I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 50.3

Chapter 50 Part 3

The two returned to Old Yan’s house early. The second, Yan Yang, was ready to follow the third’s example and take the responsibility of cooking.

However, Lin Xiaoyue pushed his back, shoved him into the small side room, and made sure he slept.

She said, “You must have been exhausted last night to fall asleep outside! You probably didn’t sleep for a few hours either! Now hurry up and go to sleep! It doesn’t matter if you slept through lunch; I’ll save the meal for when you wake up this afternoon. “

Yan Yang’s mental state was bound to be not too good.

Only three hours of sleep and he used his physical strength for the morning work.

At Lin Xiaoyue’s insistence, he also obediently lay down to sleep.

So much so that he didn’t have time to talk to Lin Xiaoyue about the temporary job.

After taking a long nap and sleeping until the afternoon before he left for work, Yan Yang’s mental strength recovered a lot.

Lin Xiaoyue did not take advantage of his sleep to hold his hand and bring the third out.

Therefore, it was still the second who woke up this time.

As the master of the body, the second actually wondered in his heart…

He has been in doubt more than once. ‘Who was the master of this body in the end? ‘

He used to think that it was himself…

Every night when he fell into sleep, he could feel that there were three bodies in front of him to choose from.

Every time he wanted to escape from life and his loved ones, he chose to let the child out.

Every time it was late at night and he was in a deserted place, he would want to go out himself.

Whenever he was attacked and hurt, he was afraid to come out, and so was the child, so he let the other strong and violent one come out.

In fact, in his own main consciousness, all three are him, with no distinction between them.

So when the other two liked Lin Xiaoyue and were good to Lin Xiaoyue, he was never jealous.

When he felt envy and jealousy, it was all because Lin Xiaoyue was only particularly close to one of the three…

In this way, he feels that he is an independent individual, not three as one.

He was the one who was not liked by Lin Xiaoyue.

Second, Yan Yang’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

There were many, many words hidden in his heart, and he was the only one who knew them.

And he would not let a second person know, including Lin Xiaoyue.

Therefore, this gives Lin Xiaoyue the same feeling.

Lin Xiaoyue always felt that there was a little bit of a gap between the second and her and that they were not close.

The second’s words were too few.

In the afternoon, she was also working on the production team.

At night, it was the same as usual: eating, going to bed…

And let Lin Xiaoyue feel strange. The Second Yan Yang today also stepped on the table, opened the window of the small side room…… the look of wanting to go out.

“You also want to go out?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked in disbelief.

She even doubted… Was he the second or not? Why does he look so different from the usual second?

“Well, I will go out for something.” Yan Yang replied to her.

“What is it?”

Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward and asked, “You went out last night and didn’t come back at night, don’t go out tonight, take a night off. And, are you the second or the third? ” How come they are so similar?

For the last sentence, Lin Xiaoyue did not ask it out.

She didn’t know why, and she didn’t dare to ask.


Yan Yang lowered his eyes and hid some kind of disappointment. “I’m not the one you like.”

Listening to these words, Lin Xiaoyue felt a little embarrassed.


After two simple words, Yan Yang directly jumped out of the window of the small side room.


Lin Xiaoyue felt that she was not done talking with him. He flashed away, hurriedly stepped onto the table, from the window to poke her head out.

“Hey…” she called out to him in a small voice.

Yan Yang turned his head, his black eyes fixed on Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly instructed him, “Do not go out to fight, protect yourself! You are not the third, you can’t beat others. “

Yan Yang nodded lightly and quickly turned around and ran away.

Lin Xiaoyue kept staring at his back until he was completely gone, and just now turned around and sat back down on the bed.

She rubbed her head, and couldn’t figure it out……

What the hell is going on here?

Since the child left,


Ever since the Second started saying he was going to change, earth-shaking changes have really taken place!

This change is changing…… The kid is gone.

Now, his changes are getting closer to the third.

“No way…”

Lin Xiaoyue’s heart paused when a very complex emotion rose!

She vaguely felt that the third might be about to disappear as well.

Is it possible……After he became very similar to the third, the third disappeared.

Even though she kept taking out the third for so long, it is estimated that she could not keep the third Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue’s mood at this time can probably only be described as being entangled.

Previously, she had always wanted to cure him.

But now, when she thinks of the third disappearing like this, she is very reluctant to do so.

Is this healing him, or is it killing Lao San?

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t figure out an answer.


On the other hand, the second Yan Yang followed the path taken by the third Yan Yang and arrived at the seaport where he met with Zhou Zhengwei last night.

Originally, the second Yan Yang never cared about the line of speculation that the third did.

But yesterday, I talked to Zhou Zhengwei about spending money on buying two temporary jobs for him and Lin Xiaoyue. Second, Yan Yang definitely agreed to this.

Although it was him who came out today, although he said he was afraid to interact with people, he had to get this done even if he was more afraid.

Nowadays, the second has set itself the goal of change and change again!

Before he was afraid of interacting with anyone, so now he has to try to reach out to more people and interact with more people.

If the third can be that successful with all kinds of people, he can be too.

Because they are one person.

All three were named after the same person, Yang.

Zhou Zhengwei and Yan Yang had arranged to meet here tonight, and Yan Yang was going to give Zhou Zhengwei the money to buy the position.

After that order was done last night, the third made 350 yuan.

In one night, he earned 350 yuan. It is considered a very exaggerated way to earn money.

The Second Yan Yang knew clearly that although the third did speculative illegal work among the rich, he specialized in smuggling pearls and jade.

Although the risk is high, you can make a lot when you make a profit.

In order to avoid the risk, the third only did it a few times a month, and the amount was very small.

Last night’s trip was very large, and it was all sold.

That’s why he made so much at once.

However, this also means that in the next period of time, the third has to stop a little.

The 350 yuan was still in Yan Yang’s pocket. He gave 50 yuan to Zhou Zhengwei to buy two temporary jobs.

Zhou Zhengwei has actually advanced the money for him, and it is estimated that he will be able to give them both employment letters within this week.

Therefore, an appointment was made to meet here again in a week, and Zhou Zhengwei gave this appointment letter to Yan Yang.

Zhou Zhengwei felt that tonight’s Yan Yang was a bit strange. He talks very little, and he doesn’t like to talk and laugh. The key is that there are few smiles on his face!

That iconic… was gone. “

Zhou Zhengwei asked Yan Yang, “What’s wrong with you today? Seeing that you are in a bad mood, have you quarrelled with your wife?”

Originally, Yan Yang was going to pay the money and leave, but Zhou Zhengwei pulled him to talk. Thinking that he was pretending to be the other “him”…… It is not good to just go.

So he bit the bullet and chatted with Zhou Zhengwei. “We didn’t quarrel.”

“If you didn’t quarrel, how come you looked like you were in a bad mood?”

Zhou Zhengwei pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, gripped one in his mouth, and took one out for Yan Yang. “It’s rare to see you have problems. Do you want to talk?”

“No need.” Yan Yang refused.

He refused to chat, and also smoked cigarettes.

“What’s going on? Was it hard for you to talk about it? ” Zhou Zhengwei stood up, his body slightly swaying, frowning at Yan Yang.

It wasn’t just Zhou Zhengwei who felt that Yan Yang’s face was terrible today. Wang Tieshan also felt the same way.

Wang Tieshan did not even get off the bus today. He sat on the bus and stared at Yan Yang through the window.

Wang Tieshan always felt that…… His brother Yang was a little strange.

stranger than the last time he met Yan Yang in the vegetable area of the black market.

But he could not say what was strange…

“Nothing is wrong, just tired.”

Yan Yang pinched his pants somewhat nervously, his heart still pumping himself up all the time to take the initiative to chat with Zhou Zhengwei, “Do you have anything to say? If you don’t, I’ll go back first. My wife is waiting for me at home.”

“I knew it was because of your wife!”

Zhou Zhengwei, fortunately, did not suspect Yan Yang. He lit a cigarette, and took a deep breath, “Okay okay, I really do not have anything to talk about with you. Then, go back early to accompany your wife!”


Yan Yang did not have any more words of nonsense, and turned around and went on his way home.

He quickly ran back to the bus and sat down beside Wang Tieshan.

Zhou Zhengwei always felt that today’s Yan Yang was particularly different, looking like he had been bullied and was in a depressed mood.

Although he kept saying that it was enough to maintain a dirty trading relationship with Yan Yang, he still cared about Yan Yang’s situation.

When he saw that Yan Yang was in a bad mood, he also thought of giving him guidance.

As a result, Yan Yang was not willing to talk…

Not willing? Then forget it!

It is better to maintain the dirty trading relationship between them.

Over there, Yan Yang went back to the bus and sat down. Wang Tieshan began to talk to him again, “Brother Yang, what’s wrong with you today? Is there something wrong? I haven’t seen you smile…”

Only then did Yan Yang realize that the difference between him and the third was in the smile.

He pulled the corners of his mouth in front of Wang Tieshan, revealing a very awkward and forced fake smile.

Wang Tieshan shook his body and couldn’t help but stare, “Brother Yang, please don’t do this. I’m a little scared.”

Yan Yang put away his smile and turned his head to stop talking.

He could not pretend.

He found that he couldn’t pretend to be his other self.

Everyone could see the difference between his other self and him.

He still has to change harder.

“Brother Yang, you will not have to work on the production team. Have you prepared to do something during the day?”

Wang Tieshan asked Yan Yang. His expression was also a little excited. “If you want to do some business, take me with you! I’m too idle during the day. Small business makes me panic. If you are willing to take me with you, I do not have to be so afraid.”

Yan Yang glanced at Wang Tieshan but did not speak.

Because he didn’t know what to say.

He didn’t know whether to promise Wang Tieshan.

Or turn down Wang Tieshan.

The first time he saw him, he has refused Wang Tieshan.

Wang Tieshan looked at Yan Yang several times, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared with Yan Yang’s cold face.

Finally, Wang Tieshan said weakly, “Well, let’s pretend I didn’t say that…”

Such a calm brother Yang, was a little scary!

Wang Tieshan thought silently in his heart.

“We’ll see.”

For a long time, Yan Yang’s mouth held out these two words.

Neither did he reject him, nor did he accept him…

Wang Tieshan was embarrassed, “Uh uh, then let’s see to it later… Anyway, I’m at your beck and call, Brother Yang.”

Yan Yang: “Hmm.”

After that, Yan Yang did not speak again.

The bus drove back, and at the entrance of the village of Shang Yan, Yan Yang got off the bus and walked all the way home.

There were not many things to do today, and he came back early.

However, Lin Xiaoyue was already asleep when he returned.

Yan Yang laid down beside Lin Xiaoyue.

He didn’t dare to take the initiative to hug her, and now he didn’t want to hug her because of the cold night dew on his body.

But he still took the initiative to reach out and hold Lin Xiaoyue’s hand.

He knew that she liked to sleep holding his hand.

In the silence of the dark night, Yan Yang could hear the faint sound of her breathing as she slept deeply.

The feeling of being with her was really good.

He would also like to stay with her forever.

So, he will continue to change himself.

For her, no matter how difficult it is to change, he will continue to carry on.

In the future, he will not run away from any problems or difficulties, and he will try to face anything and everything.

He also wants to be a person she can rely on and like.


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