I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 33

Chapter 33 

Yan Yang didn’t want to see the master for a reason.

That master is like a warlock of Jianghu.

He was saying a bunch of strange words, declaring him as a demon, and believing that a 6-year-old child is the true Yan Yang.

But his family believed the words of the master…

In other words, maybe the family wanted the 6-year-old child, and not him…

Therefore, after Yan Yang went to see the master, and his family’s rejection of him, he stopped coming out and gave full authority to the 6-year-old Yan Yang.

Because every time…

In front of that master, as well as the family, the two of them were on the side that they should not exist. They both should be suppressed, be erased…

Lin Xiaoyue also wanted to discuss with the second Yan Yang about going to see the master, but the second Yan Yang was quite resistant to this matter.

She talked with the second for a while, only to learn from the second, that he had been avoiding Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong all these years. The real reason for this was parental love.

It turns out that this pair of parents simply do not recognize the second and third as their sons.

They only recognized the obedient 6-year-old child.

Every time they took him to see the master, the purpose was simple…… just to erase the second and third.

If you can’t murder, you can only ‘suppress’…

In fact, it is not suppression, it’s just that the two of them do not want to come out.

They both have no feelings for their parents, but instead a trace of hatred towards them.

The original book was not written in great detail.

Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t know very well either.

It wasn’t until the second child, Yan Yang, explained his unwillingness to go there in a few words, and Lin Xiaoyue realized that he and the third child were so pitiful.

Lin Xiaoyue stroked his head and coaxed him nicely, “rub your ah…… don’t be sad, don’t put that master’s word to heart.”

“I don’t really care about the words of the master…”

Yan Yang’s sorrowful eyes fell on Lin Xiaoyue’s face, “just, I can’t accept it. Those two people’s malice towards me… “

Those two people…… she was referring to his parents in general.

Three people used the same body and share all the memories.

The second and third knew how good those parents were to the six-year-old, so they couldn’t be cruel to them.

But the second and the third also know how much the parents dislike them, so they can’t be kind to them.

Lin Xiaoyue understands the way he thinks, so she can understand him.

“Mother-in-law and father-in-law, in my opinion, are not bad for you either.”

Lin Xiaoyue can’t instigate the affection of their family, but can only reconcile them as the middleman. “Do you want to change yourself for me? Do you still have this idea now? “

Yan Yang looked at Lin Xiaoyue, “Hmm…”

This idea has always been there.

He was also trying to change.

Recently, there was more time than he was out during the day, but he just hadn’t started interacting with people yet.

“I do think that if you want to make a change, this trip to see the master is a good opportunity.”

Lin Xiaoyue analyzed for him, “Think about it if you don’t have any reason for your sudden change, being able to act mature, then if you appear in front of others, they will definitely find it strange. Moreover, the recent accident was still under investigation. If the police investigate you and discover that you had that side… the police may look into you and then classify this as a malicious injury incident committed by a mentally ill patient, which will be very damaging to you. “

Yan Yang slowly nodded his head.

Lin Xiaoyue continued: “Therefore, you need an opportunity to change.” I believe that seeing the master is the right opportunity for you to take advantage of. “

Yan Yang thought deeply about Lin Xiaoyue’s words and gradually understood somewhat what she meant by them.

Lin Xiaoyue then continued her analysis for him to hear, “I mean, after seeing that master, you appear in front of the crowd with such an image, the crowd will not feel that it is you who suddenly transformed, but that master who brought you out and transformed you. In that case, you will have the right reason to change and you will be able to make others accept your change. Putting it this way, can you understand? “

Yan Yang nodded his head slightly, “Understood…”

He heard it…

She was telling him to use this opportunity and turn it into a favorable condition for him to use himself.

Miss Lin was smart.

Her mind turns quickly.

Yan Yang was in awe of her intelligence all the time, and the magic of that resides in her body.

He kept thinking…… she should be the fairy sent down from heaven to redeem him, right?

I want to know the secret behind her…

But if losing her was the only way to find out her secret, then Yan Yang did not want to know anything.

He now… wants to own her completely, and doesn’t want to share her with any of his personality.

He and the third were of the same mind……

Lin Xiaoyue saw Yan Yang staring at her lost in thought, reached out, and shook his hand in front of Yan Yang’s eyes, “What are you thinking about?  Is there anything else to consider? “

Returning to his senses, Yan Yang suddenly grabbed her little hand and frightened Lin Xiaoyue…

After he reacted, he quickly pulled his hand and hid his hands behind him, nodding embarrassedly, “No… I didn’t disregard anything.”

“So, you agreed to my idea?” Lin Xiaoyue asked him while tilting her head.

She is so cute.

Lin Xiaoyue’s peculiar little expression was printed in Yan Yang’s black eyes.

Her face was not very fleshy, but with a little baby fat in her little face, it looked so tender, making you want to reach out and pinch…

But Yan Yang held back.

His heart was flustered and he nodded his head in a trance, “Hmm…”

Lin Xiaoyue saw that he agreed, so instead asked again, “So, today or tomorrow? Let’s go see the master? Time does not matter, as long as you prepare yourself mentally. Because after seeing the master, you can start to gradually change. “

Yan Yang thought for a moment and gritted his teeth and said firmly, “Today…”

He wanted to change sooner, sooner…

If he could get better sooner, he could have that confidence to have her sooner.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw that he agreed, she quickly got out of bed and put on her shoes, and said urgently, “Then I’ll go find my mother-in-law now. You wait… “

She quickly ran out of the small side room……

Yan Yang looked at her back as she left far away, and suddenly, his head throbbed with pain!

He immediately pressed his temples and gritted his teeth to endure the pain…

At that moment, I don’t know whether it was a voice in my ears or in my head, “She is mine, you are not allowed to think about her! If you dare to kill me, I will die with you! “

This voice……… came from the third personality.

Yan Yang soon collapsed on the bed in pain, and it took some effort to use his powerful spiritual power to suppress the demented thoughts in his head.

Over there, Lin Xiaoyue quickly told Wang Xiuying that Yan Yang was ready for today.

So, Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying hurriedly brought out the money, packed a few yellow buns, and then prepared to take Yan Yang on the road to find the master.

Lin Xiaoyue went back to the small house to call Yan Yang and saw that he suddenly looked pale. She thought he was frightened.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly helped him to put on his shoes, while comforting him in a good voice, “Don’t feel afraid, I am with you. If you don’t know how to face your mother-in-law, just don’t say anything. If your mother-in-law sees that you are not in the right state, she will not ask you. She knows a lot about it. “

Yan Yang put on his shoes and Lin Xiaoyue helped him get up.

The body’s external injuries have not yet healed, she whispered in his ears, “Also pay attention to the body’s injuries ah, do not run or jump or make a scene. Even if there is some discomfort, you talk to me but do not go crazy. “

Yan Yang listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s meticulous instructions, his heart was hot.


Just now I heard the voice of the third personality, which was his first reaction in so many years.

It had never occurred before, with another person’s voice suddenly appearing in his mind and his body being strongly repelled by another person.

Yan Yang himself could feel that the third personality in his body was jealous, and just now there was a frantic desire to take over the body.

However, the master was still the second personality, in the end, so the second Yan Yang suppressed him.

Because of this situation, Yan Yang does not intend to tell Lin Xiaoyue for the time being.

He still needs to digest it by himself…

Shang Yan village is a coastal city. From here to the city, you still have to go to the town ferry first. It is a very troublesome trip.

Wang Xiuying took Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang and walked for more than an hour to the town.

There is a ferry at 10 o’clock and a return ferry at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so they only sail two times a day.

Because they set off early, they were already at the ferry port at 9:30.

Wang Xiuying bought three tickets, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang waited on the side, watching the crowds in the waiting area.

Lin Xiaoyue found that there were many people selling food and pastries privately to the passengers who were about to board the ferry.

Of course, there are also staff patrolling around, but whenever they encounter staff, those people will hide things in their clothes.

So these days, it’s not easy to do small business.

Lin Xiaoyue said silently in her heart, let’s hold on again. Reform and opening-up will begin next year, and trading will be normal at that time.

While Wang Xiuying went to the bathroom, Lin Xiaoyue elbowed Yan Yang lightly, “Do you want to eat? I have money, and I will buy you some. “

Last time, before the third, Yan Yang fell asleep. He left her 50 yuan.

Lin Xiaoyue hasn’t spent any of his money yet.

However, the second Yan Yang did not dare to use the third Yan Yang’s money, so he refused.

“I’m not hungry, and I’m not in the mood to eat.”

“I’m a little hungry…… you wait here, I’ll go buy some…”

Lin Xiaoyue quickly stopped a peddler who was selling in private, “Do you have anything to eat here?”

“Yes, wowotou, eggs. Come take a look~ ” The peddler unzipped his clothes and tucked out the only two types of food in his arms for Lin Xiaoyue to see.

The wowotou and eggs……

It is not at all comparable to the snacks of a certain product store at Lin Xiaoyue’s home.

Lin Xiaoyue took a look at it and waved her hand to reject it, “Well no.”

“Eat two eggs, eggs are still hot!” The vendor was still persuading her to buy.

Lin Xiaoyue was disgusted in her heart, “No, no, thank you.”

Afterward, she went back to stand next to Yan Yang.

Yan Yang asked her, “Have you bought anything to eat?”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head. “There are only wowotou and eggs. My mother-in-law has these two in her bag, so there’s no need to buy them. I thought I could get something new to eat, but there was nothing. “

Perhaps eggs and nest eggs were good enough in these barren times when supplies were scarce.

However, Lin Xiaoyue just disliked them.

Because she did not expect that the things sold in the hands of the peddler would be so monotonous.

“That peddler…”

Yan Yang pointed to another vendor near her, “I saw him selling candy. Do you want it?”

“Don’t want any either.”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, “I want to eat meat, I don’t want to eat sugar.”

Here, there should not be a vendor selling dried meat…

Yan Yang also stopped talking.

Lin Xiaoyue sighed, “I should have known to bring out a few packs of small chicken legs.”

She should have brought some chicken legs out. Even if she doesn’t eat them, she could try to sell them to others…

Maybe it will sell well?

Yan Yang silently wrote down her complaints, and the next time he went out, he would remember to remind her.

Unfortunately, he is not yet capable.

He hoped that when he was normal, he could let her live a life of eating meat every day.

Wang Xiuying came out after going to the toilet and watched from afar as Lin Xiaoyue whispered to Yan Yang, the young couple.

She knows that today’s Yan Yang is definitely not her silly son.

But today’s Yan Yang didn’t make a fuss, didn’t speak harshly, and didn’t give her a look. His attitude was not fierce.

Wang Xiuying didn’t think she looked like that demon either.

Although she had doubts, she could not care less.

Anyway, soon she will take him to see the master. When the master sees him, naturally, there will be Buddhist teachings.

Soon, the three of them got on the ferry.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang stood on the deck, watching the waves of the river.

There were a lot of people around, and there were strange boats and passengers in the surrounding area. She held Yan Yang’s hand to give him a sense of security as much as possible.

Secondly, Yan Yang has not seen such a crowded scene for many years.

To be honest, he was really nervous in his heart, and his legs and feet were trembling a bit.

But after Lin Xiaoyue held him, Yan Yang tried to put his whole body and mind on her to ease his nervousness.

Lin Xiaoyue beside him had been looking for words to chat with him, and Yan Yang had said a few words with her from time to time, and the nervousness gradually calmed down.

At this point, he suddenly realized that…

Even if he is in a huge crowd, the people around him will not necessarily pay attention to him, he can still shrink the whole world into a world of only him.

So, there is actually no need to be afraid of the outside world.

Everyone is very busy, no one cares about him.

Yan Yang gradually had the feeling that he had one foot out of his world and started to touch the new world.

After getting off the ferry, Lin Xiaoyue even held Yan Yang and never let go.

Wang Xiuying walked in front of the young couple, looking back at them from time to time.

Both Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue today were surprisingly well-behaved.

There were a lot of unknown doubts in Wang Xiuying’s mind. She didn’t say anything, just waited to find the master later, and let the master help her answer her doubts.

As the saying goes, big hidden in the city.[1]I am not really sure about this line but here is what I found: the longer version “Little hidden in the forest, big hidden in the city.”

The master Wang Xiuying saw was a metaphysical master living in a busy city.

Although he is in a busy city, this master does not have a shop, but directly welcomes visitors at home.

Because it is still a materialistic society, this type of metaphysical feng shui master must be suppressed.

Therefore, this master only receives customers at home.

His name has been passed down by several people, making the people who believe in metaphysics in the whole city know him.

Therefore, people also spontaneously protect this master, and every time they find the door, they are sneaky and low-key and try not to let this master be suppressed by the top.

Wang Xiuying led Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue to the door and told this master everything about her son’s recent situation.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang sat in the hall and listened…

Lin Xiaoyue looked at the plainly dressed master, sizing up his every move…


1 I am not really sure about this line but here is what I found: the longer version “Little hidden in the forest, big hidden in the city.”


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