I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 45

Chapter 45

On New Year’s Eve, two candles are lit on the ground at the door of the house. This was a custom.

The faint candlelight faintly illuminates the world shrouded in darkness.

Because there were no streetlights, the neighborhood was dim, and the moonlight sometimes disappeared, and it was often covered by clouds.

Wearing a thick, large-flowered cotton-padded jacket, Lin Xiaoyue was still shivering in the cold winter.

Her toes were stiff…

But she was not worried about Yan Yang. She could not go to the small side room alone to stay. Even if it was cold outside, she wanted to wait for him.

She didn’t know how long she waited, but finally, Lin Xiaoyue saw a tall figure walking slowly from the darkness.

She fixed her eyes on the blurred black shadow, looking at the person who was walking closer and closer, closer and closer…

Finally, she could see the person coming.

“Yan Yang!”

Lin Xiaoyue called him. She jogged two steps towards him, gasping for breath. The white smoke coming out of her mouth gradually dissipated in the air because of the cold.

“Who took you away? What happened? Are you all right? Are you hurt? “

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed his arm and looked at him with worried eyes. In her black pupils, glittering water flickered.

On one hand, Yan Yang embraced her in his arms.

The small body was cold because of the cold wind. Yan Yang fiercely hugged her tightly, as if he wanted to crush her to pieces.

Lin Xiaoyue also did not ask anything. Her small hands slowly embraced him.

After a long, long time, the two went back to the small side room.

Lin Xiaoyue was freezing. She had a runny nose. She rubbed herself and covered herself with the quilt while wearing a large cotton jacket.

When she lit the kerosene lamp, Yan Yang could see that both of her cheeks were frozen red, and she hid behind the blanket, shivering and saying, “It hurts… it’s freezing…”

Yan Yang took her miserable state into his eyes, turned around without saying a word, and was about to go out when Lin Xiaoyue called out to him, “Where are you going? Don’t go out, it’s cold outside. “

“Get a pot of hot water.”

Six words fell. Yan Yang walked out of the small side room. Lin Xiaoyue also did not stop him.

She was almost frozen.

There were some warm babies on her body, but they were only a little bit useful. Her hands and feet were numb, her ears felt like they were cracking.

Lin Xiaoyue huffed her nose and felt her nasal cavity was filled with snotty water.

It’s over, I’m going to be sick…

A while later, Yan Yang entered the door with a basin of hot water.

Putting the hot water on the table, he turned around and went out to close the door. When he turned back, Lin Xiaoyue had already spontaneously reached out to wring the towel.

Although she was cold, the water was very hot and the towel was very hot.

Lin Xiaoyue picked up the hot towel from the water. She twisted it with her small hands. It took a while to twist again. It was so hot.

Upon seeing this, Yan Yang stepped forward, took the towel, and twisted it twice before handing it to her.

Lin Xiaoyue quickly opened the warm towel, put it on her face, and covered her entire face, rubbing it on her face.

After washing her face, her whole little face was flushed.

It looks like a red apple, smooth and tender.

Yan Yang looked at her little face. His eyes were a little obsessed.

He took the towel. He soaked it in hot water again, then twisted it with his hands, then handed it to her. “Wipe your hands.”

Lin Xiaoyue obeyed and wiped her hands, then squeezed them in her hands to warm them up for a while.

By then, Yan Yang had already gone out again and carried a foot wash basin over.

The hot water in the basin was poured into the foot washbasin, and he squatted down by the basin and said to her, “Wash your feet.”

Lin Xiaoyue held a warm towel in his hand, his feet sticking out from the bed, and dipped it into the hot water. She felt wrapped in warmth.

I’m not cold anymore!

But her nose was still twitching, and it was still frozen.

Yan Yang washed her feet. A pair of wide hands with well-defined knuckles held her small feet, gently rubbing them. He was meticulous.

Lin Xiaoyue looked down. She looked at Yan Yang from this angle.

His black and thick sword eyebrows, his long and curly eyelashes, and the bridge of his nose are very high. Under the glittering oil light, these five features are three-dimensional and resistant, really handsome.

Lin Xiaoyue became playful on the spot. She stretched out her little hand, and picked up his face, saying, “Hey, look up and show your face to your wife.”

The corner of Yan Yang’s lips lifted. He was amused by her words.

When he looked up, his black eyes collided with hers. Lin Xiaoyue lowered her head, cupped his face, and her lips landed on his forehead.

This action was too intimate…

She still didn’t know that the person in front of her was the second. She was preoccupied with the state of her body, so she thought that he was the third.

Lin Xiaoyue and Third Yan Yang were close. They were so intimate that the only thing missing was the last step.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue didn’t think that there was anything wrong with such sudden action, only that she was nervous.


The Second Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue actually did not have a deeper level of physical contact.

So, for Lin Xiaoyue to suddenly cup his face and kiss his forehead…

At this instant, the second’s eyes could not help but stare. The heart in his chest was beating wildly. He was nervous and overwhelmed.

After turning around, because of embarrassment, Lin Xiaoyue directly lay down on her back on the bed, only hanging down a pair of small feet that Yan Yang was helping her to clean.

She was embarrassed because she was doing something so active for the first time, but what made her feel strange was that she was so active. How come he didn’t do anything? He didn’t even utter a word?

Didn’t he say that it was tonight…… hmm?

Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes turned, her little hand curled her hair, and she opened her lips to ask him: “Where did you go? Who took you away? You haven’t told me yet… “

Yan Yang slowly and methodically washed her feet and said, without hiding anything, “Bai Xiaochun and a man. They knocked me out, took me to a place, and said some bad words. “

“Said what?”

Looking up, Lin Xiaoyue’s big, slithery eyes stared at him, and then reacted violently, “You were knocked out? Then now…… you are the second? “

Lin Xiaoyue immediately thought of this aspect and suspected that he was not Lao San.

In fact, she felt that he was strange before…

After all, she had been with Lao San for more than half a month, and Lao San’s tone of voice and style of action were not quite in line with the current him.

That’s why… Lin Xiaoyue reacted. She kissed the second Yan Yang just now!

Well ah…

She flirted with a sultry teenager!

The second Yan Yang did not deny it, but he nodded lightly.

Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes widened and her head fell down again. Looking at the broken, ragged high beams on the roof, she suddenly felt embarrassed.

She had just kissed the second.

The second was so timid and sulky, he usually didn’t dare to touch her in his sleep…

Oh, he didn’t think she was frivolous, did he?

Although Lin Xiaoyue always felt that all three Yan Yang were her husbands, sometimes she couldn’t treat them as the same person.

Because their personalities are too different, getting along with them, obviously, the feelings of each of them were different.

Kissing the third and kissing the second…… the gap was still quite big!

In order to ease the embarrassment, Lin Xiaoyue was not ready to mention any more topics related to ‘sweet love’.

She immediately talked to him about a serious topic, “Then Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaoming took you away. What did they say to you?”

As Lin Xiaoyue can guess, the man with Bai Xiaochun must be Lu Xiaoming.

In the original book, Lu Xiaming was a dog-licking male lead.

After all, stories of this type are usually about the heroine. It specifically talks about how the female protagonist gets rich and how she makes her poor life into a rich life step by step.

In the female lead article that was bent on business, most of the male lead was a licking dog.

Well, the male villain was also like that.

Lin Xiaoyue really does not know what the hero and heroine of the original book are up to…

Her husband was already not following the heroine. Why did she still want to move her husband’s heart?

How can there be this kind of hero and heroine who won’t let go after the villain?

“They didn’t say anything.” Yan Yang answered her.

Bai Xiaochun told the man a lot of bad things about Lin Xiaoyue, and on this matter, Yan Yang was not going to let Lin Xiaoyue know.

He was afraid that she would be upset if she knew.

She was already hated, misunderstood, and ostracized by many people…

“They must have said something! Why else would they take you away? Why didn’t you tell me? “

Lin Xiaoyue wanted to know.

If he didn’t tell her, she felt that he didn’t trust her.

“Not some good words.” Yan Yang faintly returned to her.

“Of course, I know they are not good words. If they are good words, there’s no need to sneak you away and talk to you in private.”

Lin Xiaoyue analyzed and instantly guessed something, “The two of them wouldn’t have taken you away just to say bad things about me, right? Did they say a bunch of bad things about me to you? “


Yan Yang admired her intelligence in his heart, but sometimes he wished that she wouldn’t be so smart.

“Aiya, how hateful!”

Lin Xiaoyue cursed indignantly.

She had already tried her best to avoid them, and they still came to her for trouble?

How can they go so far?

“Why did they say bad things about me? Did I provoke them? What did they say about me? ” Lin Xiaoyue asked with some anger.

Yan Yang knew she would be angry and did not want to bring her such trouble.

“They misunderstood you. It was about the Yan Shuicheng incident.”

Yan Yang briefly explained, “Don’t worry, I won’t have any dealings with them in the future. She is no longer my friend.”

Lin Xiaoyue heard him say that he would never be friends with Bai Xiaochun again and she was in a pretty good mood.

But she still cursed for a while…

Those two people actually suspect her and Yan Shuicheng. She really does not know what kind of structure their brains have! Can men and women with this level of intelligence still be the main male and female leads?

After washing her feet, Lin Xiaoyue’s body was already warm when she lay under the blanket again.

She took off the big cotton jacket, wearing thin autumn clothes lying in the bed, Yan Yang poured the foot wash and came to lie down beside her.

The kerosene lamp was blown out, and under the same bedding, two bodies were lying squarely, without much touching.

It was agreed that tonight would be a night of passion.

The result is that tonight, the vegetarian can not stop being a vegetarian.

The other day when I slept with Lao San, Lin Xiaoyue was able to lie in Lao San’s arms and sleep warmly.

Today was the second.

The second didn’t even touch her with his fingers.

It gave Lin Xiaoyue a feeling that she was unattractive.

The night was silent.

Lin Xiaoyue’s mind was depressed.

In Yan Yang’s heart, there was an uneasy thought.

He knows very well…

Tonight, Lin Xiaoyue originally had an appointment with the third personality to do that kind of thing.

It was his sudden appearance that ruined it.

And he, too, was not able to say such things directly, as the third personality, and he did not even dare to make that kind of move on her.

But he also wanted to.

As a man, he is just like any normal man. Even if he did not have the courage, he still had those kinds of thoughts in his heart.

The hand of Yan Yang in the bed gripped his clothes tightly. He gripped them tightly…

He kept telling himself in his heart that even if he couldn’t do that kind of thing, it should be okay to sleep with her, right?

Just holding himself.

That third personality does this every day.

As soon as he had the courage, he can turn around and hug her right away.

The clothes were scratched out of a layer of creases. Yan Yang struggled inwardly. He was restless and made a strong effort to cheer himself up.

However, this night…

He never dared to make a move.

He didn’t even dare to hug her…


Early the next morning, Lin Xiaoyue woke up and lay dry.

Her husband didn’t hug her, and the blanket wasn’t even very warm.

After all, the quilt was as cold as iron for many years!

Yan Yang was still asleep beside her, and his face was all the same after he fell asleep.

Lin Xiaoyue turned around and stared at the side of his face, his eyes burning.

How come you won’t touch me?

You’re not even willing to touch…

Lao San looked so in love with her, and the second had a look of abstinence. He looked like he did not feel anything for her.

This kind of switching between two personalities hurts her a lot!

Lin Xiaoyue went to bed dry last night and didn’t hold his hand to bring Lao San out of the dream study.

Of course, it also occurred to her that she had used the same method to bring Lao San out for half a month in a row.

This was not really fair to the other two personalities either.

Those two personalities were the choice of Lin Xiaoyue to abandon.

When you think about it this way, it’s kind of pathetic to say…

Early in the morning, loud noises were coming from the yard.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head, her eyes were staring at the door. She was about to get out of bed to take a look when suddenly her wrist was grabbed by Yan Yang. “Don’t go.”

She turned her head again. Lin Xiaoyue’s suspicious gaze fell on Yan Yang.

At this time, she finally heard the noises in the courtyard.

Several men’s voices shouting and yelling overlapped, and the loudest voice said, “Where is Yan Hongwen? Yan Hongwen comes out! If we didn’t come to remind you, you wouldn’t pay the money, right? “

In the whole courtyard, there were only the voices of a few men shouting and yelling, and there were also some sounds of things being dropped.

Lin Xiaoyue heard the sound of chickens cooing…

She got anxious.

“Oh, my little chicken!”

Lin Xiaoyue lifted the blanket and tried to get out of bed again, but suddenly Yan Yang came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Don’t go!”

Yan Yang’s warning voice came to his ears, and he looked warily at the door of the small side room.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head to look at him.

She wondered if this was the only time he dared to touch her.

The people from the underground casino had already come to cause trouble.

In Old Yan’s house, no one from the other two houses dared to come out, pretending not to hear anything.

No one from Third Branch came out either.

Only the sound of those people playing in the yard, and the sound of the little chickens cooing.

Lin Xiaoyue has raised the chickens for more than half a month, and she has developed feelings for them!

Hearing the sound of the chickens being bullied, she was afraid that those people would kill her chickens.

“My chicken…”

Lin Xiaoyue said with distress.

Yan Yang also saw Lin Xiaoyue’s worry, so he took the initiative to get out of bed.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly stopped him again, “Hey, don’t go, it’s too dangerous!”

“It’s okay.”

Yan Yang squeezed her small hand and instructed her back, “Don’t come out, I can fix it.”

Originally, he was a personality who was not good with people, and at one point, he was so depressed that he would simply block himself off at night and never leave his room.

But since he said that he could change for Lin Xiaoyue, he really stepped out step by step.

At that moment, Yan Yang resolutely pushed open the door of the small side room.

The men in the courtyard, the sight of them all towards him. All of a sudden, they swarmed in.


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