I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Third, Yan Yang would never know that Lin Xiaoyue had the ability to choose him.

If he knew, he would come to ask Lin Xiaoyue to choose him every day! Let him out every day!

Of course, Lin Xiaoyue will not tell him her secret for now.

The secret of the study could not be explained by any phenomenon, nor could it even be proved to him, so, naturally, it could not be said.

The third is here.

Lin Xiaoyue was both happy and worried today.

She was happy because she could have a sweet day with The third .

She was also concerned about the… second…The second finally was able to ease up his relationship with Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong in these past two days. She was afraid that The third would break this balance now that he was coming out.

Therefore, still lying in bed, Lin Xiaoyue had to talk to The third in advance.

She reminded The third , “Today you must restrain your temper. Don’t get angry, or cause trouble. In the past two days, your parents have gradually accepted you. Try to be good, don’t let them think you’re evil again. “

Third, Yan Yang scoffed at this, “Do I care about what they think? They can think whatever they like to think about me! ” They don’t deserve to be his parents anyway!

If he wasn’t able to come out so often, with his abilities, he could have stopped staying in this house long ago.

Being suppressed by the two in his body, he couldn’t come out often, and it was still very difficult to come out for one day…

It was this situation that made The third have no choice but to resign himself here.

To be honest, this pair of parents, The third , didn’t recognize them! It’s impossible to recognize!

In the first place, the reason why he was born in this body was because of these ruthless parents!

However, Lin Xiaoyue didn’t know about this situation in his life.

Seeing that his reaction was a little too big, she quickly patted his chest with her little hand, “Don’t be so easy to get angry. I’m discussing it with you, and I’m doing it for you. Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I will feel bad when you get angry.”

Lin Xiaoyue coaxed him twice.

There is no doubt that Yan Yang could stand her coaxing.

The fire was immediately eliminated by half, and the tone of his voice also softened a lot. “I am not angry with you…”

Yan Yang lightly frowned as he held Lin Xiaoyue’s small hand on his chest. It’s just between me and those two. The problem… You don’t understand. I can’t forgive them in my life! “

Yan Yang couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he said it.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw him looking like this, she was worried. “What’s going on? Can you tell me? “

Yan Yang didn’t want to mention the painful problems of his childhood and never wanted to solve them.

But recently, he saw that she was so active in helping him to solve…

With a soft heart, he said.

“Let me tell you this….in this family when I was a kid, I was bullied by the two branch families. In the first and second branches, the kids there were older than me, they could talk better than me, and everything was pressured on me. For as long as I can remember, I have been bullied in this home. The older I get, the more bullied I am. The timider I am, the more I get bullied. The timider I am, the more I cower… This is the original me, the same Yan Yang who is… the Yan Yang who doesn’t want to talk. “

Looking at Lin Xiaoyue, she saw her eyes wide open, as if she was listening carefully.

Yan Yang immediately continued, “At the age of 6, Yan Hongwen stole the adult’s money to gamble. It amounted to 30 yuan. The 30 yuan a few years ago was very valuable, and there was a fight at home. In the end, they actually said that I stole it. I didn’t even have a chance to explain it, so I was beaten and locked up in the woodshed for three days and three nights. After a fever, the stupid boy came out. “

The first personality was born in that situation.

Although Yan Yang is a third personality, he knows all these things.

This was the first time Lin Xiaoyue heard the true background of his three personalities, and none of them had been written in the original book.

She was surprised and felt sorry for him.

“That silly boy does not hold grudges, his heart is big, and that child easily forgets. He could forget what they had done to him in a matter of days. And then the other Yan Yang was afraid to come out. In all the situations that require communication with people, he let the fool go. This should also be obvious to you, right? ” The third asked Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue nodded instantly. She pursed her lips tightly and touched his chest with her small hand to soothe him.

Yan Yang liked her heartfelt gesture, making his heart warm, “A few more years, the family can see that the silly child does not grow intellectually. He was 9 years old, yet he acts like 6 years old. My parents took me to see a doctor after feeling that I was stupid… “They sold me.”


Lin Xiaoyue was really shocked at this point. She touched his chest a few more times.

“It’s okay, I don’t care…”

Yan Yang followed and grabbed her little hand. He sighed and continued, “I know, the couple wanted to sell me when it was too early for anyone to recognize my low IQ, and planned to give birth to a normal one. I was sold at Wang’s house at a low price. It was several villages away. In Wang’s house, this body was so humiliated that even a fool could not laugh… Under that situation, I was born. “

The third personality…… was born in a desperate situation.

That year, Old Wang’s family stayed still, and it was silly Yan Yang who did all the hard work and endured all the humiliations and beatings.

He couldn’t eat enough, he couldn’t wear warm clothes, and he even slept in the cowshed.

The Wang family bought him to find a son to take care of them in the future, and it turned out that he was a fool.

They lost and wasted money. It was not easy to get rid of him, so they resorted to torturing him.

In a desperate situation where both the body and the spirit are on the verge of collapse, the third personality appears.

The third personality suffered most of the suffering of the first and second personalities.

But just when the third personality had prepared all the plans and was ready to die with the Wang family, he was suppressed again!

The third personality was constrained by the other two personalities and couldn’t help himself.

He can not do big things, but in return for the small fights, he still suffers.

The third Yan Yang was in such a miserable situation all those years ago.

“When I was 10, the couple took me back. They said the reason they took me back was that they couldn’t have another child. As a result, they’d rather raise a fool. “

Yan Yang spoke of a heavy story in a casual tone, “And the most ridiculous thing is that this body actually suppressed me when I tried to get revenge on these people. Even the existence of…… me was actually an evil demon? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous? “

He is a soul that appears in adversity and eats all the suffering his body has suffered without allowing him to be vicious.

It would be right to say that he is an evil demon…

But his nemesis was actually in the same body, and he was so badly beaten that he couldn’t move at all!

The third had wanted to become a king for a long time. He wanted to occupy his own body, but he never succeeded.

For so many years, he had held so much bitterness, but in the end, he could only vent it in other ways…

Therefore, he unexpectedly broke into another world where he could vent his frustration.

However, the hatred for this home, the hatred for his parents, he still deeply remembered it in his head.

The foolish man did not care, the depressed man did not care, but he could not help but hate!

After Lin Xiaoyue heard so many things, she learned the main reason why he split into three personalities.

It was only then that she realized that his situation was not at all well resolved.

“Poor and pitiful…”

Lin Xiaoyue drew out a small hand and gently stroked his face. Then, I won’t ask you to make up with your father-in-law and mother-in-law. Just don’t talk to them, and pretend you don’t see them. Is that okay? “

Yan Yang didn’t have a lot of emotional ups and downs when he said these things, but when Lin Xiaoyue coaxed him, his mood became even better.

He agreed with her casually, “Okay, listen to you.”

Lin Xiaoyue went into his arms, gently hugged him, her small hands circling around his strong, thin waist. “I have a goal. I want to move out with you. Next year, we will find a way to move out, okay? However, it’s better to bring our father-in-law and mother-in-law with us. It’s not always appropriate to leave the two of them behind. “

To leave Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong behind, I was afraid the other two Yan Yangs wouldn’t agree.

Although Lin Xiaoyue could summon the third at any time, she also had to take care of the other two Yan Yangs.

She still wants to do her best to cure him and make all three of them happy.

Make the three into one, and what she would get was the complete Yan Yang.

Third, Yan Yang also did not refute her. “If you have an arrangement, I will listen to you. If you don’t have an arrangement, I’ll plan it with you. “

Lin Xiaoyue hugged him tightly, “Mm-hmm.”

The whole process was sweet when she’s with the third…

It was another day of leisure.

In the courtyard, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue, who had eaten breakfast, were idly feeding the little chicks.

The chicks in the cage grew quickly, and soon after they were raised, they had already started to shed their hair, and gradually developed in the direction of the big ones.

When the five hens grow up, there will be one egg a day. The family will have five eggs to eat.

These days, eggs are also expensive.

Families who can eat eggs every day are definitely happy.

Old Yan’s house was still lively today. After all, Yan Hongwen still lives here.

After breakfast, Yan Hongwen, who had nothing to do, was ready to go to the underground casino. He walked out of the big house…

He happened to see Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang squatting in the courtyard.

“Yan Yang, sister-in-law, good morning,” he said as he approached them both.

Lin Xiaoyue thought that seeing Yan Hongwen had caused Yan Yang to leave her childhood trauma and produced the first step towards having a split personality, so she couldn’t treat him well.

Yan Yang even ignored him. He only buried his head to sprinkle a little bit of broken grain to feed the chickens.

“Sister-in-law and Yan Yang had a very good feeling. You are inseparable, very loving. ” Yan Hongwen saw that they both did not pay attention to him. Yan Hongwen added a smile.

Lin Xiaoyue then casually replied to him, “Brother, we, the Third Branch and Second Branch families, are not familiar. The couple is not on good terms with you either, so let’s save our greetings for when we meet in the future. “

Yan Hongwen didn’t expect Lin Xiaoyue to talk to him like this, so he couldn’t lose face.

“Sister-in-law, what’s wrong? Last night, you didn’t have such an attitude. Did you hear something? “

Yan Hongwen’s gaze was drawn to Yan Yang, then to Lin Xiaoyue when he asked this question.

Yan Yang was indifferent.

“Yes, I heard about some of your bad deeds back then.”

Lin Xiaoyue was too lazy to play pretend with Yan Hongwen. It’s not like she couldn’t talk about those years.

She was happy to tear away Yan Hongwen’s hypocritical mask, “It’s better if you don’t talk to me, lest I can’t help but scratch you.”

Yan Hongwen was vaguely sure in his heart that Yan Yang must have told her about those things from his childhood.

But he felt very strange…

Isn’t Yan Yang stupid?

When he came back for New Year’s Eve these past few years, Yan Yang, the fool, didn’t care about those things from his childhood…

How come this year he suddenly cared?

Although Yan Hongwen’s heart has a lot of confusion, he also does not want to turn over those years of old accounts.

That’s it.

He didn’t really want to get in touch with Yan Yang and his wife either. It was just a casual greeting.

Yan Hongwen then did not answer Lin Xiaoyue’s words and quickly left the house.

“Wife, I have to go out later.” Yan Yang stared at his back and said.


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