I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 48.1

Chapter 48 Part 1

Lin Xiaoyue also doesn’t know anything about the debts of the Second Branch family, and how they were discussed over there.

Anyway, Chen Cuiyun did not come to Third Branch’s house again to look for trouble with them.

After that, Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying didn’t bother to care about other people’s business, and they just wanted to live their own lives well.

In the evening, Lin Xiaoyue and the Second Yan Yang lie on the same bed and are covered with the same blanket.

It was the same as last night. The second was still very civilized.

He didn’t touch Lin Xiaoyue. He was lying down properly, sleeping with his eyes closed.

It’s just the beginning of the evening. Clearly, it was very early. He usually needed to read a book for a while, and only slept when he saw that she was drowsy.

Today, he went to bed and laid down. He closed his eyes and prepared to sleep peacefully.

The kerosene lamp was not even lit. Lin Xiaoyue, who was lying next to him, pouted and was tangled…

After holding it for a long time, she asked him, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

The Second Yan Yang: “Hmm?”

In fact, there is.

There were many things he wanted to say.

However, he did not have the courage.

Lin Xiaoyue turned around, lying on her side and looking in his direction. “I was able to chat with the other two for a while before they fell asleep. You didn’t talk to me, and you went to bed so early today. Are you in a bad mood? “

Speaking of this, Lin Xiaoyue suddenly thought of one thing, “Hey, it seems that the child did not come out!”

Yan Yang: “Yeah.”

As long as he wants to come out, the biggest choice of this body lies with him.

Lately, he wanted to come out more often.

Even if he knew that the person she wanted to see the most was not him.

Lin Xiaoyue thought it was strange, “Didn’t you used to come out during the day and the kids at night? You’re sleepy now. Shouldn’t it be the kid who wakes up later? “

The corners of his lips pursed up gently. He hesitated for a moment before Yan Yang asked, “Do you want to see him?”

Lin Xiaoyue thought about it, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him, so it’s okay to see him.”

After a moment of silence, Yan Yang said, “The other one, do you also want to see it?”

Lin Xiaoyue thought about it. From the angle he could not see, she quietly raised her lips, “The other one came out. It’s also okay!”

She wanted to see the two of them…

Does it mean that, of the three, the person she didn’t want to see the most was actually him?

The moment this thought appeared, the heart in Second Yan Yang’s chest tightened and he suddenly felt hurt.

In the darkness, he quietly opened his eyes, a pair of sword brows tightly frowning, looking at the empty blackness in front of him.

“You’ve gotten a lot better lately.”

Besides him, Lin Xiaoyue did not notice his loss. She only smiled and continued, “My father-in-law and mother-in-law are very happy. It’s better for a child to call their father-in-law and mother-in-law’s and dad’. In fact, your father-in-law and mother-in-law will be happier to hear you call them mom and dad’. They would actually prefer to have a normal son than to have a silly son. So, it’s actually better for you to come out. “

Yan Yang lightly asked, “Is it because of…… mom and dad that you think I should come out?”

Not because she wanted him to come out?

She did not want him to come out?

“No. It’s nice if you can come out. “

Lin Xiaoyue smiled back at him, “I see that you’re becoming braver every day, speaking more words, calling your parents a few more times, smiling more, and I think you are recovering better and better. You should come out more.


Finally, her words ignited the flame of courage in Yan Yang’s heart.

Slightly turning his head, in the darkness of the night, after adapting to the dark environment, his shining black eyes locked onto her.

Yan Yang found that his mood was easily moved when it came to her.

A word from her can make him comfortable and secure, and it can also make him feel like a dog sticking out his tongue.

Lin Xiaoyue…

“I really like you.”

Somehow, he blurted out the words in his mind.

At the moment when he finished speaking, Yan Yang’s complexion turned red, and his knuckles turned white under the covers. His hands squeezed his clothes tightly.

Lin Xiaoyue also clearly heard his confession and confirmed his heart for her.

Reaching out, she took his hand and gently opened her lips, “Okay, I know.”

His sincerity, she accepted.

She will work hard to help him solve the problems in his heart, help him get out of his inner barriers, walk into this society and become a spiritually sound person.

As the wife of three Yan Yangs, while enjoying three loves, she will treat the three people with the same sincerity.

“Lin Xiaoyue…”

Yan Yang backhandedly held her small hand. One was not enough, but both hands were clenched tightly together.

At this moment, his heart was surging with emotions. His voice was slightly shaking with excitement, “I will also continue to change. For you, I can do anything. “

Lin Xiaoyue was very moved when she heard this.


She smiled, “Then you should not easily shut yourself up and do not bury your problems in your heart. Talk to me more, talk to others more, get in touch with people more, and face bad people more. If your heart is strong, your body will be stronger. It was the only way to be able to support the family, to protect me, and to honor my father-in-law and mother-in-law. They have made mistakes, but over the years, they have done their best to compensate, but also suffered a lot. “

Lin Xiaoyue thought for a moment and sighed, “I am not supposed to be you and have no right to persuade you to forgive them. When they sold you that account, even if you do not forgive in your life, I think it is also normal. But since you have recognized them as parents, that means those years of the past you put down. So in the future, you have to be able to really come out of your heart. That’s what I want to see. “

These words, in fact, can only be said by the second Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue did not dare to say such things in front of Lao San, because Lao San once said in front of her that he hated Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong and would never forgive them for the rest of his life.

Maybe they both carry different feelings. Lin Xiaoyue will not interfere with their thoughts, but will definitely lead them in a more positive direction.

She also just hopes he doesn’t do too many bad things and doesn’t want him to become a villain.

The Second Yan Yang liked what she said, word for word. He listened extra seriously.

“I will, I will try to become what you like.” He said.

Later, the two talked for a long time.

They talked until they felt sleepy, and after a time, they fell asleep.


Lin Xiaoyue discovered something terrible!

One Yan Yang was missing!

Tonight, she held his hand when they fell asleep.

In her study space, the usual bed with three Yan Yang lying on it, today…… there were only two Yan Yang in the study space.

Standing beside the bed, Lin Xiaoyue stared wide-eyed. She looked at the two Yan Yangs with doubts. Her heart skipped a beat!

Only two out of three were left.

Does that mean that one of his three personalities is gone?

Lin Xiaoyue sat down on the edge of the bed and calmed down for a while before taking the hand of a random Yan Yang.

Who is gone?

It must not be the second, right?

Was it the child, or was it the third?

Was it because the second had changed a lot recently and he was much stronger inside, so one was gone?

Although this means that Yan Yang has made progress on his healing journey…

But seeing that one is missing, Lin Xiaoyue is also quite disappointed.

She didn’t even have time to say goodbye to him.

Whether it was a child or Lao San……

She did not even have the chance to say goodbye, and then she saw him disappear.

It’s a pity.

In the study, Lin Xiaoyue did nothing but look at the two sleeping Yan Yangs on the bed.

Holding his big warm palm, waiting for him, thinking of him…

It occurred to her that when he fully recovers, two will become one again.

She has to cherish it. Now in this period, there are two more of them.

early morning.

Xiaoyue woke up holding Yan Yang’s hand.

She did not sleep well.

He had a heavy heart.

She woke up earlier.

Yan Yang, beside her, woke up even earlier than her.

When she woke up, Yan Yang had already propped his head on one hand, and his gaze was like fire staring at her for a long time.

Seeing Yan Yang in front of her, Lin Xiaoyue stared into his eyes for a long time and saw the corners of his lips hooked up, and she confirmed that he was the third.

Stepping forward, Lin Xiaoyue hugged his neck, buried his head in his neck, and said in a dull voice, “Fortunately, you are still…”

Due to selfishness, Lin Xiaoyue’s emotions were stirred when she saw that the third was still there.

Celebration and happiness…… were the emotions that were magnified in her mind.

Besides that, in the corner of her heart, there was a feeling that she was faintly sorry for the child’s departure.

But not much.

Yan Yang backhandedly circled her body and held it tightly in his arms, and his eyes were covered with red blood.


He let out a sigh.

This sigh was mainly to blame him for his own incompetence.

Originally, he was the one who came out for half a month in a row, and he thought that this body was already his.

Who knew that he still could not control his body as he wished?

What happened that night didn’t work out. The third thought came out and he thought it was also God’s will…

Because his condition was still unstable.

He had to observe for some more time to see…


notlucia: The child’s disappearance was too abrupt. I also feel bad for the second. Just when he was determined to change himself for Lin Xiaoyue, he again had to step back for the third.


Hello, I'm Lucia, and I love novels with themes from the 70s, 80s, and ancient eras. Therefore, I will mainly focus on translating novels from these time periods. If you have any recommendations for novels you'd like me to read and translate, please don't hesitate to send me a direct message on my Discord. Thank you!

  1. Aikun has spoken 4 months ago

    Haiyaaaa! I just hope once the completely merged Yan Yang comes up, we can still see the child in him or better yet, we want a little dumpling like him.

  2. teeny_yoongles has spoken 1 year ago

    It’s too sudden but I guess narratively it happened bc a large portion of the grievances for the child Yan Yang has been resolved after making the rest of the Yan family suffer from his lying, thieving, a**hole cousin’s gambling debt. I guess if he really chooses to forgive his parents, the third Yan Yang will also disappear. Not what I wanna see it ( T^T )

  3. PlumBlossom has spoken 2 years ago

    The child vanished really suddenly! I understand his existence somewhat blocks the story progression, but having him vanish this way is a bit of a cop out, especially when the abuse from the other households hasn’t been completely resolved.

  4. Tofu has spoken 2 years ago

    I agree it felt rushed when the child personality vanished


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