I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 70.1

Chapter 70 Part 1

In the afternoon, before she left for work, Wang Xiuying took the initiative to knock on the door of the First branch family.

Yang Chengyu opened the door and saw that it was Wang Xiuying who took the initiative to come to their door. She thought that the Third Branch family wanted to make friends with the first branch family, so she raised her lips, “Third sister-in-law, are you looking for me for something?”

“Of course I’m looking for you. Why would I look for you?”

The expression on Wang Xiuying’s face was very bad. She spoke in a sharp voice and threw her eyes at her. “It’s the second month. The two old people are staying at my house now. You go cook for the two old people’s meals at night and I will send them to your house.”

Yang Chengyu did not expect Wang Xiuying to come to the door and talk exclusively about this kind of thing!

Yang Chengyu was maintaining her stiff smile and said: “Third sister-in-law, although your family’s one month of taking care of them, it does not mean that the next month will be in our family ah. I still have to discuss it with the second sister-in-law again. “

“If you have some conscience, you should just pick up the two old people!”

Wang Xiuying said nonchalantly, “Don’t you know what kind of situation the Second Branch family is in?! They can’t even guarantee food for the three of them. How dare you say you’ll give the two old people to the Second Branch family? “

“Third Sister-in-law, it seems that you are here to fight today.”

Yang Chengyu’s voice was sharp, and she began to speak harshly, “If the Second Branch family can’t eat well, do you think our family can eat well? Our family was cheated out of all the money by that loser from the Second Branch family before, right? Open your eyes and see for yourself. Both families are equally poor, and the two old ones even gave 80 yuan to the Second Branch family. Did the two old ones ever give money to our first family? “

“The two old ones haven’t given money to our Third Branch family yet!”

Wang Xiuying crossed her arms and glared, “Fine, if you want to talk to the Second Branch family, you go ahead and do it! Anyway, I’m not cooking for the two old people tonight, you two better discuss this afternoon and cook for the two old people tonight! If you delay this matter for one more day, I’ll go to the village head tomorrow and settle it! Who’s unreasonable? I’ll go to the village chief tomorrow to settle this matter!”

Wang Xiuying turned around with a justified grunt, and then Yang Chengyu said, “Now in our family, you, the Third Branch family, are the richest! What’s wrong with building a new house and having fish and meat for a few meals for two old people? Even if this matter went to the village chief, I don’t believe your Third Branch family would still be able to get a good deal! Maybe the mayor will say that the Third Branch family is shady! They are so rich, but they don’t even care about the meals for the two old people!”

Wang Xiuying felt ridiculous when she heard this, and turned around to talk to Yang Chengyu, “It’s really funny, the two old men are eating at my house, we are serving big fish and meat, and they keep saying that our family should pay for your first branch family and Second Branch! If the two old people are so biased towards your side, do I still need to treat them as if they were Buddhas? Do you want them to eat in our house for a few more months? I will tell you, even if I tell this to the village chief, the village chief will still favor me! I’m not afraid!”

This time, Wang Xiuying can be considered to be a smooth and unrestrained talker. Yang Chengyu can no longer pinch her with other words. She can only be angry and stomp her feet!

On the issue of cooking the meals for the two old people, Yang Chengyu still has to discuss the issue with his own family.

Because their family was also facing a difficult problem …

After this month, it will be difficult to send the two old people to Second Branch next month.

Second Branch’s family was now in such a poor situation that they definitely wouldn’t take the two old people there.


Yang Chengyu didn’t know what to do then.

However, it was impossible not to bring the two old people over.

“You should have heard what the third sister-in-law said just now? I won’t say anything else. It’s OK to pick up the two old people at night. But from this meal at night to the next month, our family will eat vegetables! We’ll eat wild vegetables and steamed buns! First, keep the two old people’s appetite poor and send them to the second branch’s house next month. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the two old people will also rely on our family!”

When Yang Chengyu said this, inside the room where Yan Dajun, Yan Hongying, and their youngest son was in…… there is no word of denial or protest.

Only the youngest son opened his mouth and asked, “So we can eat well next month?”

Yang Chengyu walked over and touched his youngest son’s head, “Son, hang in there. When the two old people are gone, next month mom will buy you eggs and meat to eat!”

The youngest son nodded obediently, “Okay!”

Yang Chengyu thought about it, “There are still three eggs, I’ll go boil them for him now, you three take one each, I’m afraid they’ll go bad in a month.”

The youngest son nodded happily, “Good! There are eggs to eat!”

How happy the child is.

It’s just that Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan couldn’t fathom that their hearts that were biased towards the second branch and the first branch, would avoid them as if they were the God of plague.

I believe that in the future when the two old people go with the First Branch and Second Branch, the two old people will only suffer.


For dinner, Wang Xiuying did not cook for the two old people anymore.

When the time for dinner came, Lin Xiaoyue stood at the door of Wang Xiuying’s room and watched Yan Hongying come out of her room and run to the main house to call the two old people to eat.

In this way, the two old people were picked up by the First branch.

Lin Xiaoyue quite admired Wang Xiuying. She was able to quickly solve this matter.

Wang Xiuying, her mother-in-law, was actually not an easy bully.

Probably due to being wronged previously!

Yan Yang rushed home before mealtime, seeing Lin Xiaoyue staring in the direction of the first house. He reached out and grabbed Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulders, but Lin Xiaoyue was startled.

“Hey, you didn’t make a sound…”

Lin Xiaoyue slapped him on the chest, “You scared me!”

Yan Yang clapped his hands and touched her head, with a shallow smile on his lips. “Your eyes were looking over there. What are you thinking about?”

Lin Xiaoyue then said to Yan Yang, “I am just watching the Second Branch family go over to the first branch to call two old people to eat. I think it is quite interesting.”

Yan Yang raised his eyebrows, “What does that mean?”

Lin Xiaoyue said, “Just think, my mother-in-law was quite powerful, so she quickly got the matter done. If there was no mother-in-law, and with the father-in-law’s temper, our family would have to provide for the elderly for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you only have to provide a meal for them. It’s just that the two old people talked about the two families every day. It sounds really annoying!”

Yan Yang said: “Well.”

Lin Xiaoyue then turned her head to look at him, “Have you solved the matter?”

Yan Yang replied to her, “I’ve already applied for the entrance examination in July. But there are still photos to be submitted, so let’s both go to town tomorrow and take them.”

This month, again, you can go to the village chief to register for this year’s college entrance exam.

Lin Xiaoyue was now used to salted fish life, no obsession with the college entrance examination, and she really didn’t want to participate in the college entrance examination.

But last night, Yan Yang suddenly mentioned it…

Lin Xiaoyue can feel that he wants to participate in the college entrance examination, so he discussed it with her, and she let him go and register today.

Just now, Yan Yang went to the village chief to register for the college entrance exam.

Lin Xiaoyue could see that his eyes glowed when he was talking about the completion of the registration as if he had done something that made him very happy.

It was good that he was happy!

Lin Xiaoyue would not stop him from being happy.

The college entrance examination was not difficult, so she could accompany him to take it.

But whether to go to college in the future, Lin Xiaoyue still has to think about it.

After all, she died in her last life because of studying. Now, she was not so obsessed with learning. She just wanted to make a good amount of money to live a salted fish life.

If Yan Yang alone can work, then she can let him go to college alone.

She will earn money at home, go out and spend money, maybe then there will be a child she can raise…


Speaking of children, Lin Xiaoyue thought for such a long time that Yan Yang did not do that with her!

Every night was tasteless sleep in the same bed! Sleep and wake up, sleep and wake up…

The salty fish life was not exciting enough.

However, Lin Xiaoyue was still holding back because of the woman’s reserve. She just wouldn’t say it!

She does not believe that men can hold it longer than women can…


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