I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 34

Chapter 34

He looked at Yan Yang, who was sitting there resolutely, and stroked his fingers into his middle beard, nodding slowly, “I am aware of the situation. The two family members should wait here. Yan Yang came with me. “

In the past, Wang Xiuying was the one who brought the obedient and well-behaved Yan Yang over to see the Master.

Every time the master said so, the silly Yan Yang would get up and follow him.

But it wasn’t the stupid Yan Yang this time. The second Yan Yang was not so obedient. He did not pay attention to the master. He only turned his head to look at Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue got up and said to the Master: “Master, I’ll go with him. He’s very timid. “

“I am going to open the altar practice. You’d better not go there. Otherwise, the evil spirit will enter your body. It would have an impact on you. ” The Master said to Lin Xiaoyue.

Hearing this, Wang Xiuying immediately stood up to speak to the Master, “Listen to the Master, Xiaoyue, you don’t follow them. Let Xiao Yang go in with the Master. “

“I want to go with Xiaoyue.” Yan Yang opened his lips and said:

Today, Yan Yang did not say anything in front of Wang Xiuying, and he was extremely quiet.

Therefore, Wang Xiuying knew that this Yan Yang was not her silly son.

Wang Xiuying found herself unable to face the Yan Yang in front of her now that she had heard him speak.

She looked at the master with a look of embarrassment. The Master just touched his beard and said calmly, “Yan Yang seems to be different today.”

Yan Yang’s eyes avoided the master, and he was silent.

“Master, just let me follow along.”

On the side, Lin Xiaoyue looked like she was following Yan Yang’s gesture, “I’m not afraid of being affected by any evil spirit…… but I have to accompany him, I have to be with him.”

“Do you know Yan Yang’s situation?”

That Master asked Lin Xiaoyue again. “And you are?”

Lin Xiaoyue answered, “I’m Yan Yang’s wife. I’ve been taking care of him all this time. I couldn’t be clearer about his situation. So let me go along and just stay with him. The other consequences are my own responsibility, so you don’t have to persuade me, Master. “

“Xiaoyue, you’d better listen to the Master. If you are influenced, this is very bad for you! ” Wang Xiuying was on the master’s side, and it was Lin Xiaoyue who needed to be persuaded.

Lin Xiaoyue’s attitude was resolute, “Mother-in-law, Master, you guys don’t have to persuade me. Any consequences are, I am responsible for myself. If I’m really affected, then I will leave your family later, but I’ll stay with him now. “

Yan Yang’s lowered eyes fell on Lin Xiaoyue’s face. Seeing her standing by his side with such determination, Yan Yang’s heart was hot.

“As long as you have said so, then you two can come in.”

The Master also stopped persuading Lin Xiaoyue and allowed them both to enter together.

Before entering the inner room where the Master was practicing, he also gave Lin Xiaoyue a copper coin, saying that he wanted her to take it with her and so her qi would not be affected.

Lin Xiaoyue did not believe this, but she was still obedient.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she wanted to use this opportunity to transform Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue would actually want to expose this Master and explain Yan Yang’s condition from a medical perspective.

In the world of this book, does Lin Xiaoyue actually guarantee whether there is metaphysical content in this book?

However, the original author gave Yan Yang the setting of having a triple personality. That means the original author did not add any metaphysical factors to Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue can therefore be sure that the so-called metaphysical influence of this master was a scam.

However, it can be regarded as a misrepresentation, just to give Yan Yang a chance to transform.

Lin Xiaoyue, in the name of taking advantage of this master, will not tear him down and expose him.

The Master led them both to the inner room.

In this inner room, things were arranged in a decent manner.

A formation that looks similar to the eight trigrams, a large candlestick with two lit red incense candles, a peach wood sword, a yellow charm incantation, and everything that Taoist priests should have.

Lin Xiaoyue saw the Master enter the inner room, and he put on a yellow mantle with a picture of Tai Chi and Eight Diagrams printed on it.

No wonder so many people believed in him…

Things here were quite well prepared. Indeed, his appearance looked like a warlock.

The Master asked Lin Xiaoyue to sit in the chair next to her and told Yan Yang to sit in the middle of the formation diagram.

He lit candles along with the formation of the diagram and told Yan Yang, who was sitting in the middle, to close his eyes and hold his breath.

Afterward, Lin Xiaoyue saw the so-called Master shaking the bell, squeezing a string of spells into his mouth, and walking around Yan Yang in circles.

The way of handling the situation as a whole gives the impression that it was grandiose…

She had the impression she was watching a show…

Yan Yang, who was sitting in the middle, at first obediently closed his eyes, listening to the voice coming from his surroundings.

After some time, he could not help it, so he quietly opened one eye…

At the time, the Master was walking behind Yan Yang, and when Yan Yang opened his eyes, he saw Lin Xiaoyue, who looked as if she was watching a good show.

Lin Xiaoyue curled her lips and almost laughed out loud.

Yan Yang coughed in his heart and quickly closed his eyes, but he also couldn’t help but lift the corners of his lips.

Such a rigorous approach at the moment…

For some reason, the two of them found it a bit funny.

In a room with three people inside, only the master, who was doing his practice, was serious. The incantation that came out of his mouth strangely made Lin Xiaoyue feel like he was speaking a bird’s language…

Lin Xiaoyue had the idea that if her master said it again word for word, he would not be able to do it!

But Lin Xiaoyue also did not expose him; she just quietly watched him perform.

She didn’t know how many turns later…

The Master suddenly took a sip of wine and then dipped the peach-wood sword in a yellow talisman soaked in water. The fire on the candle burned the yellow talisman, and the Master sprayed a mouthful of wine into the fire on the sword!


The flames burned in front of Yang Yan. Lin Xiaoyue almost applauded!

This trick…… not bad, ah!

Receive this command from Taishang Laojun and execute it as fast as Lü Ling. Begone, you demons! “

In other words, he repeated it over and over again.

Finally, the master burned the yellow talisman water and sent it to Yan Yang to drink.

Yan Yang looked at the water with disgust, but he still frowned and drank it. Because he had drunk it before…

The taste was particularly disgusting.

Lin Xiaoyue saw him drinking it with a painful look, thinking that it was really not easy for him.

Chapter 34

The practice went on for more than half an hour. It was close to an hour.

After the three of them came out of the Master’s house, Wang Xiuying stared at Yan Yang nervously, hoping that her silly son had returned.

However, he did not.

Because Yan Yang was still conscious, and it was still the second Yan Yang who was awake.

The Master also felt strange in his heart. After such a practice, why is it useless?

But in order to ensure his prestige over the years, the Master found a dozen yellow talismans folded into triangles and handed them to Wang Xiuying.

The Master also seriously instructed, “This time, your son’s situation is more serious than ever. After returning every three days, let him drink this talisman water. Let him go to bed early, have him sleep more, and have his body relaxed. If it still doesn’t work, come and see me again. “

“Good, thank you, Master, thank you, Master…” Wang Xiuying received a dozen yellow talismans and kept nodding her head to say thanks.

After that, when Wang Xiuying followed the Master to pay when Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were not paying attention, she quietly asked the Master: “Master, when will my stupid son come back?”

The Master knew that the effect of this practice was not very good, so he could only charge Wang Xiuying 80 yuan, which was usually 100 yuan.

This time, he distributed more than a dozen talismans, the original cost of which was at least 110 yuan.

But the effect was not good. The Master was afraid to smash his own sign, so he could only charge them a relatively low price.

The Master split the 100 yuan and gave the change to Wang Xiuying. Following that, he cast a glance over at Yan Yang. “I just told you that your son’s situation was a lot worse than the previous time. That’s why I gave you a dozen yellow talismans. If the effect is immediate, your son will return in a few days. If the effect is slow, I can not say… If he is not back by the time he uses up all the yellow talismans, you can come back to me. “

“Okay, thank you, Master.”

It was rare for Wang Xiuying to recover 20 yuan of the Master’s fee. She was surprised and looked at him. “Master, this money ……”

“It’s not easy for you to come here. I will charge you less this time. In our line of work, we should try our best to collect less money. This is harmful to our morality. “

“Good, good, thank you, master, you are really good!” Wang Xiuying seemed to believe in this Master even more at this time!

Taking back the remaining 20 yuan, she even felt fortunate that she could buy a pair of new shoes for Yan Yang’s father at the end of the year.

After seeing the Master, the time was getting late.

Wang Xiuying, Lin Xiaoyue, and Yan Yang set off on their way home.

At 3:30, they came to the ferry office, bought three tickets, and waited for the 4:00 ferry to return.

While waiting, Wang Xiuying took out yellow buns and eggs, and the three of them shared the food.

Up to this moment, Wang Xiuying did not talk much to Yan Yang because she always felt that the Yan Yang in front of her was not her silly son. He was someone else…

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Xiaoyue deliberately showed her affection and concern for Yan Yang in front of Wang Xiuying.

She peeled an egg and gently placed it in Yan Yang’s mouth, smiling as she said, “Eat the half first. You’ll choke if you eat the whole thing. We didn’t bring water. “

Yan Yang obediently obeyed and bit down on half of the egg, looking at Lin Xiaoyue with a red face.

Lin Xiaoyue saw him eat half of the egg, then handed him the remaining half of the egg. “Come on. You should finish eating this.”

Yan Yang took it again, eating the eggs she had fed him with her own hands, which had left a sweet taste in his heart.

Although Wang Xiuying knew that the Yan Yang in front of her was not her stupid son, but seeing Lin Xiaoyue take care of him like this, she was satisfied with Lin Xiaoyue and had nothing to say.

She didn’t know how many times she silently lamented in her heart…… but the heavens sent her a good daughter-in-law ah!

“Mother-in-law, you can also eat an egg. Don’t keep gnawing on the bun.”

Lin Xiaoyue took out another egg from the bag and said in an attentive and friendly manner, “I’ll peel one for you.”

Wang Xiuying gnawed on the yellow bun and waved her hand urgently, “No, no, you two eat it. I don’t want to eat it. I don’t want to eat it! I’m not hungry!”

“One for me and one for my mother-in-law, and two for Xiaoyang. Xiaoyang has put in a lot of effort today.

Lin Xiaoyue neatly peeled a boiled egg into her hand and shoved it directly into Wang Xiuying’s mouth.

Wang Xiuying scowled and tried to escape, but Lin Xiaoyue stretched her arms and handed it to her…

There’s nothing that can be done. It would be unsightly if she was to avoid it.

She had to take it.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw Wang Xiuying eating her food, she smiled and opened her lips and said, “Mother-in-law, I saw you talking to the Master again when you were paying. What did the Master say?”

Wang Xiuying chewed her mouth full of eggs, her eyes glanced at Yan Yang, and then once again, she staggered to avoid him. “The master didn’t say anything.”

Lin Xiaoyue resumed peeling the eggs with her own hands.

As she peeled, she said, “Mother-in-law, how much did it cost to see the master this time?”

This was a question that Wang Xiuying could answer, so she confessed, “This time, the master charged me 80 yuan.”

“That’s expensive~.”

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but frown, “This practice only took a few minutes and cost 80 yuan~” Does his sideshow earn too much money?

“Xiao Yue, you can’t say that!”

Wang Xiuying stopped Lin Xiaoyue. “This Master charged money based on his skills. He also received less this time. So many charms were sent, and the money paid was less than before. The Master is very conscientious!”

Lin Xiaoyue also did not argue with Wang Xiuying. “Okay, Mother-in-law, our family is so broke, it’s better to see the master, less often in the future.”

Wang Xiuying let out a long sigh, “Alas, if conditions allow, I don’t want to see the master often either.”

Lin Xiaoyue then changed her tone and praised, “Mother-in-law, I was inside today and saw the Master doing the practice for Xiao Yang. He’s really good. He looks like a master of Taoism!”

“That’s natural.”

Wang Xiuying nodded, “This Master is famous in this local area, and he is very powerful! Although the price was a little higher, people who come here to seek his guidance often leave with a satisfactory answer. I’ve taken Xiao Yang here a few times, and the results are always good! I hope this time is good too…”

“It will definitely be my mother-in-law.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded and then came close to Wang Xiuying’s ear and whispered, “Mother-in-law, today, inside, the Master whispered to me that if there are no accidents, I will receive a dream in the next two days. It is related to Xiaoyang. Let’s pay close attention to it. “

“What’s that?” Wang Xiuying did not understand.

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head and continued to whisper in Wang Xiuying’s ear, “I’m not very clear, but the master said that heavenly information could not be revealed and told me not to proclaim it until I received it.”

“Good, good…”

Wang Xiuying nodded, “Then you must not say it again.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded back, shut up, and did not speak.

Wang Xiuying was superstitious and trusted Lin Xiaoyue’s words a lot.

Lin Xiaoyue precisely seized this opportunity and intended to make good use of it.

Instead of persuading Wang Xiuying to take Yan Yang to a psychiatrist, it would be better to work on the superstitious aspects that Wang Xiuying was convinced of!

Lin Xiaoyue felt that this would be twice the result with half the effort.

Next, she has to give the second Yan Yang, the third Yan Yang… a reasonable condition with a reason to appear in front of the crowd.

People of this era can be easily fooled.

Lin Xiaoyue thought.

Back home, it was already time for dinner.

Boiling rice and cooking time is too long. Wang Xiuying then gave the whole family a bowl of noodles, beaten scrambled egg. Each bowl of noodles has a share.

For the first time, the second Yan Yang sat at the same table with Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong.

He was silent and did not say a word during the meal.

But his sensitive nerves are always watching Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong…

But whenever someone shows dislike for him, Yan Yang’s depression will deepen by one point.

Fortunately, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong did not show anything.

Yan Yang finished the meal. His heart breathed a long sigh of relief…

Today, for the second time, is the day to take a step out into the world.

He did not receive too much malicious treatment. The whole time he was being protected by Lin Xiaoyue, he spent the day peacefully and unharmed…

Lin Xiaoyue has a big plan in mind. She has to plan it well and then implement it step by step.

However, before she could implement this plan…

It was the beginning of the month.

The son of the Second Branch Family has returned…

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