I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 46.1

Chapter 46 Part 1

The entire Old Yan family was hiding from the vicious underground casino debt collectors.

Every house was closed, and even the Second Branch family, which caused the trouble, had no intention of opening their doors.

The whole yard has been smashed to pieces by the underground casino debt collectors.

Even the next-door neighbors heard the commotion and came over, and cast their eyes on the house.

At this time, the door to the small side room opened.

Yan Yang appeared in front of everyone with the appearance of the target. Obviously, he was as afraid as a dog, but he forced himself to show calmness in his face so that people could not see that he was in a panic.

The group of people who came to cause trouble went to Yan Yang one after another. Their faces were more and more arrogant, for fear that others would not know that they were making trouble.

Lin Xiaoyue also hurriedly put on a cotton jacket to get out of bed. She panicked and ran forward. When she was about to walk in front and block the second, the result was that she was turned back by one of the second’s arms.

The Second Yan Yang stood in front of her to block her body. His eyes were like a torch. He looked at the leader, his thin lips lightly opened: “Are you looking for Yan Hongwen? Yesterday, he fled back to the city. “

“What! Back to the city! “

The head of the group, with wide eyes, roared viciously.

The man grabbed Yan Yang’s collar and said, “Who are you to him again? Pay for him! “

In the face of the man’s ugly and fierce face, Yan Yang did not move. He only raised his hand, pointing to the closed door of Second Branch’s house, “Yan Hongwen’s parents live in that room. If you want money, go to his parents. I have nothing to do with him.”

When the words fell, the man in charge also released his grip on Yan Yang’s collar.

He turned back and headed for the house Yan Yang had pointed out to them.

The only reason they came here was to find someone to ask for money. It is best not to cause trouble, so as long as you can find someone to pay, then it’s good.

Therefore, he did not bully Yan Yang and went directly to the target person.

Since Yan Hongwen’s parents were already here, it means that the debt has already been borne by someone, so naturally, Yan Yang was spared.

After those people headed over to Second Branch’s house, Lin Xiaoyue immediately came out from Yan Yang’s side. She looked at the destroyed chicken cage, and said, with heartache and anxiety, “We only have three chicks left, and two more are missing.”

The chicks were still very small, and it was impossible to catch them and eat them.

They must have just violently destroyed the chicken coop and scared the little chicks!

Two of them have left…

Yan Yang stepped forward. Now out of courage, he directly grabbed Lin Xiaoyue’s wrist and pulled her into the small side house.

Lin Xiaoyue was full of questions at that moment, until he pressed her to the bed, quickly picked up the quilt to cover her body…

Lin Xiaoyue only realized after the fact that he was telling her to lie down on the bed to keep warm.

After twitching her nose and feeling that her nose was full of snot, Lin Xiaoyue felt that she was really going to be sick, so she obediently listened to his words.

Staying under the covers, Lin Xiaoyue sniffled and turned her head to see that Yan Yang had gone out again.

She did not ask him what he was doing. She could guess that he must have gone to find the two little chickens.

The second also loves her very much.

He would not say anything, but through his actual behavior, it could be seen that he was very good to her.

Moreover, just now, he was also quite handsome.

Lin Xiaoyue thought back to the way he protected her just now. It was also quite similar to the third.

She was really a woman who was so desperate to be beloved by someone!

In a short while, there were more lively sounds coming from the courtyard.

It was the Second Branch family arguing with the debt collectors.

Yan Yang had already found the two remaining chicks and herded the five chicks to stay in the small side room because the coop was broken.

The Old Yan family’s compound was very lively and noisy.

Although Lin Xiaoyue did not go out of her room, she could hear it in the courtyard. Chen Cuiyun was yelling and screaming at debt collectors to go to the city to get money from Yan Hongwen.

As if she had been taught a lesson and bullied by the debt collectors, Chen Cuiyun began to cry.

I’m sure it must have been a very interesting scene.

But Lin Xiaoyue didn’t come out to see it.

Even the Third Branch family and the First Branch family did not come out to watch.

The next-door neighbors got to watch such a good and hilarious scene.

The house next to Second Branch’s house seemed to have been thrown down. Later, it was completely chaotic. There was no way but to find Grandma Yan and Grandma Yan for help.

After the old man came forward, he pulled out the money from the bottom of the box, the money was taken out, it was only 300 yuan.

He temporarily gave the debt collectors 300 yuan to let those people stop.

But there are still 500 yuan left. As the days get later, the interest will increase.

The later the repayment, the more certain it was that they would pay more than 500 yuan.

Although the debt collectors left today, they will still be back tomorrow and will certainly come back day after day in the coming days, as long as the money is not in place as it should be.

Simply put, on the Second Branch family’s side, there was such a big problem, the money there was pooled out, so it was bound to be a burden for the First Branch’s family.

But all of this has nothing to do with the Third Branch because the Third Branch and that side of the family have been separated and liquidated.

So, now the Third Branch family’s property is the cleanest.

Once again, this proves that it was a very wise decision to separate the family.

The debt collectors have been making trouble all morning, and Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang have been in the house all morning.

Lying under the same blanket, the two of them said a couple of words from time to time, discussing the matter of the Second Branch and the amount of money being asked by the debt collectors.

Lin Xiaoyue talked more, but the Second Yan Yang did not talk much. But for every word she said, he would talk, even if it was only one word of reply.

Yan Yang told himself in his heart to make a change for her, and now he had made a change.

He is stepping out one step at a time, trying to face other people, trying to face the world, trying to make himself normal as well.

He knows Lin Xiaoyue likes the third personality of Yan Yang.

So, he will try to change to what Lin Xiaoyue likes and try to get closer to the character of the third person.

As much as possible…

The lunchtime was postponed because of the late departure of the debt collector.

After they left, Wang Xiuying opened the door to cook and start a new life today.

Today was a really refreshing day.

Seeing such a big thing happening in Second Branch’s house, Wang Xiuying’s heart was inexplicably happy.

She admitted that she was bad, but she just wanted to see Chen Cuiyun get defeated. Chen Cuiyun, that person, was dominant for so many years. It was rare for her to be bullied, and that scene was refreshing.

The sun came out at noon. The temperature was a little higher than in the morning, but it was still cold.

When Wang Xiuying got up to cook, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also got up to brush their teeth and wash up.

The warm sun spilt into the courtyard. Looking at the messy scene in the courtyard, Lin Xiaoyue shook her head and clicked her tongue…

She is not going to clean up.

The basket of one’s bucket should be cleaned up by one’s own family.


Lin Xiaoyue came to Wang Xiuying’s room, specifically to find Wang Xiuying to share the joy of this event. “Mother-in-law, I saw their big room. The Second Branch seemed to have gathered in the main house. It’s like having a meeting. It must be very exciting inside. “

Wang Xiuying looked at Lin Xiaoyue’s excitement. She had to say… she has the same psychology as Lin Xiaoyue!

The Second Yan Yang walked into Wang Xiuying’s house, a very rare initiative to speak with Yan Dayong, “Dad, the chicken cage was damaged.”

When he shouted out the word ‘Dad’, Yan Dayong and Wang Xiuying, both of them were surprised.

Yan Dayong was so scared that his eyes were wide open and he didn’t react for a long time.

It was Wang Xiuying, who was panning for rice, who first urged Yan Dayong, “His Dad, Xiao Yang, said the chicken cage was broken!”

“Oh, okay.”

Yan Dayong reacted and immediately nodded in response, “I’ll go find some rattan later and make up a new chicken cage.”

Yan Yang said calmly without changing his expression, “I will learn a little with you.”

He said another sentence that shocked the whole crowd!

Not to mention Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong, who were surprised. Even Lin Xiaoyue could not believe the Second Yan Yang would say such words.

He had really changed a lot!

A change of character is visible to the naked eye!

Lin Xiaoyue felt that he was indeed getting better and better…

“Good… good…”

Yan Dayong nodded, “Let’s get together then. I’ll take you to find some rattan.”

After saying that, Yan Yang followed behind Yan Dayong and left the door together.

Looking at the back of the father and son leaving far away, Wang Xiuying’s face immediately blossomed into a happy smile. She turned to Lin Xiaoyue and said, “Xiaoyue, did you see it?”

Lin Xiaoyue naturally knew what Wang Xiuying was talking about and nodded approvingly, “I saw it completely.”

The smile on Wang Xiuying’s face became more and more open, “Xiao Yang has changed so much, it’s really getting better and better. If this continues, he will soon be a normal man, right? “

Lin Xiaoyue agreed with Wang Xiuying and immediately found a reasonable reason for Yan Yang’s transformation, “It looks like the master we saw last time really did have a miraculous effect…Xiao Yang is really getting better and better now…Mother-in-law, our Third Branch family is coming out on top! “

“Yes, this is finally the time to make a head start.”

Wang Xiuying was happy, “I smoked the soy sauce meat today at noon. Eat more with Xiao Yang! “

Lin Xiaoyue suddenly felt the saliva in her mouth-watering and her stomach growling. The gluttonous insects turned and twisted, “Okay”

The soy sauce meat that has been dried for two days is finally ready to eat!

But can I eat it after only two days of exposure?

It is estimated that Wang Xiuying wants to cut the meat and steam it first, regardless of whether she can eat it or not. Just let everyone be happy!


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