I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Two incidents of assault occurred in the village in one night, and the two families called the police together, attracting their attention.

Under the false rumors of the villagers, the perpetrators were described as heinous, perverted murderers.

Therefore, there were not many people in the village going outside all day today. Under the influence of the rumors, the villagers were afraid that they wouldn’t go out for the next few days.

The police conducted door-to-door investigations throughout the village, as well as visits to Yan Yang’s home.4 However, there was no suspicion of Yan Yang as everyone confessed one by one.

Yan Yang’s wife, Lin Xiaoyue, also provided an alibi for Yan Yang.

Therefore, this case was destined to become a case without any leads.

Lin Xiaoyue is not worried that this matter will be investigated and be related to Yan Yang. As long as he is careful not to reveal his third personality in front of outsiders,

Yan Yang slept until the afternoon and woke up as a child again.

Because his body was injured, a little twist would lead to a painful grimace and make the child, Yan Yang, want to cry.

Lin Xiaoyue sent the police away, then returned to the small side room, just in time to see Yan Yang struggling to get up.

She hurriedly ran to him and held his arms, saying, “Slow down, slow down, there is a wound on your waist.”

“It hurts, wife…”

Yan Yang said bitterly. He raised his head and looked at Lin Xiaoyue pitifully.

“I know it hurts. You are a man. You have to bear it, okay? ” Lin Xiaoyue touched Yan Yang’s head and sat down beside him.

Because of the bleeding, Yan Yang’s complexion was very bad.

Lin Xiaoyue looked at the bloodless him, secretly heartbroken for a while, “Although it hurts, you can not let others know that you are injured. You must bear it in front of other people and pretend to look like you are not hurt. Do you understand? “

Yan Yang listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s words and nodded obediently, but his lips were pouting high. “Wife, it hurts…”

“I know, come hug…”

Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward, gave him a comforting hug, and patted him on the back.

Yan Yang also hugged her small body with his backhand, and the corner of his mouth showed a smile, “Wife hugs and it will not hurt.”

“Oh, then I will hug you longer.” Lin Xiaoyue said.

So, the two of them hugged for a long time.

Lin Xiaoyue was actually quite worried about the condition of his wound. After all, she was not a doctor but simply treated him with the medicinal liquor available at home.

The wound on his waist was quite large, and she was quite worried that the wound would become inflamed because of her scribbled treatment.

It stands to reason that this kind of trauma should be taken to see a doctor.

However, there was just a wounding incident in the village, and the limelight was flourishing. In order to protect Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue could only hide him first.

So, she went into her study tonight to see if there was any medicine she could bring out for him.

Lin Xiaoyue remembered that she had a first aid kit in her study.

This study was in her house before, and it also served as a warehouse.

For dinner, Lin Xiaoyue still brought food into the small side house and ate with Yan Yang.

Wang Xiuying also grabbed her special and told her that the village had not been peaceful recently, and she was not to go out tomorrow or to buy food.

Wang Xiuying will not go out to pick up private work tomorrow. She will go out shopping with Yan Dayong and try to buy food for as many days as possible at once.

Before the murderer who harmed Yan Shuicheng and Yan Dahe were arrested, everyone tried their best not to go out.

Lin Xiaoyue, who knew the truth, said nothing but nodded her head in agreement.

She originally planned to do a small business of exchanging goods. It looks like it will have to be put on hold.

But that’s okay. She can accompany Yan Yang more at home.

There were still a few vegetarian dishes. Lin Xiaoyue secretly moved out the small snacks she had hidden in the closet, opened the beef jerky, pork breast, chicken drumsticks, and duck wings to add to the meal for the two.

Yan Yang, who had never eaten such a rare product, saw so much meat all at once, and his eyes couldn’t help but shine.

“Wife, you’re great. Where did all of this come from? ” Yan Yang asked her.

“Your wife has a secret. I will tell you early in the morning. Be sure to keep it a secret. If you dare to tell others, I will disappear. “Lin Xiaoyue scared him like this and gave him a chicken drumstick and put it in Yan Yang’s rice bowl.

Yan Yang was indeed frightened by her. He nodded frantically and responded nervously, “Wife, I will definitely not say anything. I will not tell anyone, no one! You can not disappear ah, wife…… Xiao Yang can’t do without you anymore. “

“Good boy…”

Lin Xiaoyue touched Yan Yang’s head and smiled at him, “As long as you listen to me obediently, I will treat you well.”

“Yeah, my wife has always been very good to Xiao Yang.”

Yan Yang giggled, then tore a large piece of beef jerky into Lin Xiaoyue’s bowl, “Wife, you eat more meat. You are so thin. “

Lin Xiaoyue chewed on the beef jerky and remembered the day Third Yan Yang gave her dried meat.

The food processing technology of this era was not as good as in the future, and the shop she bought the food from was more delicious.

“It’s delicious…”

Yan Yang took a bite of a chicken leg, a bite of jerky, and another bite of dried pork. He had three kinds of meat in his mouth. “I have never eaten such delicious meat.

“Have you eaten it?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked, “But the big brother in your body? He can often get these delicious things.”

Yan Yang bit the chicken drumstick, a large mouthful of rice, and replied, “My brother ate it, not mine.” What my elder brother ate is not the same as what Xiao Yang ate! “

Lin Xiaoyue thought to herself: Isn’t it all one body and one mouth? How can it be different?

Yan Yang ate a mouthful of food but thought of something, and hurriedly said: “Wife, next time you see that brother, can you tell him not to be so bad in the future?”


Lin Xiaoyue was stunned.

Is he saying that the Lao Sab is bad? Did he know that too?

Could it be that in this body, he knew what the youngest was doing out at night?

“Well…… that brother is so bad.”

Silly Yan Yang nodded, and after eating the chicken drumsticks three times, he squeezed the chicken bones clean, sucking his fingers, and said: “He hit people so fiercely, others were crying. He still hit them. He was so fierce…… he hit them with a stick. That person’s leg was broken, but he still threw that person into the field and went up to continue the fight. And ah, there is another…… He killed people with a knife, and he wouldn’t listen to others begging for mercy. It’s too bad… “

In his situation, apart from using one body for three people, the three memories were probably shared.

Although Lin Xiaoyue did not go out with Lao San last night, she did hear about the extremely ruthless behavior of Lao San from the mouth of silly Yanyang.

Lao San in the original book was like this.

Lin Xiaoyue, who has read the original book, can still remember that when Lao San was initially blackened, his methods towards the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, were also cruel.

The original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, was beaten by Lao San to the point of having a bruised nose and swollen face. She was imprisoned in the wood house for a month. In order not to cause her death, Wang Xiuying gave her some water and some yellow buns for her to live.

In addition, the third personality in the original book successfully cultivated his power in just half a month after retaliating against the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, and he had harmed everyone before… He took his revenge!

Lin Xiaoyue thought of yesterday’s third personality again.


Yan Dahe led a group of people to knock Yan Yang unconscious in the field. It is impossible for Lao San not to take revenge.

Yan Shuicheng had such a guilty heart towards Lin Xiaoyue again, calling Yan Yang a fool, and wanting to seize Lin Xiaoyue’s body privately.

It’s impossible for the third Yan Yang to not take action.

The third child has little time to come out.

It was rare that Yan Yang came out yesterday, and Lin Xiaoyue should have guessed it, and he would definitely wait for an opportunity to retaliate.

This is his character.

After all, his violent personality was born in adversity and lived to stand up.

Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t think the behavior of the third personality was wrong.

She understands the necessity of the existence of the third personality and what the third personality does.

It’s just that, in front of children, she can’t advocate violence or encourage it either.

Therefore, she replied to silly Yanyang like this, “Xiao Yang, I am not only your wife but also the wife of those two older brothers. You are still young. The reason why your two older brothers behave like this, you still do not understand, and it’s not easy to explain. Beating people may be wrong. Killing people is also wrong, but it’s not right to just endure it. “


The silly Yan Yang’s cheeks were stuffed with food, his eyes wide open. Staring at Lin Xiaoyue, “Wife, do you think that elder brother did the right thing? Because you told Xiao Yang before to retaliate against everyone who bullied Xiao Yang. “

“How to say it…”

Since the topic had come up, Lin Xiaoyue felt that she needed to discuss the three personalities with Yan Yang, “I think you are too honest and too well behaved, which is not good. Your other brother is too introverted and too tolerant, which is also not good. This is not good. Your third brother is too fierce, too bad, and this is not very good. If the three of you can combine it, you should not be too honest, too good, your other brother should not be too tolerant, and your third brother should not be too bad… just a little bit bad. Everyone should be a little more restrained, or a little more outgoing, and make appropriate changes. I think this is the best Yan Yang. “

The reason why there are three personalities is that all three personalities have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the three personalities have their own obvious disadvantages.

The Third Yan Yang often asked Lin Xiaoyue, if she was to choose one of the three, who would she choose?

However, the ideal state in Lin Xiaoyue’s heart is the fusion of three into one.

The child is kind, the second child knows restraint, and the third child is the strongest but has the biggest drawback.

So, if three can be combined into one, wouldn’t she get the most perfect man in the world?

Lin Xiaoyue secretly thought about it…

“Wife, I was a little dizzy by what you said…”

Silly Yan Yang didn’t quite understand Lin Xiaoyue’s words. What she said was too long. His brain capacity was not large. He could only absorb a little.

“If you are dizzy, just try.”

Lin Xiaoyue gave him a chopstick dish, “You don’t have to care what those two brothers have done, no matter what you three do, what trouble you get into, I will take care of you, I will protect you. All three of you are my husband. In my opinion, the three of you are one person, just Yan Yang. “


The child, Yan Yang, was so touched that, instantly, his nose was sore, and tears began to roll in his eyes.

Lin Xiaoyue saw his incomparably moved look. She smiled and touched his head, “In fact, inside the three, the most well-behaved is you. You have to listen to me well, you have to be stronger than before, you have to not be afraid of things, you can’t be bullied, okay? “

“I can definitely do it… wife…”

His child, Yan Yang, squeezed out two tears.

Although Lin Xiaoyue knew he was a child, it still felt strange to see him, who was 1.8 meters tall and had such a strong body, shed tears in front of her.

She reached out her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes and coaxed: “Eat, if you don’t eat again, the food will get cold.”

“Wife, you eat quickly, you eat…”

Yan Yang urged Lin Xiaoyue to eat quickly.

With her encouragement, the child Yan Yang also told himself in his heart that he must be strong and not be bullied casually in the future!

Every time others bullied him, he endured it every time.

Next time, he must not bear it!

He has to become more powerful and let the wife see that he is a powerful man!

The child, Yan Yang, made up his mind.

There are still two days before the distribution of food at the end of the month because the murderer is still being investigated in the village.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue and Xiao Yang stayed at home without going out of the house for the past two days.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t need to do any housework now.

Wang Xiuying did all the grocery shopping, cooking, washing dishes, and laundry.

Women of this age are outstanding!

In fact, Wang Xiuying simply cleaned and tidied up the household chores of their family of four, both in terms of experience and time.

After the separation, Wang Xiuying felt that their three-bedroom family was much more comfortable.

The first house did the majority of the housework in the other two houses, and Yan Hongying and Yang Chengyu are in charge of the family’s work.

The two mothers and daughters watched Lin Xiaoyue spend her days leisurely feeding the chicks, and their eyes were red with anger.

Yan Hongying also boldly mentioned to Yang Chengyu that they should also split up.

Do not live with the second house family. After the separation of others, it also looked very cool…

But Yang Chengyu rejected it.

Yang Chengyu’s family has a lot of expenses. Her eldest son doesn’t come home often, and when he comes home, he has to ask for money from the family.

Her third son is still young and the next to be cultivated. All of this needs money…

The only people who worked in their family were her and her husband, plus Yan Hongying. At Yan Hongying’s age, she could be married off.

Once Yan Hongying is married off, the family will have less manpower, and Yang Chengyu still needs to count on the money she can get from Grandma Yan to support her two sons…

Therefore, their family must not be separated.

Even if living together is very hard, very disadvantageous, Yang Chengyu also has to endure.

The second family was still the same. However, there has been a bit of joy recently…

After the food and votes are divided at the end of the month, the eldest son of the second family will come back from the city with his wife for the new year, and they will work in the city after the end of the new year.

Chen Cuiyun was looking forward to her son’s return from the city.

In order to meet her son with a better image, she also went to town to buy good clothes, new custom-made clothes.

When the time comes, she will be facing a happy New Year…

Lin Xiaoyue has not brought the third Yan Yang out of her studies in the past two days.

Because he was being checked outside, she thought he still couldn’t come out.

Therefore, she takes care of silly Yanyang during the day and the second Yan Yang at night.

The first aid kit was taken out from the study, and the medicine was changed once a day, and Lin Xiaoyue put it specifically at night time. Before going to bed, Lin Xiaoyue would grab the garbage from the dressing, take it into her dream study, and throw it into the trash can in the study.

In this way, no one in the family will know about Yan Yang’s injury.

She concealed it well for him.

The second personality of Yan Yang could endure the pain without making a sound. The kid couldn’t help it at all. A little medicinal water could make him scream. Therefore, the time to change the dressing is basically set in the evening.

At night, Lin Xiaoyue hid in the small side room to change Yan Yang’s bandage.

Because there are no stitches, the wound still looks quite exaggerated, but it’s just not bleeding anymore, and it hasn’t even started to scab.

Lin Xiaoyue applied the medicinal water to the wound on his waist. The irritating pain made Yan Yang purse his mouth tightly to stop himself from making a sound.

“It will be well soon. I’ll try to be gentle.”

Lin Xiaoyue carefully disinfected the wound with iodine, and after the disinfection was over, a layer of ointment was applied on top, which was changed to gauze and taped on to take care of it.

She handled it in such a rough way.

It doesn’t matter if it leaves a scar or not, as long as he lives.

Anyway, she doesn’t mind if he has a scar on his body.

The second personality of Yan Yang spoke a little bit more recently in front of Lin Xiaoyue.

Because Lin Xiaoyue and the child talked about the third Yan Yang, the second personality also wanted to know Lin Xiaoyue’s true attitude towards him.

Therefore, the second personality also took the initiative to chat with Lin Xiaoyue about this topic.

After the change of medicine tonight, second Yan Yang then asked Lin Xiaoyue, “Do you have any expectations of me? What do you expect?”


Lin Xiaoyue, who was packing the medicine box, was shocked.

Lifting her eyes, she glanced at Yan Yang, “Are you asking me? What do I expect from you…… as a personality? “


Yan Yang nodded.

It was “him” that he was asking.

It wasn’t the kid who asked or the third personality who asked.

It was him, the master personality who could control his body…

The second Yan Yang wants to know what Lin Xiaoyue thinks of him?

Yan Yang was willing to change.

He said before that he was willing to change something for her…

“What am I to you…”

Lin Xiaoyue packed up the medicine box, hid the medicine box in the closet, then moved some dried fruits and snacks out, set them on the bed, and talked with him while eating, “What do I expect from you… I probably just hope that you can talk more, be more courageous, and don’t keep yourself bored in the room. “

Lin Xiaoyue broke pistachio and handed it to him. Yan Yang, “I know you are afraid to communicate with people. But if you can change, that would be the best. “

“Are you hoping that I can go out and interact with others more?” Yan Yang asked her.

Lin Xiaoyue ate her pistachios and nodded, “Yes. It would be best if you could do that. That seems to be your only drawback, right? “

Yan Yang ate the pistachios she had just handed and slowly grabbed them. He stared, “I… try my best. I’ll try…”

She did not know that he always had panicked when communicating with the outside world.

It was because he had received too many malicious treatments from the outside world before.

From his family, from society, from all…

This barrier is… really difficult for him to cross.

Yan Yang didn’t know if he could do it.

However, he also wanted to try it for her.

The other two of them were working hard for her, and he was the same.

“Are you really willing to try it?” Lin Xiaoyue ate the dried fruit and bared the slightest surprise between her eyebrows.

“Hmm…” Yan Yang responded lightly.

“Then you have to speak louder, talk more!”

Lin Xiaoyue taught him, “You have to learn what kind of words to say when talking to whom. Lao-san is doing fantastically well at this point! Although Lao-san has been out for a short time, he has many friends! “

Yan Yang cautiously looked at her, “Are you…… very fond of him?”

Lin Xiaoyue: “Hmm…”

The third personality, apart from being too violent… has no other shortcomings.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue really likes him the most!

No matter when she was reading the book or inside the book…


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