I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 42.2

Chapter 42 Part 2

In the afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang hid in the small side room to read.

She brought out several novels from the study, while Yan Yang was looking at the review questions for the college entrance examination.

Lao San doesn’t want to take the college entrance examination so much, nor does he want to study so much.

However, Lin Xiaoyue told him that in this era, reading is indeed a good way out.

If he can get a good result in the college entrance examination, the whole village’s impression of him will be greatly changed, and he would then be successful in his transformation.

In the village, everyone will no longer have the impression of him as a “fool”, but after he is cured by the master… he can be admitted to a good school with a high score on the college entrance examination.

Yan Yang listened to Lin Xiaoyue since she wanted him to participate in the college entrance examination, then he would participate in it…

Anyway, taking part will not make him lose a piece of meat.

Recently, this body was controlled by Lao San, and it was Lao San who came out for nearly half a month.

Therefore, Lao San already had the thought that he was already the master of this body.

Now that he has become the master of this body, then some things can indeed be put on the agenda.

For example… to make Lin Xiaoyue his real wife, he also has to fulfil the obligations that the husband should perform.


Yan Yang turned the pen in his hand, scanning Lin Xiaoyue up and down with aggressive eyes.


Lin Xiaoyue was reading a chronological novel. For reference to how the female lead here treats the scum?

It was very fascinating and energetic…

“Wife, do you think my situation is stable?” Yan Yang asked her.

“What is stable?” Lin Xiaoyue asked him back.


Yan Yang waved his hand smoothly in front of Lin Xiaoyue, which beckoned Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes to him.

Lifting her eyes, Lin Xiaoyue looked at him, “Did you mean, ‘you, coming out for half a month?”


Yan Yang snapped his fingers, “I’ve been around for so long, so I guess this body is mine, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue raised her lips and nodded, flipping a page of the book under her, “Guess what?”

Yan Yang squeezed his brows, “I guess it’s me.”

Lin Xiaoyue held her temple with one hand and turned her head down. “I guess that your guess was wrong.”

The reason why he could come out every day was thanks to her!

However, Lin Xiaoyue was still not ready to tell him this.

She did not intend to reveal the secrets of the study.

“Then do you have another explanation?” Yan Yang asked her rhetorically.

Lin Xiaoyue only said, “Of course, you know your body well. How can I explain it to you?”

“That’s it.”

Yan Yang suddenly tapped the pen in his hand on the table and raised his tone, “Lin Xiaoyue! I think I’m stable now. The owner of this body is already me! So…… “

Raising her eyes, Lin Xiaoyue fixed her eyes on him.

Yan Yang suddenly choked, and somehow became nervous!

He slowed down for a while, gathered enough courage, then opened his lips, “I think we can do that kind of thing.”

Yan Yang said these words very quickly.

The speed of his speech made Lin Xiaoyue unable to react fast enough. ‘He said what…’

She asked: “What did you just say?”

Yan Yang said again very quickly, “I think we can do that kind of thing.”

This time, although the speed of speech is fast, also in the words’ that kind of thing ‘he added an emphasis.

Lin Xiaoyue’s thoughts stagnated for a moment…

When she reacted, she blushed suddenly and immediately understood what he meant.


Yan Yang saw that she seemed to have reacted, and at this point, he was even more justified, “Tonight happens to be the New Year. Carefully setting an auspicious date does not beat seizing an opportunity. Do you think it’s okay? “

Although he was asking Lin Xiaoyue, this righteous tone didn’t feel like asking. On the contrary, it felt like he was forcing her.

Lin Xiaoyue blushed instantly, and the heart in her chest was beating suddenly and she could feel that the frequency had increased a lot…

Damn, she was nervous!

Yan Yang stretched out his big palm and grasped Lin Xiaoyue’s small hand. The temperature and strength of the palm spread to her…

Looking at the roots of her rosy ears, Yan Yang licked his lips, “Then it’s decided, it’s tonight. On the night of New Year’s Eve, I want you to be my woman. “

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t think of a way to say no, and she didn’t know how to refuse.

So much so that she was too embarrassed to refuse him…

They have had a sweet relationship for some time, plus they are husbands and wives themselves. This kind of thing is normal.

Lin Xiaoyue had never been in a relationship in her previous life, and she was single since birth.

She travelled through the book in this life and immediately had a husband.

Strange, although it is a bit strange…

But anyway, it’s also after the steps of falling in love, Lin Xiaoyue thinks… it’s okay to think about that.

It’s not a big problem.

“Lin Xiaoyue?”

Yan Yang saw that she did not make a sound. He started to call her name tentatively.

Lin Xiaoyue then raised her head back to him, “Huh?”

Yan Yang lowered his head and asked, “Tonight, I will do it tonight. Do you have any objections? “

Lin Xiaoyue patted his chest with her little hand, and her face was red like a snake fruit. “Why do you keep asking, asking again and again… It’s settled! Don’t ask! “

Yan Yang was secretly pleased when she received such a suggestive answer.

She was more obedient than he thought.

There was no half-minute discussion, no half-minute hesitation, and she agreed with one bite.

Does this mean that she was actually waiting for him to speak?

Then he was really a damn man…

For this kind of thing, how dare he ask her to wait for such a long time?

With his long arms stretched out, Yan Yang hugged her tightly, lowered his head, his palm gently cupped Lin Xiaoyue’s small face.

The moment their eyes met, he clearly saw he clearly saw the watery light in her black pupils…

“Did you cry?” Yan Yang asked.

Lin Xiaoyue was so angry that she slapped him on the chest again, “No!”

She was nervous!

She didn’t know why, but she felt a little panicked when she was nervous…

Yan Yang’s mouth was filled with a smile, his head bent down, his thin lips lightly caught her lips, and he heavily imprinted down.

Lin Xiaoyue closed her eyes nervously and did not move at all to cooperate with him.

It feels very strange…

Yan Yang licked her tightly closed lips, Lin Xiaoyue’s body gently trembled, and there was an indescribable weirdness!

This was the first time the two of them kissed like this…

They have both been single since birth and had little knowledge.

But Yan Yang enjoyed it very much, and Lin Xiaoyue thought it was weird.

I don’t know why there was such a difference.

At dinner, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang still went to Wang Xiuying’s room to eat.

This is the 30th day of the New Year, and after zero o’clock, there comes a brand new year.

So tonight, the village is quite lively.

While eating, Wang Xiuying asked Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, “Our commune has imported a batch of fireworks and said that they will be set off in the garden near the commune at night. That time will be very lively. Would you two go and see? “

When Lin Xiaoyue, who had not gone out for more than half a month in the small hut, heard about this rare opportunity to have a good time, she naturally nodded and said yes.

“Yes, then after dinner, Xiao Yang and I will go play for a while.” Lin Xiaoyue said.

Wang Xiuying agreed, “It’s okay to play for a while, but there are quite a lot of people. You two should be careful. Don’t run around, don’t get separated. “

“Don’t worry, mother-in-law, we are all adults.”

Lin Xiaoyue bumped Yan Yang with her elbow, with a squinted smile on her face.

Beside her, Yan Yang, who was in a good mood at the thought of turning her into his woman for real at night, also raised the corners of his lips, “Mm-hmm.”

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong saw the smile on Yan Yang’s face again, and the couple felt happy because of it.


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