I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 50.1

Chapter 50 Part 1

It was another lonely and cold night. Lin Xiaoyue slept alone with her pillow, and fell asleep next to the bed, sleeping soundly.

On the other hand, Yan Yang passed through the small stone bridge where his secret base was hidden. When he arrived outside of the village, a large bus was parked on the road.

The bus window opened, and a bright flashlight swayed in the dark woods, catching the figure of Yan Yang running.

“Brother Yang!”

Wang Tieshan raised his voice to call out to Yan Yang. “Here, Brother Yang!”

Yan Yang quickly ran towards the side of the bus and got on without any problems.

There were two or three Xiaodi* sitting on the bus. One of them was Wang Tiesheng, who met Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang last time at the vegetable market in the black market.

(Xiaodi = little brother)

After Yan Yang got into the car, the door immediately closed. The bus started and drove in the direction of its destination.

On the bus, Wang Tieshan excitedly pulled out a packet of snacks from his pocket, “Brother Yang, do you want to eat beef jerky? I brought two bags of fresh live snacks from the city. “

Yan Yang took a bag directly from Wang Tieshan’s hand and tucked it into the inside pocket of his own clothes. “This is mine.”

He was not polite at all, and would not even say thank you.

Wang Tieshan was also very used to such Yan Yang, and shared the dried meat in his hand with Yan Yang, saying, “Brother Yang, you take this bag back to my sister-in-law to eat, and eat this one.”

Yan Yang took a piece of dried meat from Wang Tieshan’s bag and chewed it in his mouth. After chewing a few times, he said: “The taste is average.”

He had eaten the beef jerky snacks Lin Xiaoyue got from somewhere, and the ones she took out were even better.

Wang Tieshan was also chewing the beef jerky in his own mouth. “It’s very delicious… this stuff in the city can be sold at a high price.”

“How many were in the batch of goods that were shipped this time? Was it the amount that I said last time? ” Yan Yang asked.

“Yes, Brother Yang. Will it be too much? What if others don’t want so much? We are going to lose money if it stays in our hands…… ” Wang Tieshan said with some uneasiness.


Yan Yang replied with confidence: “As long as there are goods, they will absolutely be sold out. But the action should be faster, I want to go back early.”

“Good, Brother Yang.”

Hearing him say this, Wang Tieshan’s heart immediately stabilized.

What Brother Yang said is what he meant. Brother Yang has never broken his promise, and if you follow Brother Yang, there will be meat to eat!

The bus gradually drove forward, steady and fast, and after an hour’s drive, it soon reached the coastal location.

Late at night, the silence of the seaport, Yan Yang, with a few brothers, came to the trading port.

In the middle of the night, at the quiet seaport, Yan Yang brought a few younger brothers to the trading gate.

Yan Yang has been trading with these people for years, and they have developed a friendship with each other, so they are considered to be people who can be trusted in the business world.

Zhou Zhengwei was the opposite party’s trader. In the darkness of the night, a small boat gradually sailed towards the seaport and stopped at a corner location along the edge.

Yan Yang and his xiaodi greeted Zhou Zhengwei and handed over the money with one hand and delivered the goods with the other.

Zhou Zhengwei’s xiaodi handed the goods on board to Yan Yang’s xiaodi, and Yan Yang and Zhou Zhengwei were both counting the money.

The number of goods this time was relatively large, not only Zhou Zhengwei’s boat but also two small boats just came behind. Even so, it is still not enough.

The number of goods Yan Yang wanted was three times more than before, so even if there were two more boats than before, it still wasn’t enough to hold the goods.

“Didn’t you say that you could hand over this amount of goods?”

Yan Yang asked Zhou Zhengwei, “I made a deal with you a long time ago. If you fail to deliver the goods, you have to pay for the breach of contract.”

“Who said I couldn’t deliver? The goods are there! There is no ship! “

Zhou Zhengwei smiled back at Yan Yang, “Just wait, the boat will go back and forth. It will only take a little longer, and the goods will be picked up by you.”

“Back and forth?”

Yan Yang frowned as he listened, “How long was the round trip?”

Zhou Zheng Wei counted the money Yan Yang had given him. He licked his fingers and said, “We will unload and load the goods here and there.” It will take more than half an hour, not an hour. “

“That’s too long.”

Yan Yang’s sword eyebrows tightened. The tone was not good. “Next time, if you don’t have a diamond, do not do this porcelain work. Don’t you know that my time is precious? “

(“If you don’t have a diamond, do not take this porcelain work” means that you don’t take the work if you don’t have the ability to do so, or to do what you can.”)

“It’s only a little time, it’s not long!”

Zhou Zhengwei said this, but also teased Yan Yang, “What? Still busy going back to accompany the beautiful girl at home? If you don’t do business, will you make money? It’s just one night away? “

Yan Yang: “Roll!”

(TN: Roll means leave immediately [get out].)

Zhou Zhengwei smiled and added: “Originally, I did business with you only a few times a month, and I can count it with my fingers. You still can’t spend more time on this business ah? “

Yan Yang’s lips lifted upward, saying, “This kind of business, you won’t have that chance more than a few times a month. If you can earn money, you should earn it quickly! Just take out as many goods as possible! “

The two talked back and forth for some time, and the goods from the three ships had all been delivered.

On Zhou Zhengwei asked the other two ships to go back and continue to transport the rest of the goods over, On Yan Yang’s side, his xiaodis quickly transported the goods to the bus.

There was a division of labor and the cooperation between the two sides was still fast.

But there is no way to make up for the time spent on the road with manual speed.

Yan Yang, who had already finished transporting the goods, sat down with a few of his friends on the shore, and Zhou Zhengwei suddenly fished out an iron-framed box from his clothes.

“Hey, it’s for you.”

Zhou Zhengwei gave this iron-framed box to Yan Yang.

After receiving the box and opening it, Yan Yang raised his sword eyebrows, “Bribing me with this kind of stuff again, right?”

Zhou Zhengwei whispered: “What am I bribing you for? It’s just dirty money used for transactions between us only. No need for any emotional entanglement! “

Zhou Zhengwei crossed his arms and snickered, “The newest goods. I will share it with you first! Maybe you can use it? This kind of purple pearl has suddenly produced such a batch recently. The quantity was not too large, and so far the value wasn’t very high. I believe you should be able to speculate like that, and it is the

“Take one to try, the rest are all mine.”

Yan Yang put the iron frame away. There were about a dozen purple pearls inside.

He was going to take one out to try in the market. The rest were packed back to Lin Xiaoyue.

Women should like this kind of stuff.

He guessed.

“For your wife?” Zhou Zhengwei teased him.

Yan Yang raised his lips and smiled, and smiled with a mouthful of neatly white porcelain teeth, “If I do not send it to her, who else can I send it to? It’s not something to be eaten or used. It’s worthwhile to make her smile. “

Zhou Zhengwei pointed a finger at Yan Yang, “You are getting more and more enthusiastic about your wife.”

“Brother Yang’s wife was quite good-looking!” Wang Tieshan beside him said.

As a result, Yan Yang slapped his head as soon as he finished speaking, “Is this something you can say? Don’t even think about it! “

“Brother Yang, what are you thinking?”

Wang Tieshan aggrievedly held his head, “I just complimented your wife by saying she’s good-looking, and I don’t have any thoughts that I shouldn’t have! How could I possibly want to snatch a wife from Brother Yang? I’m not as good-looking as Brother Yang. “

This sentence was actually quite applicable to Yan Yang…

He smiled and raised his eyebrows, “It’s good to have self-awareness.”

A few men chatted and talked, and time passed…

The round trip boat was slow and they waited for over an hour.

Originally, Zhou Zhengwei said it would only take more than half an hour, but it turned out that waiting for the time became longer…

They might also have encountered special circumstances.

For example, comrades are patrolling the shore.

In this era, speculation was not allowed, and the consequences of being caught could be light or heavy.

So, Yan Yang’s group, who were doing this kind of thing, we’re also cautious and self-conscious.

They haven’t arrived for so long. Maybe something went wrong.

Just when Zhou Zhengwei and Yan Yang were discussing whether to pay for the shipment first, they saw the light of a flashlight waving in the dark sea.

Although they waited for more than an hour, at least the ship still came.

Yan Yang, who was originally going to leave, had no choice but to be patient and wait for the boat to come.

Seeing that the distance was quite far away, they only had to wait for at least ten minutes.

Zhou Zhengwei was afraid that Yan Yang would be impatient, so he should continue to find topics to chat with him about. “After the transaction for this batch of goods is over, you will have to pay several hundred yuan. After you take the money, do you have any ideas about what you are going to do? “

Yan Yang looked at the sea in the distance, “My wife wants to build a new house. As you know, my family lives with two other families, and they quarrel and cause trouble all day long. I want to be able to move out. It is definitely necessary to move out of the house. Now my wife and the two above me want to move out. I am just short of money. If I do this two more times, I will have the money to build a house. “

“But you can’t take this money out and use it.”

Zhou Zhengwei raised this point, “We can only use this money quietly, and someone might ask, where did you earn so much money? What will you answer? You spent such a large amount of money all at once, and still don’t know the origins, and I’m worried that someone might find it on my head. “

Lowering his eyes, Yan Yang’s eyes fell on Zhou Zhengwei…

Suddenly, he felt that his words made sense.

Money can not be seen, and it is really difficult to answer other people’s questions.

Although Yan Yang does not care what other people say, after all, they belong to the same village, and his family suddenly had so much money, let alone the same villagers, the people in the other two rooms would definitely be suspicious.

The faces of the other two families were extremely ugly, and he didn’t know what reason he would use to account for the money he earned.

So it seems…

Even if Yan Yang has earned the money, he can’t openly take it out and use it.

He still had to think of a way to rationalize the money and needed to arrange a name for it.

This is a very difficult thing to do.

Yan Yang was trapped, paused.

“Did I hit the problem?”

Zhou Zhengwei saw that he was silent and waved his hand in front of his eyes, “Since I can give you this problem, I can definitely give you a solution. Answer me!”


Yan Yang answered him, “What solution?”

Zhou Zhengwei gave a pertinent proposal, “Spend money to buy a job, any kind of temporary work. What kind of unit’s freight driver? Kind of No need to work, no real work, just hang a name. “

“Is there any kind of job I can get?” Yan Yang raised his eyebrows.

Zhou Zhengwei nodded his head, “We have it there. Anyway, it’s just buying a job by name, and it’s just a temporary job, and it doesn’t make much difference. If someone really investigates, the temporary worker will be fired. Anyway, there is no file to check for dismissing a temporary worker. “

Yan Yang thought this method was good, “You can arrange one for me.”

“Eh? Me?”

Zhou Zhengwei was frozen for a moment. Did he dare to pull this matter to me?

But after thinking about it, Zhou Zhengwei thought it was okay.

“All right!”

Zhou Zhengwei nodded, “I will have a hard time finding a driver’s job, but a crew member is okay. I’ll give you a temporary job as a cargo carrier. “

Yan Yang suddenly thought of another point, and said with both hands on his chest, “That is to say, with this temporary job, I not only don’t need to work, but I can also use the name of this temporary worker without participating in the work of our village production team.”

“That’s for sure!”

Zhengwei continued, “You already have a crew job, although it is a titular ah… But if you have such a job here and you still work in your village, who in your village believes that you go out to work? You have to act like you’re working! “

This is really a good idea.

For the first time, Yan Yang thought that Zhou Zhengwei’s brain was so good.

If he operated in this way, it would mean that he would not have to participate in the work of the production team, but also let everyone in the village know that he had found a good job in the city.

Even if he earns more money, people in the village will only think he has a good job, they will not wonder where his money came from.

In this way, it is equivalent to having his daytime hours completely empty. He only needs to do his small business regularly, and can also rightfully take his family to move houses.

In fact, it’s fantastic!

“I want two positions.” Yan Yang said again.

“Why do you need two more?”

Zhou Zhengwei gave Yan Yang an insatiable look, but still readily agreed, “You have to give me the money to buy the positions. I’m not paying you for this, it’s just a dirty money deal between us.”


Yan Yang smiled and nodded, “Do you need any information? I and my wife are two people. “

Zhou Zhengwei pointed a finger at Yan Yang several times, and clicked his tongue: “It’s your wife again! You always talk about your wife when you open your mouth and close your mouth.! I think you are eaten by your wife! “

Yan Yang did not deny it, “Of course, I can not be the only one who will have it easy. I work in the field also for the sake of my wife, so I can’t let her work in the field. “

Therefore, when he has such a good reason to rest, he can’t be the only one to rest, he has to arrange rest for Lin Xiaoyue.

If only one person can rest, then she must be the one to be allowed to rest. It doesn’t matter if he goes to work on the ground.

This is what Yan Yang thought.


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