I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 36

Chapter 36

When Lin Xiaoyue came out of the side room, Yan Yang walked into the small side room.

She was about to stop him when she saw him come into the room and sit by the table, again in an imposing way that screamed: “Do not come near him.”

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t persuade Yan Yang at this time. She saw that there was something wrong with Yan Dayong, so she walked up and saw it.

Yan Hongwen glanced at Lin Xiaoyue and greeted her with a smile. Is this Xiao Yang’s new wife? Sister-in-law, I only come back once a year. You probably don’t know me yet. “

Lin Xiaoyue also smiled and answered, “Brother is joking. How can I not know my brother? A few days ago, I heard from my second aunt saying that my brother was coming back. Brother is really a man from the city. I’ve heard so much about this foreign look. “

Everyone said the same thing, and Lin Xiaoyue was not polite when she said it.

But she also saw that the son of the Second Branch family looked like a smiling tiger.

“Haha, my sister-in-law is really good at talking.”

Yan Hongwen laughed and invited Yan Dayong and Lin Xiaoyue again, “Third Uncle, sister-in-law, go to the house and have a reunion dinner with everyone. Consider it like giving me a face. I rarely come back. I hope that our old Yan family will be reunited. Don’t make too much trouble. “

Yan Dayong had been completely shaken by Yan Hongwen’s conviction. Now instead, he cast a look at Lin Xiaoyue, wanting to see Lin Xiaoyue’s attitude.

Lin Xiaoyue naturally refused with a smile. “Brother, you haven’t come back for a long time. I’m afraid you don’t know that our Third Branch has been separated. I’m not afraid to say something. This matter was related to the second aunt. Our family is no longer worthy of interacting with the Second Branch family. You’d better go back, and Second Auntie is waiting for you. “

After these words, just at the right time, Chen Cuiyun blasted out of the house…

“Hongwen ah! Hongwen, why are you still standing there? There is a family of elderly people waiting for you. Hurry up and go in and have a few drinks with your father! “

Chen Cuiyun came out to call Yan Hongwen, still full of smiles. You could see in her expression that she was in a good mood.

“Mom, What’s the situation between our family and Uncle and sister-in-law? “

Yan Hongwen turned around and asked Chen Cuiyun, “We are a large family because we are divided. So we can’t call him Third Uncle? “

If you can’t call it, don’t call it! The Third Branch does not want to eat with us! ” Chen Cuiyun threw a disdainful look at Yan Dayong and Lin Xiaoyue.

Then, she took Yan Hongwen’s hand and was all smiles again, “Go, go, go, you go inside, the elders of the family are waiting for you.”

Yan Hongwen couldn’t disclaim Chen Cuiyun, so he had to leave a sentence for Yan Dayong, “Then Third Uncle, you come over later.”

Yan Dayong just waved his hand and didn’t say anything.

Seeing the mother and son enter the main house, Yan Dayong took a mouthful of dry smoke and slowly exhaled. The curl of smoke covered his face, full of melancholy…

“Father-in-law, it’s almost noon, and my mother-in-law hasn’t come back yet. I’ll cook first. ” Lin Xiaoyue said as she walked into Wang Xiuying’s room.

She found an apron to put on and prepared a simple meal with the ingredients available at home.

Yan Dayong looked back at Lin Xiaoyue, who was busy at the stove. He seldom talked to Lin Xiaoyue. “Xiao Yang, what’s his situation now?”

“There’s nothing going on.”

Lin Xiaoyue poured rice into the pot and vacated her sight to look at Yan Dayong over the threshold. “Father-in-law, what’s wrong?”

“I just had a conversation with him.”

Yan Dayong took the dry cigarette in his hand and raised his brows thoughtfully. “I always feel that he has an unspeakable strangeness. You have been with him for a long time, and you know more about his situation than I do… Is he getting better or worse? “

“I think he’s getting better.”

Lin Xiaoyue squeezed her brows and raised her lips: “After seeing the master that day, I think his condition was much better. Although he doesn’t talk much, he doesn’t look like a fool anymore, but like a man with a normal state of mind. Moreover, the normal time is much longer than before. “I believe he is improving. “

Yan Dayong pondered, “So…”

If this was according to Wang Xiuying’s words, this state of Yan Yang should be an ‘evil person.’

But just now, when Yan Dayong talked to Yan Yang, he felt that Yan Yang was his son, and his head was terrifyingly clear.

When he was nine years old, the couple sold Yan Yang to the Wang family for a year. He still remembers it clearly.

And in his heart, he minded it…

This was something Yan Dayong had been reluctant to bring up in his heart all these years.

Just now, when Yan Yang brought it up, Yan Dayong didn’t know how to face Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue boiled a pot of rice, added a steaming rack on top of the rice, and put in the flavored egg mixture.

When this pot emerged, it became a pot of delicious rice and steamed egg soup.

She glanced at Yan Dayong, who was sitting by the door, and saw that he was deep in thought and did not speak.

Lin Xiaoyue knew in her heart that Yan Yang’s transformation path had already taken a step forward.

The next step is to let everyone gradually accept the changes made by Yan Yang.

After the rice was cooked in the pot, Lin Xiaoyue stir-fried three more vegetarian dishes with some shredded meat.

She is not a particularly good cook. It was just to the extent of the food being able to be eaten.

But in this era, Lin Xiaoyue can’t be too demanding in terms of diet. As long as there is meat at all times, then she’s good.

Wang Xiuying happened to come back at the right time.

She came back from the town with a large pile of purchases, and the sixth aunt who went to the town with her next door helped her carry them back together.

Wang Xiuying intended to make two new clothes for Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue before the end of the year.

She bought a new pair of shoes for Yan Dayong, who is now wearing a pair of shoes that have been torn and tattered, and the soles of his shoes have been glued over and over again.

And she bought some food. But, of course, she also bought some meat because Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang both liked to eat meat.

After the big purchase, Wang Xiuying only had three dollars left in her pocket.

For the New Year this year, their Third Branch family will only have a family of 4.

If you don’t go see your relatives, you don’t need to give them gifts. By just eating something at home, and then you can survive this age.

At lunchtime, the family of four sat in the hut and ate three vegetarian dishes and a bowl of egg custard.

In the main house, the Old Yan family ate fish, meat, wine, and vegetables, and the sound of laughter reached Wang Xiuying’s side from time to time…

This obvious contrast in the atmosphere made Wang Xiuying’s house seem very cold.

When eating, Wang Xiuying kept giving Yan Dayong dishes so that Yan Dayong could eat more.

She probably could also see that Yan Dayong was not in a good mood today.

After all, he is the son who was separated from the Old Yan family.

During the meal, Yan Yang didn’t say much.

Wang Xiuying has not communicated with Yan Yang for several days…

When she looked at Yan Yang, she always felt that this person was not yet her son.

But Lin Xiaoyue told her yesterday that this Yan Yang was also her son.

Lin Xiaoyue received a dream from the God of Heaven, claiming that Yan Yang would change soon, and the crucial point was that Wan Xiuying would have a very good son in her next life.

Wang Xiuying half-believed Lin Xiaoyue’s words. Relatively speaking, the Yan Yang in front of her….she also half-trusted him.

After a few days of living with him, she had gradually accepted this kind of Yan Yang.

Chapter 36

After lunch, Old Yan’s house became more lively.

The First Branch family and the second branch family all gathered in the yard to sunbathe and play mahjong. Because of Yan Hongwen, not only was the atmosphere better, but the sound of laughter was even louder.

Lin Xiaoyue closed the door of the small side room and was planning to take a nap.

She tossed and turned and lay there for a while, but she couldn’t sleep because of the noises outside!

“It’s so noisy!”

Lin Xiaoyue finally turned over and turned to Yan Yang, who was sitting at the table. A pair of beautiful eyebrows knitted out of the folds, “They were so noisy that a son from the city had returned? Don’t tell me they will be noisy for the entire month! “

“Did you have trouble sleeping because it was too noisy? Otherwise, I’ll close the gap in the room door to make it quieter. “

Second, Yan Yang was sitting at the table reading. He has no habit of taking a nap.

However, also because of Yan Hongwen’s return, it was difficult for his heart to calm down.

“No, that’s too much trouble!”

Lin Xiaoyue hugged the quilt and blinked her eyes to stare at Yan Yang. “I just can’t understand. He’s just a man working in the city. How can he be so lively when he returns home? It almost looked like a person who was in an ancient time took an examination and returned home as the top scorer in the palace examination…… What’s the reason for that? He was just like any other employee! “

When Yan Yang saw that Lin Xiaoyue disliked Yan Hongwen, the corners of his lips gently raised, “Don’t be angry. If you can’t sleep now, go to bed early at night. “

“I can’t understand them anyway. Why are they so smug about it? “

Lin Xiaoyue said, “I’m telling you, you have to take the college entrance exam next year and go to a good school. Our family will also be lively. Anyway, we can’t lose our family’s momentum! “

Yan Yang carefully asked, “You want me to take the college entrance examination?”

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows. “Why are you asking me? Didn’t you read the books about the college entrance examination? It’s obvious that you want to take the examination yourself! “

Yan Yang pursed his lips, “I just like to read books, and I only have these books here… I thought about it. Starting next year, I am going to work with a family. Try to be close to normal people… “

“Then you should go take the college entrance examination.”

Lin Xiaoyue said straight away, “I will go to the college entrance examination together with you, and we will go to college together. Go! Leaving this house When we come back in the future, we can pick up your parents! “

“Are you also going to take the examination?”

Yan Yang’s eyes lit up. “If you want to take it, I’ll take it too.”


Lin Xiaoyue hastily agreed, “Then you study hard. Don’t let me pass the exam, and you will fail to pass. “

Lin Xiaoyue was still very confident in passing the college entrance examination in this era.

No need to read books at all. She can answer them with her eyes closed!

“How do you……”

Yan Yang’s more curious gaze fell on Lin Xiaoyue, “Where in the world are you…… are you a fairy?” How can you possess those kinds of magical abilities?

She suddenly appeared in his life, suddenly brought him a lot of things he had never seen, suddenly treated him so well, suddenly rescued him…

Yan Yang can no longer treat her as a wife. He only feels that she is getting more and more sacred. He had to hold on to her.

However, he seems to have no such ability to hold her and to spoil her…

“Haha, I am a little fairy ah.”

Lin Xiaoyue laughed and took over Yan Yang’s words.

Yan Yang also pulled into a faint smile.


Suddenly, a burst of laughter came from the courtyard, with Chen Cuiyun’s voice being the most obvious.

Lin Xiaoyue threw a disgusted blank look. “So noisy!”

She also felt disgusted so casually.

Suddenly, Yan Yang got up and looked like he wanted to go out to fight.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly reached out to grab him, “Hey, what do you want to do? Don’t go. Ah, there are a lot of people over there! “

Yan Yang stared at Lin Xiaoyue. “I will tell them to be quiet.”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, “It’s useless. They will not listen to you. It’s useless to go there, and I’m not sure if I’ll be bullied by them. “

Yan Yang said, “But you won’t be able to take your noon break!”.

Lin Xiaoyue said frankly: “Then we won’t take a noon break! Anyway, I’m no longer sleepy. “

Yan Yang lowered his eyes. “I’m sorry…” But, again, it was his inability to protect her.

If it was the third…, he could definitely stand up for her at times like this.

“No need to apologize. It’s not like it’s your problem. The main problem is that we don’t have a home of our own! “

Lin Xiaoyue nodded. “When we make money in the future, we will first buy a house and move out. So it’s best to stay far away from this side. “

Yan Yang said, “Okay, I’ll try my best.”

Although the goal was far away, Yan Yang was willing to try to reach it for her.

He still has to continue to change…

At night, Old Yan’s house was still very lively.

It was not until after dinner, when Yan Hongwen left the house, that the courtyard gradually cooled down.

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying inquired, only to learn that Yan Hongwen went to the village’s underground casino to play cards.

This New Year’s Eve, everyone has a little spare money in their hands, plus they are idle at home. So it is normal for men to gamble a little bit and bet a little.

Yan Hongwen goes home every Chinese New Year, and he will take advantage of this time to patronize the casino more. His family had already seen that he was gambling, but they let him go.

Anyway, he was also spending his own money.

Lin Xiaoyue also did not care about this matter. Instead, she went back to the small side room, comfortably lying on the bed.

In the winter, there was not enough bedding. So you have to wear thick clothes to sleep at night.

For the last few days before going to bed, Lin Xiaoyue would ask Yan Yang: “Who is coming out tomorrow?”

Yan Yang had recently responded decisively to her, “If there is no accident, then it is me.”

Because he is the master, as long as he is brave enough to face reality and not hide inside it, the sovereignty of this body will fall on him.

Lin Xiaoyue now sees him every day without any surprises.

She just wondered if his situation was much better. Unfortunately, the other two basically could not come out…

Even the kid couldn’t come out much anymore…

With doubts, Lin Xiaoyue took advantage of Yan Yang’s sleeping at night. She quietly held his hand and fell asleep.

In the dream study, Lin Xiaoyue sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the three Yan Yangs who were sleeping peacefully.

She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she always felt that the three Yan Yang she saw this time was not sleeping very peacefully.

The three of them are like replicas, with the same expressions, all with frowning and struggling expressions.

Lin Xiaoyue coaxed them a few times and saw that it did not work…

To be honest, she didn’t know what was going on with Yan Yang right now.

Of the three Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue took one by hand and silently recited the one she hoped to see in her heart.


On the second day, as she had previously guessed, she harvested a…… Surprise, it’s the third!

When Lin Xiaoyue woke up, the third was lying on her side with a dignified face, with one hand on her head, her black pupils locked onto her small face, her sword eyebrows deeply frowned…

Lin Xiaoyue was caught as soon as she woke up. She was startled, and she subconsciously pulled up the quilt to cover the lower half of her face…

“You, you, you… Why are you looking at me like this?”


Yan Yang muttered his displeasure.


Lin Xiaoyue asked, “Are you the third?”

“Uh-huh,” Yan Yang said, raising his brows.

Lin Xiaoyue was now sure that… Through her golden fingers, she could really directly pick him up!

“Haha~ It’s really you~” Lin Xiaoyue laughed.

On the bed, Yan Yang directly reached out his arms to hug her. Then, he lowered his head and put a kiss on her forehead…

Lin Xiaoyue’s small face reddened. Her ears only heard him say: “I had always wanted to get out. I was worried to death……”


She saw him in the study yesterday with a grim expression, so he was struggling…


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