I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 49.2

Chapter 49 Part 2

Lin Xiaoyue has been a little selfish again lately.

For several days in a row, she brought out the third Yan Yang directly into the study.

And as a result, the second has not come out for a long time.

There were only two Yan Yangs left in the study, and her intuition told Lin Xiaoyue that the last two Yan Yang, if one more was left out, would definitely be her third Yan Yang who would disappear.

She was really reluctant. She could not let go of the third Yan Yang.

So, during this recent period, let her harbor more selfishness!

Because Chen Cuiyun went out all day to say bad things about Lao San’s family, saying that Yan Yang was an evil thing.

In the village, this kind of news also gradually spreads to every household.

However, at the same time this news spread, Lin Damei’s side also spread the news of Yan Yang, where, after seeing the master, his mind gradually cleared.

Therefore, the village was abuzz with rumors of two news related to Yan Yang during these few days.

Yan Yang also became a celebrity in the village during these few days.

The third, Yan Yang didn’t care whether people talked about him being evil or good. To his ears, it always sounded much better than the name of a fool.

The weather has not yet begun to really warm up. The production team’s spring planting day has not yet come.

Yan Yang, who was very idle day by day, would take Lin Xiaoyue out for some fun during the day.

Every day, they would go out to walk the ridge paths, take a walk, chat, and catch fish in the river…

It was a happy life.

When the two of them were playing and chatting, if they came across villagers pointing at Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue would pull Yan Yang and shout at them from afar, “I’ll talk more closely with the villagers. My Xiao Yang is not stupid anymore. He is very smart.”

Basically, the villagers would not believe what Lin Xiaoyue had said, and so they would come up and chat with Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang for a while.

After chatting for a while, they can basically be sure that Yan Yang has recovered his IQ.

And he looks good when he smiles. He was tall and gentle and had the style of a dragon among people*.

(TN: Dragon among people-It is a metaphor for a hero, which means describing an outstanding and extraordinary talent. It was from the “Book of Jin·Biography of Song Xian.”)

Therefore, the rumors spread by Chen Cuiyun gradually became futile.

The villagers spread the word that Yan Yang’s mental state was gradually recovering throughout the village.

After that, Wang Xiuying’s family also gradually broke the threshold. Every family that has a little bit of bad luck comes to her to ask for the address of the master in town.

This is free publicity, right?

It will be convenient for the master.

The happy days soon passed.

After the spring, the production team also started the spring planting work.

This year, Yan Yang, who has regained his sanity, also began to participate in the production team’s spring planting work.

Yan Dayong made some requests to the production team leader, Yan Baosheng, hoping that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue could be assigned to the same group so that Lin Xiaoyue could take care of Yan Yang a little.

Therefore, Yan Baosheng arranged for Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue to work on rice planting and the women in the village.

Yan Yang’s energy was pretty good when he participated in farm work for the first time.

Although he did not like this kind of work, considering that Lin Xiaoyue was also doing it in front of his wife, he had to show his advantages as a man.

Everyone has a good division of work territory. As long as their tasks are completed, the work will be considered enough.

Yan Yang let Lin Xiaoyue take her time. He would move faster to complete her share of the work together.

Lin Xiaoyue was not polite to him in this aspect of work.

She obeyed and did it slowly, resting for a while when she was tired. Yan Yang did more work. It was fine. He was her husband anyway. She could afford it.

Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua of the same family looked at Lin Xiaoyue, who was taking a break after a while.

“You said that Yan Yang was still a fool. How can I see that he looked better? “

Yan Hongying’s eyes, from time to time, glanced at the Yan Yang over there. The distance was not far. From her perspective, it happened to be locked in Yan Yang’s side profile.

After the silly expression on his face disappeared, his resistive features appeared to be very handsome.

Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua had recently heard from the villagers that Yan Yang had regained his sanity.

Although the two of them lived in the same house with Yan Yang, they did not have much contact with Yan Yang during the week, and they did not know that Yan Yang had actually regained his sanity.

Today was the first day that the production team was out of work, and it was also the first time that they both saw the “Yan Yang” who had regained sanity.

Yan Hongying was in a complicated mood, “When he was with our family before, we didn’t see a sign of improvement. For the entire day, he would be silly. When drinking, water would leak out of his mouth, and he didn’t even work. Now he can even work and earn money. Do you think he was faking it before? “

“I don’t know!”

Besides, she was upset about doing work. From time to time, Yan Lianhua would stare at Lin Xiaoyue, “I only know that the life of that cheap bargain was really very good! Last year, when she arrived at our home, she only did half a day of work, and the autumn harvest was over. Then the family split up, and she didn’t have to do any housework! Now it’s time for spring planting. Yan Yang’s IQ is good again. Look at her doing so well… Tsk! “

“That cheapskate does have a good life.”

Yan Hongying also nodded in agreement, “After entering our family door, the third aunt treated her very well, and the fool also treated her well. But now he’s not stupid anymore… “

“Sigh… I used to think that if only I could replace Lin Xiaoyue with Bai Xiaochun. “

Yan Lianhua sighed out, “Bai Xiaochun was not at all competitive! If she had fought with Lin Xiaoyue earlier, maybe the restored Yan Yang would be hers now. “

Speaking of which…

Yan Lianhua suddenly had a thought, “Hey, do you think, after Yan Yang regains his wisdom, he will dislike Lin Xiaoyue?”

Yan Hongying answered straight back, “Impossible, look at him, acting like that.”

Over there, Yan Yang simply asked Lin Xiaoyue not to plant the seedlings, but just to hold the seedlings behind him, hand them to him, and he would plant them.

Lin Xiaoyue had been spoiled by him, ah!

Yan Lianhua also saw this scene, and she simply became mad with jealousy. “Ugh, is this still called work? Isn’t this just standing? It’s great to have a man. I will also marry myself quickly. Find a man to work for me! “


The current Lu Xiaoming has been fascinated by Bai Xiaochun.

Yan Lianhua simply can not get Lu Xiaoming’s attention…

Over there, Yan Yang’s work speed was really fast.

When the time for noon had not yet arrived, he had already finished the work divided between the two.

After he was done with his area, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue directly left the rice field.

Under everyone’s envious and jealous gaze, the two of them left hand in hand.

Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua were simply jealous to the point of their eyes turning red.

When they reached the ridge bank, Lin Xiaoyue was so tired that she didn’t want to clean herself anymore, so she sat down on the ridge road.

Yan Yang picked up a basin of not very clean water and placed it in front of her. He picked up her feet with both hands, pressed her feet into the water, and rubbed her feet with both hands.

This picture fell into the eyes of a lot of women who were still working over there, and it evoked a lot of red eyes.

Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua were both extremely jealous.

“Is that fool so good?” Yan Lianhua said, exasperated.

“Is there a need to be so good to the woman who you only bought…”

Yan Hongying was also full of defiance, saying, “Come to think of it, we are considered his family. He and we were really related to each other. That Lin Xiaoyue was only bought for 19 yuan and 9 cents…”

“I think his brain was still stupid!”

Yan Lianhua gritted her teeth in anger, “He was so good to Lin Xiaoyue, this kind of woman. Why not be better than the third aunt? “

Even though there are so many unjust voices here, Yan Yang treats Lin Xiaoyue very well over there.

After he washed Lin Xiaoyue’s feet and poured out the water, he fetched a bucket of water and let her wash her hands.

After cleaning her up, Yan Yang still carried Lin Xiaoyue away…

On the other hand, the women cast jealous eyes towards them.

In this era, there are not so many men who are good at their wives.

In most families, women are still just reproductive tools and appendages for men.

A case like Yan Yang, who was extremely good to his wife, was really rare.

Therefore, looking at such a picture, it is impossible for women to say that they are not jealous.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue knew that they had gained a lot of attention when they left, but they didn’t care about it.

Lin Xiaoyue was lying on Yan Yang’s shoulders, carrying a bucket in one hand and shoes in the other.

She was very happy to have a man by her side to help her work during such a busy farming period, fulfilling her lifelong goal of only wanting to enjoy life comfortably.

After working this morning, the level of fatigue was only 50%.

Lin Xiaoyue wiped the beads of sweat from Yan Yang’s head, “Are you tired this morning? If you are tired, don’t do anything this afternoon. I can do it myself. “

“No, I’m not tired.”

The corners of Yan Yang’s mouth raised in a bad smile, “This degree is nothing.”

Back home, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang used the clean water in the house to wash their hands and feet again.

After a simple clean-up, Lin Xiaoyue began to prepare to cook. In fact, she was not cooking, but Yan Yang.

She brought out a cookbook from her study space, originally wanting to hone her cooking skills.

But after she tried several times, it was only to the extent that it could be eaten, and it didn’t taste good.

Lin Xiaoyue thinks she can’t do this kind of work. She still has to give it to a competent person.

Yan Yang had never cooked before, but he was willing to give it a try for Lin Xiaoyue’s sake.

So the lunch on the first day of work was cooked by Yan Yang.


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  1. Aikun has spoken 7 months ago

    I don’t think she’s killing the personalities, rather she’s merging them. Once one disappears, it means his personality is absorbed and it will happen until only one wholly complete personality emerge which is the combination of all three. And I think it’s okay to have favorites, I do too. I like the innocent kid but hey, if the kid heals from his trauma and disappeared, then I’m all for it. Second is slowly coming out of his shell but it cannot be forced, Lao san making him jealous by being together with Xiaoyue everyday is making him come out of his shell on his own, just like a motivation while for lao san, he really did need to spend more time around his parents so he can let go of his grievances caused by them like how second did when he saw how his mom was a great MIL to his XY. It’s slow but it’s getting there, I think.

  2. MasieMarbles has spoken 1 year ago

    I’m a little aggravated with the MC. The whole point of Yan Yang working in the field was so that the Second could get used to people. She neglected the child version until he disappeared and then she said she was sad about it but I can’t believe her. The very next day she brought back the Third YY and has kept the second away, even though she said she’d treasure both going forward. I can deal with all this if her intuition is correct and the Third YY is the one to disappear but I HOPE she doesn’t end up with the Third YY.

    Third YY is such a typical Chinese drama ML that he’s boring and predictable. What is the point of the story saying she has three husbands when she obviously only cares for one has the power to drive the other two away at will. I’ll continue reading until if\when the reader kills off Second. Thanks for the translation!


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