I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 51.1

Chapter 51 Part 1

In the study space, Lin Xiaoyue saw two Yan Yang.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down at the two Yan Yangs who were in an unconscious state.

It was time to choose again…

If she was asked to select who she wanted, she must choose the third.

Recently, it has been the third who comes out, because she has been controlling the pace to let the third come out, not giving the second a chance and certainly not giving the child a chance.

When did the kid leave?

Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t know either.

And next, Lin Xiaoyue had a vague feeling that the third was also leaving soon.

Despite the guilt in her heart for the second, Lin Xiaoyue, after some struggle, still decided to choose the third.

She took the third hand and brought the third out of the dream study again.


The next day, it was the third person who woke up. 

The third, Yan Yang, was very depressed.

Even if he was the one who woke up, even if he felt that recently, he came out much more often than the second.

However, there is always a feeling that the body was still not his.

He could not control this body, and he didn’t know how he defeated and occupied this body.

He was able to come out, but it seems that it was not by his own will.

Because every time before falling asleep, he would tell himself in his head that he must wake up next time!

However, after falling into a deep sleep, it was equivalent to having a total loss of consciousness, completely disconnected from this body, not to mention the ability to control their own body.

The third woke up early in the morning, lying in bed thinking about this problem and lost in thought.

Until Lin Xiaoyue woke up with a wailing sound, Yan Yang’s attention was drawn to her.

He turned around, the torch-like eyes locked on her little face, seeing him slowly open his eyes.

Yan Yang lowered his head and his large palm gently cupped her smooth little face.


Lin Xiaoyue turned her head slightly, always feeling that her face was imprisoned.

She opened her eyes, and she realized that Yan Yang was holding her small face.

Despite having been in a sweet relationship for some time, Lin Xiaoyue still couldn’t restrain her little face from reddening and looked at him shyly.

“Good morning.”

Yan Yang’s dark and clear porcelain voice greeted her, in exchange for Lin Xiaoyue lazily nestling into his arms. Her small hands tightly circled his waist, and she also said, “Good morning…”

They were hugging in the early morning, 

At this time of the day, Wang Xiuying across the street had already started cooking breakfast.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue took advantage of this time to stay in bed. He told Lin Xiaoyue that he had spent money on buying two temporary jobs.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t think about this issue and suddenly heard him mention this aspect. Seeing that he had arranged it so well, she decisively gave him a thumbs up.

“There is actually such a method. You are really excellent!” She gave him a compliment without hesitation.

Receiving this compliment from her, Yan Yang was in a very good mood.

He pinched Lin Xiaoyue’s little face, “It’s good that you’re happy. Then, it’s time for you to play. “

“No problem!”

Lin Xiaoyue confidently and decisively patted her chest, “For the next step, I will decide.”

In such a good position, one must find a way to convince others and must find a way to say it.

You know, now in this era, it is not easy to be a temporary worker or a formal worker in a unit.

Most people’s families are still working for the production team.

For such a good job to fall on this couple, and there were even two positions at once. Others will certainly ask about how their family got these two positions.

At this time, it is necessary to think of the best reason to block the mouths of people.

This reason will be left to Lin Xiaoyue to handle.

Because, in the villagers’ impression, Yan Yang’s brain had only just gotten clear, it was impossible to have any connections.

After getting up, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang simply washed up, and the family of four sat down at the same table to eat.

In the morning, they cooked a simple corn porridge, with a small plate of pickled vegetables and scrambled eggs. After eating, they had to go to work together, so the breakfast time was quite tight.

In such a tight time, Lin Xiaoyue still seized the opportunity to talk to Wang Xiuying, “Mother-in-law, I found a job. It is as a crew member. The employment letter will come soon. Once the letter of appointment arrives, Xiao Yang and I will not go to the production team to work. We will go to the seafood factory to go to the sea with the ship. “


Wang Xiuying thought she had misheard, or even some of the words she did not hear clearly, and asked again, “Where are you two going? Seafood factory? And go to sea with the ship? When did this happen? How come I don’t know anything about it? “

Lin Xiaoyue expected Wang Xiuying’s reaction, her chopsticks picked at the porridge in the bowl, and explained unhurriedly, “Mother-in-law, I knew a noble person before. He was a leading figure working in the seafood factory. Earlier, he saw that I had business acumen. He said he wanted to hire me as his employee. Before that, it was because Xiao Yang’s situation was not so good, so I refused every time. A few days ago, I ran into him again…… He said he would hire both me and Xiao Yang, but only as temporary workers, and asked me if I was still willing. I thought that the groundwork was also hard, so I agreed. Now that the appointment letter is coming down, I came to say something to my father-in-law and mother-in-law. “

“But you’re…”

When Wang Xiuying heard that, although it was a good thing, there was always a feeling of doubt. “Is he reliable? Is your friend a liar? Is it possible that he is trying to cheat you and Xiao Yang? “

“Mother-in-law, he is definitely not a liar. We have been to the city before. When my mother-in-law went to the bathroom, I happened to do him a small favor and got to know him. I have not been worried about that matter, so I have not said anything to my mother-in-law. “

Lin Xiaoyue was afraid that Wang Xiuying would not believe her, so she added a sentence, “The appointment letter will soon arrive. When the appointment letter arrives, my mother-in-law can take it to the commune if she doesn’t believe it, and let the commune secretary take a look at it. It is indeed a serious unit, and certainly also stamped with the official seal. But it is two temporary jobs, but the salary is certainly much higher than working in our production team, and when the ship sails, there are additional dividends to earn. The days when you don’t go to sea are pure rest, definitely better than earning some dead wages through rough work in our production team. “

“How much is the salary?” Yan Dayong asked.

Lin Xiaoyue thought of a number in her mind, not counting the top and not the bottom, and reported to them both, “The base salary is 80 yuan, and there is a commission for one trip to the sea. An average of 100 yuan a month for one person is absolutely possible. More often than not, a person can also possibly earn 200 yuan per month. If I go with Xiao Yang, I can earn 200 yuan a month, and that also includes food when I go with the ship. Basically, we don’t need to spend money. “

“So much…”

Yan Dayong was taken aback and as he listened, his heart was also tickled: “Ask your friend, is there another temporary worker position?”

Lin Xiaoyue was embarrassed.

Wang Xiuying elbow bumped Yan Dayong, “Don’t be fooled by it. Originally, they only needed one, Xiaoyue, and they only recruited an extra. That was Xiao Yang, and they both became temporary workers. How could they give you one more place? It’s already fine to go out. Don’t rob them. “

Wang Xiuying’s words made Yan Dayong feel ashamed, so he stopped talking.

Lin Xiaoyue thanked Wang Xiuying for being sensible and not causing problems for her.

Otherwise, Lin Xiaoyue really does not know how to refuse Yan Dayong.

“Xiaoyue, although the job is good and the salary is high, going to sea with the ship is a dangerous thing. You and Xiao Yang must be careful when you go out. No matter what time it is, safety is the most important thing. ” Wang Xiuying patiently admonished.

Lin Xiaoyue nodded obediently, “Mother-in-law, I know. I am the one who took Xiao Yang out. I will be responsible for his safety. “

“Was it not me who was responsible for you?”

Besides her, Yan Yang retorted bitterly.

Lin Xiaoyue had to reply to him, “Then we both should take care of each other.”

Yan Yang smiled and stroked Lin Xiaoyue’s head. He raised his eyebrows and did not speak.

The two of them looked more and more like a couple.

While eating dinner at the same table, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong felt that the two elderly people were too much of an eye-catcher, which somewhat affected the young couple in their period of affection.

It’s okay if the two of them go out together.

Wang Xiuying was now very comfortable with Lin Xiaoyue. She believes that Lin Xiaoyue can take good care of her son and will treat him well.

So if this is not a scam, it is definitely a good thing.

Wang Xiuying was supportive.

“Then when the appointment letter arrives, I will first take it to the commune secretary to inquire. If you are sure that there’s no problem, you don’t need to go to the production team side. You can go to work at sea. ” Wang Xiuying expressed her voice of approval.

“I understand your mother-in-law.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “When Xiao Yang and I earn more money working outside like this, we can also build a house sooner. We Third Branch can move out earlier to live our own quiet days. “

When it comes to building a new house, Wang Xiuying smiled, “Right, build a new house sooner, we can also move out sooner. Seeing our family’s life, ah, it is getting better and better. When the time comes, the other two houses will be jealous. “

Lin Xiaoyue likes Wang Xiuying’s smug face, “Mother-in-law is right. Let’s make the two houses next door jealous! “

After getting Wang Xiuying to talk, Lin Xiaoyue knew that it was up to Wang Xiuying to shut up the others.

Wang Xiuying must have a more reasonable reason to stop the others’ mouths.

So, the matter was settled.


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  1. FUJAYSHI has spoken 7 months ago

    the mc is annoying me so much. 2nd wants to improve himself but mc is hindering his progress because of her selfish desire to fall jn love. it’s like loving a person only because they can protect u, so when they’re weak you don’t like them? this is exactly what she is like now. her dependence of 3rd is ugh

  2. shangshang has spoken 10 months ago

    Yang 2 barely gets to make progress as she keeps on suppressing him by bringing the 3rd out. Isn’t she supposed to be smart or at least a decent human being?! Stop halting his progress.


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