I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 41.1

Chapter 41 Part 1

Lin Xiaoyue was kind enough to remind Chen Cuiyun, but who knows, Chen Cuiyun, who has no brains, and started to scold her together with his son!

Lin Xiaoyue simply hid in the small side room. They scolded as long as they wanted. Anyway, a piece of her meat was indispensable.

If you don’t listen to her reminder, Chen Cuiyun will cry sometimes! Lin Xiaoyue will be happy to watch the show!

In the courtyard, Chen Cuiyun is still cursing and yelling at Lin Xiaoyue’s small side room.

Yan Hongwen was also staring at Lin Xiaoyue’s small house with hateful eyes.

Seeing that he could soon get the money from Yan Dayong, Lin Xiaoyue, this insensitive woman, wanted to come out and cause havoc!

Yan Hongwen’s palm at his side was clenched into a fist, and his heart was full of anger.

“That damn girl has no good intentions! As soon as she entered the house, I knew that she was not a worry-free person! Now I dare to provoke my house. Why don’t you die? “

Chen Cuiyun’s scolding became more and more unpleasant, “A woman like you, you should have died earlier! You still don’t think our family is messy enough, do you? “

“Second Sister-in-law, have you had enough?”

Later, Wang Xiuying couldn’t bear to hear it and couldn’t help but come out of the house to retort to Chen Cuiyun, “You still have to look at the owner when you hit the dog. You scold my son’s wife like that? Do you think I’m easy to bully?

“What! I reprimanded her, and you’re still upset about it! Do you still want to argue with me? “

Chen Cuiyun was so angry that she craned her neck, stood up straight, and pointed her finger at Wang Xiuying, “You ask for a wife with that kind of virtue, and you have to protect it like a treasure! I think you also have a brain problem! I told you to replace her, but you didn’t change ah! I’ll see when your family is ruined by her!”

Wang Xiuying had been displeased with Chen Cuiyun all these years, but she had been suppressed because of their family status.

Now that the family is divided, she won’t let Chen Cuiyun take advantage of her!

So there is no reason to be suppressed!

“Whether my son’s wife is good or not, it’s none of your business! You are too idle to take care of my family’s business. You might as well take care of yourself! “

Wang Xiuying was not afraid of trouble and went straight back.

“What about my son? My son! Was my son worse than your son’s wife? It’s 100 times, 10,000 times better! “

Chen Cuiyun was furious and argued, “My son has a house in the city, a job, and a wife! This is your stupid son’s lifetime achievement! What’s the matter, you’re jealous? So you let your wife come out to cause trouble and break up our relationship, right?”

Chen Cuiyun rolled up her sleeves and looked like a fighter, “Wang Xiuying, I really did not see ah, you are also so capable of stirring up trouble for people! All these years of virtuousness, and it was all a disguise! “

Chen Cuiyun’s voice became more and more shrill and aggressive, and the whole courtyard was instantly filled with her quarrelsome voice!

These days, Chen Cuiyun quarrels and yells at home every day.

This year, because of her, the new year was so ‘lively’!

This evening, this quarrel, the First Branch house home, and main house’s side, the Old Yan family people came out again.

Some people came out to watch the excitement, and some came out to persuade them.

It’s the 30th of the year tomorrow, so what’s the point of making a fuss?

The courtyard was instantly filled with people from the three families.

In the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue listened to the more and more lively situation outside. For fear that Wang Xiuying would suffer, she also came out of the small side room again and quickly ran to stand behind Wang Xiuying.

Seeing Lin Xiaoyue come out, Chen Cuiyun looked like a cat was staring at a mouse and immediately locked Lin Xiaoyue, “You are really not afraid of offending people today! Lao San’s wife, let me tell you, Lin Xiaoyue is not good! This is not what I said alone. The whole family said so! I want you to ask the first wife!”

Yang Chengyu, who was ready to stand and watch the good show, was inexplicably pulled into the scolding battle by Chen Cuiyun.

But because the target was Lin Xiaoyue, Yang Chengyu was not afraid to offend Lin Xiaoyue. She smoothly joined in, “Third sister-in-law, you might be too enthusiastic about her. We people usually see clearly, Everyone in your family knows how well you defend your daughter-in-law. You have to think about it for yourself. After Lin Xiaoyue entered the house, your life was getting deserted. “

“I pooh!”

Wang Xiuying crossed her arms, the more she scolded, “Which eye do you see my family is getting deserted? Ah, my family is getting better and better! Xiaoyue is the lucky star of my family! She came into my family, let me be the head of my own family, and even took care of my son! My son is getting better and better, and I’m telling you, maybe in the future, you two families will have to come and ask for my help!”

“Hahahaha… what a joke!”

Chen Cuiyun let out a sharp laugh, “A person of Lin Xiaoyue’s virtue can still bring your family a better and better life? Third sister-in-law, you’re probably not in your right mind either! “

“You still laugh at me? Who are you to laugh at me? Do not look at your own family’s virtues! “

Wang Xiuying was so angry that she rolled up her sleeves and pointed at Yan Hongwen behind Chen Cuiyun, “Your son is a gambler! Tomorrow he will leave, and tonight he came to my house to cheat me of my money! What benefits? A lot of bullsh!t. He can not even say that he wanted to borrow money, why must he cheat us? You want to cheat our family for 100 yuan, so you would feel comfortable, right?”

Yan Dayong hurriedly pulled Wang Xiuying, thinking that she spoke unpleasantly, “Don’t argue. Hongwen didn’t mean that.”

Yan Hongwen was so angry with Lin Xiaoyue that his eyes filled with blood, and now he’s so angry with Wang Xiuying that his lungs are about to explode!

The stress of owing 800 yuan at the casino was still on his mind!

He could not get the money, and yet these people were still hindering him from getting money! And they even broke him down in public like this!

Yan Hongwen retorted with a red face, “What do you mean by that? Are you both treating me with such a mentality? I sincerely helped introduce jobs to your family to make your family’s life easier, but I really have a good heart!”

“Hongwen, don’t even use general knowledge with these two women.”

Yan Dayong hurriedly persuaded Yan Hongwen first. This side also pulled Wang Xiuying’s hand, “Go away, don’t say it, the matter is over and forgets it, I won’t engage in.”

“Now, it’s not a matter of whether you engage or not. It’s a matter of them targeting Xiao Yue!”

As a result, Wang Xiuying shook off Yan Dayong’s hand and stared at the opposite side of the room with an aura as high as eight feet, “How good was my son’s wife I know in my heart! What your son’s nature is, I also know very well! I don’t care if your son does evil. You must also not care about my son’s wife! Whoever says one bad word about my son’s wife in front of me again, from now on we can’t be relatives!

Wang Xiuying could defend Lin Xiaoyue in such a righteous manner, which really shocked Lin Xiaoyue.

This Mother-in-law…… is excellent ah!

Lin Xiaoyue’s heart silently nodded and praised her.

In this way, the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, is really very happy…

Three husbands were good to her. My mother-in-law was also a protective person. The original life can be lived very comfortably ah…

The original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, decided to do it herself! *

(TN: Like bringing trouble to herself even if she knew they were good to her.)

“Haha, you still dare to threaten me?”

Chen Cuiyun issued a cold, sarcastic mocking sound, “Don’t want to be a relative, then we won’t be a relative ah! Over the years, it’s always been you, the Third Branch family, that has been taking advantage of us! If we don’t become your relatives, our family is still clean! “

“Stop it! Are you done arguing? “

Finally, Master Yan and Grandma Yan came down with a cane and stopped the endless scolding war.

“Noisy… noisy for the New Year, noisy all day long, not afraid of neighbors watching jokes, and thinking that the house is not messy enough!”

As Master Yan’s crutches were pressed a few times, his eyes darkened, “Either split the family or sever the relatives! All of them are good! I’m not dead yet. I split them one by one. You don’t want to support me? “

“Dad, don’t be angry. We are all angry. It is inevitable to speak a bit impulsively.”

Yang Chengyu, at this time, immediately rushed forward, showing a good daughter-in-law posture and coaxing Master Yan and Grandma Yan.

The poor performance of the wife of the Second Branch and Third Branch highlights the gentle and virtuous character of the wife of the First Branch family.

This is the hidden motive of Yang Chengyu.

“I see that your third family was also more and more capable!”

Because Grandma Yan master raised his cane, directly to Yan Dayong, “so capable, still living in my house for what! If you are so capable, then move out! “

When Grandma Yan spoke up, he didn’t say he was on Second Branch’s side either. But he only blamed the Third Branch, not the Second Branch, so it was clear that he was biased.

Wang Xiuying can’t face Grandma Yan with a straight face at this time.


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