I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 48.2

Chapter 48 Part 2

Early in the morning, the two of them were lying comfortably in a warm blanket with Yan Yang, and there was movement coming from the yard again.

It seems that the debt collectors came to the door for the second time, but today there was no beating and smashing like yesterday, just a group of people shouting and entering the yard.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, comfortably lying on the warmth of the blanket, did not want to go out to see them.

The two of them didn’t want to care about other people’s affairs.

Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t want to watch this excitement now.

She just wants to cherish the days when Lao San was still around.

That child is gone. She did not even have a chance to say goodbye to him.

If it wasn’t for her study space, Lin Xiaoyue wouldn’t even know that the child was gone.

No wonder the children and the second used to switch every day.

But yesterday, they didn’t switch. The second was always by her side.

If Lao San had also left without a word…

If she entered the study that day and saw that only one Yan Yang was lying on the bed…

Lin Xiaoyue felt uncomfortable even thinking about it.

After all, it was Lao San who was having a sweet love affair with her now…

If Lao San left like that, she would feel like she had lost her boyfriend.

I am thinking of this.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly hugged Lao San tightly, full of sadness, but did not know how to tell him.

“What? Scared? “

Yan Yang felt that she was a bit strange today, always clinging to him, hugging him. Compared to the past, today she was really more active.

He thought the debt collectors had come and she was afraid, and immediately hugged her even tighter.

Lin Xiaoyue was smothered in his arms, taking a deep breath of the nice scent coming from this man.

Only Lao San could hold her so tightly.

In the future, if Lao San was no longer here, she could not even pull her face off and be so active with the second.

She didn’t know why, but in front of the second, she could only be restrained.

Maybe the second was too civilized, so she was too embarrassed to pounce on him…

“You’re a little strange today.”

Yan Yang lightly rubbed Lin Xiaoyue’s head. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead, “You miss me that much after only one day of not seeing me?”

Lin Xiaoyue raised her head that was enveloped by his arms, “Do you have any plans today?”

Yan Yang frowned and thought, “No, not for now.”

Lin Xiaoyue said, “When the spring planting time comes, you have to go to the ground with the production team. During this time, do you still want to go out to make money? “

Yan Yang squeezed his eyebrows, “Are you sure you want me to go to the field? You should know that I can earn more money from a casual trip than from work points. “

“I know.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “But, it’s not for the points that I want you to work on the production team. The main reason was that I wanted you to have more contact with the outside world so that the villagers know that you have gradually returned to normal. In this way, after you take the entrance examination, no matter what you do, the villagers will have a higher acceptance of you. “

“Am I afraid of contact with the outside world?” Yan Yang asked rhetorically.

“Not you.”

Lin Xiaoyue corrected him, “It’s the Second. The Second is now gradually coming into contact with the outside world, and he needs to come out slowly. Furthermore, if you want the villagers to accept that you are back to normal, you have to integrate into the village’s activities step by step. This is a step-by-step process, understand? “

Yan Yang understood what she meant.

It’s just that he feels that the one who was in charge of this body will definitely be him, so he doesn’t need to worry so much about THE SECOND, and he doesn’t need to consider anything about letting THE SECOND walkout.

“You’d better not worry about that useless guy.”

Yan Yang pinched Lin Xiaoyue’s small face, “Anyway, this guy doesn’t come out often. The person who will accompany you in the future will be me.”

After saying that, the corners of his mouth raised, the trademark bad smile was shown.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw him with a confident look, she sighed softly in her heart.

Because she always felt that, in the end, the one who would be left behind must be the second.

She didn’t have any idea when the third Yan Yang would leave.

This poor, overconfident child.

Lin Xiaoyue touched Yan Yang’s face and pouted, “I want to kiss you…”

Yan Yang smiled, he lowered his head and kissed her lips. He sucked her rosy lips a few times and deepened the kiss with reckless abandon.

A burst of intimacy continued.

Lin Xiaoyue knew in her heart, she also only dared to be so clingy and reckless because she was in front of Lao San.

If it were the Second, she would never be able to make such a move, nor would she dare to say such things to the Second.

This is the same as when Lao San was gone.

No one will accompany her to carry on the sweet love affair…



At noon, Lin Xiaoyue sat at the same table with the third Yan Yang, Wang Xiuying, and Yan Dayong for dinner.

The atmosphere of a family of four is not bad.

Wang Xiuying steamed her a bowl of rice and talked to Yan Dayong about the production team’s plan to start spring planting in a few days.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyue interjected, “Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, when the production team starts the spring planting, Xiao Yang and I will also go.”

“Will Xiao Yang also go?” Wang Xiuying looked at Yan Yang in surprise.

Yan Yang, who was eating elegantly and quickly, raised his eyebrows and said in a casual tone, “My wife’s going, can I not go?”

There was no reason for a woman’s family to work in the field while a man’s family was still resting at home.

“Xiao Yang, but can you do it with your condition?” Wang Xiuying asked with some concern.

Yan Yang took a chopstick of egg and said naturally with a raised eyebrow, “What can’t I do? It’s not like I’m crippled.”

The third Yan Yang’s attitude toward Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong was casual, and he would not call Wang Xiuying and his husband ‘mom and dad’.

At such times, Lin Xiaoyue will usually come out to speak to him, “Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, don’t worry. Xiao Yang is okay. Now the rest of his body is getting stronger and stronger after staying at home for a long time, and it must be a good job for him to work in the field. He will be a great help! “

When Yan Yang heard Lin Xiaoyue’s praise that his body was getting stronger and stronger, he could not help but raise his lips and smile. He was in a good mood.

When Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong saw Yan Yang smile, their hearts were also with Yan Yang.

Wang Xiuying then said, y, “Okay. Then I will tell the captain and arrange for you two to go to the same place so that you can take care of each other.”

Yan Dayong also said at this time, “Right, you told me that you want to take the college entrance examination. I will go out to inquire, see when will be the registration for this year’s college entrance examination. What reviews materials. Then I will get you some review materials. Take advantage of the time before spring planting, read the book at home. “

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong, the husband and wife pair, were now completely listening to Lin Xiaoyue’s words.

Yan Yang also listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s words.

No matter how Lin Xiaoyue set the arrangements for Yan Yang, everyone would follow the arrangement given by Lin Xiaoyue.

Whether it was the college entrance examination or working in the field, everyone fully supported it anyway.

Now, Lin Xiaoyue’s status in this family was clear at a glance.

She quite likes the trust people put in her.

“In the morning, Chen Cuiyun came to knock on my door again.”

Wang Xiuying talked to Lin Xiaoyue and said, “She asked us to give them 50 yuan, but Dayong blew her away with a stretcher. She still said something. She said she would go out and say bad things about Xiao Yang later. I also let her go. Anyway, Xiao Yue and Xiao Yang, the two of you should not go out these days. Just stay at home. On the production team’s side, Dayong will do the talking. If there are also rumors emerging outside, we should not take him seriously. “

“Mother-in-law, how can we not take this seriously!”

Lin Xiaoyue heard that Chen Cuiyun was going out to talk about Yan Yang, so she was just about to take advantage of the east wind!

“After dinner, I’ll go out with you, just to hear the gossip.”

Lin Xiaoyue with a mysterious smile, “We do not care whether the second aunt went out to publicize this matter, we should almost go out to talk about it. There’s also the side of the father-in-law, if you want to go to the production team this afternoon to help Xiao Yang report to work, father-in-law can take Xiao Yang with him.”

Yan Yang refused, “I don’t want to go, but I’ll go with you.”

“You can’t go with me, I want to go with Mother-in-law.” Lin Xiaoyue also refused him.

Yan Yang lifted his cheeks. His expression was a little unhappy.

He had a hard time coming out. Lin Xiaoyue actually did not want to accompany him, and she even asked him to accompany Yan Dayong…

This thing, the other two Yan Yang can do it, he can not do it.

Although he did not want to have his revenge towards Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong, he also did not want to recognize them as parents.

When he was a child, he abandoned that revenge, Lao San still remembers it in his heart.

He was the one who can’t get over it.

“Xiao Yue, what kind of ideas are you playing?” Wang Xiuying asked incomprehensibly.

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows at Wang Xiuying, smiling with a smart face, “This will be good for Xiao Yang.”

Wang Xiuying knew that Lin Xiaoyue’s brain was fast and her starting point was good, so she believed her.

“Yes! Then I will listen to you! ” Wang Xiuying readily agreed.

After lunch, Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying took a basket, grabbed a handful of melon seeds, and went out for a stroll.

It was still the first month of the year, the production brigade had not started the spring planting work, and every household in the village was still resting.

The weather was good these two days, the sun was warm.

After lunch, the villagers like to come out to warm up. In front of their homes in the open space, they bring out two chairs, sit idly and eat some New Year’s food, chatting and chattering.

Wang Xiuying has a good relationship with Lin Damei, the wife of the second son of the family next door. People who walk in and out usually greet each other when they meet, and they often chat like this for a long time.

That afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue Wang Xiuying walked to the house next door. Lin Damei who was sitting in the yarn to bask in the sun saw Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue. She immediately greeted them. “Aiya. the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair, where are you going?”

“My home is too messy. I don’t want to stay at home. Now I have nothing to do, so I’m taking my son’s wife out for a walk! “

Wang Xiuying turned to face Lin Damei. Now she said, “What are you doing? Can I come in here?”

“Come on! Come and sit down!”

Lin Damei greeted Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue warmly, “I just want to talk to you! Seeing this, this is an opportunity! Hurry up! “

Next door, there are four women sitting in the courtyard, all middle-aged women.

This was the place where long-winded women piled up.

Lin Xiaoyue followed Wang Xiuying. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair also joined the long-winded women’s battle.

Adding a bench, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair sat in the middle and shared the melon seeds in the basket with a few women around them.

This group of women immediately began their leisurely afternoon life of chatting and eating melon seeds.

Lin Damei, on behalf of all the women in her family, asked Wang Xiuying, “What happened to your family in the past two days? Why is there so much trouble? Who owes money?”

The neighbors to the right and left have been gossiping about the debt collection incident that happened in Old Yan’s family for the past two days.

In the past two days at Old Yan’s house, the Second Branch, Third Branch, and the First Branch were closed, so the neighbors could only chat and guess. The true situation was still really unclear for them…

Wang Xiuying came, just in time to solve the plight of all women.

“It’s just the son of the Second Branch family.”

Wang Xiuying licked the melon seeds with an expression of disgust,” Then Chen Cuiyun, her son, boasted every day before he came back, every day, saying that her son was so promising in the city! Now her son is back just for a few days. He owes a gambling debt! It was more than 800 yuan! He fled back to the city, so he must have run away to ask for money. Our family is also troubled! “

“Her son found a job in the city, right?”

Lin Damei asked with great interest, “I used to hear her praise her son for how excellent and awesome he was! He is addicted to gambling!”

“Yes! That one! He owes 800 yuan, and his drug addiction was not small!” On the side, the woman answered.

Everyone, one by one, soon put Chen Cuiyun’s son down as worthless.

These women are always like this when they are together. On the same thing, there is mainly one person who puts forward the first point of view, so the next thing is basically to follow the trend.

“Our family has been disturbed for the past two days. I am embarrassed to say that yesterday’s Chen Cuiyun also ran to our house to ask for money. I think she now owes money to her relatives but still does not want to recognize it. “

Wang Xiuying rolled her eyes and spat hard, “It’s outrageous! She also said that if we don’t pay her, we will talk bad about our Xiao Yang everywhere. The last time our Xiao Yang saw a master, she got better and is now getting clearer, and she’s making trouble with our family again! I can’t stay at home anymore. I get annoyed when I see her! “

“Then don’t stay at home, come out and walk around with us more.”

Lin Dame patted Wang Xiuying’s back and asked, “Did you take your son to see the master again? Did it help? “

“Yes! He’s getting better every year, and after seeing the master this time, his mind was much clearer now! “

Wang Xiuying smiled proudly, “Let me tell you this thing. You must really believe it! Our Xiao Yang has recently started reading books at home, and he was preparing to take the college entrance exam this year! “

Lin Damei listened and smiled. “Really? Your son has started reading books? “

Several women on the side also smiled.

This smile means…… no one believes Wang Xiuying’s words.


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