I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 71.2

Chapter 71 Part 2

Their lives were still going smoothly and steadily…

The business was booming. Except for the big business of Yan Yang three times a week. Lin Xiaoyue’s business with Liu Jiang was also gradually on the right track.

Liu Jiang was really a person that was very suitable for business. Even if his family is poor and destitute, even if there was not much money in hand, through the business with Lin Xiaoyue, he could still earn barely subsistence money.

This gradually accumulates down, one business income after another, and half a month’s time, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang earned six hundred yuan.

The third family’s new house was still under construction. It has gradually taken shape when it was built one or two hours after work every day. The next step is to decorate the interior.

The interior design of the house is based on the design given by Lin Xiaoyue. According to the structure she hopes to have in her mind, this three-story house, similar to a courtyard, has become something that the villagers have looked forward to.

Everyone was very interested in the third family’s new house and wanted to see how it would look like when it was completed.

Day by day, Yan Dayong’s family’s status in the village also gradually rose.

The villagers began to get close to the Yan family, and Lin Xiaoyue became a good friend to the next-door neighbors.

In contrast, the other two families of the Old Yan family were much more depressed and quiet.

The two elders of the Old Yan family did not have a happy look on their faces. It was probably because they had nothing to do with the Third Branch family’s popularity. They could not take any advantage of it.

The five chicks Lin Xiaoyue had raised before had grown into hens and were ready to start laying eggs.

The family has not bought any more eggs since the five chickens laid five eggs a day.

For a family of four, five eggs a day was more than enough.

The food at Third Branch’s house was still as good as ever, and every night when it’s time to cook, the food of Third Branch’s house was the most delicious.

Because of the lard used, the stir-fried vegetables also carry the fragrance of lard, and if pork is stir-fried, you could smell the strong fragrance of the pork in the entire yard.

Every day, the First and Second Branch families could smell their food and they would fry their own vegetarian dishes with their mouths watering.

The Second Branch family was vegetarian because they had to spend 80 yuan on debt that month, and they withheld food…

The first family ate vegetarian food because they didn’t want the two old people to eat well, and they also ate vegetarian food for almost half a month.

The two old people are full of complaints about being vegetarian. Every day, when the third branch cooks its own food, they can smell the food aroma from the third branch’s home. The two old people will complain that the first family treats them badly. Each meal was so bad that they hadn’t had a good meal in half a month.

When the family heard this kind of talk, they were ready to eat vegetarian food for a month and not eat good food! Do not let the two old people eat well!

In the past half a month, the two old people had the only chance to eat meat and vegetables at the First Branch’s house. They had to thank Yan Hongying’s blind date… Chen Zeqing.

Chen Zeqing was the librarian of the An City library. He is not only a regular worker with a very clean nature of work but also a man who can see people and show face.

Apart from being older and divorced, the man has no shortcomings in all aspects.

After Yan Hongying’s blind date with him, the two had met twice in half a month.

At this age, marriage is quick and blind dates are set at a glance.

Yan Hongying and Chen Zeching met twice. Basically, they had determined each other’s feelings. The wedding was also almost set.

Chen Zeqing came to the house for dinner this evening, which is equivalent to coming to the house to meet the parents, a very ceremonial thing.

In order to welcome this man, this evening, the family of the first house naturally prepared a good meal and good food.

On the table are three types of meat and three vegetables, a meat soup of good food.

Chen Zeqing has not yet arrived, but the two old people have already sat down at the table. Yang Chengyu set chopsticks on the table. Grandma Yan picked up the chopsticks to clip the meat, but Yang Chengyu slapped the back of her hand, “The guest has not yet come.” We can’t eat this dish.”

Grandma Yan put down her chopsticks in anger. Yang Chengyu then said, “Dad, Mom, today Hong Ying’s blind date partner is coming to our house. This table of good food was prepared for him. Before the guests are ready to eat, we all take it easy. Don’t grab the meat with the guests, so as not to make them laugh at us. The blind date is still from the city. We can’t let him see the appearance of a villager that has never seen the world.”

“Eating a piece of meat is called not having seen the world? Then you do not eat meat, ah! ” Madame Yan glared at Yang Chengyu and said unhappily.

She was going to eat meat anyway.

Ever since they left the third family, she had not even seen meat froth, not even an egg.

It’s absolutely impossible to make such a meal and tell her not to eat meat.

You have to eat even if you don’t look good. What you eat is on your own!

“Mom, we need to entertain the blind date when he comes over to our house. It’s not appropriate for you and dad to eat at this table. I didn’t say I wouldn’t let you two eat. I just told you not to eat meat and give it to the guests. That’s all.”

Yang Chengyu said nonchalantly, “Hongying’s blind date partner is very good in all aspects, and is the object of one in a million. Only success is allowed, no failure! I just hope that today’s meal will not have any accidents. You two shouldn’t hold back your children!”


Grandma Yan shrank her hands into her sleeves and said with a bad expression, “All this talk was to tell us two old ones not to eat meat!”

Grandma Yan also had a bad expression but didn’t speak or argue. No one wanted to fight over such a small piece of meat.

What’s more, the eldest house family was now all disrespectful to the elderly as well. The two old people were now eating in the first branch family. They are eating other people’s mouths short, so let them be harsh![1]TN: It means that if you exploit others, you must obey and be controlled by them.

After warning the two old people, Yang Chengyu should have gone out to greet Yan Hongying and Chen Zeqing.

However, she was afraid that once she went out, the two old people would steal and eat the meat on the table.

For reasons of uneasiness, Yang Chengyu called her son to go out to fetch Yan Hongying and rewarded him with a piece of meat to eat.

After her youngest son ate a piece of roast meat, he jumped and ran out of the house and stood in front of the house waiting for Yan Hongying to return with the man from the city.

At that time, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were also sitting on the bench in front of Third Branch’s house, chatting while getting high on melon seeds.

Seeing the first house’s comings and goings, Lin Xiaoyue was also a person who likes to watch the hustle and bustle. She was excited.

“This Yan Hongying seems to be really going to marry out ah…”

Lin Xiaoyue crossed her legs and shook. When she finished a melon seed, Lin Xiaoyue threw the shell into the dustpan in front of her. “Hey, little one!”

Lin Xiaoyue called out to the son of the eldest branch.

The little kid turned his head to look at Lin Xiaoyue. He stuck out his tongue slightly and then threw out a back figure for Lin Xiaoyue……

He looks down at Lin Xiaoyue.

“Oh, this little brat! He really lacks manners! ” Lin Xiaoyue was eating the melon seeds while chanting.

Yan Yang emitted a faint laugh, “Ignore him.”

“I just want to talk, and inquire about the situation of Yan Hongying’s marriage.”

Lin Xiaoyue said while she was eating the melon seeds, “Do you think if Yan Hongying really marries in the city, will the first family raise their tails?”

“Definitely.” Yan Yang said

These days, it’s a great honor for a rural girl to marry in town, not to mention the city…

But such examples are still quite a few in the nearby villages and are not uncommon.

For the girls in the village, to get out of the countryside and go to work in the town or city, this marriage was an opportunity.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head again at this time and found that by the bench of Second Branch’s house, Yan Lianhua was wearing two low twisted braids and a red coat. She was sitting on the threshold…

“Hey, look at her…”

Lin Xiaoyue bumped Yan Yang with her elbow again, “Wearing such a nice dress sitting at the door waiting, I guess Yan Lianhua was going to be a green tea b*tch.”

Yan Yang frowned, “What is a green tea bitch?”

Lin Xiaoyue explained to Yan Yang, “If I’m not wrong, Yan Lianhua must be planning to steal Yan Hongying’s blind date, so she dresses up so flamboyantly. It is said that for girls, marriage is the second chance? I guess the Second Branch family wants this opportunity too.”

Yan Yang turned his head to look at Yan Lianhua. She was really wearing a pretty decent dress. She also tied a clean and neat braid. This foxy heart was simply obvious to anyone who could see.

Yan Yang hummed a laugh and shook his head in silence.

“But then again, the second branch family now owes so much debt and has a bad reputation in the village. There is no matchmaker to propose marriage. I heard from Lin Damei next door that Chen Cuiyun asked the matchmaker to tell Yan Lianhua about the marriage in the town or in the city, and the matchmaker laughed at Chen Cuiyun. I heard that the matchmaker also said that based on the current situation of the second branch family, even if you find a man from the next village, it would still be difficult. Who is willing to accept a wife whose mother has so much debt… “

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but chew the melon seeds with dissatisfaction. As she said that, Lin Xiaoyue raised her hand, pointing at Yan Lanhua “So I think Yan Lianhua can’t help it. That’s why she wants to rob Yan Hongying’s blind date. I don’t know if Yan Hongying knows Yan Lianhua’s intention. If these sisters quarrel, it will be funny. “

Lin Xiaoyue feels that there is a hilarious show again…

These other family’s jokes really make me look better and better.

She loves to see the ruin of the First Branch and Second Branch families! And it’s not even by her hand, it’s all made by themselves.

Yan Yang understood Lin Xiaoyue’s desire to see the amusement. He took Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulders, looked up and called out to the youngest child of the first branch family, “Little one, someone is going to steal your brother-in-law.”

The son of the big house family turned his head, put out his tongue to Yan Yang and said, “I don’t believe what you said! Shut up, you fool!”

The son of the first branch family still had the same attitude towards Yan Yang as he had towards silly Yan Yang before.

This little guy’s rudeness made Yan Yang very upset.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyue shouted after him, “Little brat, look if sister Yan Lianhua is particularly beautiful today?”

Lin Xiaoyue shouted loudly, and at that moment, Yan Lianhua also heard it.

Yan Lianhua huffed and puffed and yelled at Lin Xiaoyue, “What are you talking about? You cheap goods![2]Cheap goods, because Lin Xiaoyue was originally bought by the third family. I sat in front of my house to see the scenery. Was it still in your way? Mind your own business!”

This is the kind of weakness that was poked by Lin Xiaoyue…

“Someone is dressed beautifully today! It looks like she’s going to steal her sister’s objects! Aigoo, I don’t know if there’s a good show!” Lin Xiaoyue said in a shrill voice.

“You shut up! Cheap goods!”

Yan Lianhua was so angry that she stood up and shouted at Lin Xiaoyue, “I’m not talking to you anymore! And you stay out of my business! Hmph!”

After yelling, Yan Lianhua turned around and went into the house.

Lin Xiaoyue looked at the furious Yan Lianhua with interest…

Lin Xiaoyue counted down to 10 again…

Sure enough, after 10 counts, Yan Lianhua sat down again on the threshold of the doorway of the Second Branch as if she had never argued with Lin Xiaoyue.

Yan Lianhua took a look at Lin Xiaoyue and still shouted in a very angry voice, “Cheapskate! You should talk less nonsense, ah! I do not have the kind of mind! If you talk nonsense, I’m not done with you!”

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows and pretended not to hear, but in her heart, she was still watching a good show.

After a while, Yan Hongying came back with Chen Zeqing.

Chen Zeqing came from the city center on the 4:00 pm ferry, then Yan Hongying went to pick him up in town, and the two of them shopped in town for quite a while.

Now they were carrying a big bag home……


1 TN: It means that if you exploit others, you must obey and be controlled by them.
2 Cheap goods, because Lin Xiaoyue was originally bought by the third family.


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