I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Among the two generations of the Old Yan family, the most successful one was the son of the Second Branch family.

In these barren times, it is very difficult for rural people to live in the city.

Even after young people in the city reach a certain age and finish their studies, they have to go to the countryside to become educated young people.

An educated youth’s career is closer to darkness.

The majority of educated youth have little hope of returning to the city.

Under such restrictions, Yan Hongwen, the son of the Second Branch family, was hired as a formal worker by the city’s public company, and he also found a wife in the city.

In the city, Yan Hongwen lived at his wife’s house all the time. In a sense, he had entered into his wife’s family.

But so what?

He had come out of the countryside and moved into the city, and he was already considered a resident of the city…

Even if he was to be called superfluous, he would still be considered glorious.

Therefore, the Second Branch family’s Chen Cuiyun has a lot of weight in the main family.

At the end of every year, Yan Hongwen would bring his wife and children home for twelve or twenty days.

After New Year’s Eve, a few days into the first month, he would return to the city.

Chen Cuiyun looks forward to this time every year. Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan were also looking forward to the time when Yan Hongwen would bring his wife’s child back every year.

This year, the Yan Hongwen family also added a son. Now he is also close to turning one year old.

The elderly family was eager for Yan Hongwen to bring his son back on New Year’s Eve and see their great-grandson, who was born in the city as a member of the Old Yan family.

However, Yan Hongwen did not bring his grandson back, and even his wife did not come over in order to take care of her son in the city.

At the end of the year, Yan Hongwen came home alone, carrying a cowhide box for the New Year.

Old Yan’s house was very lively.

Even if Yan Hongwen came back alone, it was enough to make the atmosphere of the house full of enthusiasm for his return.

The morning he arrived home, Lin Xiaoyue walked past the courtyard several times and could always hear the laughter in the main house.

Chen Cuiyun’s earth-shattering laughter was especially loud, as if she wanted to let all the neighbors know that her son was back!

Compared to the lively atmosphere there, the Third Branch family was cold and deserted.

Wang Xiuying had gone to town to buy New Year’s supplies.

Lin Xiaoyue was feeding the chicks in front of her house, and when she turned her head, she saw Yan Dayong sitting on the threshold of the Third Branch’s doorway, smoking a cheap dry cigarette.

After the separation of the family, Yan Dayong was busy earning money to support the family, to let Yan Yang see the master…

Basically, he had been cut off from the Old Yan family.

It’s okay on weekdays.

He was busy outside, came home and fell asleep, and did not care much about it.

But the more the year ends, the more leisurely people are, the colder the house is, and the more I look at the big family over there, the more lively they are…

The more Yan Dayong felt that the Third Branch family was lonely, the more he wondered if separating the family was a mistake.

In the small period of time since the separation of the families, the old master and the old lady haven’t taken care of their third branch much, not to mention the two families.

Yan Dayong felt like he had done a bad job.

Smoking He was exhaling the smoke. His mind was blank.

Lin Xiaoyue scattered a handful of broken grain to the little chicks and patted her hands together. She got up and went back to her room.

In the small side room, the second Yan Yang was reading a book.

He had recently adjusted his schedule to get himself out during the day, giving up his evening hours to silly Yan Yang.

However, this does not seem to be a regular pattern.

Sometimes it takes him all day long, and silly Yan Yang won’t get out…

The third Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue, hadn’t seen him for many days.

This proves that the second was really the master personality of this body and could occupy most of the time of this body.

After entering the house, Lin Xiaoyue called the second Yan Yang, “Do you want to go talk to your father? He appears to be very depressed right now, in my opinion. You are learning to communicate with people, aren’t you? Just talk to your dad… “

Yan Yang retracted his thoughts from the book and turned his head, looking at Lin Xiaoyue with a slightly nervous gaze.

His heart was a million times reluctant, but reason and courage were telling him that he had to take this step!

After a moment of reflection, Yan Yang nodded slightly, “Good…”

Lin Xiaoyue saw him cover the book in his hand, got up, and was ready to go out, so she added, “Maybe it’s because the main house is too lively. Your father thinks our Third Branch is too cold, so he’s not in a good mood. You can persuade him. Talk to him about this. “

Yan Yang’s eyes flashed, and he lightly responded, “Okay.”

He had to make a change.

He needs to communicate with people.

Just think of it as an experience…

Yan Yang got up and walked out of the small side room with such determination, walked unhurriedly to Yan Dayong’s side, and sat down on the threshold.

Yan Dayong did not expect Yan Yang to suddenly sit down beside him, and he smoked a mouthful of dry cigarette, his eyebrows tightly frowned, a look of measuring eyes staring at Yan Yang.

When Yan Yang came into contact with his concerned eyes, he hurriedly misplaced his sight, and with nervousness in his heart, he opened his lips and said, “You, what are you thinking about?”

Yan Dayong could feel that the Yan Yang in front of him was not his stupid son.

But he was also not aggressive. Although his face was cold, it didn’t make people feel frightened.

In the end, it was still the appearance of his son…

Chapter 35

Yan Dayong did not show too much resistance to Yan Yang. He only exhaled a curl of smoke and said: “I am not thinking of anything. I just thought it was too “

It is also very deserted.

In the same yard, it can either be as lively as the main house or be as deserted as their home.

When he thought that the end of the year was near, Yan Dayong felt desolate and lonely.

“No work?”

Yan Yang also does not know what to talk about. He nervously glanced at Yan Dayong, so he could only ask him like this.

“It’s New Year’s Eve. Work has stopped. “

Yan Dayong replied casually, with a dry cigarette in his mouth. He turned his head to glance at Yan Yang’s cold expression. “In the next spring, the production team will start to plant again, and it will be the busiest time, but when the end of the year approaches, it will be the time to rest… but I just didn’t expect that after taking a break, I would be too idle.”

Yan Dayong and Yan Yang chatted casually, talking about some family topics.

Yan Yang actually did not know how to reply to Yan Dayong, but in order to communicate with Yan Dayong and get a few more sentences, he still worked hard to talk to him, “You… have worked hard.”

Yan Dayong’s surprised eyes fell on Yan Yang’s face. From the corner of Yang’s eyes, he could catch a glimpse of Yan Dayong’s stares, and he was feeling strange in his heart.

Yan Yang cast a fleeting glance at his face before his gaze fell casually to the ground…

“Are you my son?”

After holding it for a while, Yan Dayong finally couldn’t help but ask.

Yan Dayong believed in the words of the master. He always felt that the silly one was his son, and the others with different personalities… none of them were his sons.

However, Yan Dayong was not as resistant as Wang Xiuying to the other personalities of Yan Yang. It may also be because Yan Dayong has little contact with other personalities…

This was considered his first contact.

Yan Dayong also felt strange when faced with such a Yan Yang.

Yan Yang’s cautious eyes looked at Yan Dayong. They looked at each other for a second, but they were too busy staggering.

He took a deep breath, a pair of long fingers were quietly twisted, and his voice was a little nervous: “Do you still recognize me… as your son?”

As the master, the second Yan Yang inherits all of the silly Yan Yang’s memories.

For so many years, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were good at being silly Yan Yang. He also saw it in his eyes and in his mind.

No, I just can’t blame them both.

Yan Yang only felt that the two of them didn’t recognize him. They only recognized the child, Yan Yang.

Yan Dayong, naturally, does not know the complex twists and turns in Yan Yang’s mind. He just smoked a dry cigarette and stammered: “If you want to call me Dad, you are my son.” If you don’t recognize me as your father, then I can’t help it. “

Yan Yang’s eyes flickered, “A long time ago… after being sold to the Wang family, I would have never wanted to recognize you as a father again.”

Yan Dayong’s surprised eyes were fixed on Yan Yang’s face, and the smoke from the dry cigarette slowly floated out of his mouth and nose, but he could not say anything.

only to hear Yan Yang whisper, “Actually, it’s hard for me to forgive you.”

Yan Dayong stared slightly, but he didn’t say a word.

The Yan Yang in front of him was like a normal person, but also like his son.

In the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue quietly probed around and saw Yan Yang and Yan Dayong sitting in a row, talking and chatting…

She felt that such a moment was also quite good.

It’s just that the main house was too noisy.

Lin Xiaoyue stayed in the small side room and could hear Chen Cuiyun’s screaming and laughing, which really ruined the picture of Yan Yang and his father getting along.

Wait a little longer…

Wait for reform and opening up, wait for Yan Yang’s situation to get better, wait for the money to come. The family will move to a bigger house.

Then, the Third Branch will move out.

“Hey, Third Uncle!”

Sure enough, when Lin Xiaoyue had just finished lamenting that the main house was too noisy, the beautiful picture of Yan Yang’s father and son talking was also suddenly put to an end.

The Second Branch’s son, Yan Hongwen, came out of the main house and walked towards Yan Dayong with a smile while saying, “Third Uncle, Xiao Yang, what are you doing sitting here? In the house, everyone is about to eat. We go together to have a good meal and drink ah. “

Yan Hongwen came out to call the Third Branch family to have a meal together.

Obviously, Yan Hongwen knew that the Third Branch family had split up. But he still had to call Yan Dayong and Yan Yang.

A gentle attitude, looking like a peacemaker.

Yan Dayong was a little embarrassed.

The heart was very eager to participate in the big family gathering…

But when he thought that the family separation was proposed by their Third Branch itself, he knew that if he went over there, his wife would not be happy at that time.

Yan Dayong, therefore, refused, “No, no, we’re not hungry. We are waiting for the child’s mother to come back first. “

“Let’s go and have a meal together!”

Yan Hongwen patted Yan Dayong’s shoulders and continued to ask, “Third Uncle, how come we haven’t seen each other for a year, and we have grown so far apart? For the New Year, it’s okay to have a meal, right? You see, I finally came back from the city, but you don’t want to drink with me. “

Yan Dayong was very embarrassed by his persuasion, but he still smiled and shook his head, “I just can’t. You go to eat, and the people inside are waiting for you. Just leave us to go and eat! “

“Third Uncle, I brought sun-dried meat. It was especially fragrant when I opened it. We will eat it for dinner! “

Yan Hongwen kindly persuaded, “Go and eat, don’t mind that much. We are all a family. What can’t be done? What do you think? “

Yan Dayong was finally persuaded to loosen up a bit by Yan Hongwen, “Then I’m…… I will say hello.”

But just when he was about to loosen up, Yan Yang suddenly got up…

“Xiao Yang can also go together.” Yan Hongwen smiled at Yan Yang.

As a result, Yan Yang went back to the small, isolated house with a cold face…

At that time, Lin Xiaoyue happened to come out of the small side room…


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