I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 42.1

Chapter 42 Part 1

Late at night, Yan Hongwen was locked in his room.

His room was in a bad location. Although the space is large, there are no windows.

The door of this room was locked, and Yan Hongwen couldn’t get out at all.

The underground casino only gave him one day to go home and raise money. So, if Yan Hongming hasn’t paid up by the end of the day, the people from the casino will come straight to their door.

Although the people in the casino were from the same village, those who run underground casinos may be bound to have certain evil thoughts.

If Yan Hongwen was in the village, he couldn’t mess with those people, nor could he provoke them.

Because of this, Yan Hongwen intends to run as soon as possible.

This matter was turned into such a big mess, Yan Hongwen was still locked in the room, and it was just a moment of desperation.

The night is very long…

During the long wait, Yan Hongwen suddenly heard a movement at the door of his room.

He was lying on the bed, and amid impatience, he immediately sat up…

“Who is it?” Yan Hongwen asked cautiously.

He only heard a rustling sound from the door. Yan Hongwen got up and put on his shoes, then picked up a stick in the room and walked to the door.

He saw that the shadow at the door disappeared. He tried listening to the sound outside of the room if there were any movements and heard nothing.

After a while, Yan Hongwen moved the door of the room.

It opened.

Yan Hongwen’s eyes widened!

The door was open, which meant someone wanted to free him.

The first thing that came to Yan Hongwen’s mind was his mother, Chen Cuiyun!

Because in last night’s quarrel, Chen Cuiyun was on his side from the beginning to the end.

Yan Hongwen was grateful to Chen Cuiyun in his heart, but he was only grateful.

If you have such a good opportunity, you should run away as soon as you can!

That night, Yan Hongwen closed the door of his room, quietly sneaking away from home.


The next day, Lin Xiaoyue woke up in Yan Yang’s arms.

Today is the 30th day of the New Year. The weather was extra cold, and at the same time, the blankets were extremely warm.

She was lying in Yan Yang’s arms. There was scorching heat in his chest. It was like a heater. It especially made people want to take advantage of it.

Winter is the time for staying in bed.

Although she was already awake, Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t bear to get up. She lazily nestled in Yan Yang’s arms…

With her little hand, she touched the beard stubble that grew out of Yan Yang.

In the face of a man with good features, a beard stubble would give him masculine charm.

The more Lin Xiaoyue looked at his face, the more handsome he was in her eyes, and she couldn’t help but sink into his beautiful face…

And come to think of it, Lao San has been coming out for nearly half a month.

She has completely gotten used to life together with Lao San as her husband.

Sometimes, when she thought about it, she felt that this was unfair to the other two.

Lin Xiaoyue also thought about leaving some time for the other two to come out…

But seeing three Yan Yang lying on her bed in the study space every day, Lin Xiaoyue felt pity and did not choose when the opportunity was right in front of her!


Having three husbands was also annoying.

Near noon, the courtyard suddenly became lively again.

Lin Xiaoyue heard the sound of Chen Cuiyun’s loud voice again. There was a sharp and loud voice shouting: “My child’s father! My child’s father, it’s no good! Come and see!”

Then Lin Xiaoyue felt that there was another excitement outside to watch…

She really wanted to see it, but once the quilt was lifted, the cold air outside instantly came, stimulating the skin pores to contract…

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly covered herself with the quilt. She shook her head, “I don’t want to look at it…” The

The words just fell, and her body was wrapped in a layer of warm air. Yan Yang hugged her from behind.


It’s warm and tight!

Lin Xiaoyue’s heart was happy yet embarrassed.

There was a lively chattering sound from the yard…

Lin Xiaoyue in the bed opened a pair of big black eyes and looked outward, “Tell me, what’s happening outside?”

Yan Yang, with a slightly sleepy voice, lazily said in her ear, “Yan Hongwen is gone.”


She turned her head, Lin Xiaoyue looked surprised, “What’s going on? I’ve warned them to keep an eye on Yan Hongwen! They are so disobedient! “

Yan Yang’s thin lips twitched. “I did it.”

“Ah? ” Lin Xiaoyue was more surprised.

Yan Yang didn’t explain it to her, nor did Lin Xiaoyue ask…

She rolled her eyes, thought about it quickly, and quickly understood Yan Yang’s intentions and why he did this!

“I get it. You let Yan Hongwen go, and when the debt collectors come to the door, the whole Old Yan family will start to get messed up. Then everyone could immediately guess that Yan Hongwen was freed by Chen Cuiyun. Chen Cuiyun’s mouth was able to talk, but she couldn’t fight against the whole family! And Chen Cuiyun and Yan Hongwen’s mother-son relationship will also have problems. Is this what you mean? “

Yan Yang hummed and laughed. His eyes opened a little and he lazily said, “You’re really smart…”

“Haha, I think you are smarter.”

Lin Xiaoyue also laughed, “Your mind runs so fast, I didn’t even think of this set of chain reactions that you thought of. It seems that you can also use your brain to deal with people! Why did you use violent methods before? “

Yan Yang lazily said, “I didn’t have much time to come out before, I didn’t have that long time to lay it out. The fastest way to retaliate, I could only naturally do the fastest way. Don’t you think so? “


Lin Xiaoyue understood what he meant.

It was because he couldn’t come out often before, and his time was limited to doing anything.

Therefore, he will use the most direct and violent way to solve it.

But in fact, he has an extraordinary IQ!

The yard was getting more and more lively…

Lin Xiaoyue heard some people outside saying: “Let’s go out and look for him! Split up and look for him! Hurry up! “

After that, there was the sound of footsteps.

Without even going out, Lin Xiaoyue knew that the whole family had already left to look for Yan Hongwen.

It seems that the Old Yan’s family has realized that something has gone terribly wrong.

On the 30th day of the New Year, the Third Branch’s family was the most peaceful.

At lunchtime, Lin Xiaoyue reluctantly left the warm bed.

She and Yan Yang went to Wang Xiuying’s room for lunch.

There were 4 dishes and a bun, with meat and eggs, which was not bad.

At noon, the Third Branch family was the only family in the Old Yan house that sat down to eat in peace.

The rest of the house was empty.

The whole family went out to find Yan Hongwen.

It’s quite interesting.

Not long ago, the Third Branch was the most deserted home in Old Yan’s family, while several other homes were bustling with activity because of Yan Hongwen’s arrival.

However, the Third Branch Family is now the most relaxed, and the other families are as nervous as ants in a hot pot as a result of Yan Hongwen’s actions.

Wang Xiuying’s family of four dined at the same table. Knowing the situation of the family today, Yan Dayong did not know how lucky he was when Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue stopped him last night.

Otherwise, he would be cheated by Yan Hongwen for 50 yuan, and he even tried to bring Yan Guobing with him to be cheated on.

This trick is simply impossible to guard against!

This was probably also the first time since the separation of the family, Yan Dayong felt that the act of separation was the right decision.

If it weren’t for the separation, their Third Branch family would have to worry about it, and they would have to go all over the world to find Yan Hongwen.

Otherwise, when the time comes, the debt collectors might really come to their door. Grandma Yan must be able to pay out the money, which was bound to have a share of the Third Branch family’s money.

In that big family, the interests are related to each other, and the accounts can not be settled…

“If Yan Hongwen really owes a lot of money, it is estimated that the person who collected debts in the past two days will definitely have to come. We will not go out these days. Xiaoyue, you and Xiao Yang better lock the door of your room. Do not come out when you hear the commotion, let the two families make trouble. ” Wang Xiuying instructed Lin Xiaoyue.

Wang Xiuying’s kindness to Lin Xiaoyue can now be seen by anyone.

Third, Yan Yang swore that he would never forgive Wang Xiuying and her husband, this husband, and wife for the rest of his life.

But after what happened last night, when he heard what Wang Xiuying said at the moment, his hatred for Wang Xiuying gradually disappeared.

Just because… Wang Xiuying was kind to Lin Xiaoyue.

Whoever treats Lin Xiaoyue well, in his eyes, would look comfortable to look at.

At the very least, in Yan Yang’s eyes during this period, apart from himself, in this entire family, only Wang Xiuying was good to Lin Xiaoyue.

“Mother-in-law, don’t worry, Xiao Yang and I will never trip in this muddy water. Let their family make trouble by themselves. “

Lin Xiaoyue said, “But Mother-in-law, you have to be careful here too. I’m afraid at that time, they will also pull you into the water and ask you to pay some money. “

“The ghosts will pay them out! No money! The bottom of the pot is dried up and there is not even a penny! ” Wang Xiuying’s tone of voice was elevated, and she looked very confident.

Looking at her expression, Yan Yang’s thin lips moved up slightly, but he didn’t speak.

But he can obviously feel it himself. Wang Xiuying is more pleasing to the eye than before.

Even if he does not recognize Wang Xiuying as his mother, he still has to admit that Wang Xiuying is a good mother-in-law.

“Is our family really out of money?” Yan Dayong asked Wang Xiuying.

“No money! There is really no money! “

Wang Xiuying yelled at Yan Dayong, “Be honest with me! Don’t hold our Third Branch family back at this time. We have to be tough, understand? After being suppressed for so many years, this is the only time you can talk tougher. Don’t be a coward anymore! “

“What’s all this bickering? I know. ” Yan Dayong frowned and agreed with Wang Xiuying.

“You two, eat more food.”

Wang Xiuying rolled her eyes and changed the topic because she caught a glimpse of Yan Yang smiling, and she felt even better. “Eat more of this meat. Now the family can still afford to eat meat, so don’t save. “

Lin Xiaoyue gave Yan Yang a large chopstick of meat. Yan Yang also did not say anything, just raised the corner of his lips to eat the meat Lin Xiaoyue clipped.

Usually, at the dinner table, Yan Yang was sullen and ate with a stern face until the end.

Today he laughed.

His smile directly drove the atmosphere of the dining table, and Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong immediately felt that they were not so depressed.

Lin Xiaoyue also found it rare that he actually showed a smile in front of his parents. She was also happy for him. Because of the gradual easing of the relationship between the families, she was happy.

This meal was eaten with talking and laughing.


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