I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 41.2

Chapter 41 Part 2

One was because Grandma Yan was the eldest, and the other was because, as Grandma Yan said, their Third Branch family was living in Grandma Yan’s house.

When Grandma Yan said this, their Third Branch family really couldn’t be tough.

This would be different if they had their own house. The bottom line would be different.

“You just bought one girl, and it’s causing so much trouble!”

Master Yan and Grandma Yan looked at Lin Xiaoyue in an unfriendly way and then blamed Wang Xiuying, “You can’t even manage your own child’s wife, and you’re being held by a bought girl’s nose! Separate the family, break off the relationship! In my opinion, this girl has no good intentions! “

“Yes, even Dad can see it. Your family’s eyes are like shit!”

Chen Cuiyun immediately added fuel to the fire, “In my opinion, while you still have some money in hand, hurry to go through the divorce procedures, give Lin Xiaoyue a sum of money, and send her off! I guess Lin Xiaoyue also wanted to leave a long time ago. Otherwise, it would not have made so much effort, both explicitly and implicitly! Isn’t that right, Lin Xiaoyue? “

Lin Xiaoyue was actually cued by Chen Cuiyun.

She was worried about the elders talking badly to interject. Chen Cuiyun directly pointed her out.

Lin Xiaoyue can naturally answer. “Today, no matter how you target me, I will stand with my Mother-in-law! It is because your two families have been bullying my mother-in-law and my third branch for years that led to the split! Don’t blame me for everything. I have a clear conscience towards my husband and my mother-in-law! “

“You can talk! This mouth is able to talk bullshit!”

Chen Cuiyun pointed at Lin Xiaoyue. Her eyes were the size of copper bells, and she said, “I can see through the bad intentions of this girl!”

“Your son’s bad intentions, I can also see-through!”

Lin Xiaoyue retorted eloquently, “Let me tell you, the cause of this incident tonight is because of Yan Hongwen! He lost money in the casino and owes a lot of money! Now he can’t pay it back, he’s going to leave tomorrow, and tonight he came to cheat my father-in-law. In the name of introducing my father-in-law to working in the city, he asked my father-in-law to give him 100 yuan! He couldn’t even say he was borrowing money, so he had to use a scam! Heh “

Lin Xiaoyue hummed and laughed, harsh gaze locked on Yan Hongwen, “Are you now trying to say that you have a good intention for our Third Branch? I guess, in a few days, someone will definitely come to the door to ask for your debt! “

“Mom, look, she’s sowing discord again!”

Yan Hongwen gritted his teeth and said, with a strong sense of anger.

If there weren’t too many people there, if Yan Hongwen didn’t want them to know about his debt, he would have wanted to hit Lin Xiaoyue!

This woman really needs a lesson!

“You don’t care if I’m sowing discord! It’s pointless to continue this verbal fight. The facts prove everything! “

Lin Xiaoyue put out a hand to stop the ensuing scolding, “Second Auntie, whether you believe me or not, I’ll give you only one piece of advice tonight. Don’t let your son go back to the city for the next three days!”

“Why don’t you let my son go back to the city? My son can go wherever he wants! “

Chen Cuiyun, still with her waist crossed, replied to Lin Xiaoyue in a sharp voice, “You little slut, you’re not nice! Even now, you are still sowing discord between my son and me! “

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Chen Cuiyun’s dumb and dull look, sighed and shook her head, and laughed…

How can there be such a stupid person in this world?

I can’t believe it.

“All right, Xiaoyue, don’t talk to them.”

Wang Xiuying also did not want to continue this war of words. She then patted Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulder, “Xiaoyue, you go back first.”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at her, “Mother-in-law…”

Wang Xiuying gave her a reassuring gesture, and Lin Xiaoyue went back to her little side room.

Wang Xiuying also did not have the heart to quarrel with this family. Her angry eyes swept around a circle, grunting. She also turned to leave.

When Yan Dayong saw Wang Xiuying leave, he didn’t know what to say. He shook his head and went along with Wang Xiuying.

By now, in the midst of this scolding, Yan Dayong actually felt that Wang Xiuying’s words to Lin Xiaoyue had some truth to them.

He began to realize that he might have been coaxed by Yan Hongwen.

Yan Dayong thus refrained from making any comments.

After the Third Branch’s family left, Chen Cuiyun cursed at the backs of the three of them separately for a while!

All kinds of unpleasant words were cursed out…

In the end, Chen Cuiyun felt that she had won this fake match…

Because she scolded them all away!

For Chen Cuiyun, it doesn’t matter what’s right or wrong. As long as she won the fight, she won!

The fuss was over…

Chen Cuiyun also patted Yan Hongwen’s chest and said, “Son, don’t worry! The relationship between your mom and I will not be provoked by any outsiders! I don’t listen to anything people say, but I believe everything you say! “

As a result, Chen Cuiyun finished these words. Yan Hongwen did not even have time to be touched. He heard Master Yan and Grandma Yan speak, “Don’t go back to the city in Hongwen. Spend a year at home. “

“Grandpa…… I was reminded of some important things. My children and my wife need me, so I have to go back to the city. ” Yan Hongwen said in good temper with Master Yan and Grandma Yan.

As everyone knows, Master Yan was also full of doubts about him at this time, “Stay for another 3 days. If you want to be at home, you can go back. If there is a debt collector coming, you have to deal with it. “

“Grandpa, how come you also believe that Lin Xiaoyue’s words and not me?”

Yan Hongwen’s palm at his side tightly squeezed into a fist. His heart was already resentful of Lin Xiaoyue.

“Yes, dad.”

Chen Cuiyun said, “Hongwen is your grandson, and you don’t believe him! Instead, you believe in that bought little bitch! “

“Haven’t you two argued enough this time? If you keep arguing, this family will be scattered! “

Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan’s sharp eyes cast a knife at both mother and son, “Hong Wen stays for three more days, that’s it! Dahlin, watch your son! “

Second Branch family man Yan Dalin nodded respectfully to Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan, “Got it, dad.”

In the courtyard, after the crowd dispersed, Yan Dalin waited for Yan Hongwen to go back to his room and immediately locked Yan Hongwen’s room door with a lock.

Chen Cuiyun said that she was very protective of Yan Hongwen just now, with the attitude that she would absolutely let his son be here.

But when Yan Dalin locked the door to Yan Hongwen’s room, Chen Cuiyun stood by his side without a word.

This shows that her heart for Yan Hongwen also still has a point of defense.

After all, the mother and son have been quarrelling these days. Chen Cuiyun doesn’t have so much confidence in Yan Hongwen.

Tonight, this quarrel is even more so.

After the farce broke up, Lin Xiaoyue returned to the small side room in good spirits.

Lying in bed, the more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

Those fools in Old Yan’s family were targeting her so much, trying to drive her out of the house.

This family… she really can’t stay…

Lin Xiaoyue must save money faster! Then buy a new house and move out!

She closed her eyes bitterly and lay still for a while…

She can’t sleep.


In the latter part of the night, Yan Yang returned from a trip.

He found that Lin Xiaoyue was still awake!

He cautiously went into the bed and was about to hold her hand, but Lin Xiaoyue turned over. Her big eyes stared at him.

Yan Yang was startled, “Still awake?”

Lin Xiaoyue was angry and aggrievedly hugged him, “Damn, you are not here, I was bullied to death……”

Yan Yang hurriedly hugged her small body. His big palm patted her back, “What happened? Who was bullying you?”

Lin Xiaoyue opened her mouth and told Yan Yang vividly what had happened in the courtyard at night.

After listening to everything, Yan Yang hooked his lips, his big palm gently squeezed her shoulder, “It’s okay, let them make trouble. There will be more trouble next.”

Yan Yang would go to the casino every day to keep an eye on Yan Hongwen. In yesterday’s investigation, Yan Hongwen already owed the casino 800 yuan.

So now he was really on the road to cheating someone and running away from the debt.

On Yan Hongwen’s side, there will be some unlucky things that will happen next.

With the chain reaction… the entire Second Branch family will be unlucky.

The Third Branch just needs to watch the fire from across the river.

But what Yan Yang didn’t expect was that Wang Xiuying came forward to protect Lin Xiaoyue like that.

Yan Yang’s heart had an indefinable feeling.

At the age of 6, Yan Hongwen stole the money from Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan’s pockets, and the whole family checked themselves for thieves.

Finally, in Yan Hongwen and Chen Cuiyun’s word of debate, the person who stole the money became Yan Yang.

That year, at that New Year, the snow fell heavily.

Yan Yang cried in the snow with red eyes, saying with a loud voice that he did not steal it, he did not take the money.

The people across the street aggressively told him to hand over the rest of the money.

He didn’t know why, but he did have 10 yuan in his pocket…

That night, no one helped him.

His biological parents couldn’t help him either.

Wang Xiuying said a few words, and after being pressed by those of Second Branch’s family, she didn’t dare to say anymore.

Yan Yang will always remember that he froze in the woodshed for three days and two nights on that cold, snowy day.

The malice gave to him by his whole family, the whole world… made him shrink and flee.

That’s why he appeared as a six-year-old.

“You don’t know how cheap Chen Cuiyun’s mouth is! I so want to tear her mouth off!” Lin Xiaoyue gritted her teeth and said.


Yan Yang nodded, “Her retribution is coming soon.”

At the age of 6, Chen Cuiyun and Old Yan’s family bullied him, and it was time to come back.


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