I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 70.2

Chapter 70 Part 2

“Xiaoyue, do you want to eat scrambled eggs or steamed eggs tonight ah?”

In the room, Wang Xiuying’s voice interrupted Lin Xiaoyue’s thoughts.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head to reply, “Mother-in-law, have scrambled eggs! Scrambled with lard, it smells good! By the way, I also want to eat rice with lard!”

Speaking of rice with lard, Lin Xiaoyue felt her mouth-watering…

She ran into the house and stood beside Wang Xiuying, “mother in law, teach me how to mix rice! This should be very simple?”

“Simple! It’s very simple! You should also learn to cook. A woman can’t cook, but her skills should still be passable, right? “

Although Wang Xiuying said so, her hands are fast and quickly scooped up rice and shouted to Yan Yang, “Xiao Yang, come and learn some. You have to watch what your wife likes to eat more! Your wife is clumsy. If she can’t learn it, you can still make it for her!”

Yan Yang came obediently and stood beside Wang Xiuying to learn.

Recently, Yan Yang and Wang Xiuying’s relationship has also been getting closer and closer.

This was directly related to Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong’s better treatment of Lin Xiaoyue.

As long as others treat Lin Xiaoyue well and with sincerity, Yan Yang will also treat others well.

Wang Xiuying added a large chopstick of lard to the cooked rice, poured soy sauce and a little monosodium glutamate, and quickly stirred it with chopsticks to make each white rice stained with soy sauce and lard.

At this time, Wang Xiuying also added a handful of shrimp to the mixed lard bibimbap and continued to stir it… and then she took a bowl of shrimp and lard bibimbap!

Lard bibimbap was very simple! But the taste was also excellent!

Lin Xiaoyue was very happy with Wang Xiuying’s lard bibimbap, and although the amount of fat was a lot, she still ate it very well.

Soon after the bowl of rice was mixed, Wang Xiuying handed it to Lin Xiaoyue and asked Yan Yang, “Does Xiao Yang want a bowl?”

Yan Yang nodded, “No need, I’ll do it.”

Wang Xiuying liked Yan Yang’s diligence now. She handed him a large bowl. Yan Yang scooped his own rice, mixed his own rice…

Lin Xiaoyue, on the other hand, has already started to eat…

After a mouthful of rice, the salty, fragrant and delicious taste opened wantonly in her mouth. She nodded contentedly, “Look how simple it is, but still delicious!”

“Haha, you little girl. You’re so easily satisfied!” Wang Xiuying straight up laughed.

The atmosphere between the three of them was warm and cordial. At this time, only Yan Dayong sat on the threshold, thoughtfully smoking a dry cigarette, staring at the main house, with the word “melancholy” written in big letters on his back.

Wang Xiuying did not care about Yan Dayong. She joked and laughed with the two younger ones, and soon made scrambled eggs, and the three types of meat and two vegetables for dinner came out.

“Let’s eat!”

Wang Xiuying yelled. In fact, she deliberately yelled for Yan Dayong to hear her because the two little ones were following her.

The family of four sat down around the dining table. Lin Xiaoyue, like Yan Yang, ate lard bibimbap with a table of fried eggs with big fish and meat, which was very delicious.

Yan Dayong returned from the new house early this evening, and dinner was ready to eat at home.

In fact, his purpose was mainly to see how the two old people’s meals were resolved.

Seeing the first house family pick up his parents, Yan Dayong heart’s that was full of regret was lightened up a bit.

But he still felt quite incompetent.

As a son, not supporting the elders was naturally unfilial.

He doesn’t know how he has become such a son…

“Do you know what Yang Chengyu said today when I went to talk to her about taking the two old people away?”

At the dinner table, Wang Xiuying suddenly brought up this matter. It also seems to be deliberately making Yan Dayong hear it.

Lin Xiaoyue was very cooperative with her and asked, “What did she say? It should not be a good promise, right? I don’t think she looks like that kind of person either.”

“Isn’t she?”

Wang Xiuying hummed, “She also had to say that our Third Branch family has money and should support the two old ones. She also said that if our family does not continue to support her, she will go to the village chief to complain, saying that the village chief will support them. What do you think? Isn’t this person so cheeky?”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded in cooperation, “She must be very cheeky! This rule was originally set by the village chief. Now she wants to violate the rules and talk about humanitarianism. The rules are dead. What’s the use of her playing emotion cards? We have to act according to the rules. It’s no use even if she talks rotten!”

Yan Dayong listened to their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s talk. His heart was particularly unhappy. “Well, my parents have been picked up by the first branch family. Stop talking about it. In fact, it was originally…”

“Originally what?”

Wang Xiuying finally forced Yan Dayong’s heart out. Next, she would give Yan Dayong a good education. “Do you want to say that if the situation in our third branch is better, we should keep two old people all the time? We shouldn’t let the other two families support the two old people anymore, right?”

Yan Dayong hurriedly lowered his head and ate, letting the rice fill his mouth to the brim, not wanting to reply to Wang Xiuying’s words.

Wang Xiuying continued, “I’m telling you Yan Dayong! If these two are kind parents, they would care about our third branch family! But if they have spared a little money, made a little effort, and been a little considerate of our third branch family, they have We can keep them, and I won’t say anything about them! But think about it yourself. Weren’t the hearts of these two old people always biased towards those two families? “

Yan Dayong did not say a word. He frantically clipped food into his mouth, stuffing his mouth until he could not speak.

“You can not escape, I am telling you, that is the truth!”

Wang Xiuying grunted. She clipped two bean sprouts; she wanted to eat, but she put the bowl down. She couldn’t help but say something first, “Think about it for yourself. After our third branch family separated from them, did they give us food or money? Not at all! Our third branch family did not split up because of the division of property. Our third branch family was driven out by their two families! Everyone knows how poor our third branch family was at that time! We couldn’t even afford to pay for Xiao Yang’s fee to see the master! Did they ever send us a single grain of rice or a single penny? Not at all!”

As she spoke, Wang Xiuying became excited again, “Those two old people have been used to those two families in their life. You are an unfavored son. When I followed you, and I also became the unfavored daughter-in-law! After so many years of injustice, a fool would only be willing to continue to suffer! A month has been good. I’m waiting on them with big fish and meat, and they were still talking about those two families! They can’t wait to send all of our money to those two families!”

“Mother-in-law, don’t be angry, hurry up and eat.”

When Lin Xiaoyue saw Wang Xiuying panting more and more, she hurriedly reached out to pat her shoulder to coax her emotions.

“You, Yan Dayong, are a person with a heart of a wolf and a lung of a dog! Your family’s conditions are a little better, and you have never thought of buying me something or making my clothes! For those two old people, 40 yuan can be given and dinner can be managed for a lifetime. Oh, open your eyes and see. I’ll be the one who will accompany you until you’re old enough to die!”

Wang Xiuying wanted to preach to Yan Dayong. When she said it, it became a complaint, so she said more and more.

She didn’t know why. The more she talked, the more she felt wronged. She didn’t notice that her eyes turned red, and her tears fell……

“Oh, Mother-in-law…why do you have to say that?”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly got up to get a towel for her. Wang Xiuying took the towel and wiped her tears. She collected her emotions, before continuing to eat the food from her bowl.

Wang Xiuying sulked, while she was eating. “The two old ones can eat so well, can I not eat better than them? Starting today, I will eat good food every day! I will make you poor, and when you don’t have money, you won’t think about the two old ones. “

“Okay, okay, Mother-in-law…”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly gave Wang Xiuying a large chopstick of fried pork with mushrooms, with more slices of meat.

Only then did Wang Xiuying say to Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, “You two should eat more too. The two of you should start to save more money now. Save the money in your own hands. If we don’t encounter major problems, you don’t have to pay us. Lest someone would think about it again and take our money to add to those two families.”

“I’m done eating.”

Yan Dayong had quickly finished a bowl of rice and got up with the empty bowl. He was impatient to escape from the dining table.

Although he knew he was wrong, he still didn’t want to listen to Wang Xiuying’s chatter.

“I’ll go out for a walk…”

Yan Dayong quickly walked out of the room. His figure was disappearing in front of the three.

Looking at his back as he left, Wang Xiuying rolled her eyes!

“Mother-in-law, hurry up and eat. Why do you have to get angry at others?

Lin Xiaoyue comforted Wang Xiuying.

“I have to say this to him, or he’ll make a fool of himself next time!”

“Don’t worry. After he was told off by me, soon enough, he will be able to calm down. Now if others say anything to him again, he can also refuse!” Wang Xiuying also said to Lin Xiaoyue,

As expected…

Yan Dayong went outside, moved a bench and sat down in the courtyard. He lit up a dry cigarette.

At this time, Yan Dajun of the first branch family really came over…

Yan Dajun sat down next to Yan Dayong. He sighed and discussed it with Yan Dayong. “Tonight, Mom and Dad will eat at my place. There are only three vegetable dishes and one savory dish at the table. Their palate must have been raised from eating at your place.

They may have made their mouths difficult at your place, but they are not used to eating at my place, and they chatter all throughout the meal. What do you think? Can your family really not accommodate the mouths of two old people? “

When Yan Dajun said this, his brother, Yan Dayong, really didn’t know how to answer.

If Wang Xiuying hadn’t said those words before, Yan Dayong would have compromised and brought the two old people back after hearing Yan Dajun’s words.

However, after Wang Xiuying said that, Even if Yan Dayong’s heart was melancholic, he could only smoke. “It’s not that there is no room for two mouths, but there’s no room for two eccentric mouths.”

Yan Dajun frowned. “What do you mean by that?”

Yan Dayong also said what Wang Xiuying just said. The two old people were biased towards the First and Second Branches.

After that, Yan Dayong added his own words, “I thought about it, Mom and Dad treated me as if it was just their responsibility to raise, so in their old age, I would treat it as if it was just my responsibility. They treated you two better, so you two must treat them well also.”

“What are you talking about?”

Yan Dajun frowned. “Who taught you these words?” Who taught you these words? Aren’t we brothers? Aren’t we a family? You’re still sour about how our parents treated your brother better? At this age, how do you want two old people to treat you? Do you really want the two old people to give all their pension money to your family for them to be considered to be good to you? Do you dare to accept this money?”

Yan Dayong grunted, “If you and the second brother dare to accept it, why will I not dare to accept it? My son can’t even get the money to see a master; we can’t even borrow it. You see, after the incident of the second brother’s family, didn’t they directly take out 80 yuan? Not borrowed, but given. What do you want me to think?”

“Heh… your family has built a new house, and you still think about the old man’s 80 yuan?” Yan Dajun made a mocking sound.

“The money for the new house was earned by my son and my daughter-in-law.”

Yan Dayong returned to him, “Do you really think that with the little money his mother and I have, we can make our family eat fish and meat all the time? The reason our family’s life is better was because of the money my son and daughter-in-law earned. My son and daughter-in-law are not used to the eccentric actions of mom and dad. What else can I say? “

Yan Dajun continued to speak mockingly, “You’re just being held by your son and daughter-in-la? Are you not an elder?”

Yan Dayong was not used to hearing the mocking tone in Yan Dajun’s voice. “So, what if I am an elder? The elders can’t protect the family, only let the family suffer. The two younger ones can hold our family up, and the two elders will listen to them. All right, you don’t have to talk to me anymore, lest you hurt the brotherhood! “

Yan Dayong’s head was turned to the side, smoking a mouthful of dry tobacco and slowly exhaling…

“You are heartless. I have nothing to say.” Yan Dajun left this sentence, as he turned and left.

When he returned to his house, Yan Dajun was angry and told Yang Chengyu what he had said to Yan Dayong.

As the elder brother, Yan Dajun was really angry with Yan Dayong’s behavior.

But in Yang Chengyu hearing, she was only in doubt, “What do you think that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue are doing in the end? I’m not even quite convinced that… a temp job can earn that much! “

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