan Yang hurting the two scumbags.

Even if the two scumbags were injured with a lame leg, they deserved it.

Lin Xiaoyue was still only worried about where Yan Yang was. What is his physical condition?

After going around the village, she didn’t find him.

The panic in Lin Xiaoyue’s heart gradually deepened.

Lin Xiaoyue also looked for a temporary shelter under the stone bridge, but there was no sign of him.

Seeing that it was approaching noon, Lin Xiaoyue, who could not find him, had to go home first.

As a result, when she was almost at home, she suddenly saw the dying Yan Yang near her home…

To be precise, Yan Yang was leaning against the wall, unable to even stand up.

“Xiao Yang!”

Lin Xiaoyue hurried forward, reaching out to hold him, “Finally, I found you. How are you? Are you not in good health? “


Hearing her voice, Yan Yang struggled to lift his eyelids. Half of his body immediately leaned on her. Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly supported him!

His mental strength… is almost unable to support this body.

“Hold on, we will be home soon, go…”

Lin Xiaoyue supported him and walked home with difficulty while talking…

When the two entered the house, there was no one in the courtyard.

Lin Xiaoyue immediately carried Yan Yang into the small side house and let him lie in bed…

“How are you? Are you injured? Why?”

Lin Xiaoyue’s concerned eyes fell on him. His small hand wiped a few times on his black clothes, actually touched a trace of bright red blood, “You’re bleeding? Where did you get hurt? Don’t sleep first, tell me first. “

Yan Yang’s mental strength was almost unable to support his body.

Since he woke up yesterday morning, he hasn’t closed his eyes for more than 24 hours…

When his mental power reached the limit, he couldn’t even reach the way home.

Fortunately, Lin Xiaoyue found him and carried him home smoothly.

Yan Yang was weak and sleepy. His eyelids were so heavy that he opened his eyes, but he was struggling to open his eyes, but he still insisted on the last bit of energy. “Small injuries and do not hurt… in your pocket… money… you remember to take it…”

“Money isn’t everything. Ah, where exactly are you hurt? Tell me, and then go to sleep. “

Lin Xiaoyue patted his face to wake him up.

“I can’t hold on…”

Yan Yang blinked his heavy eyelids, taking Lin Xiaoyue’s worried look into his eyes. The corners of his lips gently lifted, “I’ve done everything I should have done…… I did not disappoint you.”

“I know, I heard all of it. “

Lin Xiaoyue checked on her own and untied his clothes with an anxious expression, “It’s too dangerous to do this. Next time, leave some energy when returning. “

Yan Yang looked at her increasingly blurred face from the last bit of his opened eyes, and with the last bit of strength, he spits out a few words, “Lin Xiaoyue… bye, see you next time…”

When the words fell, he lost consciousness.

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyes to look at him and saw that he was asleep…

After all, he had been awake for a long time, and it was hard to be awake.

Lin Xiaoyue undid Yan Yang’s clothes and immediately checked to see how many injuries he had on his body.

In addition to the bruises that have not yet dissipated, this time, there are a few more traumatic injuries.

There was a lot of blood…

On several wounds that were not too big, the blood had already clotted.

He dragged this body, which was still not fully healed, and went out to abolish two people overnight and brought her money back.

It’s not easy.

Lin Xiaoyue sighed.

She hurriedly went outside to get a bucket of water, found a clean cloth, and Wang Xiuying had always had a supply of medicine.

She went back to the house to help him clean the blood on his mouth and bandage the wounds.

The last time he was bruised, they didn’t take him to the doctor.

This time he suffered another trauma and could not be taken to the doctor.

Lin Xiaoyue was not a doctor herself, so she could only deal with it casually.

She was actually quite worried.

She was worried that she could not handle it well, which would cause follow-up problems for him.

However, she couldn’t take Yan Yang to the doctor.

In the village, two major incidents happened overnight. The two families have already called the police, and the police have been sent to investigate the offender.

If you take Yan Yang to see a doctor at this juncture, you will definitely cause more trouble.

Therefore, it is good for Lin Xiaoyue to know about it alone.

Lin Xiaoyue won’t tell anyone.

After she helped Yan Yang treat the wound, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong also went home.

Xiaoyue didn’t cook the food for them, so she hurried out of the small side house and thought of a set of words to explain to Wang Xiuying.

“Mother-in-law, when I went out to buy groceries today, I watched the excitement in the village for a while. I came back late, so I didn’t have time to cook. “She explained.

Wang Qiuying didn’t have any doubts but chatted with her about it: “Did you hear about Yan Dahe and Yan Shuicheng being injured?”

“Yes, mother-in-law.”

Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward, “Today, everyone in the village was talking about this. I heard about it, and it sounded interesting, so I listened for a while. “

Wang Xiuying found an apron and prepared to cook, she shook her head and chatted with Lin Xiaoyue: “I also heard it. Having said this, two people were injured in the village overnight. I heard that if it weren’t discovered early, both of them might have died. I don’t know who hit them so badly…”

Lin Xiaoyue answered. “I don’t know. Our village seems to be quite messy. mother-in-law and father-in-law, you have to be careful when you go out in the future. “

“You too.”

Wang Xiuying said to Lin Xiaoyue: “You should also be careful when you take Xiao Yang outside. Better yet, you two should not go outside during this period of time. Our village has really not been peaceful lately. “


Lin Xiaoyue followed Wang Xiuying’s words, “Xiao Yang’s injuries are not yet healed. He still has to recuperate for a while. During this period, I won’t let him go out. I went grocery shopping by myself these past two days. “

After she said this, there will be no more suspicion about Yan Yang.

As long as the family does not suspect Yan Yang, the attention on this matter will not be turned into Yan Yang.

Because everyone in the village knows that Yan Yang is a kind fool.

No one would believe that a fool could beat two adult men, and he was a kind fool.

Wang Xiuying immediately believed Lin Xiaoyue’s words, “It’s always good to be careful. It will be at the end of the month in two days. When the village issues money invoices, his father and I won’t go to work. Don’t go out for a stroll either. Just stay at home with Xiaoyang. “

“Okay.” Lin Xiaoyue nodded.

Although she agreed, she thought in her heart… She just took a box of snacks from space, and she was grounded before she could sell them?

However, it will be two days before the end of the month…

She will take it to the black market tomorrow to sell it inside the vegetable market.

If she can’t sell it, she can keep it for herself, and she won’t lose any money anyway.

At noon, she stir-fried 3 vegetarian dishes with some shredded meat in them, which is more or less a bit oily.

Lin Xiaoyue brought the food back to the small side house and lied to the two elders that she was eating with Yan Yang.

In fact, Yan Yang hasn’t woken up yet.

Lin Xiaoyue ate a meal for two people alone, and she was able to eat it. She admired that she could eat it!

She looked at Yan Yang, who was still sleeping peacefully on the bed, and said, “If you wake up hungry later, you can eat my snacks!”

Yan Yang was still asleep.

After lunch, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong went out to work hard again.

In the village, the police have begun investigating these two late-night incidents.

Because of the presence of dangerous people in the village, every household of the villagers did not dare to go out, and the whole village fell into a tense atmosphere.

The old Yan family, the first and second house of the family, also did not go out Today.

There are people going in and out from time to time in the courtyard, much more lively than usual.

Lin Xiaoyue fed the chickens in the courtyard, turned her head, and looked at the other two families.

Yan Hongying and Yang Chengyu, the mother and daughter pair, walked out of their house and walked into the room. On the way, the two chatted casually about Yan Shuicheng’s injuries.

Lin Xiaoyue listened to her, and then she realized that Yan Shuicheng had been cut several times, including a knife cut in the thigh, which almost ruined his life. However, the person who harmed him did not cut him deeply, and the knife cut did not strike a vital point, so his life was spared…

This cruel method was indeed the violent personality style in the original book.

Lin Xiaoyue was fortunate that the third child did not abolish Yan Shui’s lifeblood.

If Yan Shuicheng’s lifeblood was really ruined, the third child would be exposed.

Yan Shuicheng must be able to guess that it was Yan Yang who hurt him because he was caught by Yan Yang… If the police found Yan Yang, the problem would be very serious.

Lin Xiaoyue silently rejoiced in her heart.

But at that moment, the uninvited guest came to the door again.

The purpose of Bai Xiaochun’s unpredictable visit was the same as in the morning.

When she came, she asked Lin Xiaoyue: “Has Yan Yang come back?”

Lin Xiaoyue glanced at the deserted courtyard, and then when she looked at Bai Xiaochun, she realized that Bai Xiaochun was also a person who could expose Yan Yang’s three personalities…

Now, Yan Yang’s affairs are still in the limelight, and Lin Xiaoyue can’t fight against Bai Xiaochun too much. It’s not good for Yan Yang…

“He’s back.”

Lin Xiaoyue said calmly, “I asked him, he went out at night. He didn’t hurt anyone. He just made money for me. He’s very tired now, and he was still sleeping. “

“He didn’t hurt anyone?”

Bai Xiaochun frowned, not believing what Lin Xiaoyue said, “He told you personally?”

Lin Xiaoyue responded, “Yes.”

Bai Xiaochun nodded slowly and said, “Then he probably didn’t want you to worry; that’s why he said that.”

“No matter what he was thinking, as long as he tells me, I believe he is telling the truth.”

Lin Xiaoyue snorted, “You know his secret, but you can’t even believe him, so you still want to be friends with him?”

Bai Xiaochun’s face stiffened at Lin Xiaoyue’s words, “It’s not that I don’t believe him. It’s just that this situation…… “

Bai Xiaochun thought that the reason why Yan Yang didn’t tell Lin Xiaoyue the truth was either because he didn’t trust Lin Xiaoyue, or he didn’t want Lin Xiaoyue to worry…

Therefore, she explained halfway and stopped.

“It’s fine if he comes back. I’m just here to confirm it.” Bai Xiaochun said lightly.

“Then you can go now.” Lin Xiaoyue motioned to see off the guests with her eyes.


Bai Xiaochun didn’t mean to stay either. She nodded and left.

After walking out of Yan’s house, Bai Xiaochun decided on one thing on her mind.

She knew that what Yan Yang trusted most in his heart must still be here, not his wife.

Otherwise, how could he hide such a big thing from his wife?


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