I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 32

Chapter 32

In the past few days, because the murderer had not been caught, only a few people dared to stroll into the village.

The Shangyan Village was quiet for a few days.

But in these past few days, every household has been at peace.

Old Yan’s house and the third family’s house were also quite peaceful, and no one was deliberately looking for trouble again.

Soon it was the end of the month…

The village became busy again when the day of distribution of food, tickets, money, the slaughter of pigs, and meat came.

In the village hall, the village head, Yan Jianhong, led the commune cadres, accountants, and community members to gather the villagers to distribute the last month of the year’s benefits.

The village hall was very lively.

The villagers sat on benches in the village hall and distributed food, tickets, and money according to the individual work points and it was calculated by the accountant. Finally, the fat pigs were slaughtered and distributed.

After Wang Xiuying and Yang Dayong were separated from Old Yan’s family, these benefits were received in their hands based on their individual work points.

In the past, the Old Yan’s family would send their son from the oldest house to receive all the benefits. Grandma Yan will make arrangements after receiving them and then distribute them to the entire family.

A lot of money was handed over to the two elderly men and then distributed to individuals, leaving them with a small amount of money.

In the past, Wang Xiuying would lament every time this day came. Seeing so much money and so little money in hand, she would feel listless.

But after this separation, no matter whether it was money, tickets, or food, she didn’t have to hand it over to others, she could have it all in her own hands.

Therefore, Wang Xiuying was very excited this time.

Although her and Yan Dayong’s public share was not much, and there was not much that she could get…

But, at the very least, these are all the couple’s property and do not have to be divided.

After a period of calculation, Yan Dayong and Wang Xiuying received 105 yuan, food stamps, industrial stamps, cloth stamps, and 10 catties of fine rice by virtue of their individual work points.

This is the last month of the autumn harvest, and the salary they received during the half-day working with Lin Xiaoyue.

It’s not very rich, but considering that you don’t have to hand it over to Grandma Yan, all of it belongs to them…

Wang Xiuying was happy enough.

The two pigs raised in the village were slaughtered in public today, and they were also divided into each family based on their individual work points.

Following their separation from Old Yan’s family, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were treated as one family and given two and a half catties of meat.

Although there were only two or three pieces of meat, with Wang Xiuying’s effort, she was able to cut three li * of the very good-looking pork belly.

(TN: li is an ancient measure of length.)

In this era, fat meat is more valuable than lean meat, because fat meat can produce oil when you boil it.

Coming back from the auditorium, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were in a good mood.

Like a big harvest, they went home with a bunch of harvested products.

As soon as they entered the house, Wang Xiuying let out her voice and shouted to the small side of the house, “Xiaoyue, Xiaoyang, there is meat to eat tonight! What do you two want to eat? “

Although there were only two or three pieces of meat, you could still eat it very well.

Wang Xiuying also did not try to save the meat. It should be eaten, the blessing should be enjoyed.

Lin Xiaoyue took the child, Yan Yang, and the two came out of the small side house and went straight to Wang Xiuying’s house.

“Mom, there is meat to eat today!” The child, Yan Yang, was very happy and ran a few steps.

Lin Xiaoyue followed behind him, hurriedly pulled him, and told him: “You run slowly, your body is still not well.”

Yan Yang obediently listened to her, and smiled back, and said: “I forgot, wife. I won’t run and walk slowly. “

Lin Xiaoyue stroked his head, and then entered Wang Xiuying’s house with Xia Yang.

In the room, Yan Dayong was picking up the table and nibbling on the yellow bun that he hadn’t finished eating this morning.

Wang Xiuying had already started to put on her apron, and when she saw the two children, she smiled, “Today the village killed a pig, and we received three pieces of meat. What do you two want to eat? Steamed, or fried? “

“Xiao Yang likes to eat meat. The meat is delicious in any case! Yan Yang’s hands danced with joy.

Lin Xiaoyue also had a craving, “Grandma, can we split half to make white cut meat and the other half to fry a green pepper with the meat slice?”

Wang Xiuying stared at Lin Xiaoyue for a few seconds, then laughed, “I knew you were a sophisticated girl! Okay, then listen to you! Make two meat! “

“Thank you, mother-in-law, ” Lin Xiaoyue was also happy.

“Xiaoyue gave me a hand, helped me wash and cut vegetables.” Wang Xiuying arranged it.

“Okay, mother-in-law.” Lin Xiaoyue agreed quickly.

Yan Yang, who had nothing to do, also took the initiative to raise his hand, “I also want to help! There is nothing to do! I also want to help! “

“So Xiao Yang will wash the vegetables, Xiao Yue will cut the vegetables. You two should divide the work,” Wang Xiuying said with a smile.

Yan Yang raised his hand high, “Okay! I’m going to wash the vegetables! “

The relationship between the family of four was getting deeper and deeper and more and more harmonious.

Wang Xiuying watched her son become more and more well-behaved and obedient, and Lin Xiaoyue made her son stronger and smarter…


Wang Xiuying does feel that his son is getting smarter.

Lin Xiaoyue, bought the right wife, and she helped her with taking care of her son.

Wang Xiuying’s busy life has directly reduced more than half of his worries.

She notices that their three-bedroom family has become more harmonious since their separation.

After the family of four had a sumptuous dinner, Lin Xiaoyue took Yan Yang to take a bath.

Wang Xiuying was washing dishes in the room, while Yan Dayong was sitting at the table with his legs crossed, picking his teeth leisurely.

“Wait a minute, do you want to count the money?”

Yan Dayong asked Wang Xiuying, “Do we still have spare money? At the end of the year, buy me another pair of shoes. “

“I think we don’t have spare money anymore.”

Wang Xiuying rejected Yan Dayong. “I plan to take Xiao Yang to see the master two days after tomorrow. Finally, I have 100 yuan, and I will not be at ease if I don’t take Xiao Yang to see the master once. “

Yan Dayong nodded. He could only follow Wang Xiuying’s wishes, “Okay, let’s take him to see the master first. What about New Year’s money? A visit to the master will cost at least 100 yuan, and we only have that on hand. We only have more than ten yuan on hand now. We need to celebrate the new year this month. “

“The money…”

Wang Xiuying paused, “Why don’t we discuss money matters with Xiao Yue?”

“What’s the use of discussing with her?” Yan Dayong was puzzled…

Wang Xiuying lowered her head while washing the dishes. She opened her lips: “Xiao Yue must have money in her hands. I think she spends a lot of money on buying vegetables, but I actually didn’t give her that much money. I guess, maybe the devil gave her the money. “

Yan Dayong looked at Wang Xiuying with complicated eyes…

Wang Xiuying brushed the bowl here and continued: “I haven’t paid much attention to Xiao Yang during this period of time. It is equivalent to handing Xiao Yang to Xiao Yue. Xiaoyue spends day and night with Xiaoyang, and she should know more about Xiao Yang’s situation than we do. I saw that whether it was the current Xiao Yang or the “devil” that the master said, they were good for Xiao Yue. So I’m also thinking… If Xiao Yang’s situation is not good after seeing the master this time, I will listen to Xiao Yue in the future. “

Yan Dayong looked at Wang Xiuying’s expression even more bizarre, “You listening to a child?”

In his eyes, he considered Lin Xiaoyue as a child.

Wang Xiuying nodded her head and sighed, “It depends on the master. After all, we have been to him for so many years, and every time we go, there will be some improvement. But still, it was not completely cured. So, if I find the master this time, the effect will not be great. Then, I planned to listen to Xiaoyue. “

Yan Dayong also sighed, “It’s up to you. I don’t want to worry about it anymore. I just want them to have a child now, and when the child grows up, let the child take care of them both so that we both have less trouble. “


Wang Xiuying agreed with Yan Dayong, “I should tell them to give birth earlier. How many years can we both take care of them? In Xiao Yang’s situation, in the future, they could only rely on their children. After all, we will go first…. “

Yan Dayong sighed in melancholy. He didn’t want to talk about this heavy topic.

A childlike Yan Yang is considered a lifelong burden to the couple.

When Yan Yang was 6 years old, his brain suddenly stopped growing.

They took him to the city to see a doctor and did some tests, and the results showed that there was no problem at all.

Only that, his IQ was stuck at 6 years old.

Later, they took him to see the master, who said it was an invasion of evil and that he could not be cured.

At that time, Yan Dayong and Wang Xiuying actually planned to have another child instead of Yan Yang.

The couple had also done ruthless things.

Before Yan Yang was really grown up, they grabbed him and sold him.

Later, they did sell Yan Yang, which was the most heartless thing the couple had ever done in their lives.

For a year after that incident, the couple did not conceive a child.

When they went to the hospital, they found that Yan Dayong had a health problem, and it was impossible to have a second child in this life.

So, after a lot of tossing and turning, the couple took Yan Yang back from the buyer.

After returning to Yan Yang, the whole person becomes more neurotic.

When the couple took him to see the master again, the master said that the evil demon living in Yan Yang’s body was getting stronger and stronger.

So a lot of money was spent on suppressing it. In the end, the couple got their 6-year-old son who has a true, kind, and beautiful heart.

Yan Yang’s situation was really complicated.

But now, it is impossible for Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong to abandon Yang Yang.

The two of them didn’t take back Yan Yang for him to take care of them when they grew old, but just to live up to their conscience.

Perhaps it was their guilty conscience that caused them to lose their ability to reproduce directly after selling Yan Yang.

Wang Xiuying and her husband tacitly knew about this matter, and they have not mentioned it again for so many years.

The couple now is just silently…… arranging Yan Yang’s future.

That’s all.


In the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue is giving Yan Yang a bath.

In the winter, even if the doors and windows are closed, bathing is also a pretty torturous thing.

Yan Yang trembled all over, holding her arms, and said with trembling lips, “Wife, wash faster, so cold ah……”

“Good, I will try to hurry ah…”

Lin Xiaoyue wrung a hot cloth towel and hurriedly wiped on Yan Yang’s body.

These days, it’s basically a lot of wiping than taking a bath.

First, apply a little circle of soap on the bath cloth, wipe the body once, then wash the bath cloth and wipe the body again.

This will be considered to have taken a bath.

Yan Yang was injured for so many days, lying in bed for so many days, rubbing medicinal wine and anti-inflammatory water every day. Indeed, it has been a long time since he had taken a bath.

It is rare for Lin Xiaoyue to wash him, so she must wash it clean.

But, seeing Yan Yang freeze, she had no choice but to speed up the action in her hands…

Can’t let him catch a cold after washing his body.

This was not worth the loss.

After quickly giving him a bath, Lin Xiaoyue took the bathwater out and poured it away.

When she walked through the courtyard, she saw that the main house was brightly lit and the sound of laughter was coming from inside.

She thought it was a good harvest day, and everyone in the main house was happy too.

Chen Cuiyun in the second room was really happy recently because her son was coming back with his wife to town.

Lin Xiaoyue was not even close to the main house when she heard Chen Cuiyun’s sharp laughter, laughing while talking about her son coming back soon…

Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t understand what there is to brag about.

After pouring the bathwater, Lin Xiaoyue put the basin back into Wang Xiuying’s room.

Before leaving, she was suddenly called by Wang Xiuying.

“Xiao Yue, I plan to take Xiao Yang to see the master two days after tomorrow. Which day do you think is more appropriate? ” Wang Xiuying asked Lin Xiaoyue.

The reason why she sought Lin Xiaoyue’s opinion was that now, she had been given full authority in taking care of Yan Yang to Lin Xiaoyue.

Wang Xiuying knew that Lin Xiaoyue understood Yan Yang better than she did.

“Mother-in-law, I think……”

When Lin Xiaoyue heard that Wang Xiuying was still obsessed with taking Yan Yang to see the master, she originally wanted to advise Wang Xiuying to let go of this idea.

But after just a few words, a thought suddenly flashed through Lin Xiaoyue’s mind.

She thought, this is just an opportunity…… she can let Yan Yang transform to another identity. Ah!

“Mother-in-law, I think, whether tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, let’s see how Xiao Yang is doing first. If Xiao Yang’s condition is good, any day is appropriate. ” Lin Xiaoyue replied to Wang Xiuying.

“That’s what I mean too.”

Wang Xiuying, who was soaking her feet, nodded her head, “Xiao Yang’s condition, now you know better than I do. If you think what day is appropriate, just tell me at an earlier time. We have to take a boat to get to the city to look for it. It will take a day. “

“Okay, mother-in-law. Then I’ll tell you first thing in the morning if it’s the right day. ” Lin Xiaoyue said.

Wang Xiuying: “Yes, yes. Then there’s nothing else, you should go to bed early. “

“Okay, mother-in-law also needs to go to bed early.”

Lin Xiaoyue finished talking to Wang Xiuying and hurried back to the small side room.

Yan Yang was nibbling on the apples she brought out from space. He was now eating three apples a day, which was an extra meal after every meal.

Although a bit extravagant, Lin Xiaoyue can’t take out these apples to sell for now. If it’s not eaten, it would only rot.

So, Lin Xiaoyue told him to eat three or four apples a day, eat more, don’t be polite.

When she returned to the small house, Lin Xiaoyue also took an apple in her hand and nibbled on it.

As she ate, she asked Yan Yang, “Xiao Yang, can you get one of your two brothers to come out tomorrow?”

“Xiao Yang doesn’t know.”

Yan Yang shook his head, “Those two brothers are out on their own if they want to. Xiaoyang does whatever he wants! “

Lin Xiaoyue: “Okay. Then we’ll see each other tomorrow. “

Yan Yang gnawed on the apple and said, “Wife, the apple is delicious!”

Lin Xiaoyue also said: “If it’s good, you should eat more! If you don’t eat it soon, it will rot. “

The apples were originally prepared for her business, but Wang Xiuying has been at home these days, so she can’t go out to sell them.

There is no other way but to enjoy it by herself.

Lin Xiaoyue thought…… she should be the coolest era book wearer, right? She needs to think about what she should do for her career!

The heart of salted fish is finally near…


The next day.

Lin Xiaoyue harvested the second Yan Yang.

He most likely heard her call last night, so the second came.

It’s just that the second child wasn’t expecting Lin Xiaoyue to ask him right away when he came out, “My mother-in-law said she wants to take you to see the master. When do you think it is appropriate? “

The second child, Yan Yang’s expression froze, “I don’t want to go…”


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    I have no comment on the parents. I want to get angry but Xiaoyue won’t let our Yang’er to be harmed anymore. Let me just take a moment to admire Xiaoyue’s golden finger. If I transmigrate, I want her kind of golden finger. Unli money, unli books, unli internet with taobao at your disposal? Yes please!!!

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    I am so enraged right now! They didn’t try to find out why his development delayed, no going to further doctors, instead to a quack master and then selling him into abuse! What kind of parent does that! I don’t care how poor you are, at the very least mercy end him, instead of letting a perpetually 6 yr old be given to strangers to be abused. I want YY to get better but I don’t want these despicable parents to ever benefit from it.

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    I know it’s just a sign of the times that a poor, uneducated rural family would react to what they think is demon possession by abandoning him & trying again for a normal son, but selling your own child who’s suffering from mental illness is so messed up. That is something ML has the right to hold against them for the rest of his life and never forgive, and I hope he isn’t forced by the plot to do some teary dramatic reconciliation with them to let go of his grudges & blah blah blah.


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