I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Part 1

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying didn’t expect that the Second Branch family’s troubles would be brought to their Third Branch family!

It’s funny how they come out and ask for money with a straight face! She is not afraid that people will make fun of her!

“Settlement of accounts!”

Chen Cuiyun has no way to get money from other places at this time, so she can only go after the people around her.

In her impression, the Third’s wife and the First’s wife were easy to bully.

The eldest wife just gave in and stated that as long as the third wife was willing to take the money out, she would be able to take it out.

Therefore, Chen Cuiyun must come over and take the money from the third family!

In order to make themselves look imposing, Chen Cuiyun’s hand slammed the stove. Her voice also pulled up high, “These years, you have taken advantage of our Second Branch Family. It is time for us to settle the old accounts once and for all. Payout all of the money that our Second Family Branch deserved! “

Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue looked at her.

After the atmosphere stagnated for a while, Wang Xiuying continued to cut the meat. Lin Xiaoyue turned around and walked around, saying, “Where did my broom go?”

Chen Cuiyun’s face changed, but she was not intimidated by Lin Xiaoyue’s words. Instead, her voice rose even higher and she shouted, “Who are you trying to scare? I’m telling you two, I’m going to take this money today! I don’t care where you get the money, you can borrow it! I just want you to spit out the money you’ve been eating from our Second Branch all these years! “

Lin Xiaoyue found a broom in the corner, raised it high, and slapped it at Chen Cuiyun!

(TN: Damn, that was so satisfying…)

Chen Cuiyun was certainly frightened by her excessive actions, but she quickly regained her composure.

She went forward, grabbed Lin Xiaoyue’s broom handle, and glared at Lin Xiaoyue, “Don’t give me this set! It’s right to pay the money you owe! Even if we went to the village chief, it could be justified! Pay up! “

Lin Xiaoyue yanked the broom, only to find that Chen Cuiyun’s strength was quite strong.

Forget it…

She is a delicate girl who has been loved by thousands of people all her life. She doesn’t want to fight with this shrew!

Lin Xiaoyue swished, retracted the broom, and stood on the ground. The momentum was not weak as she replied back, “You! Do not come to our house yelling at something you’re ignorant of! He came here to ask for money! Your son owes a bunch of gambling debts and can not pay them. You two are really funny! No money? So why can’t you just borrow money? Every one of you is justified in finding a bunch of reasons to ask for money! Even the beggars are not as aggressive as you are! “

“Shut up, you little b*tch!”

Chen Cuiyun’s eyes glared, slapped her palm on the stove, and yelled directly at Wang Qiuying behind Lin Xiaoyue, “How much did your Third Branch family eat from our Second Branch over the years? How much money have you spent on our Second Branch? You know it very well! Don’t think that if you split up, you won’t have this debt anymore. Pay me back today! You must pay it back! “


Wang Xiuying’s kitchen knife sliced on the chopping board with a grimace. There was also a look of displeasure.

Chen Cuiyun was shocked for a moment, but she did not believe that their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair would really dare to do anything to her.

Therefore, she still stood up straight and strong, holding her head high, saying, “Who are you trying to scare? Do you think I, Chen Cuiyun, will be scared? I will tell you, you have to pay back the money today! “

After saying these words, Chen Cuiyun turned around and walked to the side of the dining table, and sat down on the edge of the table with one butt.

The hand also fiercely slapped the table, and cast her eyes straight, “If you don’t pay the money today, I won’t leave! Don’t feel wronged, the oldest’s wife said she agreed to pay back! Your third branch will have no reason not to pay us back! Over the years, your Third Branch has taken advantage! You really can’t justify not paying back! “

When Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue saw Chen Cuiyun’s scoundrelly look, they knew….that she was really serious about this point!

It’s funny…

This silly account of Old Yan’s family was incalculable!

Collecting money from them, they didn’t even think of other good reasons to take money from them. Collecting money for this kind of reason…it was too stupid!

Lin Xiaoyue said in a sharp voice: “Second Auntie, it looks like you won’t leave until you get the money today, right?”

What do you mean by “until you get the money”? Our Second Branch family and your family’s account should have been settled! Why should it not be counted if you have eaten and used my money all these years after you split up? “

Chen Cuiyun shot out her round white eyes, “I tell you, this can’t be done! This account is not clear. If you don’t have any money today, I won’t leave! “

“You’re really a scoundrel, aren’t you?”

Wang Xiuying looked at Chen Cuiyun and was already very unhappy. “Then I also told you, our Third Branch family will not give you any money! Our Third Branch family’s money has nothing to do with you! You don’t want to ask for money from us to make up for your son’s gambling debt? “

“Yeah, if you have the time, you might as well go to the city and ask your son for money.” Lin Xiaoyue leisurely followed the flow.

“You guys don’t want to change the subject? I will talk about the past accounts today! “

Chen Cuiyun slapped the table again, “You must pay today! The First Branch’s family is paying. Your family has no reason not to pay! Don’t think that I don’t know how much your fool has taken advantage of our family! “

After saying this sentence…

Chen Cuiyun suddenly remembered something else. She hummed and laughed, “Yes, if you don’t pay back, I’ll go out and shout all over the world later. There is an evil demon living in your foolish body, right? It’s crazy, isn’t it? If you want to save your family some trouble, you’d better pay back the money quickly! “

This handle…

When Wang Xiuying borrowed 100 yuan from Grandma Yan, she had no choice but to reveal it.

Chen Cuiyun overheard it.

What a surprise that Chen Cuiyun would now threaten them with this handle!

Wang Xiuying was obviously threatened…

Just seeing her face immediately changed. The strong posture around her body was instantly no longer there.

Lin Xiaoyue saw that Wang Xiuying looked like she was going to be weak, so she became even more forceful, “Second Auntie thinks that she has caught the handle of our family? You have the ability to go out and say “ah, our family.” Xiao Yang saw the master all year round. Every year he was gradually improving! The master said that our Xiao Yang would soon be normal, and he would take the entrance exam next year! “


Chen Cuiyun laughed out loud as she listened, and immediately felt that she had heard the funniest joke in the world.

“That silly boy of yours still wants to take the college entrance exam! What a foolish dream! Haha really want to laugh off the teeth! “

Chen Cuiyun laughed out loud, feeling that the brains of the Third Branch family were getting worse and worse, and everyone was not good!

But back to the point, after laughing, Chen Cuiyun still put on a face, continued to slap the table, threatening, “Don’t talk away from the topic. I tell you, if we don’t settle this account today, I will really go around the village mouth saying that your family is stupid! Let’s see what you can do! “

Wang Xiuying was already gasping in her chest, gritting her teeth and saying, “How can we settle this account? How can we settle it? You are too unreasonable! “

“Mother-in-law, don’t pay attention to her.”

Lin Xiaoyue listened to Wang Xiuying’s tone. It was as if she was going to give in, so she hurriedly stabilized Wang Xiuying and said to Chen Cuiyun, “The second aunt, you can either sit here or When my father-in-law and Xiao Yang come back, you will also be thrown out. You just rely on the fact that we women can’t throw you out. When the men come back, you will know the power. “

Chen Cuiyun listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s words. Her eyes slipped around and she thought that she was right.

If the man in the family came back, she might be thrown in just a minute.

And look, the man of her family has no intention of helping her.

She has been here at Third Branch for so long, and no one from the main house has come out!

So the debt collection with Third Branch’s family became her business alone.

It’s too bad!

“If you have the guts to throw me out, I’ll have the guts to spread the bad word about that fool all over the village! I’ll see how your family behaves in the village then! ” Chen Cuiyun threatened him in a fierce voice.

Wang Xiuying was obviously threatened and was about to say something to soften her voice…

Who knows? Lin Xiaoyue suddenly grabbed her wrist. Lin Xiaoyue opened his lips and said, “Second Auntie, if you have the ability, go and spread the word. If you want to advertise for our family for free and tell the villagers that our Xiao Yang is getting better, I’d be happy for you to do that too! Otherwise, when our family member Xiao Yang takes the college entrance exam next year, we don’t know how to explain it to the villagers. “

Chen Cuiyun glanced at Lin Xiaoyue’s smug expression, and secretly thought, “Is it possible that Yan Yang’s foolishness was starting to improve? Did he really want to take the college entrance exam?

That fool, didn’t he become a fool because of the fever when he was a child and was frozen silly? This situation can still be improved?

When Chen Cuiyun was thinking about Lin Xiaoyue’s words, Yan Dayong and Yan Yang came back with a pile of rattan.

When they saw Chen Cuiyun sitting at the dining table, there was a strange atmosphere in the whole room.

Without much thought, they knew that Chen Cuiyun must be here to cause trouble!

Wang Xiuying was hesitating about how to tell the father and son that they had purely threatened them.

Lin Xiaoyue beside her had already spoken in a delicate voice.

“My father-in-law, the second aunt, suddenly came over to us and said she wanted to settle old debts with our Third Branch family. Her son has a lot of gambling debts, and they can’t pay back the money, so they are trying to get money from other places. They came to our house to ask for money with a straight face! What should we do with our father-in-law? “

Lin Xiaoyue acted as if she was aggrieved and soft.

Yan Dayong and Yan Yang. These two men believed her words very much. The two men instantly thumped out of anger!

Before Yan Yang could attack, Yan Dayong went up first and patted the cane on the table, “Second Sister-in-law! Before I do it, go by yourself! I’m about to do anything. You go away by yourself! If I start to fight, the scene will not look good! “

Yan Dayong’s tone was indignant, and she also spouted threatening words.

Chen Cuiyun looked at the situation, one against four, and there were two men!

No matter how much she can talk, she can be dragged out by them and thrown into the yard in minutes.

Then it can be humiliating!

At this time, it is necessary to withdraw.

But Chen Cuiyun absolutely can not admit defeat, and will never let herself lose!

So, she got up and said in a sharp voice, “Your Third Branch family are bullying me alone because you have so many people. So be it! Since you don’t count this debt, I have ways to make you regret it! “

After saying that, Chen Cuiyun held her head high and walked towards the door with a strong spirit.

But before she took a few steps, she stumbled and suddenly fell down…

She was so close to falling over the threshold!

Chen Cuiyun fell to the ground and let out a wailing sound.

None of the four Third Branch family members in the room took pity on her, and they even watched her coldly.

What’s more, Lin Xiaoyue said sourly, “Second Auntie should walk carefully. If you do too many bad things, even the sky can’t help but want to punish you! “

Chen Cuiyun was defeated, got up from the ground, glared back at Lin Xiaoyue, and then left in a huff…

A fall was bound to be humiliating.

But Chen Cuiyun did not think she had lost this fight.

So, Chen Cuiyun still returned to the main house with her head tilted.

On the main house side, the matter of debt repayment was still being discussed.

As for the third branch, Yan Dayong directly closed the door and locked out all the people who were in the way and the eyes.

Their third branch has now split up, and the other two are not obliged to provoke them with their affairs.

Their third branch now only wants to live their own little life.

The family of four has entered a phase of gradual relaxation.

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying continued to prepare the noon meal, while Yan Yang and Yan Dayong sat at the dining table and wove a chicken coop with rattan.

Lin Xiaoyue told the father and son about Chen Cuiyun’s coming over just now to make this mess.

At the same time, she also praised Yan Yang’s last kick, when Chen Cuiyun lost a big face. It was very well done!

Receiving Lin Xiaoyue’s praise, Yan Yang’s mouth floated a faint smile.

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong saw the smile on Yan Yang’s face, gentle and inwardly, not when they were fools, they had that silly smile on their faces…

The couple has now accepted that Yan Yang is indeed in the process of gradually getting better.

They will no longer treat Yan Yang as an evil demon and disown him as their son.

Now, seeing that Yan Yang is getting better and better, the couple is even happier than anyone else.

The soy sauce meat was being steamed. Wang Xiuying was cutting tomatoes, and Lin Xiaoyue was helping to beat the eggs.

Today’s lunch was also very generous. It was all Lin Xiaoyue’s favorite dishes.

“Mother-in-law, our family of four is getting better and better. Do you think we need to save some money and move out? ” Lin Xiaoyue smoothly raised the matter of moving out of Old Yan’s house with Wang Xiuying.

At first, Lin Xiaoyue was the one who said to split up the family, and Wang Xiuying listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s words, and thus also tasted the sweetness of splitting up the family.

Now Lin Xiaoyue said she wanted to move, and Wang Xiuying thought it was a good proposal.

They are now living in this house, although they were already in charge of their own.

But this house was, after all, someone else’s. In the end, there was still a kind of hedge feeling.

If you have some money in your hand and the ability to move out, that’s best!

Wang Xiuying imagined life after moving out.

She nodded her head beautifully, “Yes. Then this year, we will try to save money as a family of four. Save 700 yuan and you should be able to build a small house in the village itself. “

Yan Dayong listened to the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair, and also timely interjected a sentence, “Try to find something closer to this side. It’s okay to come back to see your parents from time to time. I can’t just move out and ignore my parents. Anyway, I also have the surname Yan. “

“As long as we can move out, these matters will not be a problem.” Wang Xiuying nodded her head.

In this way, the family of four saved up money to build a house and the plan was set.

But in Lin Xiaoyue’s mind, her goal was to save money to buy a house in the town.

It is necessary to buy a house everywhere while the price is not high in this era.

In the future, I will be a charter wife, a real estate speculator… a life of salty fish!


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