I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 49.3

Chapter 49 Part 3

Lin Xiaoyue washed and cut the vegetables. She was studying the recipe, and every now and then, she would say, “What should I prepare?” in her head.

She sounds like she is a chef, but Lin Xiaoyue works more as a kitchen helper.

Two people were talking and laughing while in the kitchen, and the atmosphere was always quite good.

Suddenly, the sound of Chen Cuiyun cursing and swearing was heard from the yard.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang stopped talking on their own and just watched Chen Cuiyun cursing as she walked past the door of their house. They looked at each other and smiled. Everything was understood without making a sound.

The Second Branch family owed gambling debts. Later, Chen Cuiyun and Yan Dalin went to the city together, scolding Yan Hongwen to pay the money back. Only then did they get 850 yuan from Yan Hongwen and came back to pay back the money they owed.

Moreover, the money was not taken out by Yan Hongwen, but it was Yan Hongwen’s father-in-law who took out his own savings and used it to pay off the debts.

However, the person who owed gambling debts was Yan Hongwen, and it was also Yan Hongwen who fled, but Chen Cuiyun and his husband went on their way to the city, and the quarrels at Yan Hongwen’s father-in-law’s house directly broke the friendship between the two families.

Starting this year, Yan Hongwen said that he would not send a penny to Old Yan’s family.

Therefore, it was tantamount to losing the son Chen Cuiyun was proud of.

Recently, she has been in a very bad mood, cursing and swearing every day, scolding whenever she has caught a small matter.

The more Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang listened to her scolding, the better their mood was.

Seeing the other two families having a bad time, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang felt comfortable.

Of course, they didn’t throw stones at the Second Branch, who had fallen down, but they also didn’t want to help them.

Yan Yang went to fry a cucumber egg, which was a very simple home-cooked dish.

He studied the recipe for most of the day, remembering the entire production process in his mind, and then began to prepare it.

Lin Xiaoyue had already peeled and cut the cucumber, and the eggs were already beaten and stirred, waiting on the side.

“Let’s put on the oil first…”

Yan Yang took out the lard that had been refined years ago from the cupboard and put it into the pot with a chopstick. “After heating the pan and putting in the oil, add the eggs, right?”

He followed the whole recipe he had completely memorized in his head.

But for some reason, when he started making it, he still wanted to ask Lin Xiaoyue a few more questions.

Lin Xiaoyue, who was holding the recipe beside him, nodded and agreed with him, “Yes. Everything you said is right. “

After the lard melted, Yan Yang poured in the 3 eggs he had stirred, and then stirred the eggs in the pot with chopsticks, and turned them around, and the egg mixture turned into scrambled eggs.

He said: “Serve it out first and set it aside, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue: “Yeah. You know you don’t need to repeat it to me. “

Yan Yang picked up the plate and used the spatula to serve the eggs. His face was a little nervous. “I wanted to check it with you, just to make sure.”

Lin Xiaoyue: “Okay…”

He fried the eggs, then added the lard again, and started to fry cucumbers.

When the cucumber was scrambled to a certain level, then he poured in the scrambled egg. The egg was scattered into the pan, and he added old wine and salt for flavoring.

Yan Yang strictly did it step by step according to the recipe, but he didn’t know how much seasoning to put in the recipe.

He put the seasonings in according to his measuring…

After frying a simple scrambled egg with cucumber, Yan Yang broke out in a sweat. The degree of nervousness was evident.

Lin Xiaoyue rushed to get a towel to wipe his sweat. She could not help but laugh at him, “Don’t be nervous! It’s just a stir-fry! I will eat it even if it is not good, okay? “


Yan Yang tugged at the corner of his mouth, “How could I possibly stir-fry it badly? Who do you think I am? “

Although he said such arrogant words in his mouth, he was actually still nervous in his heart.

He immediately picked up the chopsticks and picked up an egg for Lin Xiaoyue to try. Lin Xiaoyue nodded after eating and gave him a thumbs-up, “It’s delicious!”

Only then did the nervous expression on Yan Yang’s face loosen, and he continued with a smug smile, “I told you, I have a talent for this.”

“Yes, you are the best!” Lin Xiaoyue praised him without hesitation and praised him highly.

Men are…

If you say a few more words, he will fall in love with this job!

Later, she can live the life of a salty fish.

Yan Yang himself also tasted the dish. After eating it, he felt it was normal, but because he personally cooked it, the sense of accomplishment was… full!

With the help of Lin Xiaoyue, Yan Yang made four dishes and one soup by himself.

There are vegetables, eggs, and meat; another very rich meal.

The money for buying meat was earned Yan Yang by quietly going out for her.

But he has not gone out for a while.

Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t have much money in the small vault now.

However, Yan Yang hasn’t gone out to make money recently. He always tells Lin Xiaoyue that the right time has not come yet.

Lin Xiaoyue also did not rush him.

When Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong came back, they saw that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang had already made lunch.

They were both very pleased.

During the meal, Lin Xiaoyue said to Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong, “Xiao Yang cooked all the dishes on this table, and it was his first time trying cooking today.

“It’s delicious.”

Yan Dayong nodded his head while eating, picking up a big mouthful of rice and eating it in a very fragrant manner.

Wang Xiuying, on the other hand, was looking at Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang with a different look in her eyes, with a smile that she couldn’t hide in the corner of her mouth.

Recently, the all villagers knows that Yan Yang has regained his sanity and is participating in the work of the production team.

Today, after a morning of work, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong went to find Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue when they heard the village girls say that they had finished their work and left.

Wang Xiuying also heard some voices saying that Yan Yang, who had regained his mind, was a wonderful man and was very good to Lin Xiaoyue!

This young married couple is getting more and more popular now.

Wang Xiuying looked at Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, these two young married couples’ loving appearance. This time, she didn’t feel embarrassed and directly proposed: “Today to find you, listen to those girls say you two love each other very much. At what time would you have the ability to genuinely love each other and give our Third Branch family a grandchild? “

Lin Xiaoyue, who was about to stuff a piece of meat into her mouth, immediately stopped her chopsticks, and her face froze.

Yan Yang, beside her, also paused for a second, and then, the corners of his lips were raised high, a smirk leaped up, and his eyes slanted towards Lin Xiaoyue, who was beside him.

Wang Xiuying saw Yan Yang smile. She was also in a very good mood.

There was a plan!

This thing is very well planned.!

“Good, you two discuss this matter. We elders also will not ask nor intervene.” Wang Xiuying said with a light smile.

“Rest assured…”

Yan Yang clipped another chopstick of meat onto Lin Xiaoyue’s bowl, “It’s coming soon.”

He said this, sounding like he was saying it to Wang Xiuying, but in fact, he was saying it to Lin Xiaoyue.

Soon means……

Yan Yang recently had this thought again.

For a period of time, “he” wakes up every day.

Yan Yang also felt in his heart that this body should have recognized him.

After ensuring stability, it’s time for him to continue that unfinished business with Lin Xiaoyue.

This matter, even if Wang Xiuying does not mention it, he has always remembered it in his own heart.

Every night he held her to sleep, doing nothing.

It goes without saying that Yan Yang’s body and heart couldn’t bear it. He could say that every day and night, he would remember this matter. Without everyone knowing…

And on this matter, Lin Xiaoyue didn’t say a word. She just immersed herself in eating.

But in her heart actually…… she was shy!

After lunch, Wang Xiuying washed the dishes.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang went back to the small side of the house. The two lay in bed together and embraced each other. They had a lunchtime nap after doing their work early in the morning.

Before falling asleep, Lin Xiaoyue’s mind suddenly woke up in a flash and said in a daze, “Where is your hand?”

Yan Yang was still awake. His mind was counting the days, calculating which night was more appropriate to carry out that thing with her.

However, these last two nights, he had to go out.

The right time had come. There was a large batch of goods. He had to go to provide support and sell them.

Only this way could he earn money.

Therefore, this matter has not been on the agenda for these two nights.

He was preoccupied with these thoughts, and suddenly, Yan Yang heard her looking for his hand. Yan Yang let go of the hands holding her and freed one for her, “Here it is.”

“Well, I can feel it…”

Lin Xiaoyue dazedly grabbed his large palm and held it tightly in her hand, “Hold my hands, I’m going to sleep.”

“Do you have to hold my hand to sleep?”

Yan Yang was a little bit dumbfounded.

She was so sleepy to the point that she couldn’t even open her eyes, yet she woke up just holding his hand.

What kind of quirk is this?

She must hold his hand, so she can sleep peacefully.

Yan Yang could not figure this out.

However, he was also used to being held by his hand every night to fall asleep.

Her small hands are soft and supple, making them comfortable to squeeze and kiss.


Lin Xiaoyue let out a sleepy, lazy sound, “Sleep, ah, you also have to go to sleep…”

“Okay, I’ll go to sleep.”

Yan Yang lowered his head and kissed her forehead. His thin lips raised in a shallow arc, and he also closed his eyes.

Thinking about the schedule for these two days, Yan Yang gradually fell asleep and soon entered a dreamland.

In the sleep study, Lin Xiaoyue saw the two Yan Yang lying on the bed, and her heart was at peace.

She recently brought Lao San Yan Yang out to study every day. It seemed that she would be scared if she didn’t bring him out.

She was mainly afraid of seeing Yan Yang in the study room one day, and it would be too late to say goodbye to him…

She would cry!

It was because of this anxiety that Lin Xiaoyue has to hold Yan Yang’s hand before going to bed.

Only when she sleeps holding his hand will she feel at peace.

She woke up after the lunch break. It was still the third Yan Yang.

In the afternoon, they also went to the production team to work. Yan Yang still gave Lin Xiaoyue a lot of care.

Yan Yang let her spend another afternoon comfortably under the envious eyes of everyone.

And Yan Yang’s kindness to his wife gradually spread from the mouths of these girls.

It is estimated that it will not be long before Yan Yang, who was once a fool, will also become the standard of choice for most of the girls waiting to be married in the village.

In the evening, after dinner, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue returned to the room.

Originally, they mentioned the matter to Lin Xiaoyue at noon. She thought he must take action tonight.

Although Lin Xiaoyue had been working all day today, Lin Xiaoyue had preserved her strength very well.

She felt that it would be no problem at all if it was carried out tonight!

If he was tired, it would be fine for her to hum, haha! *

(notlucia: she’s ready for seggs)

She would not mind!

Lin Xiaoyue boiled a large pot of hot water before dinner and filled two large kettles with hot water.

She was ready to wash her body, and then she was ready for the real embarrassing event.

When she returned to the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue brought in two large kettles of hot water and a large wooden basin.

She was about to pour the water for a bath when she looked up and saw Yan Yang pulling his plain black clothes out of the closet.

Lin Xiaoyue froze for a moment, then said, “You’re going out, huh?”

Why did things develop differently from what she thought?

It was clear that this “matter” was mentioned at noon, and he should have taken it to heart…

He didn’t go out early, he didn’t go out late, but he went out tonight!

It was too disappointing for her!

“Yes, tonight is the right time.”

Yan Yang took off his clothes and pants directly in front of her and nimbly changed into the plain black clothes that he had taken off.

Because his back was turned to Lin Xiaoyue, he didn’t notice the disappointed expression on Lin Xiaoyue’s face either!

Lin Xiaoyue not only had an expression of disappointment on her face, but she also thumped her back twice in the air with an angry expression on her face.

When Yan Yang put on his clothes and turned around, Lin Xiaoyue was again standing obediently, with an obedient appearance.

“Then you have to be careful when you go out at night.”

“Don’t worry.”

Yan Yang nodded, the corners of his mouth pulled up in a smile, “If there is no accident, this time the money will be more than before.”

In his time, he had to do a few big jobs.

Because he always remembered that she had said that she wanted to change houses and move out.

Since he was saving money for the house, Yan Yang had to do a few big jobs.

When Lin Xiaoyue heard him say that there would be more money this time, she smiled with real satisfaction, “Okay! Then you go early and return early. Everything must be well! Tomorrow, you have to go to the production team again, and you must save more physical strength. “

“Don’t worry!”

This is the second “rest assured” that Yan Yang said, “Working in the production team won’t take me much physical strength. You want to take a bath, right? “

Yan Yang also found that Lin Xiaoyue had carried over a bunch of things for bathing.

He said, “You should take a shower when you go out into the field for a day. The doors and windows are closed, and the wind is quite strong. Don’t wash for too long and freeze. “

He didn’t know that Lin Xiaoyue was taking a bath for him tonight.

Lin Xiaoyue certainly will not give him an explanation, “You also don’t need to worry about it! Go early and return early! Remember to sleep with me when you come back! And hold my hand! “

Yan Yang laughed, “Don’t worry!”

The third time, he reassured her.

After that, he changed his clothes and pants, jumped out of the window of the small side room, and left.

Lin Xiaoyue also stood up on the table, peeked out of the window, and watched his back from far away until he completely disappeared from sight. She only closed the window and turned back.

The bathwater was ready. Lin Xiaoyue thought, better take a shower!

Today is another day to keep her innocence.

She’s such a pure and innocent little girl!



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