I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Yan Hongwen didn’t know what went wrong. In the past two months, the more he bet, the more he lost, the more he lost, the more he bet…

Now, he owes 800 yuan to the underground casino!

800 yuan was not a small amount of money!

The casino has already given him an ultimatum, asking him to pay off the money the day after tomorrow at the latest. Otherwise, they will come to their door.

These days, Yan Hongwen has been arguing with Chen Cuiyun at home, but he is still saying that he has not lost. He is winning!

In fact, he has long lost all of his money and still owes a lot of money!

Yan Hongwen knew in his heart that he could not maintain the appearance on the surface.

This time, he brought 200 yuan to go home during the New Year, and he gave 100 yuan to honor the elders in exchange for the whole night of carnival and a warm reception at Old Yan’s family home.

After that, Yan Hongwen didn’t know what went wrong. The good hand has been played like this.

Every year he comes back with a good appearance. 100 yuan was quite enough to gamble in an underground casino for half a month.

After all, he usually wins more.

He didn’t know what happened this year. There were wins and losses, and those times he lost, it was miserable…

Yan Hongwen has no choice now.

He had to get some money to deal with the casino first.

With Chen Cuiyun arguing like that, Yan Hongwen has no way to ask his parents for money.

He himself knew that as long as he asked Chen Cuiyun for money, Chen Cuiyun would have to drown him with a spit.

Yan Hongwen went to the first family’s house just now.

Yang Chengyu, of the first family’s house, really did not have any money, so she refused him.

So, Yan Hongwen came to find the Third Branch family.

If there was no one else to look for, he would not want to find the Third Branch…

But right now, that’s all he could do.

In Yan Hongwen’s opinion, the Third Branch’s Third Uncle and Third Aunt are still quite easy to talk to.

As long as they could be persuaded, they would be fine.

Pushing open the door, Yan Hongwen entered the house and greeted them with a smile, “Third Uncle and Third Aunt, what are you doing? Are you curing meat? Tomorrow will be New Year’s Eve. There will be meat for the New Year. “

“Hey, this is the only meat we have at home.”

Wang Xiuying smiled politely, “You have better food there, right? These days, you should have a lot of fish and meat every day, right? I’m getting hungry from smelling the fragrance coming from your side. “

“Yes. It’s about to be New Year’s Eve, so it’s normal to eat better. “

Yan Hongwen smiled and went to sit next to Yan Dayong, picked up the kettle, and poured himself a glass of water, “Third Uncle, ah, there is something that I want to discuss with you.”


Yan Dayong smoked a dry cigarette and looked at him with a serious face.

“I heard that you often take private jobs in order to cure Yan Yang, right?” Yan Hongwen asked as he raised his cup and took a sip of water.

Yan Dayong naturally did not deny it, “Yes, why?”

Wang Xiuying saw that the two men began to talk about things. She brought out some peanuts, put them on a small plate, and sent them to the table.

Then, Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue continued to sit in the corner of the room, taking care of the bacon.

However, the two of them had stopped talking and pricked up their ears to listen carefully to the two men talking over there.

only to hear, Yan Hongwen eloquently said: “In the city, there is a public carpentry factory. During peak periods, temporary woodworkers are often hired for high salaries, and they are paid 6 yuan a day. I am very familiar with the director. If the third uncle is interested, I can introduce it to you. “

“A pay of 6 yuan a day?”

Yan Dayong listened with even wider eyes, obviously attracted by the price.

You know, he worked hard in the production team for a day and could only earn 1 yuan and 98 cents.

This day’s wage is worth 3 days of work!

“Yes, 6 yuan is the base salary. This is the price of the hourly wage. If you work overtime, they will add money! “

Yan Hongwen, good voice for fools, said. “The peak period is in March, April, August, and September. During those months, the Third Uncle could hire the production team, and go to the city to do this work. A month is more than three months of wages in the production team! Food is included, and overtime housing is included! Things are very good, right! “

Yan Dayong was indeed tempted, “What do you say, is this true or false?”

“How can I tell you that it’s not true? It must be true! “

Yan Hongwen knocked on the table with his finger and picked it up. He took another sip of water, “I plan to return to the city tomorrow morning. If the third uncle feels it’s okay, I’ll talk to my factory manager friend. Then call the commune and inform Third Uncle. “

There is one phone in Shang Yen village, and it is the only one…… located in the commune.

Villagers who want to call someone can go to the commune and apply there to make a call.

And it is also convenient for people in the city if they call back to their village.

Yan Dayong saw that Yan Hongwen offered him such a good job and then thought of the peak period of 4 months a year.

One month’s salary was equivalent to three months’ salary of the production team. In four months, you will be able to earn a full year of income in the production team.

This is undoubtedly a great thing!

Yan Dayong’s heart burst into joy in an instant, but he couldn’t be too obvious and show it on the surface.

He sucked into his tobacco, inhaled the smoke, his brows arched, and he said. “Hongwen, this job is indeed a good job, but you take such good care of me. Is there anything you need for your third uncle’s help? “

“This is definitely a fat job! Third Uncle, You trust me. I definitely won’t recommend anything bad for you. “

Yan Hongwen saw that Yan Dayong was hooked at this moment, then he smoothly put forward, “But Third Uncle ah…… these two days, my mother made a scene like that you also saw. I really can’t stay in this house for a second. I originally planned to leave here after the New Year. Now I am forced by my mother to attend. I will leave tomorrow! “

“Yes, yes……”

Yan Dayong nodded, “Your mother’s temper was indeed difficult to handle. If you want to leave, your third uncle won’t keep you. Otherwise, do you want to have a piece of bacon at Third Uncle’s house? “

“No, no, no, this is really not necessary.”

Yan Hongwen smiled, “Third Uncle, I remember you in my heart, and I know that it’s my mother that caused your Third Branch to separate. So, I feel guilty about you too, before leaving. I just told you about this. Don’t worry, I will go to my factory manager friend after I go back to clear this matter for you. “


Yan Dayong smiled and nodded. He was a little moved by Yan Hongwen, “Hongwen, I’m so touched that you can remember your third uncle like this.”

“That is a must to remember, Third Uncle. Didn’t Third Uncle love me since I was young? “

Yan Hongwen finally wanted to draw his attention to the main topic. But ah, if I go to my friend who was a factory director, even if we are close, this matter is also a pretty big deal. A lot of people were fighting for this position! If I were to talk to him about this matter, then I would have to give him some gifts. “

When it comes to the word “gift,” the smile on Yan Hongwen’s face is even wider.

Yan Dayong immediately realized what Yan Hongwen meant. He immediately turned to Wang Xiuying and asked, “Xiuying ah! How much money do we still have at home? “You prepare a few pieces of cured meat and collect our family’s money so that Hongwen can help us unblock it. “

Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue have been silently listening to the conversation between the two men on the side. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are like mirrors of each other……

Chapter 40

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying guessed that Yan Hongwen was here to ask for money from the moment he stepped into the doorway.

As expected, he made up such a reason, told such a story, and really began to ask for money!

Yan Dayong was this brainless…… he still believed it!

Lin Xiaoyue felt that he was retarded. At the same time, Wang Xiuying also hated iron for not becoming steel.

Wang Xiuying refused casually anyway, “There is no money at home. Didn’t I report every penny I spent? When there was 8 yuan left, I said to buy some meat for the children to make soy sauce for Chinese New Year. Didn’t you agree? “

“No money at all, huh?”

Yan Dayong turned to Wang Xiuying and asked, “How much money do you have?”

“No, no!” Wang Xiuying replied without a good voice.

“Xiao Yue…”

Yan Dayong actually called on Lin Xiaoyue, “Do you have some private money there? Use it first. “

Earlier, Yan Dayong heard Wang Xiuying say that Lin Xiaoyue should have some private money, which was given to her by the other person living in his son’s body.

As an elder, Yan Dayong has never thought of using his offspring’s money.

But this time, it sounds too tempting, plus the family doesn’t really have any money……

Yan Dayong opened this to Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair were both surprised.

Lin Xiaoyue did not expect that her personal money was already known by the two elders.

Wang Xiuying also did not expect that Yan Dayong would be stupid enough to ask Lin Xiaoyue for money!

He’s just brainless!

Wang Xiuying refused Yan Dayong directly on behalf of Lin Xiaoyue, “What’s wrong with you? Are you asking for money from your junior? Xiaoyue doesn’t have any money! She’s not working. She’s at home all day taking care of Xiao Yang. Where do you expect her to get money? “

Yan Dayong heard Wang Xiuying’s meaning that she was not willing to pay.

Then there is no way out.

The financial power of the family had always been in Wang Xiuying’s hands, and he could only accept whatever arrangements Wang Xiuying had made…

He really did not expect that when he wanted to use the money, he would not be able to get a penny.

“Third Uncle ah…… Well, I spent the last two days at home, and I spent a lot of money. Like you, the bulk of the money is held in the hands of the wife. If she doesn’t give it to me, I have no money. Oh… otherwise I can give you the money for this matter. “

Yan Hongwen this time gave Yan Dayong an idea, “Hey, Third Uncle ah! Otherwise, you can borrow some from Grandma Yan, too, ah? Borrow forty or fifty yuan. When you go to the city to do a job in the coming year, you can return it to Grandma Yan. “

Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue listened to Yan Hongwen pick up Yan Dayong to find someone to borrow money…

The two women in the corner were so angry that they were about to burst into flames.

Wang Xiuying then interjected loudly, “Don’t even think about Grandma Yan’s side. When I tried to get advance money from Grandma Yan that day, things got so bad that it led to the separation of the family.

Grandma Yan’s side really didn’t even think about it. I was advancing some money to Grandma Yan that day, and things got so bad that it led to the separation of the family. Dayong, we must save some face! Don’t go to Grandma Yan either! “

“Yes…… we can go to see Grandma Yan.”

Dayong shook his head and then said again, “If that’s the case, I’ll go to Guo Bing’s house tomorrow morning to ask him. Can I ask something? Can you find two positions? Let’s take a Guo Bing. “

“That’s a good idea!”

When Yan Hongwen saw that, Yan Dayong had completely taken the bait, he continued to laugh and fool around, “But if you want to introduce two people, you have to give two gifts.”

Yan Dayong asked uneasily, “Is it true that after sending the gift, the matter will definitely be completed?”

Yan Hongwen nodded decisively, “That must be done! The factory manager is already my friend. I gave him a gift like this. Can not give me two faces ah? I’ll tell you what, Third Uncle, if this thing doesn’t work, I’ll pay you back this money out of my own pocket. “

Yan Hongwen’s words were so strong and righteous that Yan Dayong could not refuse his good intentions.

So, Yan Dayong smiled and agreed, “Then I will go to Guo bing’s house first thing in the morning and ask, and discuss with Guo bing. You see, what time will you leave tomorrow? By the way, does this gift have to be forty or fifty yuan? Can’t it be twenty or thirty yuan? “

“Third Uncle…… Prices in the city are more expensive than ours, and people in the city are very dignified when giving gifts. All people want to send the best and the most refined! If you plan to send twenty or thirty yuan, it is fine, but it is difficult for me to send it out. “

Yan Hongwen said, “Think about it. Others send a gift worth 60 to 70 yuan for this position, and you will only send a gift worth 20 to 30 yuan. Even if I have a very good relationship with the factory manager, seeing this small gift would still make him think that I do not respect him! Maybe the gift will be returned to me…… It also makes me embarrassed! “

“Is that so……”

Yan Dayong sighed, “You said that, in fact, you actually have a point.”

“What’s the point? Forty or fifty yuan! That’s your salary for one month! ” Wang Xiuying couldn’t help but interject.

Just as Wang Xiuying was about to say a few more words to interrupt the matter, Lin Xiaoyue suddenly elbowed Wang Xiuying and gave her a wink.

Wang Xiuying glanced at Lin Xiaoyue, only to see Lin Xiaoyue wash her hands in the water, “Mother-in-law, I’m tired. I’ll go back to bed.”

Wang Xiuying also did not know what Lin Xiaoyue was going to do, only to see Lin Xiaoyue move his lips towards her and say silently: [Wait for me…]

Wang Xiuying read it.

Lin Xiaoyue quickly walked out of the room, and the two men didn’t take Lin Xiaoyue seriously and focused on the matter between them.

After Lin Xiaoyue walked out of the room, she did not go back to the small side room but went directly to the door of Second Branch Chen Cuiyun’s house…

She knocked on the door several times…

Chen Cuiyun, who was already in bed, yelled out, “Who is it? We’re asleep! “

“Auntie! Your son is leaving! “

Lin Xiaoyue shouted directly.

In the courtyard, her voice naturally reached Wang Xiuying’s house…

Yan Hongwen, who was in the house, heard Lin Xiaoyue’s words and immediately looked anxious.

He hurriedly got up and immediately walked out of the room…

Seeing Lin Xiaoyue still yelling at the door of the Second Branch, “You better come out and take care of your son. He ran to my house to get the money! He fooled my father-in-law and lied to my father-in-law. 100 yuan! You quickly ask him if he owes money at the casino, or if he runs away, the money will be paid by your family. “

“Damn girl, what are you talking about?”

Yan Hongwen was furious and rushed towards Lin Xiaoyue, who by then had already understood his line of action…

She yelled and immediately ran!

She turned around and ran into the small side room in a flash, and before Yan Hongwen could catch up with her, the door to Second Branch’s house opened!

Chen Cuiyun poked her head out aggressively, “What? What was she yelling about? “

“Mom, don’t listen to that girl’s nonsense!”

Yan Hongwen also looked angry and pointed his finger at Lin Xiaoyue over there. “I heard that the girl did not have good intentions, and she was instigating discord at home all day long! That’s why the third uncle was separated, and now she’s messing with ours! I think she just doesn’t deserve it! “

Chen Cuiyun’s not-so-smart brain was immediately attracted to Yan Hongwen’s thoughts, and she yelled at Lin Xiaoyue’s small house, “Lin Xiaoyue, what are you doing at night? Do you think our house is not messy enough? “

In the small side room……

Lin Xiaoyue had a head full of questions…


What kind of IQ does Chen Cuiyun have?


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