I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 71.1

Chapter 71 Part 1

“Before, where did Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang work?”

Yang Chengyu did not believe that a temporary job in the town could make the Third Branch family eat meat every day and build a new house.

She felt that there must be something fishy here!

“Dad, do you remember where the two of them work in town? I think there’s something wrong with it!”

Yang Chengyu’s brain turned quickly and immediately put forward her assumption, “Do you think that the two of them could be engaged in speculation?”

“What are you talking about?”

Yan Dajun refuted Yang Chengyu, “Speculation is a felony! They have jobs in the town, and the village chief has seen their work certificates! Don’t go out and talk nonsense, you’ll be laughed at to death!”

“Yes, mom. We can only talk about this at home, but we can’t say it out loud.”

Yang Hongying, who was cleaning up the dishes, said, “Even if you don’t like Lin Xiaoyue, you can’t spread that word, our family’s reputation can’t get any worse.”

The reason for saying this was also because Yan Hongying was worried about her marriage.

She and the librarian in town have not even been matched yet!


Yang Chengyu looked at Yan Hongying and murmured, “You and your object in the city’s object haven’t met yet. Indeed, I can not be involved in anything bad.”

But just when she said this, Yang Chengyu could not help but say. “But I think we can really investigate the work and salary of Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang. I’m not sure. They are maybe doing temporary as a façade, but in private, they are engaged in speculation!”

“All right, all right, eat up. Why are you investigating other people’s homes? “

Yan Dajun was cruel to Yang Chengyu. He went to the table and sat down, poured himself a glass of water, took a drink and said, “we have separated, and we just take care of ourselves. The third refused to support Mom and Dad, so we raised them for a month, according to the village head. This is the condition of our family. They don’t have to choose what we eat, what our parents eat!”

“Dajun, I do not mean that…”

Yang Chengyu walked up quickly and came to sit next to Yan Dajun, “I mean, that Lin Xiaoyue of Third Branch’s family looks like a woman with a brain. Have you not noticed? It was because Lin Xiaoyue entered the family that the Third Branch family separated and started to get more and more on the wrong path. I think my suspicion is justified, that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang may really be engaged in speculation! If we can get hold of this evidence, we will not poke them, we can use it to threaten them. It’s also possible for their family to take care of two old people without taking fees from their family. “


Yan Hongying put down her dishes and sat down at the table. “Mom really has a point when she says this. If they really engage in speculation, we do not poke through, we can still take advantage of it ah!”

The two mothers and daughters vent their anger with one nostril, and their thinking can be unified quickly.

However, the hint of their intention to make trouble was quickly extinguished by Yan Dajun.

Yan Dajun directly refuted them both, “All right! Stop fooling around with me! What are you investigating? What is there to investigate? Let’s get on with our own lives!”

Because Yan Dajun was fierce, Yan Hongying and Yang Chengyu did not dare to speak.

The mother and daughter winked at each other and quickly cleaned up the dishes and carried them to the dining room.

While washing the dishes, Yang Chengyu and Yan Hongying, the mother and daughter pair, began to calculate in private. ….

The two discussed seeing if they could investigate the wages of Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue, temporary workers in the port.

The two calculated that, even if it was a job in the town, Should it be less than 100 yuan? After all, they were only temporary workers.

Even if their salary was 100, it would be 200 a month, and it would cost 600 to build a house, although they have paid their salary in advance.

No matter how they calculate, neither the mother nor the daughter thinks that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue can make so much money.

Because they hate Lin Xiaoyue, the mother and daughter will not miss the opportunity to fight Lin Xiaoyue.


On the other hand, Lin Xiaoyue wasn’t aware that there were people who were scheming against her behind her back.

In the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue washed her feet and crawled into bed. She obediently nestled in the bed, with big, glittering eyes looking at Yan Yang’s back as he went out to pour water.

She was a little melancholy…

Recently, her desire was a little stronger…

But because she is a woman, she has been holding back.

Lin Xiaoyue thought back and thought that after the three personalities became one, he was like the third, but not quite like the third…

He speaks, talks, and behaves like the third, but some of his behaviors are not as natural as the third.

Touching PP…

Lin Xiaoyue thought that when the perverted third used to kiss, he often went out of his way.

Then she would want to refuse to welcome him, then stir up interest, and then the ecstatic night came.

But now Yan Yang doesn’t have these little moves.

He was well-behaved and had no desire.


After pouring the water, Yan Yang went back to the small side room and just ran into Lin Xiaoyue, staring at his eyes.


He entered the room and locked the door. Yan Yang unhurriedly came to the bed and sat down.

Lin Xiaoyue lifted the quilt and gave him half of the bed, then patted the bed, “Come here and lie down.”


Yan Yang stared at her strangely and slowly lay down, with the quilt covering his body.

Under the bedding, his hands had naturally wrapped around her small waist. Lin Xiaoyue also reached up with both hands and directly hooked his neck.

Very close, Lin Xiaoyue stared at his enlarged face, directly up and pecked his lips.

Yan Yang’s lips lifted. “What’s going on? Have something to say? “

He could feel that she was too active today. Not quite the same as usual…

Also because of her initiative, her light teasing, Yan Yang himself also soon started to be different…

As usual, at an angle she did not know, he tightly squeezed his fist, forcibly holding back his abnormality.

“I want to ask you ah…”

Lin Xiaoyue stared at him closely and found other topics to talk about. “You registered for the college entrance exam today, are you happy?”

Yan Yang’s eyebrows twisted, thinking for a moment, “Normal.”

In fact, he was very happy when he registered…

However, thinking about the future, it appears that exams and studying were not the most important things.

After all, he is not a bachelor now. He was not alone, and he has Lin Xiaoyue as his own family.

The two of them will have children in the future, and they have to raise them, and take care of them, and protect their lives.

Considering so many reasons, Yan Yang felt that studying was not really a necessary thing.

This is just one thing that he likes to do.

He likes to read and enjoys knowledge.

“Then which university do you want to enter?”

Lin Xiaoyue stroked the hair on the back of Yan Yang’s head, “Was it the best university; Qing University and Beijing University your goal?”

Yan Yang wrinkled his eyebrows and shook his head, “I can’t get in.”

Lin Xiaoyue patted him on the shoulder, “Why don’t you have ambition! Since you have taken the college entrance examination, you must be at the best university! “

Yan Yang laughed and shook his head, “I really can’t pass the exam. I didn’t review carefully, so I just have a little time to read books. It’s good to be admitted to an ordinary university. How dare I think of the two universities? What’s more, I don’t think going to university is necessary. It depends on the situation…”

“Well, okay, let’s see how it goes.”

Lin Xiaoyue touched Yan Yang’s cheekbone, “So what if I get into Beijing University or Qing University and you don’t?”

Yan Yang was stunned, “Then you go to school. I’ll go to the same city to accompany you, find a job of any kind, as long as I can live by your side.”

“You’re stupid…”

Lin Xiaoyue pinched Yan Yang’s face, “You didn’t even pass the exam. What’s the point of studying? If I marry a chicken, I will follow the chicken! [1]TN: If I marry a chicken, I will obey the chicken (idiom; A woman should obey whatever her husband orders.

Yan Yang sword eyebrows gently wrinkled, “You are stupid.”

Lin Xiaoyue pushed forward, and the tip of her nose touched his. “You’re stupid!”

Yan Yang hummed, “You’re stupid.”

Lin Xiaoyue: “You!”

Yan Yang: “Hey…”

Then, Lin Xiaoyue went up and kissed him. His lips gently sucked his lips.

She closed her eyes and kissed deeply. They are both enjoying the intimacy of this moment and deeply trapped in the passion of this moment.

Yan Yang’s palm lingered at her waist. He tightly squeezed his palm into a fist, so tight that his knuckles turned white, and his veins burst in his neck.

This kind of moment was very difficult to bear.

But he knew that he had to hold back!

So, even though Lin Xiaoyue used all his strength, he did not succeed in provoking him.

After a kiss, Lin Xiaoyue held his hot body and sighed deeply.

But at the same time, Lin Xiaoyue also has an idea in his heart.

She wondered. “Could it be that after the three personalities became one, who remained was not the third, but the second?

Could that be the case?


1 TN: If I marry a chicken, I will obey the chicken (idiom; A woman should obey whatever her husband orders.


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