I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 49.1

Chapter 49 Part 1

Yan Yang has been a fool for many years.

In the villagers’ inherent impression, he was already a fool. It was very difficult to get the villagers to accept the fact that he had changed from a fool to a normal person…

However, the disappearance of Yan Yang’s child personality did mean that it was impossible for him to reappear as a fool.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue had to find a way to make the villagers gradually accept him back to normal.

Wang Xiuying told Lin Damei and the women in detail about the day she took Yan Yang to see the master.

Wang Xiuying’s mouth was particularly eloquent, and this matter was mysteriously described by her!

The women like Lin Da Mei are also people who believe in theology, not to mention that the master was introduced to Wang Xiuying by Lin Damei back then.

Therefore, after Wang Xiumei finished talking, plus Lin Damei’s agreement when it came to praising the master… all the women surrounding her believed it!

Everyone believes that Yan Yang can recover and even believes that Yan Yang will gradually become normal in the future.

Everyone even praised Wang Xiuying for raising her son and how she had worked so hard for most of her life, and now it was finally time to enjoy the blessing.

Such words sounded very comfortable and very applicable to Wang Xiuying.

After Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue went out to spread the news in the afternoon, they brought this news to the village.

In this way, even if Chen Cuiyun went out to say nonsense, it would not cause too much ripple.

When two voices exist at the same time, the matter becomes an unsolved problem.

No matter what kind of news the villagers believe, as long as Yan Yang himself stands up and slaps their faces, the words that Chen Cuiyun spread will be futile.

Therefore, Chen Cuiyun will not have any influence on their family.

As Lin Xiaoyue expected…

It was late in the evening after Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue came back from talking with the house next door all afternoon.

Chen Cuiyun also took her daughter, Yan Lianhua, and went out leisurely.

The four of them met in front of Old Yan’s house. Chen Cuiyun and Yan Lianhua snickered at Wang Xiuying, this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair, without even saying hello.

Seeing Chen Cuiyun’s mother and daughter strutting away, Lin Xiaoyue came closer to Wang Xiuying’s ear and whispered, “Mother-in-law, they must be going out to badmouth Xiao Yang.”

Wang Xiuying believed Lin Xiaoyue’s words and was glad, “It’s good that we both went out to talk first. Otherwise, we would have missed the opportunity if they had said it earlier.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “That’s right. The impression of coming first was very important, and after the family, next door heard what we said, they did not really believe what they (Chen Cuiyun and Yan Linhua) said. “

Another crucial point in this was that…… The master who saw Yan Yang was introduced by Lin Damei.

So when she heard that the master had spent years curing Yan Yang, Lin Damei felt that she also had credit for it.

So, when the mother and daughter pair (Chen Cuiyun and Yan Linhua) came over to chat and mentioned that Yan Yang was an ominous existence, Lin Damei was the first one to veto…

“They went to see the master, and the master said that Xiao Yang could be cured. Why do you have to say that he was evil?”

Lin Damei was ready to put away the stool to cook, but the mother and daughter pair next door came over to chatter, saying some nonsense that she could not even listen to.

Lin Damei was listening and started to frown. She could not listen to it!

“I’m not telling a lie! The third sister-in-law said it herself! Last time, she knelt down to my mother-in-law in order to collect money for that fool Yan Yang to see the master! “

Chen Cuiyun described it eloquently, “I can clearly remember at that time, my third sister-in-law told my mother-in-law with her runny nose and tears in her eyes that there was something evil living in that fool’s body! She also needs to see the master! Some time ago, there was an accident in the village, right? I thought, “Ah, maybe it is that fool! “

“Oh! You can’t say that nonsense! “

Lin Damei felt that Chen Cuiyun and Yan Linhua’s faces were ugly. “This is such a big thing. Your mouth is red and white, but do you have evidence? You can’t just talk about things without evidence! “

(TN: Red Mouth and White Teeth-Refers to the normal appearance of ordinary people, but they will be scolded if they say something abnormal. The common saying was that if someone was slandered or slandered by others, they would be angrily asked if they had a red mouth and white teeth. “How can you say such irresponsible words?”

Hey, as a matter of fact, let’s talk about it casually! Let’s talk. It’s not like we’re outsiders! “

Chen Cuiyun realized that she had indeed said too much, so she smiled shyly.

“I don’t really have time to talk.”

Lin Damei no longer wanted to talk to Chen Cuiyun. She quickly moved the stool, “Look at this, it’s time to cook. I have to go to help my sister-in-law cook.”

“Ah, Cheng Cheng Cheng… then we’ll go home too.”

Chen Cuiyun smiled and responded, knowing that the conversation would not go on anyway.

Yan Lianhua followed Chen Cuiyun’s side and said nothing. Looking at the other families who also did not want to take care of Chen Cuiyun, she was quite uncomfortable in her heart.

Chen Cuiyun went looking for people to chat with, but the outcome was not good. Instead, she felt that others looked at her with very strange gazes.

In fact, her feelings were also correct.

Lin Damei, the family of women in the afternoon, and Wang Xiuying chatted. Now seeing Chen Cuiyun’s son was always a feeling that Chen Cuiyun’s son was untalented, and he was still unreasonable.

They all despise Chen Cuiyun.

Therefore, when Chen Cuiyun came, everyone did not give her a good face.

However, Chen Cuiyun will not give up easily. She was ready to go to another family tomorrow to say something.

Chen Cuiyun also wants to talk about the nonsense of The Third Branch’s family!

After yesterday’s family meeting, although the First Branch’s family was reluctant, they also paid the interest for one day today.

The Third Branch’s family has eaten a lot of them and drank a lot of them for so many years, without paying a penny!

Chen Cuiyun took this account to heart. If she couldn’t rectify the Third Branch, she would be absolutely unhappy in her heart.

On the other hand, Wang Xiuying, who had returned home, had already started preparing dinner.

Lin Xiaoyue went back to the small side of the house to find Yan Yang when she saw him sitting on the edge of the bed reading a book. One hand on one side of his chin, his mouth wide open, and he yawned greatly.

“So sleepy, don’t you want to take a nap?”

Lin Xiaoyue walked into the small side room and turned back to smoothly close the small side room door.

When she looked up, Yan Yang’s dark eyes stared at her, “I feel sleepy when reading a book, not sleepy when not reading a book. If not for taking the college entrance exams, I really have no interest in this stuff at all. “

He also has little interest in the college entrance examinations.

It was purely because Lin Xiaoyue said she would let him take the college entrance examination. So that’s why he began to read books and prepare for the college entrance examination.

Otherwise, he wanted to go out and make some money to spend. Isn’t it better?

Walking to his side, Lin Xiaoyue sat down next to him, smoothly holding his arm. Her gaze explored the book he was reading now. “Hey, where did such an old version of the book come from?”

Yan Yang was reading this book, published a very long time ago. It also looks very worn out.

Lin Xiaoyue flipped through the information inside, and the knowledge points were also very shallow.

The book was so old that she wondered if you could answer the exam questions for the college entrance examination with this book?

Yan Yang dragged his cheeks lazily and said, “Yan Dayong gave it to me, saying it was borrowed from someone else’s house.”

The third, Yan Yang did not want to call Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong his mom and dad’.

When he talked to Lin Xiaoyue about the couple in private, he called them by their first names, and, as if talking about someone else’s family, he had no feelings towards them.

Lin Xiaoyue also did not blame him and did not affect his thoughts. After all, she was not the one who was sold back then, and she could not persuade Yan Yang to forgive them.

But it was also clear that Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were now really good friends with Yan Yang.

After knowing that his heart for taking the college entrance examination was true, didn’t Yan Dayong run to find someone to borrow books for him?

Although this kind of book……

Lin Xiaoyue turned to this book and said: “Stop reading these books and read the books I’ll give you when the time comes. Don’t be in a hurry, anyway. Registration starts in the middle of the year. “

The college entrance examination was opened in 1977, and a batch of exams was already taken last year.

After the New Year, it will be 1978.

This year’s college entrance examination has not yet begun to recruit students, and time is still very abundant.

The reform and opening were also at the end of the year.

This year happens to be a pretty important division year, and several big things will be accomplished this year.

Lin Xiaoyue was also ready to save more money for her family this year and build a house in the village so they could move out.

“Okay, don’t look at it.”

Yan Yang pushed these annoying books away. He lowered his head, his dark eyes fell on Lin Xiaoyue’s face, and he stared at her tightly.

Not seeing her all afternoon, this afternoon, Yan Yang spent a very empty time.

After seeing her, there was a feeling of his heart being filled.

Originally, he was the only one in his world, and the most important person was only him.

Now, Lin Xiaoyue has become an inseparable part of his world, even beyond him, a more important existence than him.

The Third Yan Yang doesn’t have many ideas about his future.

He only requires himself to do two things. One is to be the master of this body, and two is to live a good life with her.

He was not stable enough.

He was not at all sure how to control this body. Nor did he know what kind of situation or what the reason for coming out each time…

It was necessary to figure this out and be sure of himself before he could feel comfortable making her his woman.

“What are you thinking about?”

Lin Xiaoyue found Yan Yang staring at her for a long time, but not a word came out of his mouth. Lin Xiaoyue’s small hand waved in front of Yan Yang’s eyes.

Yan Yang grabbed her small hand and gently kneaded her thin fingers…

Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes widened as she looked at him. Her small face gradually flushed. Her heart also started to beat fast.

This damned, sweet feeling of being in love…

Yan Yang held her small hand and wrapped it around his face. He also held her small hand tightly, his thin lips turned upward, with his bad smile, his smile that was born with irresistible seductive power.

His smiling lips are attractive enough without smiling. He smiled so badly…

“What are you doing?”

Lin Xiaoyue opened her lips shyly.

“I want to be intimate with you.”

After saying that, Yan Yang leaned down close to her, caught her lips, and kissed her.

She closed her eyes. Lin Xiaoyue rested her whole body and mind, and her soft body melted between his arms.

His sturdy body, solid chest, with a man’s rigid body, but he also has the tenderness and meticulousness of a man.

A lingering, passionate kiss fell. Yan Yang’s coarse palm gently cupped her small face, the corners of his lips raised in a nice arc, “I know everything that happened when you were with the other one… Lin Xiaoyue, you should only like me, right?”


Lin Xiaoyue was a little drunk in his arms, and for a while, she didn’t realize what he had just asked.

Only after reacting a little later did she realize that he was comparing himself to the Second.

Maybe in his opinion, he and the second were two different individuals with different thoughts.

Although Lin Xiaoyue knew that she was the wife of both of them, he only wanted Lin Xiaoyue to like him alone.

It’s over…

Lin Xiaoyue’s face stiffened. How should she respond to his words?

“You can only like me.”

The third Yan Yang said in a domineering voice, lowering his head, his high nose gently rubbing against her nose, their breath mingling together.

At an extremely close range, Yan Yang lightly said, “Your body should not be given to him. It must be left to me. When I fully become the owner of this body, I will make you my woman, and I will let you feel very secure. “

Lin Xiaoyue thought to herself, “She already feels safe now. Didn’t he treat her well both times? Now it’s okay!

Of course, she did not dare to say this sentence.

She just shyly buried her face in his arms and hid her rosy and hot face in a hurry.

He hugged her tightly. Yan Yang was in a good mood and smiled.

The humble little side room was surrounded by pink bubbles.


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