I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 38

Chapter 38

When Yan Yang said he wanted to go out, Lin Xiaoyue didn’t stop him.

But before he left, he was told not to do anything! Use your brain to deal with it!

She was afraid that after he moved his hand, the suspicion of the previous two wounding incidents would fall on him.

The third, Yan Yang, was violent by nature. Before Lin Xiaoyue spoke up, he was planning to find an unoccupied corner to hold Yan Hongwen down and beat him up!

During these years, when Yan Hongwen came back every New Year, The third would be suppressed by the two Yan Yangs, and he could not come out, so he could not deal with Yan Hongwen.

But The third remembers this enemy.

So, if Lin Xiaoyue hadn’t warned him, he was bound to strike hard.

But since Lin Xiaoyue said so, Yan Yang naturally had to listen to his wife. He promised Lin Xiaoyue not to do anything.

He promised Lin Xiaoyue not to do anything reckless and to use his brain to solve this matter.

On the way to the underground casino, because they were all from the same village, Yan Yang dressed up in disguise before entering the underground casino.

The first thing you need to do is to hide some suitable disguise props in the temporary residence under the stone bridge.

This time also happened to come in handy.

He wore a hat, a one-eyed mask, a beard, a large hairy mole in the corner of his mouth, and a pair of dentures.

The simple party pretends to be another person completely.

Yan Yang entered the underground casino and took out the only five dollars he had in his pocket, and went to find a few hand sizes.

The luck was with him. He earned 20 yuan.

There are many different types of gambling equipment in casinos…

Mahjong, poker, dice gambling… all of these types are available here.

Yan Yang went around the casino and quickly found Yan Hongwen.

Yan Hongwen was waiting at a mahjong table, and the casino staff were looking for someone to make a table for Yan Hongwen.

When Yan Yang saw this, he went to a random casino and casually asked in a low voice, “Do you want to win?”

The gambler glanced at Yan Yang with an expression of mistrust on his face.

Yan Yang looked at the 10 yuan held in the gambler’s hand and said, “Listen to me, and I will let you earn up to 100 yuan.”

It just so happens that this gambler is the unlucky one who lost 100 yuan and only had 10 yuan left…

Thinking that he only had 10 dollars anyway, he would just bet on believing him!

“Okay, I will listen to you!”

The kind and honest gambler were recruited by Yan Yang.

Then, Yan Yang whispered something in the gambler’s ear, and the gambler took the initiative to fall forward and walk to Yan Hongwen’s side.

Subsequently, Yan Yang also came behind Yan Hongwen…


At lunchtime, Yan Yang did not come back.

In order to give Yan Yang a cover, Lin Xiaoyue said to Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong that Yan Yang had not slept well last night and was still sleeping.

Wang Xiuying and his husband had already handed Yan Yang over to Lin Xiaoyue, and since Yan Yang was now a different person, the couple’s understanding of Yan Yang was not as good as Lin Xiaoyue’s. Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue’s words were not as good as his.

Therefore, the couple did not question anything Lin Xiaoyue said.

The three of them had a meal at noon, and only one was left by Yan Yang.

After the meal, Lin Xiaoyue returned to the small side room to take a nap.

In the dream study, she took out the first aid medical kit again and prepared to keep it in the small side room.

Because she always had a feeling that whenever The third came out, she would see blood.

This was also the case in the original book……

In the first period, basically, when The third came out, there were always a few characters who saw blood.

The third has a violent personality.

Although Lin Xiaoyue advised him not to do it, she was still worried that he was injured, so these things should still be prepared.

Until late afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue woke up from her nap and lay in bed for a long time before Yan Yang rolled in from the window of the small side room.

Seeing him back, Lin Xiaoyue immediately sat up. Her eyes widened. “You’re back? Was everything okay? “

Yan Yang stepped off the table, jumped to the ground, and sat on the bed again, and began to take off his shoes.

“All is well.”

Yan Yang raised the corners of his lips and raised his eyebrows at Lin Xiaoyue.

“What did you do?” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

“Soon, you will know.” Yan Yang sold a secret.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw him so mysterious, she didn’t ask and was happy to receive a surprise.

Yan Yang took off his shoes and went to bed. He immediately hid in the bed.

In the winter, only the quilts were the warmest.

Lin Xiaoyue had been sleeping in bed to keep warm, and Yan Yang was cold when he came in.

She hurriedly rubbed his arms and pulled up the quilt to wrap him up. Yan Yang also hugged her and pressed her down!


Lin Xiaoyue let out a cry of surprise, and when she reacted, the two were already lying flat on the bed, and she was in Yan Yang’s arms.

Lin Xiaoyue slapped Yan Yang’s hand, “Don’t move so much. You are not yet fully healed! “

Yan Yang’s lips were raised when he heard her words of concern, “Let me hug you for a while.”

Lin Xiaoyue’s lips curled. She pouted and didn’t say anything to him.

Yan Yang suddenly let out a sigh. Her thin lips pecked her forehead. “I don’t have time to go out, so I always run to do other things. I really want to be with you. “

Lin Xiaoyue’s face was slightly red, and she quietly pursed her lips, “Then don’t go out all the time.”

“If I do not deal with some of the matters, those two will not deal with them.” Yan Yang said it very frankly.

Just like Yan Dahe, Yan Shuicheng, Yan Hongwen….

If The third doesn’t deal with them, the other two personalities won’t be able to deal with them at all.

The third could only come out for a small amount of time, so, of course, he wanted to take care of everything and leave a comfortable space for Lin Xiaoyue.

“But I think you’re not handling it smartly enough.”

Lin Xiaoyue pointed out his problem. “Violence is a way to deal with it, but solving it in a violent way is definitely not the perfect way to deal with it. Look at what you did last time. You may have killed 1000 enemies, but you hurt yourself 800 times. You suffered serious injuries back then… If you didn’t handle one of them in a careful process, and one of them saw your face, it may have led to you being arrested and put in jail. This was not a way that a wise person would deal with it. “

“It looks like you have an idea. Then you might as well see how I handled this matter this time and give this one a score. “Yan Yang said in her clever little head, with expectation,

Lin Xiaoyue raised her lips. “That’s fine. We’ll see! “

Lowering his head, Yan Yang kissed Lin Xiaoyue’s lips again…

Without going deeper, he only paused for a moment, like a dragonfly lightly pecking the water. He then retracted his head.

Lin Xiaoyue’s face was instantly red, and she looked down shyly…


At dinner, Lin Xiaoyue saw Chen Cuiyun walking in and out of the courtyard.

She has been muttering something, “It’s time for dinner. Why didn’t he come back? He didn’t come back at noon, nor did he come back at night! “

Lin Xiaoyue’s family was eating in Wang Xiuying’s house, and although the door was closed, Chen Cuiyun’s nagging voice could still be heard.

Lin Xiaoyue glanced at Yan Yang, who raised his lips and smiled…

Lin Xiaoyue knew that the result of Yan Yang’s bad deeds would soon come out.

It was very late, and Yan Hongwen still hadn’t come home yet.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang returned to the small side house. They could still hear the noise from the courtyard, Chen Cuiyun walking back and forth, and the constant muttering.

Chen Cuiyun was worried.

Later, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also heard that Chen Cuiyun went out directly to look for him.

In the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang ate small snacks and played Go. The atmosphere was very warm.

On the other hand, Chen Cuiyun searched for several families, and finally, under the leadership of those families, he found Yan Hongwen in the underground casino, who had lost his eyes.

When a villager took Chen Cuiyun to find Yan Hongwen, he told Chen Cuiyun on the road that Yan Hongwen was not lucky today. He had lost all day, and he also borrowed money from the casino, and he didn’t know his situation now.

When Chen Cuiyun heard these words, she was simply furious with Yan Hongwen!

After entering the underground casino, she immediately rushed into the pile of people, grabbed Yan Hongwen’s ear, and pulled him out of the pile of people!

At that moment, Yan Hongwen had already held his anger because he had lost the whole day and immediately lashed out at her!

“Get lost! Why are you so annoying? “

Yan Hongwen’s eyes were red and bloodshot.

“Brat! You’ve been hanging out in a place like this all day! Do you still owe someone money? How much did you borrow? “

Chen Cuiyun was furious, pointing at Yan Hongwen and cursing.

Because her voice was sharp and loud, she immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding gamblers.

Yan Hongwen found the surrounding people were looking at him. He just felt embarrassed, “What did you mean how much I borrowed? You… you go back…… “

“Why should you go back?” “Come home with me!”

Chen Cuiyun came up and grabbed Yan Hongwen’s wrist, ready to take him away.

Yan Hongwen immediately shook Chen Cuiyun’s hand. “You go back! I have one more. I will go home when it’s over! Don’t be so noisy here! “

“Bet on what? How much money have you lost today? “

Chen Cuiyun came up again and grabbed Yan Hongwen’s hand, saying, “Go home with me! No more gambling! How much money has been lost to you? “

“Don’t argue! Just one more! “

Yan Hongwen simply pulled Chen Cuiyun directly to his side, back to the betting table…

Chen Cuiyun heard him say he only wanted to get just one more, so she thought it would be fine.

So I waited at the gambling table for him to take a gamble…


As a result of this loss, Yan Hongwen immediately squeezed all the money into his pocket!

Chen Cuiyun couldn’t help but widen her eyes, “You’re crazy! 10 yuan “Ah!”

She reached out to get the money back, but Yan Hongwen grabbed her wrist tightly!

“Place your bet! Buy it! Buy it!

There were shouts from the surroundings.

When Chen Cuiyun couldn’t stop him, he watched Yan Hongwen play another round!

He lost 10 yuan in one game!

Chen Cuiyun’s heart ached like she had been stabbed by a knife!

Yan Hongwen also completely lost the will to fight…

All the money he brought back for the New Year was lost. Today, he borrowed 100 yuan from me and lost all of it.

Suddenly, Yan Hongwen collapsed…

Later, on the way home, Chen Cuiyun kept scolding him and kept on scolding!

She scolded me again, and it was terrible to listen to!

What kind of prodigal, no talent, the ones picked up from the garbage are better than him… and so on. She shot out like a laser gun in her mouth.

Yan Hongwen was upset because he had lost so much money. He couldn’t stand the situation. He had a big fight with her on the road!

Chen Cuiyun herself is a master when it comes to quarrels.

As a result, one thing led to another.


Later, Lin Xiaoyue heard some movements from the courtyard. Chen Cuiyun was crying and roaring at the top of her lungs…

The door of the small side house was quietly opened. Lin Xiaoyue poked her head out to see the muddy scene of Chen Cuiyun crying and yelling, “The child’s father! God damn it! You quickly come to cure this unfilial son! Ah…………… “

Lin Xiaoyue only saw Chen Cuiyun alone. Yan Hongwen did not return home.

Looking back, she looked at Yan Yang again. “I’m a little curious. What did you do? “

Yan Yang patted the bed, “Come over and kiss me. I’ll tell you…… “


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