I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 50.2

Chapter 50 Part 2

After the agreement, Zhou Zhengwei also put Yan Yang’s matter on his mind.

The two following boats also came slowly and leisurely.

After handing over the goods, Yan Yang paid the deposit he got from the buyer to Zhou Zhengwei to complete the deal with Zhou Zhengwei.

The money on hand is not quite enough to buy two positions, so Yan Yang asked Zhou Zhengwei to pay for him first and then come here tomorrow night to give Zhou Zhengwei the money to buy the positions and remove what he owes.

Tomorrow, he will tell Lin Xiaoyue the good news.

Because waiting for the ship took some time and was delayed for a long time.

So in the follow-up, Yan Yang and his group drove to the westward city to release the goods, and when they came back, the long night gradually passed.

It was about 5:00 in the morning when Yan Yang returned to Shangyan Village, and his mental strength was no longer able to support it.

After all, Yan Yang was working all day long yesterday, and running around without sleep all night.

Yan Yang could not help but doze off when he was on the bus, but he dared not fall asleep in the car.

Yan Yang held on to the last bit of his mental strength and barely made it to his temporary home under the stone bridge cave…

There was already no way to go home.

He himself could feel that if he forced himself to go home, he would definitely faint halfway.

So, it was better to sleep at his secret base under the stone bridge cave.

Staggering to his temporary home, Yan Yang fell down with his head, and his heavy eyelids quickly closed.

The moment before closing his eyes, the strongest thought in his mind was still… it must still be “him” who would wake up later! It will be him!


As a result, three hours later, Yan Yang suddenly woke up in this stone bridge cave… was the second.

To be precise, it is the master of the body, Yan Yang, who has changed a lot.

The owner (second) Yanyang knows what the third has done with this body these days and what he said.

He didn’t criticize the conduct and deeds of the third Yan Yang, and he didn’t feel anything wrong with what Yan Yang did.

After only three hours of sleep, Yan Yang’s mental state was still not very good.

But the time was already late, and Yan Yang had to go to the production team to work in the field.

At this point in time, he was already considered late.

Other families were already working in groups at 7 o’clock.

After all, everyone sleeps early at night.

After waking up, Yan Yang ran straight to the production team’s contracted field and quickly found Lin Xiaoyue, who had already planted rice seedlings in the field.

When Lin Xiaoyue looked up and saw him, a look of surprise burst out of her eyes and she hurriedly stretched out her hands and called out, “You are awake! Have you eaten breakfast? Don’t come to work without eating breakfast! You must do less work today,

Lin Xiaoyue said this on purpose, both for the people next to her and for Yan Yang to hear.

When she woke up this morning, Yan Yang was not sleeping beside her.

Lin Xiaoyue knew that something must have happened on his side and he was not able to come back on time.

Although she was worried about him, she could not do anything at that moment. She could only find ways to help him cover-up.

So Lin Xiaoyue woke up and told Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong that Yan Yang was exhausted yesterday and slept very hard today, so he couldn’t wake up. So let him sleep first.

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong both cared for Yan Yang, and after hearing about the situation, both of them thought that it was okay if Yan Yang didn’t come over today, even if he lost half a day’s work.

However, Yan Yang still came.

Before Yan Yang came, Lin Xiaoyue had already described the reason for Yan Yang’s late arrival to the villagers around her for the same reason.

These girls around her also envied how well Yan Yang treated Lin Xiaoyue. He did all the work for Xiaoyue…

When they heard that Yan Yang was too tired to get up yesterday, everyone laughed at Yan Yang for a while.

Their laughter did not matter. The most important thing was to erase the suspicions about him.

Lin Xiaoyue supported her until Yan Yang came over, and her heart hung up high and relieved.

Yan Yang immediately rolled up his pants, rolled up his sleeves, hurriedly brought a pot of seedlings, and went down to her side.

Putting the seedlings on her side, Yan Yang took the initiative and said, “I’ll do it. You go to the side to rest.”

“Let’s do it together. You were already tired yesterday, so today we have to do it together,” Lin Xiaoyue insisted.

She had actually guessed that he couldn’t come back last night. It must be because of a lack of mental energy, and he must have fallen asleep somewhere…

No matter what happens, Lin Xiaoyue will work with him today. She absolutely can’t be lazy.

This made her feel very relaxed. He was even more tired than her. Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t take it easy!

Just as Lin Xiaoyue was working hard to plant the seedlings, Yan Yang grabbed her wrist and said firmly, “Help me by passing it over to me.”

“No, I want to do it with you.” Lin Xiaoyue was very insistent.

These two, who were in the middle of a “push and pull” situation, caught the attention of the audience and silently ate a handful of dog food.

(dog food = [Internet slang] public display of affection)

Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua, who was looking at them, both felt uncomfortable.

In a public setting, do you still need to be forced to say a little word? Isn’t this a bit nauseating?

As Yan Yang saw that Lin Xiaoyue was so persistent, he also did not say anything.

But he worked faster and sharper. As long as he quickly finished the quota for today, she would not be able to do much. She could rest!

This was what Yan Yang thought.

But while working, Yan Yang was again in deep thought. Given the same situation, if it was the other “him”, what would he do?

Will Lin Xiaoyue’s favorite… take the same approach as him? Or were there any other ways?

Yan Yang did not know how to become Lin Xiaoyue’s favorite image.

However, staying in this body, he knew what the other him and Lin Xiaoyue’s every move…

Yan Yang clearly understood in his heart that Lin Xiaoyue liked him.

Even with the same face, the same body, her kiss, and her embrace, they are all for him.

This makes the current Yan Yang very envious.

He also wants to try hard to become her favorite Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue did not know that Yan Yang, beside him, was having these thoughts in his head.

She was diligently planting rice seedlings under her hands, and occasionally raised her head and glanced at him to see the beautiful profile of his face under the sunlight.

Lin Xiaoyue especially wanted to ask him if he had changed.

But there are too many other people around. Lin Xiaoyue can not ask this question in front of outsiders.

So she held back.

She silently observed Yan Yang’s every move at his work, which did not seem very much like the third.

The third’s casual and rough way of doing his can make her feel that he exudes a masculine charm all over his body, which makes her want to jump on him.

Now he does move quickly and efficiently, but there was less of a casual and rough taste and more of a gentle and tender feeling.

So he was the second, right?

Lin Xiaoyue observed for half a day and came to a conclusion in her mind about him.

But she did not say it.

Today’s share of Yan Yang was again quickly finished and helped to quickly resolve Lin Xiaoyue’s share. Lin Xiaoyue was still not subjected to the hardships of life.

Yan Yang took the initiative to take Lin Xiaoyue’s hand and pull her towards the ridge road, just like what the third did with Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue obediently followed him. Looking at the hand he was holding, she wondered whether this person was the second or the third.

When they arrived at the ridge road, Yan Yang arranged his shoes in a row with Lin Xiaoyue’s shoes and let Lin Xiaoyue sit on them so that she would not have to dirty her pants.

After Lin Xiaoyue sat down obediently, he turned around and went to fetch a pot of not-so-clean water and came back to wash Lin Xiaoyue’s feet.

This image was the same as yesterday, and when it reappeared today, it still drew the jealous eyes of a group of girls in the village.

Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua were so jealous that they couldn’t help but gnash their teeth!

When only Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were at a private distance, Lin Xiaoyue asked him in a low voice, “Are you the second?”

The movement of Yan Yang’s hand paused for a moment…

He was recognized.

Even if he tried very hard to learn how the other treated her, she seemed to be able to tell that he was not the one she liked.

It was that he was too much of a wimp, too much of a loser, too much of a coward before…

It was his problem.

That’s why she likes the other “him”. Yan Yang didn’t feel anything. He even thought it was normal.

But he was also willing to change.

Even if he was drawing closer to the other him, that was fine with him. He was willing to change for her.

Step by step, little by little, he would change himself so that he could become what she liked, and in that way, he could protect her.

“You are, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue saw that he did not answer, and this time, she lowered her voice and asked.

Only then did Yan Yang nod and confess his identity.

He couldn’t pretend to be the other him anyway, so he might as well just admit it.

“I knew you must have had an accident during the night.”

Lin Xiaoyue chattered, “You work during the day and go out at night. It’s really quite dangerous. Let’s discuss this matter after we go back. I think we can’t do this again in the future. “

Yan Yang nodded lightly, “Go back and talk to you.”

Lin Xiaoyue: “Mm-hmm.”

After Yan Yang washed her hands and feet, he also followed the third’s example and wanted to carry her back.

Lin Xiaoyue knew that he was not the strong Yan Yang. She always felt that he was a soft scholar, and refused to let him carry her, so she had to walk by herself.

The Second Yan Yang was quite disappointed.

But he could not say anything. He could only follow her.


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