I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 51.2

Chapter 51 part 2

The next day, it was time to go to the production team to work in the field.

Again, Lin Xiaoyue and the third, Yan Yang, spread a big bowl of dog food in front of the crowd. Showing everyone the love between husband and wife every day.

After watching for a few days, the girls in the village gradually got used to the affection between Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue.

Only the two sisters, Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua, were unhappy to see them, and they said a lot of bad things about Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue behind their backs.

Of course, this does not affect Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue simply didn’t put the eyes of outsiders in their eyes, and they didn’t care about the eyes of outsiders at all.

Lin Xiaoyue was now only indulged in her and the third world. It didn’t seem to be much, but in fact, she didn’t know how much time Yan Yang still had.

She was always worried that one day, the third would suddenly disappear, and his disappearance would catch her off guard.

The third Yan Yang recently did not dare mention to Lin Xiaoyue that a “shameful” event happened that evening.

Because he still feels that he is not stable enough and feels that he is not yet the master of this body.

If this point can not be confirmed, the third Yan Yang does not dare to do anything to Lin Xiaoyue.

If you do these things, you have to be responsible, or you don’t do them at all if you don’t plan to be responsible.

This is what Yan Yang thought.

In the evening, they both ate dinner and returned to the small side room.

Yan Yang finally gave Lin Xiaoyue the 300 yuan he had earned that night when he went out.

Together with Lin Xiaoyue’s previously saved small treasury, she now has 468 yuan.

Sitting on the bed in the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue counted the coins one by one and folded them up, then put them in a book and then put them under the closet.

With so much money saved, the remaining gap for building a new house was only 1/2.

Lin Xiaoyue was very happy.

“Let’s, ah, build a few more houses in the village.”

Lin Xiaoyue said with a smile, “One house is not enough. At least build two. After we make more money, we will go to the town to buy a house. And then we’ll buy a house in the city! I want to have a lot of houses! “

“Why do you need so many houses? Just one house was enough to live in. “

Yan Yang propped up his head with one hand, holding a college entrance exam book in one hand. His eyes fell on Lin Xiaoyue’s small face, which was full of smiles.

In this era, the price of housing has not inflated very much. The real estate market has not yet entered the bubble era.

The villagers’ pursuit of houses was not high.

As long as the young couple can live happily after marriage, and their children have somewhere to live in the future, they have a house of their own. It’s useless to have so many empty houses.

Moreover, the cost, energy, manpower, and material resources of building a house are very large, so many villagers would rather take the money they earned to eat more meat, buy a few new clothes, or buy a pair of new shoes. But since they also did not want to tighten their belts, they had to be frugal and save money to build a house.

Yan Yang is a person of this era. Naturally, he had this idea.

The First Branch and Second Branch…… also had this idea.

The house built by Old Yan has a lot of vacant rooms and can accommodate a few family members. In addition, the family was not divided, and part of the property had to be divided into common calculations.

In this case, the First Branch and Second Branch did not think about saving money or saving seven or eight hundred yuan to build a house to live in.

They did think that if they could drive the Third Branch family out of the house, then they would be able to divide the two rooms that were vacated by the Third Branch family, one large and one small.

Lin Xiaoyue came to this era with the ideas and visions of people in the future, and naturally, she knew where to invest in order to live a comfortable salted fish life in the future.

Real estate is a good direction.

She is definitely going to invest in this area.

So, after she put her private money in the bottom of the closet, she replied to Yan Yang, “Believe me, the price of houses will definitely go up! And it will go up a lot! When the two of us…………………. reach middle age, maybe one of the houses that were worth 700 or 800 yuan or 1000 yuan we will buy now, will cost several million in the future! “

Yan Yang listened and frowned: “We have reached middle age?”

Lin Xiaoyue thought about it…

Yes, middle-age?

From 1978 to 2000, she and Yan Yang should also be considered middle-aged, right?

“Anyway, the price of housing will definitely rise in the future, and it will rise very much. I’m telling you, if you have money, we should buy a house! If you don’t know what to invest in, then buy a house! You can’t go wrong with buying a house! ” Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head and said.

Yan Yang did not probe the truth of her words. He stretched his arms. He said in a casual tone, “Come here and hug.”

Lin Xiaoyue hooked her lips and smiled. She happily ran to Yan Yang, took off her shoes, and jumped into his arms.

In his arms, she let out a silver bell-like laughter, “It’s still warm here, I want to sleep inside today!”

Yan Yang held her body and turned it around. He very obediently moved her inside, and then he lifted the quilt to cover her little body.

Under the bedding, his big hand circled Lin Xiaoyue’s waist, and suddenly, with bad intentions, he pinched Lin Xiaoyue’s waist.


Lin Xiaoyue felt strange, so she twisted her small body, then quickly grabbed his big hand from the comforter.

“What are you doing?” She said to him with a red face.

“What do you think I am doing?”

Yan Yang lowered his head and looked at her with a smile on his lips. His black pupils were bottomless, like a vast universe.

Lin Xiaoyue looked up and bumped into his eyes and saw herself in his eyes in a daze.

Lin Xiaoyue curved the corners of her mouth. She stretched her lotus arm up to hook his neck, and gently pinched his face with a small hand, “I didn’t take a bath today, so no!”

Yan Yang was taken aback by what she was thinking at the moment, and immediately smiled and got up, “I didn’t say what I wanted to do. What are you thinking in your little head? “

When he asked Lin Xiaoyue, his long fingers also pinched Lin Xiaoyue’s nose.

Lin Xiaoyue frowned at his words, “Don’t you want to?”

Why not again?

The previous two proposals were unsuccessful. Was it so easy for him to give up?

Then his determination was also too easy to collapse!

“Want to…… I definitely want to.”

Yan Yang nodded, but then frowned, “But now, it’s not the right time.”

“Why?” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

Now is not the time…

After a while, he won’t be there!

Once he’s gone, the second, that mensao[1]TN: Mensao-outwardly cold or retiring, but deep and passionate inside will definitely not propose such a thing!


Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t believe in the abilities of the second, but she believes in the third’s abilities even more.

This girl’s first time, or should be given to a more powerful person.

This is what the book says.

“If I say it’s not the time, it’s not the time.”

Yan Yang replied righteously, “Haven’t you noticed that I’ve been very unstable lately?”

Lin Xiaoyue blinked, “What unstable ah?”

Yan Yang solemnly said, “The switch is very unstable. I originally thought that this body was already mine. That’s why I was able to come out for such a long time in a row. But every time I was sure that this body was mine, another person would always come out. I have no idea how to control this body of mine or how to get out. Every time I wake up and find it’s me, I don’t understand why it’s me that comes out. Or what I did to come straight out… “

Seeing him fall into a trapped pause, Lin Xiaoyue silently thought in her heart: she brought him out every time he came out. Of course, he didn’t know how he came out!

If not for her space, he really could not have come out…

However, the secret of having a space, Lin Xiaoyue was still not ready to tell Yan Yang.

She actually did not want him to know that she was able to choose him. In this case, when the other personalities find out that she ignored them every time, the others can be sad.

As the common wife of the three personalities, since Lin Xiaoyue can’t share the rain and dew, she has to spoil one person alone… At the same time, she can’t hurt other people’s feelings.

Although now there is only one left; the second.

“Lin Xiaoyue, now if you are asked to choose one of the three, will you still choose me?”

Suddenly, the third asked her this question again for the first time.

Lin Xiaoyue had already silently proved with her actions that she would definitely choose him.

Therefore, the answer she gave was the same as before, “Yeah. But… “

Yan Yang’s eyebrows wrinkled, “But what?”

Lin Xiaoyue then said, “But, there are no longer 3-choices but 2. That child has disappeared.”


Yan Yang’s face showed surprise.

He thought back for a while, and it seemed that he had indeed not seen the child for some time.

The person who came out a lot recently was him, and the one who came out occasionally was that useless one.

But that useless him, who had been imitating his actions a bit lately, was a lot braver than before, but still quite a bit worse than him…

“Well. The child has completely disappeared… “

Lin Xiaoyue was a little nervous. She grabbed Yan Yang’s collar, “In fact, recently I was a little worried that you might also suddenly disappear. The child disappeared too suddenly. I did not even have the opportunity to say hello to him. So I’m also afraid…… that one day if you also just disappear like that, I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to say goodbye to you. “

“I won’t.”

Yan Yang denied it, and while denying it, he hugged Lin Xiaoyue tighter and kissed her thin lips and her forehead. “I will definitely not disappear, and it will definitely not be me who disappears. Don’t worry, if someone has to disappear, it will be a useless person who will disappear. “

Lin Xiaoyue tightly hugged Yan Yang’s neck. Her forehead was on Yan Yang’s chin. Even after listening to his words with such certainty, her heart’s anxiety did not disappear.

The woman’s intuition told her that it was very likely that the third would disappear.

Because, as long as she did not bring the third person out of the study space, the person who woke up would always not be the third.

The third was able to appear for a long time, all because she had chosen him.

In fact…

She can also do an experiment.

Lin Xiaoyue silently thought in her heart that for the next three days, she would not make a choice.

Let’s see who will come out of this body.

If it was the second, it means that the master was the second, and the one who disappeared would most likely be the third.

Despite the results of the experiment, she had already known it in her mind.


1 TN: Mensao-outwardly cold or retiring, but deep and passionate inside

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