I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Living in this body, the second personality has always known that Lin Xiaoyue’s favorite was the third personality.

When choosing between the three of them, she chooses the third personality every time.

Even in front of his face, her expression shows that she likes the third.

Such an answer. It is absolutely fake for the second personality to say that he is not sad.

But he has no way to fight with the third.

He himself knew what did he do to Lin Xiaoyue after Lin Xiaoyue came to her house? What did the third child do to Lin Xiaoyue?

He was not able to protect Lin Xiaoyue and did not even dare to come forward to protect her.

And every time Lao San came out, she seemed to have a backing, and she was confident in her words and actions.

Therefore, the second child never dared to ask her to choose among the three of them.

It was a sleepless night for the second time.

Lin Xiaoyue slept next to him, but he was tossing and turning. His thoughts were still active even with his eyes closed.

The second, Yan Yang told himself…

He had to change.

He wants to change.

He must change!

Next time…

Or maybe tomorrow…

He has to…… come out during the day.

At night, Lin Xiaoyue entered the study space.

Because she didn’t hold Yan Yang’s hand to sleep, she didn’t see Yan Yang in space.

In recent days, she has slept with trash in her hands.

In order to bring garbage into the study…

In the study space, Lin Xiaoyue sat in front of her laptop, logged on to Taobao, and checked the logistics information of the fruit she ordered earlier.

After waiting for several days, the logistics information finally showed the receipt.

Lin Xiaoyue felt extremely nervous when she saw the three words “received”!

Her apples showed that they had been signed for.

Where should she go to get the apples?

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly ran to open the door of the study, and when she opened it, she saw a completely dark world.

She quickly closed the study door.

This is a study-only area; she is studying, but she is unable to leave.

Lin Xiaoyue did not know who had signed up for her Apple Express and where the things were?

According to her words, before she was born, she signed for the delivery downstairs at home, and then she would take the delivery back to her room.

But now, she only has such a space in her studies.

Does this mean that the courier was useless even if it is signed for? Can’t you enter this world?


Lin Xiaoyue sighed and was instantly very disappointed.

She went back to the computer and communicated with the Taobao store, asking the store who received the courier? How was it received?

After asking, Lin Xiaoyue glanced at the big box of snacks by her feet.

The things in the study are inexhaustible. Taking it away today will give birth to the same thing tomorrow.

So, after she took out a large box of snacks that day, she came in on the second day, and this box of snacks was still packaged and placed on the ground.

Lin Xiaoyue thought to herself, even if there are no apples, let’s live on these snacks in the future.

So, she unpacked this big box of snacks again.

Never thought of it!

Unexpectedly…. as soon as the box was opened, there was a box of apples inside!

It was the box of apples she bought in Taobao!

Lin Xiaoyue exclaimed, quickly picked up an apple and rubbed it…

Big and red, it looks delicious at first sight!

She had not eaten fruit for a long time. She hurriedly took the paper towel on the table and casually wiped it, then bit down.

Crispy, watery, and sweet, and you can still see the iced sugar heart inside!


Lin Xiaoyue sighed sincerely.

She knew that the space in this study was very sky-defying!

It looks like a study, but it’s actually bursting with functions!

Couriers from the future world could be received…

This shows that this study is actually connected to the future world.

Or is it a transit station?

This meant that this study was actually still connected to the future world.

Lin Xiaoyue bit the crunchy apple and didn’t think too much anymore.

She hurriedly went to Taobao and urged several other fruit logistics companies to send them quickly!

And the most important thing is…

Lin Xiaoyue discovered that after she finished spending when she returned to this space the next day, the money in Alipay was still unconsumed.

This shows that the time that exists in the study space is always fixed on the day of her death.

However, the study is connected to the future world.

She has inexhaustible money here, enjoys the eternally fixed future time, and can also enjoy the materials of the future world.

The golden finger is too much!

Although it was not clear why Lin Xiaoyue was content to enjoy the status quo.

Nibbling on an apple, she glanced at the paper she had written before she died…… related to fourth-dimensional space.

She is not the kind of student with very good qualifications. In the future world, Ph.D. and postgraduate degrees will not be rare.

As far as Lin Xiaoyue is concerned, the postgraduate entrance examination was quite laborious. At the time, staying up late for the postgraduate entrance exam cost half of her life, and studying for the examination even killed her…

Although she has been studying cosmological space theory with her tutor for many years, in fact, she really did not research anything.

Forget it…

This kind of academic research is all about her past life.

This life, when she went inside the fictional world of the 70s, she did not want to be glorious and great to save the world, but just wanted to live comfortably like a salted fish.

Just live comfortably…

Chapter 31

The next day, Lin Xiaoyue woke up, and she strangely discovered that what she had harvested was not the child Yan Yang but the second Yan Yang!

And today’s second Yan Yang was also different from usual.

When she got up early and got out of bed, the second Yan Yang also followed her, with his feet on the ground, preparing to put on his shoes.

“Are you also getting out of bed?” Lin Xiaoyue was stunned.

“Mm.” Yan Yang answered softly.

Lin Xiaoyue put her small hands on his shoulders, “Don’t get up. The injuries on your body are not yet healed. lie down on the bed for a few more days.”

Yan Yang stiffened when he bent over. Indeed, the wound on his waist was implicated when he bent over. He frowned in pain.

Lin Xiaoyue observed that his expression was not right and hurriedly held him up. “Don’t try to be brave. It’s better to be good and stay in bed. I’ll bring water over for you to wash up later. “

Yan Yang raised his dark eyes and fixed them on Lin Xiaoyue’s face, “But I promised you that…… I’m going to make changes……”

“Then, don’t rush yourself to change this instant.”

Lin Xiaoyue helped him with his shoulders and said earnestly. “It’s good to know that you have this in mind. However, everything can be done slowly. Now the outside world is still investigating the case of Yan Dahe and Yan Shuicheng. Because they thought you were a fool, so they didn’t come to investigate you. If you make changes at this time, it will cause suspicion. Now is not the right time, for the time being, to maintain the status quo. “

Yan Yang heard Lin Xiaoyue’s well-thought-out analysis and nodded in agreement, “Good…… listen to you.”

“Continue to stay in bed for the next few days. I’ll get you some water to wash. ” Lin Xiaoyue patted his shoulder and got up to prepare to go out.


Just as she got up, Yan Yang stopped her, “What’s this box on the floor?”

Thanks to his reminder, Lin Xiaoyue would have forgotten that…… she had brought a box of apples out of the study!

“Haha, this is the secret I brought here again.”

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and opened the box, calling Yan Yang to see the box of apples contained in the box.

In this era, fruits are very expensive!

When Yan Yang saw the box of big red apples, his eyes widened in astonishment, and he looked up at Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue closed the box again, “Keep it a secret. This is for the two of us to eat.”

Yan Yang really wanted to ask her…… what secrets she had in the end?

The two of them went to sleep last night, and she even slept earlier than he did.

This box of apples seems to have appeared out of nowhere…

Yan Yang felt more and more…… Lin Xiaoyue is a fairy, right? Bringing out something was a fairy’s magic? If not, how else could it be so miraculous?

Lin Xiaoyue hid the box of apples in the closet, and she walked out of the small side room.

Even today, the villagers still do not dare to go out without permission.

Therefore, the compound of Lao Yan’s house was very lively in the morning.

The winter sun was warm and sprinkled in the courtyard.

The first and second houses set up two benches in front of each house, and several women sat on the benches eating sunflower seeds while chatting.

When they saw Lin Xiaoyue coming out of the small house, the four women from the first and second houses cast a disdainful look towards Lin Xiaoyue and sneered at her.

They talked about how the new daughter-in-law was lazy, sleeping until the sun shone three times in the morning, and her mother-in-law had prepared breakfast. She only needed to slowly get up. She was not even doing household chores. The third house married Lin Xiaoyue. It is simply like a lifetime of bad luck!

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t care about them!

After she finished washing her and Yan Yang, she went to Wang Xiuying’s house to get breakfast.

Wang Xiuying did not take on any private work these days and was too idle at home.

Apart from the fact that she often heard the women from the second house chewing on her, her life was quite pleasant in the past two days.

Wang Xiuying asked Lin Xiaoyueabout Yan Yang’s injury. “The sun is good outside today, and Xiao Yang has been bored staying in the house all day. After breakfast, you can take him out and sit in the courtyard. Don’t sit with the people from the two houses, just sit in front of your house, so he can get some sunshine. “

“Got it, mother-in-law.” Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head and answered.

Since Wang Xiuying had given her word, Lin Xiaoyue would take Yan Yang out to sit later.

She sat in front of their small house to get some sunshine and remove the musty smell from her body.

For breakfast, Wang Xiuying cooked noodles for both of them, with vegetables and two fried eggs on top.

Although there was no meat, the two fried eggs laid on top of the noodles were still appetizing to look at.

After the separation of the family, the rations of the third family were really getting better and better.

All the good ingredients in the house were prepared by Lin Xiaoyue before.

She bought a large basket of eggs so that she could still taste some eggs when there was no meat.

Wang Xiuying did not ask Lin Xiaoyue where she got so much money in her hands.

Because Wang Xiuying knew in her own heart that the money in Lin Xiaoyue’s hand may have been provided by the demon Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue returned to the small side room with two bowls of noodles with two eggs lying on top of the noodles, and she set up a bench at the door of the small side room.

Then she slowly led Yan Yang out of the house and went back to bring two bowls of egg noodles.

Then, the two of them sat at the door of the small side house, basking in the warm sun and eating the egg noodles comfortably.

Yan Yang felt uncomfortable because several women from the first and second houses were staring at them.

He was not used to receiving such looks and was afraid of interacting with people.

If it was before, he would have hidden in the small side room and never left the door.

But now, he had already told Lin Xiaoyue that he was willing to change for her.

Therefore, even if he felt uncomfortable, he still endured.

“Fried eggs are so delicious~.”

Lin Xiaoyue, beside him, ate a mouthful of noodles and a mouthful of eggs.

While she was eating, she deliberately chucked up fried eggs and told several women over there to see how well she and Yan Yang ate their breakfast!

Yan Yang saw her eating eggs so happily, so he picked up the egg in his bowl and put it in her bowl. He whispered. “You eat more.”

“No, two for each of us, you have to eat more too!”

Lin Xiaoyue frowned and pinned the eggs back onto his bowl, then blocked his chopsticks with her chopsticks, “No more eggs for me! Eat up! “

Yan Yang had to withdraw the idea of giving her the egg. He lowered his head and quietly took a bite of the fried egg.

Lin Xiaoyue looked at his appearance, eating in a civilized manner. His nose was high, his eyebrows were handsome, and his face was really good-looking.

People from ancient times said that by nature, we desire food and sex.

Lin Xiaoyue was probably like this at this time.

Looking at Yan Yang, who was eating noodles in such a gentle manner, Lin Xiaoyue felt that her appetite had widened!

On the other hand, the four women of the second house family eyes can not ignore Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang’s simple and unpretentious’ 4 eggs breakfast……

These days, they can still eat 4 eggs for breakfast!

Is the third family so extravagant?

Chen Cuiyun is already blaming Yang Chengyu: “How come we haven’t had noodles with fried eggs on top for breakfast for the past few days?”

Yang Chengyu thought to herself, “There are so many people in this family, so if we add two eggs to everyone’s bowl, we will have to pay for all the vegetables for the day.

Only one old hen is left in the house that lays eggs, and there is only one egg a day.

If you want to eat more, you have to stock up for a few days.

Such things, does Chen Cuiyun still have the guts to ask someone out?

In her heart, she despised Chen Cuiyun, but Yang Chengyu still had a smile on her face. “Second Sister-in-law, our family’s food budget is limited, and we can’t afford to eat such an extravagant meal. I really want to ask the third family for advice. After the separation, how come their family has eggs and meat? They ate like the landlord’s family back then. “

Yang Chengyu’s heart began to wonder if Grandma Yan had given money to the third family.

She was about to bring the topic to this point and to encourage Chen Cuiyun to make a fuss.

As a result, Chen Cuiyun automatically changed the topic and waved her hand, “It’s nothing. I just can’t eat good things in this old Yan’s house. My son will arrive in a few days. Are you afraid that he won’t give me anything good? I can’t rely on anyone on this matter except my son. “

“Mom, I’m going to marry out later, and I’ll also bring you good things back.”

Yan Lianhua answered, “You help me think about it. How can I marry Brother Xia Ming? I have investigated, his family background is very good! “

“I don’t care about you.”

Chen Cuiyun was eating melon seeds, “Then, no matter how good Lu Xiaming’s family background is, he is an educated youth. If an educated youth is married in the countryside, he will never return to the city in his life. If you want to marry him, you can marry him. I do not expect you to enter the city. I don’t expect you to go to the city. It’s enough to have your brother in the city. Your brother will support me in the future. “

On the side, the conversation between the first and second families can be heard by Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue.

The second family’s house, the son in the city was coming back…

Hearing this news, Yan Yang’s hand that was holding the chopsticks clenched quietly, his heart surging with waves of emotions…

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t notice it.

She sucked on the noodles and said to Yan Yang, “Don’t envy them. It’s easy to enter the city in the future. In another two years, we will definitely be able to enter the city! “

And in the future, rural residence registration will be more valuable than urban residence registration!


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