I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Lin Xiaoyue ran to the bed, hid under the blankets, wrapped her hands around Yan Yang’s neck, and kissed his face.

She blushed and arched her eyebrows: “Tell me quickly, what did you do to the Second Branch family?”

Yan Yang circled his arms around her, scooped her into his arms and hugged her tightly, then told her what he did to Yan Hongwen today.

Lin Xiaoyue only knew that he had hired someone to calculate Yan Hongwen in the casino today.

First, he let Yan Hongwen have a big win, and then let him experience a big loss…

For gamblers, basically in their minds, after winning quickly, they will never lose.

Yan Hongwen won the whole morning, with great luck. How could he not be happy?

He didn’t even go home for lunch… Later, he also received the attention of the casino.

Under the operation of both Yan Yang and the casino, Yan Hongwen began to lose miserably in the afternoon…

The more he loses, the more miserable he is. Not only did he lose all the money he won, but he also lost all of his own money, and he even borrowed money from the casino.

Yan Yang stayed in the casino until he saw that Yan Hongwen had borrowed 50 yuan from the casino…

Borrowing 50 yuan means it’s harder for him to stop.

He would absolutely borrow it next time.

After Lin Xiaoyue listened to Yan Yang’s manipulation, she gave him a thumbs-up, “Excellent! This kind of behavior is 100 points! “

She lowered her eyes, and Yan Yang looked at her face with a smile. He squeezed her face with his hands. It feels soft and smooth.

In the yard, Chen Cuiyun’s cursing voice could still be heard.

After a while, Lin Xiaoyue heard that someone even came out of Granny Yan’s main house.

Everyone came out to watch Chen Cuiyun, and the whole courtyard was noisy.

How could Lin Xiaoyue miss this situation?

Lifting the quilt, Lin Xiaoyue put on her shoes and got out of bed immediately, “I’m going to see the excitement. Maybe there will be a good show. “

Yan Yang propped his head with one hand and gently raised his sword eyebrows, “Put a coat on. The yard is cold.. “


Lin Xiaoyue put on her shoes, casually picked up a thick coat hanging on the chair, and draped it over her body.

The door of the small side room was hastily opened, and half a small head was poked out to look at the crowd gathering in a pile at the entrance of the Second Family’s house.

In the lively courtyard, Yang Chengyu also wore a thick coat and asked Chen Cuiyun intently, “Second Sister-in-law, what’s the matter? Didn’t you go look for Hongwen? Why didn’t you bring him back? You are acting like this. What happened? “

It’s better if I didn’t find him! I hope I didn’t find him. It’s better that I don’t have this son! “

Chen Cuiyun’s voice was tinged with tears as she cursed while her body was shaking.

Because of the argument on the road, Yan Hongwen suddenly became furious and pushed Chen Cuiyun, pushing her into the field.

Covered in red and slippery wet mud, Chen Cuiyun spent a lot of effort getting up, and by then, the same furious Yan Hongwen had left her behind.

Chen Cuiyun’s heart was aggrieved…..

She couldn’t control herself at all, and she came back crying and cursing all the way. She probably never expected that she would be bullied like this by her son!

The pain in her body was not as bad as what she felt in her heart!

“What’s going on? What the hell is this? “

Grandma Yan also looked puzzled. “Where’s Hongwen? Why did you come back alone? What happened? “

“Stop talking. That prodigal son! Woo… “

The family members around us were asking about Yan Hongwen. Chen Cuiyun’s heart was colder and sadder, “How did I give birth to such a bastard son? I’m a sinner. I am… “

“What’s the matter? What the hell? “

Grandma Yan was anxious and annoyed, “Okay, don’t cry! Hurry up and tell me what’s going on! “

“Yeah, mom, don’t cry…”

Yan Lianhua hurriedly moved a bench out of the house. “Mom, come and sit here.”

“What are we sitting here for? It’s cold outside, come inside! ” Chen Cuiyun whispered.

“Yes, yes, it’s really cold. Go inside first. ” Yang Chengyu said softly.

A group of people sent Chen Cuiyun in a panic into the second branch’s house, and the door was closed.

At that time, Chen Cuiyun’s husband was boiling hot water in the dining room. Seeing that Chen Cuiyun had fallen into such a state, it was necessary for her to take a bath since just rubbing her body was definitely not enough.

The door to Second Branch’s house was closed.

This time, Lin Xiaoyue, who was staying in the small side room, could not hear the movement there.

Lin Xiaoyue closed the door with a lack of interest, turned around, and stared at Yan Yang on the bed. “I can’t hear what’s being said over there.”

Yan Yang patted his side of the bed and said, “Forget about not being able to hear them. Their words were not good to hear anyway. Come and lie down. “

Lin Xiaoyue had to return to the bed and continue to lie next to Yan Yang.

Yan Yang backhandedly hugged her body, and Lin Xiaoyue comfortably nestled in his arms.

Her body was close to his body. She was wrapped in the heat from his body. Even if it’s winter, it’s not cold!

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue discussed the matter of Yan Hongwen for a while, and as the night gradually deepened, she also began to feel sleepy.

“Turn off the oil lamp. Let’s go to sleep. ” Lin Xiaoyue nestled in Yan Yang’s arms and said lazily.


Yan Yang half stood up, cut off the oil lamp with scissors, turned back and laid down, and continued to hug her.

But he did not dare to sleep, he did not dare to close his eyes…

He knew that his mental strength would not last long, but he still couldn’t sleep and wanted to stay awake…

Lin Xiaoyue was just about to fall asleep when she suddenly remembered something.

“Where’s your hand?”

Lin Xiaoyue fumbled around under the covers for a while, grabbed Yan Yang’s hand, and clasped his big palm.

She had to hold him and sleep in order to see him in space.

Also, he had to be asleep to do so.

If he’s awake, he can’t enter her space.

Lin Xiaoyue hopes that tomorrow it will still be him. So, after holding Yan Yang’s hand tightly, she reassured him again: “You should not stay up any longer today. Don’t stay up until early in the morning. Just sleep peacefully. As long as you fall asleep, it’s ‘you’ who will definitely wake up tomorrow. “

Yan Yang listened to her strange words. The corners of his lips gently lifted, “So sure?”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “I’m sure that it would be you, but you must sleep. You can’t stay up late anymore. “

Lowering his head, Yan Yang’s chin rested against her forehead and sighed, “You go to sleep, don’t worry about me.”

He thought that Lin Xiaoyue did this kind of deceit in order to let him sleep.

“You have to sleep quickly! If you don’t sleep, it will definitely not be ‘you’ who will wake up tomorrow. If you fall asleep, there is a possibility that it will be you who wakes up tomorrow, right? ” Lin Xiaoyue patted his chest to appease him.

Yan Yang snickered, “Right…”

Then later, shortly after Lin Xiaoyue fell asleep, Yan Yang also gradually fell asleep.

The warm bed, the warm her, the sound of her snoring in his ears, this kind of atmosphere…It’s really hard to hold up your spirit.

Moreover, Yan Yang felt that she was right.

Even if he does not sleep all night, he will not be able to accompany her tomorrow. He remembered that his body’s mental strength was not enough for him to support until daytime……

Yan Yang simply slept.

In the dream study, Lin Xiaoyue saw three Yan Yang.

She held one of them out as she wished…… it was still Lao San.

Although the three Yan Yang in her eyes is Yan Yang, people are eccentric.

Lin Xiaoyue must admit that the person she most wanted to come out of the three was Lao San.

Even in the next few days in succession, Lin Xiaoyue chose Lao San directly in the dream study.

As a result, Lao San himself could not believe that he could come out so often.

He began to wonder if the dominance of this body was given to him.

If this was really determined, there were some things that he could let go and do boldly.

For example, Lin Xiaoyue…

He always wanted to make her become his real woman.

On the 5th of the month, it was still Lao San who came out.

On a cold night, Yan Yang left Lin Xiaoyue at home and went out to engage in his underground business alone.

Lin Xiaoyue stayed in the house, lying in bed alone. The wind blowing in through the doorway made Lin Xiaoyue, who was huddled under the covers, freeze, and shiver.

There was no one to warm her bed tonight, nor was there a blazing body to hold her as she slept. She was destined to be lonely, on a cold night, alone in an empty bed.

She had previously purchased a batch of warm paste* online in her study, and looking at the logistics information, it showed that they would arrive the day after tomorrow.

(TN:-warm baby is also called warm paste, which is a tool for heating.)

When the warm paste arrives, Lin Xiaoyue will be able to have a comfortable winter.

Old Yan’s family recently seemed to be fine, but in fact, there are some conflicts.

The fact that Yan Hongwen owes a huge amount of money from gambling soon spreads from Chen Cuiyun’s mouth to the whole family.

In previous New Years’, when Yan Hongwen returned home, he would always go to the underground casino every day.

But this year alone, Yan Hongwen’s mental state was no better than the previous two years.

At home, only Lin Xiaoyue knows… Yan Yang goes to the casino to squat for a day every day, staring at Yan Hongwen!

Under the control of Yan Yang’s secret methods, Yan Hongwen wandered between big wins and special losses every day…

Every day his eyes would turn red from losing, but still, he was unable to stop, so his debt at the casino would increase.

Because of the increasing debts, Yan Hongwen’s mood has become more and more irritable in recent days, and there is no way to maintain a smiling face when he first came home.

From the beginning, Chen Cuiyun looked forward to her son’s coming home for the New Year. Now, every day he urges Yan Hongwen to return to the city! Don’t stay at home anymore and be an eyesore!

Yan Hongwen and Chen Cuiyun also quarrelled twice in front of the other elders of the Old Yan family.

Even if his debts from the casino increased more and more, his temper is really getting bigger and bigger. This is probably the common nature of all gamblers in the world.

Tonight, Lin Xiaoyue, who had laid down early to get ready for bed, was unexpectedly woken up by the sound of Chen Cuiyun’s cursing and yelling.

Chen Cuiyun went to the casino and brought Yan Hongwen back, and the mother and son were still arguing.

Yan Hongwen had even asked Chen Cuiyun to borrow money in the past two days because he had lost all his money.

He even borrowed money from the main family and from Grandma Yan…

Of course, what he said was that when he returned to the city, he would mail the money to them.

Seeing that Chen Cuiyun’s family was in such a state, Lin Xiaoyue was naturally in a good mood as she watched the fire burning across the river.

Listening to the noisy voices of Chen Cuiyun and Yan Hongwen, Lin Xiaoyue fell asleep peacefully.

During the night, Yan Yang came back.

After getting into the bed, he hugged Lin Xiaoyue tightly…

Thinking about her these days, she would hold his hand every night before going to bed.

Yan Yang also held her small hand before he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The moment he slept a little, in Lin Xiaoyue’s study space, three Yan Yang appeared on the bed.

Lin Xiaoyue, who was shopping online for something in the space as well, heard a faint movement over there.

Walking to take a look, she found that it was three Yan Yang.

She then knew that he must have held her hand and fallen asleep.

He actually knew to hold her hand to sleep. What a smart, good baby…

Lin Xiaoyue sat on the edge of the bed and also held his hand and selected Lao San.

A biased person was still a biased person, although all three husbands belonged to her.

But if she had a choice, she would choose Lao San without hesitation.

Men……, well, security comes first.


It’s almost New Year’s Eve.

Lin Xiaoyue used her method to bring out the third Yan Yang for more than half a month.

Therefore, the third Yan Yang has been steadily coming out for more than half a month.

He felt more and more that the owner of this body should be him, and the other two Yan Yang are estimated to be unable to suppress him.

Lao San recently became more and more proud.

Taking advantage of coming out often on his body, he would go out every day.

Either go out during the day or go out at night…

Lin Xiaoyue helped him cover up at home and instructed him to be careful when he went out.

Yan Yang made a lot of money every time he went out, but Lin Xiaoyue didn’t know what he did when he went out.

Just in this half month or so, Lin Xiaoyue received a total of 150 yuan.

She was so happy!

She felt that she was just a little over 1000 yuan away from buying a new house.

Lin Xiaoyue asked Wang Xiuying, these days, with 13002000 yuan, you can buy a small house in the town.

If you can buy a house in town next year, it happens to be after the reform and opening up, when the time comes to move directly to the town to live there and start a small business in the town…

The life of salted fish will be even more perfect.

Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve. Yan Yang went out again tonight.

Lin Xiaoyue is at Wang Xiuying’s house. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair were making soy sauce meat, and Yan Dayong was smoking a dry cigarette on the side.

The Third Branch family is more peaceful than the Second Branch family, which has been in an uproar lately.

Wang Xiuying was asking Lin Xiaoyue, “What is happening to Xiao Yang in these past two days? Hasn’t he come back yet? “

Lin Xiaoyue knew that Wang Xiuying was asking about the child Yan Yang…

Wang Xiuying had not seen the child Yan Yang for a long time and had not spoken to the current Yan Yang for a long time.

She sometimes wanted to talk to Yan Yang, but she didn’t dare.

“Mother-in-law, Xiao Yang, is fine these two days. You don’t know how hard he’s working now.”

Lin Xiaoyue naturally avoided talking about the child Yan Yang, who was the real Yan Yang according to the master. “He wants to take the college entrance exam next year. These days, he has been staying in the room to read a book. When he is tired of reading books, he will rest, and when he’s done resting, he will read again. At this time, he was tired, so he fell asleep. He has been reading all day today! “

Wang Xiuying didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing, “Xiao Yue, what do you think of Xiao Yang now?”

“It’s good.” Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head.

Wang Xiuying still feels somehow bad, “I mean, now this clear-headed Xiao Yang, compared to the former unclear-headed Xiao Yang…… do you think it’s good?”
“I think the current Xiao Yang is great!”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded with certainty, “Since coming to that master, Xiao Yang’s state has been very stable. He started to have his own thoughts. He wants to study, he wants to take the entrance examination, he wants to become a good person. It’s really good! “

Wang Xiuying heard Lin Xiaoyue say this and seemed to think that there was nothing bad about…… changing like this.

The only bad thing about this is probably that he’s not close to her anymore.

“I’ve ah…… had a chat with him before.”

Yan Dayong smoked a dry cigarette and said, “He remembered a lot of things. He remembered all of those things that happened when he was a child. He didn’t want to accept us because he had a grudge. In fact, in my opinion, after seeing the master this time, his brain became clear. That is why he was not close to us. Compared to before, the situation right now is definitely better. “

When Wang Xiuying heard Yan Dayong open his mouth, she became a little bit at ease this time.

A family of three was chatting. Suddenly, the door knocked…

Yan Hongwen’s voice came from the door, “Third Uncle, Third Aunt, are you asleep? Can I come in?”

The sudden uninvited guest made Lin Xiaoyue and the other two look at each other……

Wang Xiuying agreed, “Come in.”

Yan Hongwen pushed the door in……


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