I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46 Part 2

While the Third Branch family was so happy, in the main house, the Second Branch family was frowning.

The matter of Yan Hongwen’s debts has affected everyone’s interests.

In this barren era, even relatives can easily turn against each other in front of their interests.

At this moment, such a scene is being staged in the main house.

This morning, in order to get rid of those debt collectors, Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan gave them all the 300 yuan saved in the bottom of their box.

This 300 yuan was the money that was saved frugally every month.

In addition to food and drink for the family, it also covers their daily expenses, including schooling and favors, which were paid for by Grandma Yan.

Grandma Yan’s money was the same as everyone else’s money.

But now, all of it was used to pay for Yan Hongwen’s debt, and they still owe 500 yuan.

In this case, for the next 500 yuan, Grandma Yan must have no money here that can be taken out again.

Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan have already spoken.

Let Chen Cuiyun instantly go to the city to find Yan Hongwen. Yan Hongwen must have returned to the city at this time, to live in his own old wife’s house.

The rest of the bad debts here can not be left to the old people here to solve.

So, you have to go to the city and ask Yan Hongwen to pay for this matter!

Chen Cuiyun’s heart was very reluctant to go to see Yan Hongwen because she had previously quarrelled with Yan Hongwen every day, every day…

Especially the last night before Yan Hongwen left, she was so brainless to defend that little white-eyed wolf!

Now there is this kind of thing. Chen Cuiyun simply can no longer wipe off his face to go to Yan Hongwen.

In her opinion, whoever talks to the first person after the quarrel is the one who admits defeat.

Chen Cuiyun has been strong all her life and has never admitted defeat to anyone.

Therefore, she was not willing!

Since she was determined not to take a bite, Grandma Yan asked Yan Dalin to find Yan Hongwen in the city. After all, Yan Dalin was Yan Hongwen’s biological father.

Yan Dalin knows that his own son caused the trouble, and now the whole family is implicated. He must stand up and solve it if he was a man.

Therefore, he agreed to go to the city to find Yan Hongwen.

However, it was still a matter of whether you could get the money. The ship sailing to the city will only sail two times a day, at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Now it was already noon. It was definitely too late today.

Tomorrow, the debt collector will still come to the door, and the man also said that tomorrow, they must at least pay 100 yuan.

If not, they will have to empty the house and take the valuable things.

In any case, tomorrow’s 100 yuan has to come out first.

On Grandpa and Yan Grandma Yan’s side, they don’t have any money on hand. For this 100 yuan, the Second Branch must take it out.

But in Second Branch’s home, there was not much money.

Especially at the end of the year, Chen Cuiyun has long taken the money to make a few new clothes for the family.

Anyway, Chen Cuiyun put down a sentence, “Our family’s money is all here with me. The full count was only 15 yuan. Anyway, today they came over and my house was empty. Tomorrow they will come again to move. I also have nothing to move… the rest of the money I can not help! “

The barefooted is not afraid of not wearing shoes.

Chen Cuiyun took out all the family belongings and looked like she was going out of her way.

No matter how much you ask for something from her, she doesn’t have anything.

At this point, Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan had to focus on the First Branch’s family, “Dajun, the second family’s situation, you also saw it. We are family. You and the second usually have a good relationship. You see how much your family can take out. I know, Chengyu usually lives a careful life. She should still have saved a lot of money, right? “

When Grandma Yan said this, Yang Chengyu’s face changed.


Yang Chengyu was a woman who was careful with her money.

Over the years, under her family’s good calculation, her family lived quietly and gently, saving more than 200 yuan.

Yang Chengyu just did not say a word. She was worried about others thinking about her family’s money.

As a result, she didn’t expect to be really remembered…

Yan Dajun, as the eldest son of the family, was faced with such a provocative proposal by Grandma Yan. He was embarrassed in every way.

“Mom… our money here has been emptied. If I spend that much more money, what will my family eat afterwards? ” Yan Dajun inquired.

He replied like this, and Yang Chengyu was not happy to hear it.

Yang Chengyu felt that he should not have replied like this. He should have just said that their family had no money!

After such a reply, isn’t it necessary to bear the food expenses of such a large family in the following days?

The money that the family had paid to Grandma Yan was now gone because of the Second Branch family, and it was already a huge loss!

Wouldn’t it even cause more panic for their family (First Branch) if they had to pay for the food expenses of the whole family?

At this moment, Yang Chengyu was not only unhappy in her heart, but her face was also directly pulled down. She coldly threw a blank look at Chen Cuiyun.

But Chen Cuiyun also did not pay attention to Yang Chengyu, so she did not see her white eyes.

“Big brother, let’s ignore the food expenses or whatever for now.”

Yan Dalin spoke to Yan Dajun, “Tomorrow I’ll go to the city and ask that loser for the money. As long as the money comes and the gamblers are sent away, the rest will be fine. “

“Second Brother, I didn’t want to say it, but your son has already been scared by the huge sum of money and returned to the city. You can go to the city to find him tomorrow. You can’t just get the money back. What’s more, how much can you get back? “

Yan Dajun’s tone already showed his unwillingness to get involved in this matter, “Think about it. What we have to pay back now is 500 yuan. Even if you get back 500 yuan, it is only enough to pay off a debt. What about the next living expenses for everyone? Mom doesn’t have any money! To put it bluntly, the money Mom took out here to pay off her debt already has a share of our big house family in it. We can say that we don’t care, but if we are asked to pay out this amount of money, can you be sure that we can pay it back? Can you pay us back? “

“Payback, I will pay back!”

Yan Dalin nodded his head to guarantee, “Big brother, don’t you still believe in my character? I am the kind of person who owes money and does not pay. “

“I think he either doesn’t believe you or he’s not willing to help us!”

Besides her, Chen Cuiyun answered in a gloomy voice.

She, who had been strong all her life, rarely bowed down to people. So this time, even if the problem was in her family, Chen Cuiyun did not want to bow down.

“If my sister-in-law says so, then I won’t say anything either.”

Yan Dajun put on an unsightly face, “Mom, talk to that group of people tomorrow. Let them be late for another day and count the interest for one more day. When the second brother goes to the city to ask for this money back, it’s just a matter of paying back the interest for one more day. “

Grandma Yan also thought that this was a good idea and was about to say yes.

But Chen Cuiyun suddenly started to argue, “What? You don’t even want to help out with this extra day of interest, do you? I’m not the one who said that when our money was mixed together in the past, how much did your family take advantage of our Second Branch family? The Second Branch family has never done that with you! Just because of this one incident in Second Branch, your big house has turned its back on us, right? You want to split the family just like the third brother-in-law, right? “

“Our family didn’t use your family’s money!”

Dajun slapped the table and shouted at Chen Cuiyun, “Our family pays and spends money normally! We will pay as much as mom says! “

“Bullsh*t! You have been underpaid several times, and you think I don’t know it! “

Chen Cuiyun replied unceremoniously, “Boss wife, what happened to your family? Your family was short of catties that month! You promised to pay 80 yuan, but you only gave 50 or 60 yuan! Don’t think I don’t know! Your ineffective eldest son went out for a while and got injured in his leg. He even took 100 yuan from his mother! Where did it come from? It’s not all the extra money paid by our Second Branch family! It’s all because of our Second Branch family’s overpayment! Do I have to tell you everything?

“Auntie, how can you say that? When Brother Hongwen got married, Grandma also paid 200 yuan! ” Yan Hongying, the eldest family member, retorted.

“So what? After my Hongwen got married, he still remitted money every month to the city! Our family pays 100 yuan every month, more than your Second Branch! You Second Branch have been eating and drinking from us all these years, and now that something has happened to our family, you are hiding like this! “

Chen Cuiyun hummed and laughed, “It’s not easy to say who is the white-eyed wolf!”

Chen Cuiyun had a mouth. She had a red mouth and white teeth. The words can be said without thinking at all.

Before, Wang Xiuying was insulted by her and drove her to divide their family. Now, Yang Chengyu also suddenly felt the desire to separate families…

However, Yang Chengyu was not that kind of person after all. Taking into account many realistic situations, she still suppressed the desire to separate families.

“All right, don’t settle the old accounts!”

Yan Dajun slapped his palm on the table, “Anyway, that’s what I mean. Postpone the repayment for one day, pay one more day of interest, it does not matter! But to ask our family to come up with this 100 yuan to pay back in advance, it’s impossible! I would rather pay to raise a family with so many children than pay off your gambling debt! You must repay your gambling debt on your own! Don’t get others involved, and look for them to settle old debts! “

“What do you mean by going over old debts? Old debts are not accounts, right? Just pretend it never happened, right? “

Chen Cuiyun cursed, “I tell you, for all the years we lived together, you took advantage of our family, and I’m going to settle it now! This time our family had an accident. More or less, your family must take some out!

“Yes, 100 yuan is not too much!” The Second Branch family’s descendant, Yan Lianhua, also added words of support for Chen Cuiyun.

Seeing their Second Branch family so blatantly asking for money, Yan Dajun was furious and was about to get angry when suddenly…

Yang Chengyu’s palm landed on Yan Dajun’s shoulders. Before he fumed, she first spoke, “Second sister-in-law, you can count old debts, but not just for our family! If the old accounts are counted, among the three of us, it’s the Third Branch that takes the most advantage of you! If you have to do the calculations, then you should check with the Third Branch first. How much money the Third Branch family is willing to make up for your family, and how much money our family also contributes. If the Third Branch family doesn’t make it, then for our family there’s no reason to give it also. “

Yang Chengyu opened her mouth and dragged the Third Branch home, which had nothing to do with it, into the water.

Chen Cuiyun fell for Yang Chengyu’s trap, “Yes, Third Branch’s family will pay as much as your family will pay, right? Your family, wait for me! “

In Chen Cuiyun’s simple and farcical opinion, Yang Chengyu also provided her with an additional place to collect her debt.

Chen Cuiyun calculated in her mind that if the Third Branch family gave her money, and the Second Branch family also gave her money, then the pressure would be much less!

So, before the group could come up with a result, Chen Cuiyun walked out of her room in a rage and headed straight for Third Branch’s house!

At Third Branch’s house, Wang Xiuying took down the soy sauce meat that had been drying for two days and put it on the cutting board to cut it…

Chen Cuiyun came in anger and saw Third Branch’s house still cutting meat!

At once, her eyes turned red.

“Count the money, count the money!”

Chen Cuiyun was so angry that she slapped the stove, “It’s time to count the money spent by our Second Branch family for so many years!”

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair looked at each other, and then looked at the foolish eyes cast on them…


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